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Titan Security Group can be found at 616 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60661, United States.

Titan Security Group's credo is customer focus and continuous growth.

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GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -87.6435034, latitude - 41.8807122

Titan Security Group
Rate: 2.3
Address: 616 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60661, United States
Phone number: +1 312-902-3400

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Latitude: 41.8807122
Longitude: -87.6435034

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audreaiona waters
Titan Security is great company but needs better management. Managers with the company seems to have bad communication skills and lack of knowledge. They have no loyalty to their employees.Other than that hours are get. If you like over time this is the job.
11 months ago
Nicholas Mahoney
Joe, an account manager for several accounts, interviewed me for a position. He was absolutely unprofessional. First, he told me I was untruthful during the interview. Joe also on many occasions insisted I badmouth my current employer. He told me: "you all leave your past job on a bad note, tell me what was bad about your previous employer?."......he continued to tell me I lied to him during the interview. Jim B., My initial interviewer, was good, he made me feel relaxed, he did tell me about the account manager's "unique style". Berating and provoking one to bad-mouth your current employer is just rude and made me not want to work for this unprofessional man, and by extension Titan. I do have to commend Jim B. This company should get 0 stars and it's business license revoked! If this is how Joe treats me during an interview, where I am not beholdent to him. I can only imagine the verbal & psychological abuse he would give me as his employee.
1 month ago
Shawn Dofner
I have beenn working with Titan security for over 10 years and everyone is always so helpful and accommodating. Titan Sec. Group is a truly a professional organization
21 hour ago
Evgenia Verbitskaya
I worked for Titan as a concierge for 2 years. The site was great, even my site supervisor was cool. But the communication between staff and management was terrible. There were 2 female dispatchers overnight, 1 of them was calm while the other had very bad communication skills. I was very reliable, I even earned an above and beyond recommendation from my site supervisor. Overall I was terminated because they say that one of the residents filed a harassment claim. The account manager Matthew D and his partner Anthony B. were not very good ppl to work with. This is not a good company to work for.
7 months ago
Ellen Stoppioni
This company sends unqualified security people to sites without telling them what to do. Worst security company in chicago.
11 months ago
Patricia Gonzalez
I started working for Titan security in March of this year, great company to work for was placed in a residential suite after a month an a half ran into some health problems had to take some time off unexpectedly, my account manager was very supportive and understanding, back at work and doing much better I appreciate working for such a good company
4 months ago
Gaviota Rivera
This company is not accepting of locs. You can’t have locs unless it’s a religious accommodation. The locs can’t be long enough to touch your ears or collar, and they don’t want you to wear ponytails or any styles to keep it from touching your ears. The assumed option is to not have them.
4 months ago
Skylar Umstead
There’s a young lady that works dispatch overnight. She always seem so calm and understanding. When I can’t get a hold of my account manager, she would direct me on what need to be done. It’s bad that I have to go through dispatch to get the information I need, but I would only call on her shift (Sorry, I don’t know her name, she talks fast).
10 months ago
David Hochbaum
Terrible company they are rude especially there front desk person they charge money for things that are missing like your id that has all your information on it and if you don’t get there used uniforms that they give you dry cleaned they charge you as well
3 weeks ago
Maria Fedorova
I applied to work, for this company and i honestly did not like the process, after already getting hired by titan. I had to interview with the client which is weird but whatever. Then after i went on the interviews no one called me to tell me whether i was hired or not. They sent me on three interviews and not once did anyone tell me anything. I also told them that i was already working, and i was looking for a full-time job so i can leave me current company. But for whatever reason they tried to act like i didnt tell them that. Also i think they kept trying to make me a flex or response officer, which i told them. That i had no intention of doing.
9 months ago
Crystal J
What can I say...it's work...
3 weeks ago
Felicia Castillo
Worst company to every work for, high turn-over rate, very dishonest and unethical Human Resources department, mostly hire minorities with no education to dispute wrongs, expect the best service for the worst pay. Look at their statistics among minority hires, then look at minority terminations.
8 months ago
Brenda Rone
DO NOT apply at titan they’re very unprofessional they would just rush you into the process. They do NOT train you very well nor give you your perc card and other certificates. Especially in presidential towers you don’t want to work there at all. The “director” would just hiring any unqualified person as security just so he can get a high pay but in reality they do not do their job and wouldn’t last a month!!!
