You can find the Express clothing store at 1552 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States.

Express clothing collections are comfortable, stylish, fashionable and high-quality items for both everyday wear and for special occasions, at pleasant prices.

All models are made according to the latest fashion trends and have a proven pattern.

The combination of up-to-date shades and a comfortable cut will make you feel confident.

Location coordinates: longitude - -73.9848404, latitude - 40.7586393

Rate: 4.4
Address: 1552 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States
Phone number: +1 646-448-8376

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7586393
Longitude: -73.9848404

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Tyrone Robertson
Very nice place. And the staff are very effective on their job. Excellent
6 months ago
Benjamin Cleaver
I am very disappointed with the latitude of an associate, she was very aggressive and rude, for some photo taken in the store I almost got kicked out????
6 months ago
Rebekah Hancock
Nice store, very clean and organized. There was a friendly young man on the top level who was very helpful and had good suggestions when I asked for specific style options. Fitting rooms are clean and store is observing social distancing rules. Overall great. I'm a person who likes fitted clothing and this store sells great options.
9 months ago
Yolanda Holmes
This Express is super organized and they have a lot of selection. Usually if I see a sale item online I can't find it in the store in my size, not at this Express. U have a great chance of finding what u are looking for.
8 months ago
shelby ostrowski
I had a great experience everytimr I go in .I had to get outfits for all occasions especially and found something just right .he is very patient and caring Bought... The fabric was v soft and long lasting !The main desk people were so helpful and the stire was so neat and organized!
6 months ago
Kerri Palmesano
The staff was nice except for an associate whose name is elany I believe. She had reddish hair. Made me feel a bit uncomfortable almost as if I was up to something. Kept following me around and was a bit rude.
6 months ago
Jennifer Frasier
Probably the best Express store I've been to. Huge selection, neatly organized, friendly staff, and spacious layout.
8 months ago
judi gregory
Super large Express store with many clothing options to choose from. The prices are a surprisingly not marked up- as most things are in NYC. The store is clean and the staff is there to help if needed. Definitely worth visiting you like Express or if you need some affordable nice clothing!
3 weeks ago
Maria Lucovich
Excellent... nice people working at the store
6 months ago
Amy Ward
Was really surprised on how good the prices were...lots of discounts on beautiful clothing
11 months ago
Juanita Trevino
Good store to find trending clothes.
7 months ago
Ahmed mar
Very nice place to go shopping. Even if you don't find what you want, you will find other things that you will like.
5 months ago
Jean Hatzenbuehler
Great selection clean environment
6 months ago
Tony Wilhoit
A good clothing store
9 months ago
Troy Martin
Customer service was great the level of help that you get is incredible can’t find what you’re looking for customer service will help you out you know even to the pants that you’re wearing of you have interview express is the way to go
3 months ago
Steven Hagan
3 floors. Huge selection.
6 months ago
Zachary Raupp
Had a wonderful great experience at this location. I was being helped right away and the person who took care of me was very friendly & respectful. I would definitely come back again here. Definitely recommend this place. Thank you anyela for the help.
7 months ago
Kris Yager
An awesome experience... An overall variety of clothes everything organised.. Superb, ????????
6 months ago
Meghan Robertson
Express is a great clothing store. Structures was nicer, that's the old name.
3 months ago
Josh Noe
Very friendly environment definitely would revisit
2 months ago
Shihabur Rahman
One of my favorite store, you come here and always find something special and some deals.
5 months ago
byron williams
The customer service at this location is amazing. A brand ambassador greeted me upon arrival. More than once, I was offered assistance. The environment is well kept and neat. The fitting room is well lit too and the mirrors allow an accurate view of any selection. I needed to make an exchange and they were very helpful with the process. I will definetly return.
5 months ago
Ben Meagher
I was afraid to go to this store again , because months ago I haven a terrible experience with the employees!! But like 3 or 2 weeks ago my experience change!! I was Rushing to get a shirt and belt and sock . I came in the morning trying don’t repeat the bad experience ,but I found a friendly and efficient customer experience with anyela she was so sweet and helpful and patient she knowing how to take care a Custumer. !! With her I changed my bad experience for a good experience in this store !!
6 months ago
resika ramesh
I was here with my girlfriend for a big sale and although the product, prices, and especially the staff were 5 stars, the checkout experience was not. It literally took 20+ minutes to checkout and there was no line, our checkout of roughly 8-10 items took this long. The cashier said the "converted ipod" point of sale devices were malfunctioning. Every other store seems to have this process mastered, I don't know how this is a problem for a modern store in 2019.
6 months ago
David Morel
