This office at 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States is a representative office of Etsy.

Guests, partners and customers can always contact the staff of the company on matters of cooperation.

Etsy organization demonstrates quality management, highly professional approach.

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Rate: 2.2
Address: 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
Phone number: +1 844-659-3879

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Latitude: 40.7005704
Longitude: -73.9881379

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Michael Mottolese
Trying to contact ETSY to inquire about some charges made in March that I didn't make. Just trying to get a name or a shipping address or any other information that might be helpful. I've been on phone hold for over an hour. Tried to send an email through their site, but they made that just as difficult.
5 months ago
Loving how people are creating their own customized products
8 months ago
Gary Preston
One of the all time worst experience with a business I have ever had. I paid for an item. They told me it would be sent to me. On tracking the package I could see it was being sent in the opposite direction. I notified Etsy, They blew me …
6 months ago
Kaisa Hekkala
Unless my issue gets resolved, I will never recommend this site. My experience goes like this: I had opened my shop about 3 weeks ago. I paid to put products up, I paid for promotions on other sites to advertise for my site. Every thing was …
6 months ago
Lijoy Philipose
Butterlove skin fuel Love for your body
2 days ago
Julio Heisser
I shop at all the time! I usually have no problem Whatsoever when I purchase from vendors at the site! However on April 2 of this year I purchased a custom made ring from a vendor Helen LaCumiseta, who runs Unique History Shop on …
5 months ago
I bought a felted lap top case as a gift and it arrived without the personalized initials described on the website. The seller is Beata from GreenSheepPl in Ireland. She was contacted and only offered me to return and I would have to pay …
5 months ago
Yeimi Santo
UPDATE: Finally spoke to a live person at Etsy and they are taking care of this purchase. They have refunded me my money and thought that since there wasn't any movement on shipping since Nov that is was reasonable to refund money. Word …
8 months ago
Marilyn Markel
I ordered an item from the shop soletgo. They sent me a shipping notice but it never arrived. When I asked about it, they simply cancelled my order with no communication. Once cancelled, the option to click "help with order" & "open a …
9 months ago
Nikolai Kolev
I bought a ring from this company and one week later turn green worst place to buy stuff from
5 months ago
Laurie Jones
Stay Away From Etsy!!! I bought some jewelry for my wife, she did not like them, I tried and tried to find a contact # or link to start the return and refund luck! This is a VERY deceitful, fraudulent business. Stay Clear of Etsy!!! -Steve in Virginia
6 months ago
Perry Wardle
I tried to cancel an order and it was the worst experience. NEVET AGAIN I'M GOING TO THE BETTER BUSSINESS BUEREU
6 months ago
Miguel Gonzalez
Still have not received the item that I purchased. Past shipping range.
7 months ago
Laurie Smith
I am extremely frustrated with Etsy this holiday season. I ordered a Christmas sweater for a Christmas gift at the end of November. I have now contacted the shop 5 times, as they already charged my card and got no update on my order. After …
11 months ago
Valentin Despa
I will report cybersecurity issue on you with my local police in a report. Nothing we can do because my state does not have a cybersecurity division... but it will bite your company later. But I love the idea of Etsy.
9 months ago
mary katherine
I have made MANY purchases on Etsy. Most are good but a few have not been. Sellers disappear and all types of things happen if you as a buyer, have a complaint. I have never been refunded by Etsy. You should screen shot any transaction …
2 days ago
Francisco Barbecho
Worst customer service ever!!!!!!!!! They have suspended my account without any reasoning why they have closed my account. Also won’t provide me with info my account was closed when I speak to them on the phone and hang up on me. Mind you …
10 months ago
Juan Cantu
But to mony clips and never received them I like To now where Where is the Money clip
5 months ago
Anthony Dunne
The owner Krystle Gentile is arrogant and rude! She needs to humble herself and show some appreciation to her customer no matter how much the item may cost. Any successful business must acknowledge that success comes from satisfied …
5 months ago
Harlet Ruiz
I for the first time ordered a item through Esty What a huge disappointment. I have yet received the item from the seller! Went through all the protocols with no resolutions. I have a case on file which was escalated. So Etsy would …
3 weeks ago
wisdom owurani
I had requested for a refund because my order of face mask never came and hadn’t even come at this point. It was supposed to be used for a burial, that had passed because I never got the order. Whoever is in charge isn’t doing his or her job right. I need someone to talk to me.
7 months ago
Was so happy to sell an item. Then came the outrageous cost of fees. Whoever designed this site should be able to make a fortune at designing directions on how to figure what costs will be, how to access your account, how to figure how …
5 months ago
melvin jones
will not use them again, still trying to get items ordered after 2 months from one of their vendors. they have been of little assistance and given the old run around of talk to the vendor directly. nothing but excuses.
3 months ago
Deeksha tayal
Etsy as a company is a sham! Providing true customer service is not a concern of theirs. They'd rather lose buyers/sellers and watch the negative reviews pile up instead of doing right by their customers with legitimate problems. I'm …
3 months ago
Bryan Johnson
What a nightmare buying on Etsy...Trust me, even if you see something you love...Look for it elsewhere. I got burnt so many times buying on Etsy and even when I filed a case and then Escalated it, Etsy sided with the seller which is what they do because Etsy gets money from them not you...
11 months ago
I am also frustrated I order crocs and it has not came and I try contacting the shop owner and they won't respond so I don't know where is crocs that I ordered