11 months ago
AJ Moellenbeck
I honestly could not write a stronger recommendation that you never work with Titan. They are the absolute worst vendor I have ever had to deal with. They completely ignore you until you are kicking and screaming. Expect no emails in return, no calls back ever. They will randomly show up at your office to fix your issue, they won't check in with you. They don't even know how to fix issues that arise, they are just constantly guessing and passing the blame onto others. Again, I could not give anyone reading this a stronger recommendation to *never* work with them.
4 weeks ago
Richard Bean
I honestly love Titan I love the style of type of jobs they offer Residential concierge is my passion. I left after two yrs on good standing and went back two months later. I do believe some account managers could be more available for their employees with regards to anything. But overall they are wayyyyy better than most Security companies.
2 weeks ago
Jona Hofkes
If I could give zero star I would. Extremely unprofessional. There’s a issue with payroll every pay period. Bad attitudes, terrible communication. I have no idea how this company is surviving! Any negative feedback your reading through, not one lie is being told. I’ve never came across such a terrible, ghetto, unprofessional so called “company” in my life. They’ll go against you way before defending you. Nothing is taken seriously. If you’re considering working for Titan, do yourself a huge favor and dodge the bullet!
11 months ago
Lisa Morgan
Best company all Titan stuff are great !
8 months ago
Faux Real
Titan is very unprofessional if something was to happen to they want u to go back to work the next day I got maced in the face no one came to see about me I worked hard for the company over time because ppl was calling off I had to move because of my living statues I called back the said i was not rehireable I was not able to talk to any one its just not right no one talked to me that was just that they did not even try to see wat was going on I tryed to talk to the director no one called or emailed me back I would understand if I never came to work or was always late or it was always a problem
1 day ago
willis beazley
Spoke with Sparkle she refused to transfer me and was very demeaning!
15 hours ago
Lanise Blair
I have been working for Titan for a little under 60 days and so far making some quick cash has worked for me. What I don't like is when there's no communication with the account manager. Without communication how would anyone know what you need or what's going on if they don't answer your emails. COMMUNICATION IS KEY.
1 month ago
Sean Yu
you get out what you put in....i wanted to move up to a point.....i went in as a flex officer to get in the door...i filled positions days/afternoon and nights...and now....as a full time concierge, this reward is fantastic. after 5 weeks, i was offered a lead officer position...my resume is tight, my uniforms and grooming are well managed ...let's get real..it's the look and attitude first..... then it's the job itself, are you willing to do it, learn it and then comprehend it.....thinking is free...titan is a security company... things happen..make a suggestion try to fit in and keep it movin...(i turned down the "lead officer position and the salary increase" for personal reasons ..it's still open...GO FOR IT! )..."after less than a year, these portfolio managers will throw you off a train ,under a train ,off a bridge...to keep their 100,000 plus a year...and will go above and beyond to keep a contract...nothing you will say or do will make a difference come work for titan but keep your UNION REP on speed dial ...these portfolio managers ... will find a way to wrap you up and save their day."
4 months ago
Brooke Morris
Training classes are awesome with Ray Pohl
3 weeks ago
Subrata Singha
This company is horrible them over there at Roosevelt collections they need to retrain their staff! Very rude can’t even ask a question with out getting attitude. My daughter was there last weekend and the little guy who they say In charge and is racist put his hand on my daughter who was yelling at me someone in another car that cut! My daughter was mad Cause He put his hands on her always trying black ppl or chasing after black people as if they’re the only one taking stuff from these stores.