It's Express. Not much else needs said. Staff is friendly and helpful. Rarely a long wait to check out. Very rare for Times Square.
7 months ago
Avelin Zawisny
Tried to return some clothing past the 60 day mark (which I was stuck with because Express was late in delivery and I was overseas on mission) and was refused when I called this store and the Madison one, and also refused when I contacted the chat. I'm super disappointed as when I made the purchase, i was repeatedly told that I would be able to return 'anytime if there were any issues'. Thanks Express- you have now left me with a whole bunch of clothing that is unwearable and which you won't take back, tags and all.
7 months ago
Vito Hall
I love the service Anyela gave me a good discount great clothing gear anyela is a good worker and everybody there is to.
5 months ago
Mylinda Cash
Love love express. They have amazing clothes. Friendly staff, very clean. Definitely recommended.
5 months ago
John Martin
Just now I was helped by a manager on online store pick up. She asked me if I want to try the shirt one to see if it fit before taken it with me. She had shown great service. I felt bad that I told her i didnt like the shirt n she was willing to exhange it for me HOWEVER... BY THE TIME I GET UP THERE I WAS TRYING A GRAPHIC T SHIRT, ONE OF THE GUYS IN MENS DEPART TOLD ME I CANT DO EXCHANGES BEC. I DID ONLINE PICK UP. N I WAS LIKE REALLY? I TRIED THE SHIRT FOR NOTHING. SO I WENT BACK DOWN N I SAW THE MANAGER AGAIN SHE ASKED ME IF I FIND ANYTHING? N I WAS LIKE WTF? SO BASICALLY ASSOCIATES CANCELED MY EXCHANGE WITHOUT CONFIRMING WITH MANAGER. SO I CANCELED IT. IT WAS BAD EXPERIENCE THE DISTRICT SHOULD KNOW THIS N SUSPEND THAT EMPLOYEE IT HAPPENED TODAY @ 6:22PM IN MENS DEPART FITTING ROOM. I DIDNT GET TO SEE THE ASSOCIATE CUZ HE SPOKE TO WHILE I WAS TRYING ON THE SHIRT. WHICH IT WASNT A GOOD IDEA OBVIOUSLY. Also my suggestion to this store they should have graphic shirts in one section not scattered on the bottom floor on the wood. You cant notice those shirts were there by the escalators.
7 months ago
Ashley Kentfield
Over priced yet sheek
5 days ago
Anthony Przepiora
This is a pretty large store. One stars because the employees weren't that friendly. Went to return an item. Was sent to the back register by the front one because she is helping with a purchase only to be sent right back. The phone which they use for transactions was slow, reception problem perhaps. Neither girls looked like they wanted to be there. Neither did the two people in the back. Just not a pleasant experience.
6 months ago
Adam Faggouseh
50% off everything at a store like this always deserves 5 stars
6 months ago
Mike Ashworth
They have the right mix of every day looks and evening looks, they have shoes and accessories. All that you need in one shop. And in the times square shop they have 50% off right now.
7 months ago
robert kennedy
The perfect chots, stiles and fashion for man's. The staff help me very well.
7 months ago
Daisy Aguillon
Helpful and friendly staff. Prices are good when sale is on, which is often. Wait for sales!
7 months ago
Tanya Emery
Seemed ok went there looking for a hat (it ws cold outside) that did not have NYC on it. No luck thy don't sell hats.
8 months ago
Sankar kurumbail
Perfectly nice store, well located, big changing rooms, plus the staff its friendly! Keep up!!!
11 months ago
Javier Figueroa
Very good experience I was able to get what I needed. The store associates were good at this location
5 months ago
Jen Koch
Because the sales and customer service attention
7 months ago
Renee Armstrong
I love shopping there, they got amazing perfume, they have high quality cloth and stylish, I love Express❤️
9 months ago
James McNett
I loved it, I bought shoes and they gave me a super discount ❤️
5 months ago
Terrible customer service at the times square location. Made it difficult to return an online purchase and price adjust the remaining items from that same order.
7 months ago
priya s
Great discounts and good variety of products!
11 months ago
Belle Bundy
As a native New Yorker I hate going to times square but I suffer through the pain to go to this particular express bc they always have such a great selection. Very friendly and helpful staff. 3 whole floors of items. They have a dress section that is helpful when you have an event to go to.
8 months ago
Kimberly Thomas
Three level clothing
3 months ago
kit love
friendly service, awesome help when i had a refund problem! Would recommend!
6 months ago
Marina Reni
It's express! Really nice staff. Decent clothes. Great sales.
10 months ago
Andrew Williams
Excelent service
4 months ago
Violet Suska
When it comes to shopping this is the place I always go first! They also have sales and specials, the selection of clothes is very impressive and the employees always go above and beyond to accommodate you. Definitely one of my favorite stores!
5 months ago
Jose Blanco
My family is visiting NYC from NC. I bought my 13 year old son a Beautiful 3 Piece Suit from EXPRESS. He immediately changes into for a big Theatre outing and on the way to the Theatre falls, he ends up with bent glasses, a face scratch and definitely hurt feelings and pride. The Suit did not fare well, knees ripped. My tearful son heads to the Theatre. Then we head to EXPRESS just to see. A Huge Shout to EXPRESS for making this tragedy right and exchanging the pants. Thank you Lawrence (manager) and Sales person wish I could remember his name (young man with hair up in "man bun") who went and found the right size. You have restored our faith in Customer Service and have gained a family of life long shoppers to EXPRESS. THANK YOU!!!
10 months ago

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