9 months ago
maria crandall
Great company to work at. The environment is very progressive for a publicly traded company. And the building itself is a wonderful place (wonderful view on the 9th floor) to work only enhanced by a team dedicated to carrying out their company's mission at every level.
8 months ago
Joe Husted
I asked a question on the website leaving my email address. Instead of a response, I was asked to sign up only to get more advertising. Not good. You can't expect for people to buy a product, if your customer service is lousy.
6 months ago
EvaMarie Frank
I wanted to checkout BUT because I was using a card, this company requires a fingerprint!!! No way am I going to give any company a fingerprint. Not worth this illegal action!!!!
3 months ago
Sung Alexander
Horrible customer service. Do not purchase anything high priced because if there is a problem with the merchant, Etsy will not help and you will not recoup your payment. Long hold times on the phone with no intervention. Email replies just …
2 months ago
Mama Thornton
DO NOT use this website for international purchases. The company does not take any responsibility if the purchase does not arrive, e.g. due to import tax that has not been paid by the seller. They suggest you speak to the seller, and the …
3 months ago
Chuck Hurd
I have been trying to contact customer service for over a week now and not had a single response. I needed to order items for my wedding anniversary but was unable to do so and now I cannot get them in time. This has been a total nightmare …
3 months ago
Joshua Leverett
Stay Clear Of! So I placed an order on March 31st. A month later, the item still had not arrived. Now I realize that the times right now will delay shipping, however the tracking on the package was vague & ambiguous. It only showed when it …
6 months ago
Carol Harkins
I have very good experience shopping on Etsy. Wide range of items with reasonable pricing. Good platform where vendors and buyers get respected. Item quality is much better than many other platforms.
3 months ago
Jennifer Pietz
Etsy is horrible ! Dishonest ! Disrespect ! Both for buyers and sellers ! Etsy charge more than 20% total from Sellers ! Crazy ! Etsy charge 5% for shipping. 5% for sales. And another 5% for total sale. And every sale a so called ' …
4 months ago
Larry Korba
Worst customer service bar none. My card number was used to make fraudulent purchases. My account was suspended and I have emailed and called multiple times to get reopened. No one seems to be able to help me but they promise to make me a priority and email more articles to read. No one does business like this.
6 months ago
Mollie Hopson
Merchandise never arrived and all my emails ignored. But they charged my credit card that they know how to do. Not good! I have no idea if and when I will receive my facial mask. I guess the next step is reporting to the Better Business Bureau. Then an attorney to get my refund.
5 months ago
Reginald Manning
A neat concept, but offers horrible contact options when things don't work; consider this: I am an Etsy seller. Earlier today I needed to respond to a customer but did not have my password at hand. Foolishly, I place my faith in the …
2 months ago
Their officer said, their showroom for direct selling will be opened by early of February 2020. Now they only served online shopping.
6 months ago
Baby Singh
Horror story to follow. I originally was going to give one star, but there some some redemption by the end of my situation so they've earned another star. I bought an item from someone that was not custom made. It was listed as a size S/M, …
6 months ago
coleton sereika
Why don’t you have a customer service line like everybody else (Amazon, eBay etc.). It’s really uncomfortable to keep on making business with you if there’s nobody to reach out in case of a missing item or claim. You’ll probably loose me as a customer AGAIN!
11 months ago
Crystal Caflisch
I'm etsy seller.I running business over 2years in etsy. Company suspend my account unreasonable. No people answer me. Right now I lost my job.this is only way income from my shop.
2 months ago
Matthew Vandervort
I have an account that was hacked. Someone opened a store under it, trying to sell some Kobe Bryant (?) basketball jerseys. I took the listing down & went to close my account. I find out that they charge a 20 cent (something close to this …
6 months ago
sabine henderson
I have never seen such a disgusting attitude. They blocked the account on the platform and the support service did not even bother to describe the reason. All my emails to support were ignored. Pass by this platform!
6 months ago
gary parker
It is a fair game for real business people. If you have what it takes ie. legal rights, products rights, no fraud and hard works. I have known few people who are really success with Etsy and I also buy myself unique products and they are …
6 months ago
Elaine Wheelhouse
Terrible place for buyers. Sellers take advantage of buyers when the item is significantly not described. BEWARE of this admin named "Dean". He is very bias and unfair. He doesn't take the time to look into the return case. He automatically …
5 months ago
Jorge Vasquez
I am beyond livid. It has been a week since my business was shut down without reason or warning by Etsy. I have called every number I could find, I have emailed every and any email I could find, I have gone through every support link …
3 months ago
Eric Tyndale
Someone hacked my account and the only way to access a number, which actually doesn’t exist once you get into your account. (my sister in law looked through her account). Someone changed my email so I can’t sign in. And there is no number. I emailed and haven’t heard anything back. Ridiculous customer service.
3 months ago
Ron Hunton
----Sewing It For You is new name for Krustallos Couture---- May 14, 2020 placed order for 3 facemasks, the shop's name was "Krustallos Couture". Everything seemed ok, pretty masks & located closer (Puerto Rico instead of California). I had …
3 months ago
Haiying Fu
I've sold on Etsy for over 7 years with a 5 star rating 99% positive rating and was top 1 percent seller, only to get my store closed down due to one negative report. Absolutely no explanations, and when giving them a call rudely drop the …
5 months ago

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