2 months ago
Nan Ya
i was forced to work in the city why my site was in the sub, and when i told dereck i can,t work in the city .he fired me instantly
2 weeks ago
Kevin Ellis
Really deserves negative 1,000 stars!! Been working as a door person over ten years at the same location. Titan took over when the building was sold smh!! If your building is in the process of transitioning think twice!!! If you really need a job think about a hotel, fast food, or a factory!! Anything but this company!! You won't be happy and stress kills!!! Disregard those 5 stars it's an inside job!! Extremely high turnover rate, dispatch is rude and inconsiderate. Communication is terrible, they will avoid your calls and emails when you have an issue. Management will racially profile you! I was profiled as the " black girl with braids that works on the weekend." Funny part is I don't work weekends, but they assured it was me because I am black and had braids!! You know it's bad when you wanna get fired!! A lot of buildings are switching to 3rd party smh! It's bad for business!! If your employees aren't happy how can you expect good business? Door staff is the welcoming deal breaker to a lot of high rise businesses!! #SEIU LOCAL 1 STRIKE COMING SOON!!!! #NO MORE THIRD PARTY #SAY NO TO SECURITY COMPANIES
9 hours ago
Jeremiah Masse
I've worked for quite a few security companies and by far this was the WORST one. No communication skills, lack of response and basically brushes you off with no consideration...since the '90s I can count on one hand all the good things I heard about this company so I avoided them like the plague. Lately I've came across people that works for or has worked with the company and they said that the people that worked for the company some 10+ years ago are not the same ones the ones in there now from the office to owner are incompetent and unprofessional... I agree. This company's more comfortable fighting against you than for you to keep their pockets fat along with the so called union...but like Greek mythology Titans eventually fall. So if you're looking for work I wouldn't say don't work for this company just pay attention and watch the signs.
1 month ago
Stacie Andreyeva
Im new to the company in i will find out how good this company is muy I’m not going by anyone feedback
11 months ago
Gretchen Siegchrist
One of the worst security companies. I worked with this company about 8 months only to resign due to prejudice field supervisors. I reported it through the chain of command with no resolution but a slap on the hand to the field supervisor. They are all working together to make a rap sheet on you to either make you quit or fire you once you have been written up for just about anything. Maybe the company will change when their good worker start to resign. I have gotten awards for my good service and it shows that I'm a good worker. I'll take my talents to another company where I feel welcome and not harassed but their workers.
10 months ago
troy thoms
I would suggest everyone who has had a bad experience with this company to contact EEOC or Department of Labor to put them out of business. You have to give them at least one star but I would give them a minus 10 if I could. The worst company I have ever seen in my life and I have worked in many places, while serving in the military. Do not treat their employees well, at all. Again, I suggest contacting EEOC for any employee who has had a bad experience with this company or file a mass grievance against them.
2 months ago
Bill Emmrich
Worse company ever an still havent gave me my money back frm that uniform an i have contacted more then one person no response so they either give me my money or go 2 court period taking most of my money off my check for a uniform i gave back so now i want my money
11 months ago
Very tactless company! I interviewed twice in one day with the company. The HR Specialist suggested I go for a supervisor position after getting a good referral from my old co worker whom is a current employee and Account Manager at Titan.When I interviewed with the Operations Manager he seemed as if he didn't want to offer me the job from the beginning. But the HR Manager was the one whom suggested the supervisor position for me from the beginning,not me. 2 weeks went by and after not receiving a call about the position,I decided to call the HR Manager. No answer. I left three messages and then I emailed her about the position a couple times. This was in December of last year and here it is 4 months later and still nothing.Although I'm not angry about not getting the job,she could've at least had the decency and professionalism to return my call or send me an email to let me know the status of my interview. Never received a thing! I ended up getting a higher paying job elsewhere so this was actually a blessing in disguise.
6 months ago
Marquisha Franklin
They pick and choose who they want to hire..All of the jobs go to the people who don't deserve the job, but the ones that do get rejected.
1 week ago
James Childress
I do not like how contacting payroll works but overall it is a great company. I had to go through 3 interviews to get in unlike other companies such as Allied and Securitas who hire any and everyone on the spot. Revised: originally I had given 4 stars but I am now seeing that all the bad reviews are absolutely true!
1 month ago
Caryn Jones
Not a good place to work very unprofessional and no communication skills. They discriminate saying that they want people with experience. I completed a security training and have to start somewhere hoping they will give me a chance smh . Very unprofessional people.
