Splash & Go Laundromat / Car Wash

You can find the Splash & Go Laundromat / Car Wash clothing store at 4019-4021 Ohio River Scenic Byway, New Boston, OH 45662, United States.

Splash & Go Laundromat / Car Wash clothing collections are comfortable, fashionable and high-quality items for both everyday and festive occasions, at tasty prices.

All models have checked patterns, are designed with the latest fashion trends in mind and are available in full sizes.

The combination of high quality fabrics and exclusive cut will make you feel confident.

GPS coordinates on the map: longitude - -82.9343680, latitude - 38.7532208

Splash & Go Laundromat / Car Wash
Rate: 4.5
Address: 4019-4021 Ohio River Scenic Byway, New Boston, OH 45662, United States
Website: edan.io

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.7532208
Longitude: -82.9343680

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Suvi Kangaspuoskari
Very clean and comfortable place. ???? All the machines are clean and work great. the price is fare.... In and out in no time ????????
1 month ago
Michael Conner
Thank goodness there are great places like here to do your laundry! Nice and clean facility!
9 months ago
Tom Bolack
Its clean and nice. Well taken care of but small. Good prices too
2 weeks ago
Jonathon Hernandez
Good washers and dryers. Good laundromat.
6 months ago
Svetlana Popova
Clean and nice to place to do your clothes.
8 months ago
Sergio Kruzhalin
Cleanest laundromat in the area. All the machines are great quality.
1 month ago
Very clean but very small. Not real convieniant if you have a lot of laundry prices are good and machienes all work good. Just small.
1 month ago
Pavel Andrienko
Its ok but it doesn't clean the back all the dirt is still on when your done and that's even with the biggest car wash they have
2 months ago
David Humston
Both are very awesome and clean well. Only problem is the group of neighborhood teen boyd that are hogging all of the seats just to use the wifi. Need a phone number to contact management to have them removed so they do NOT ruin thos for those of us that actually use the services here
3 months ago
Lorenz Mager
This is a small laundromat, but the equipment is in good working order and the room is comfortable.
11 months ago
Christy Terp
Clean ,relaxing for not a whole lot money with car wash on one side and Haven scent bakery on the other side.
1 month ago
Susan Klekar
It is a small, quiet, clean little laundromat..and not that expensive..and the car was seems nice, but have never used it..
3 months ago
Nice comfortable place with free Wi-Fi to wash your close and vehicle .
11 months ago
Chrissy Tanner
Nice place,but I went to the parking lot and someone stole my clothing.Everyone else there was helpful,however I felt stupid.Why would someone else want your clothing?Wouldn't leave my things unattended there.very disappointed,as a trucker it was heart-wrenching to be taken advantage of by a stranger,because I needed clean clothing.I had to spend the rest of my money on clothing from walmart.Now I'm broke,uuuggghhh!!!No respect.
3 months ago
kham khiewsavad
Very clean. A bit pricey for snacks tho.
3 weeks ago
Luke Randall
This Car wash is second to none,and the laundromat is nice and clean.
2 months ago
Jesse Locke
Very Quiet
11 months ago
dawn strodthoff
Nice clean and affordable
1 week ago
Ars Petrichor
Very convenient and fast thanks for helping our community!!!!
11 months ago
jim deck
Close to where I use to live and it is a clean place to go do your laundry if needed
11 months ago
Patricia Balthrop
Very clean nice place, not too expensive
5 months ago
Clean and lots of washers and dryers to use.
11 months ago
Diana Blake
Cheap and quick way to wash clothes
2 months ago
Jay Huffman
Nice and clean.
3 months ago
Rocio Camacho
Great place and it's clean
3 months ago
Vincent Fuller
Clean, and free Wifi!
3 months ago
Donna Jamieson
Well you know
5 months ago
jandy delacruz
Very clean place to wash your clothes
2 months ago
Clean, modern, safe!!!
1 month ago
Karen Neill
Clean place but crowded a lot of the time
3 months ago

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