1 month ago
Olivia Schatt
I was went to the job fair and was told that someone would call me. To my surpise they called to set up and interview with an account manager. I had an interview with Peter and everything went well, he told me he would hire me as a flex. I did the drug screening, background came back good, i was good to go. I go in for orientation and to get fitted for uniforms. The person that fitted me for uniforms had a major attitude and was upset because i told her i felt unconfortable in a pair of pants she was offering me. ( petty) someone else comes in to help and it went well with her. The very next day i get a call saying that they don't need me and that all the flex positions are full. ( lies) but we thank you for you application. I was highly upset. First of all they inconvenienced me and didn't pay us for this so called orientation and i spent my money coming there. ( so inconsiderate). Then i wasn't told anything else, just goodbye. I wishbi could give them no stars becauss they do not deserve any at all.????????????????
10 months ago
Prosto Maria
They didn't hire me but pay was fair
10 months ago
Brian C
Wonderful, fun and funny people
11 months ago
Meg Stewart
Employee orientation was professional...HR staff attentive to new hires questions...
1 month ago
Leigh Houston
Do not work for this company. They're inconsistent in the scheduling department. The site supervisors are racist and expect every officer to be trash which some are unfortunately due to this company hiring just anybody, but don't treat your employees like they're criminals. A simple "hi, how is your shift going" isn't so hard. Just a warning to anyone trying to join. So glad I found a way better gig
5 months ago
Dario Preston
Over qualified for the position I applied for and was still told they have a NO LOC POLICY...They dont hire people with locs. Talk about DISCRIMINATION. I wouldn't want to work for this company.
3 months ago
Kataraiina Koskinen
Terrible Security Company. Their Office is constantly rotating people in & out. The Account Managers such as Todd Sheetz & Schedulers like Hustavo are blatant liars. They will lie you about hours you work. They will try to force you to come to work by shorting checks. DO NOT BE A RESPONSE OFFICER; BEING ON CALL 24/7 IS NOT WORTH IT.
10 months ago
Stacy L
I resigned from titan security due to the site I was told I was permanent at I was not and at the time of my resignation I called the union and found out I was just made permanent. Overall good company good scheduler great field supervisor and great site supervisor. I left on good terms and have reapplied since then but know luck. HR Ms. Anelia is the best and Kim casano so if apply reach out to either one of them. Sweetest women you can meet. Good luck for myself in reapplying and good luck to others. I don't like the fact that they are lying about rehiring me saying I resigned and called off? How is that possible? I submitted my resignation letter and worked my two weeks out so I would appreciate it if whom ever saying that to stop it and be honest and tell the truth titan has some good workers that they don't value due to family working under family and or dating is going on . For future reference be careful whom you talk to cause you talk to the right people you find things out and get lied on but at the end of the day it's still a good company just stay to yourself and mind your own business and go home.
2 months ago
Laila Justin
They are a bunch of dorks
7 months ago
Gary Mizhir
I went there for a interview past 2 months and the interviewer was sarcastic in a way. The company is skeptical when it comes to hiring inexperienced security guards. Experienced security guards are more preferable to the company. Good luck to anyone who is willing to be a security guard for this establishment, inexperience unarmed or Experienced armed security guards.
3 months ago
Larry Alexman
6 months ago
JustAfterSunset MonnettWasChecking
Always a clean ,friendly environment and quick service..
1 month ago
Jeannette Rubio
I would say about a good 75% of ALL Contract Security Companies SUCK! !!
3 months ago
Tammy Moody
Been working for Titan since August, they just put me in a position I didnt necessarily even know the details. I asked for certain shift and they have refused to give me ANY hours for 2 months now. Called and talked to Kim Casano and she didnt want to fire me but she didnt want to give me any hours either. I dont know who my account manager is and The Union refuses to help me. I have 3 kids and these people only hold and have permanent positions for Army Vets (Discrimination) and Im seriously thinking about hiring a lawyer to investigate the discrimination practices I see going on. I've been doing security for 5 years with NO MAJOR INCIDENTS and very well versed in the field only to be sitting at home looking for other jobs. If you have experience DONT APPLY HERE you wont like it and they are very rude and not responsive to their guards. Dont apply this is the WORST company to work for
10 months ago
julie self
All good,,, Titan has very good security Training programs. ..
10 months ago
Mark Butterfield
This is an awful, racist company. Treats it's employees terribly. So many of the employees hate this company. The smarter you are the more you will resent working here. They really suck. I am a licensed realtor and published writer that worked for them for a few paydays... It was not worth it
2 months ago

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