A Star Furniture

If it's time to change your interior, welcome to the A Star Furniture salon, a store of quality, comfortable and modern furniture located at 4660 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204, United States. Here you will fulfill your desires and find what you've been planning for a long time.

A huge range of products, special offers - all this is waiting for you in our showroom. Variety of models will please both connoisseurs of modern style and classics. Do you like high-tech or chic? We will help you find furniture with the appropriate design.

You can choose from a variety of materials, colors and textures. Competent sales assistants of the A Star Furniture store will be glad to answer any questions and help to make a successful purchase.

Buyers will be pleased with reasonable prices, and stocks and discounts will be a nice bonus. You can arrange a number of additional services: lifting to the floor, assembly by qualified specialists, delivery, drop-off.

All the furniture in our assortment is certified and made of safe raw materials. We guarantee 100% product quality.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -118.2648695, latitude - 34.1372749

A Star Furniture
Rate: 3.8
Address: 4660 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204, United States
Website: astarfurn.com
Phone number: +1 818-662-5080

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.1372749
Longitude: -118.2648695

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Saleh Mustafa
Bought a sofa bed and a bed, both are stylish. Happy with the quality for the prices I paid. The sales person was very friendly and helpful and the furniture was delivered a week after it was ordered. Very professional place and I highly recommend them for your furniture needs
6 months ago
Thijs Kolet
I purchased a beautiful oak bunk bed for my kids through the stores leasing program. The employees are very nice and the owner even discounted two twin mattresses! The beds and mattresses were delivered and assembled 3 days later, perfect timing! Great quality products
9 months ago
Dj Field
Great service. I love this place!
5 months ago
Ava Glass
Got my furniture there. They deliver and install too. Very easy.... ask for Vahe. Great customer support
7 months ago
Edith Synco
Awful store with disgusting cheap furniture and expensive prices. The $ 1100 sofa looked like trash in three months. Employees do not change goods and do not return money. They say that I overused it. The same sofa at different store cost half of this price! Never come back to this store !!!! LIARS!!!????????????
11 months ago
Derek Loose
Went in looking for their $349 recliner, but they were out of stock. He showed me a $399 recliner and said he would give it to me for $349. SOLD out the door!
6 months ago
Rolando Garcia
Such a great place love the furniture! It made my house so nice.
11 months ago
Deky Darius
Nana was very helpful and friendly.
6 months ago
Connie Davis
Good customer service, had several models of item we needed!
9 months ago
Deasha Morgan
NEVER SHOP HER, THEY ARE LIERS! I bought some furniture from my room and it took 4 MONTHS to come when they said only 2 weeks. Last time I checked 2 weeks and 4 months are two very different dates. When finally the furniture came one was damaged and they even forgot one and now I have to wait 2 months to get the on e they forgot to bring. When they brought the furniture they said they forgot the nightstand and he would go get it then he said wait 2 months! So never shop here they are the worst furniture place ever and they are liars.
3 months ago
Jazmine Barnett
Best value for furniture. Good quality and amazing prices. I used A-Star to furnish both my retail stores and my first apartment in Los Angeles(2013). I still have quite a few pieces left 6-7 years later. If you’re looking for a good deal, hit them up.
6 months ago
Jamie Tran
A Star Furniture is the worst furniture store I've ever seen. First of all, the prices are higher than other similar stores.Secondly, the boss is a cheater. They deceive the customer by saying that it is the last day of the sale and persuade them to buy the product.You pay a deposit and when on the same day you realize that you are cheated on by them and all the other furniture stores are cheaper and you want to cancel the order the same day, they do not refund by saying you can order something different with that same amount . When you go back and order something new in order not to lose your funds, their boss lies impudently, saying that the money is returned. I want everyone to know that you will be cheated in A Star Furniture store anyway. My recommendation, avoid such cheaters as much as possible. Believe me in other furniture stores you will be served with more quality and affordable prices. I am saying this from my own experience and have heard many of these same complaints about A Star Furniture Store from some friends as well.
2 months ago
bong chunfat
BEWARE!!! They steal your deposit. This people took advantage of my 70 year old mother who doesn’t speak very good English. She went and ordered a sofa without properly measuring if it would fit in her apartment or not. After she told me, we measured and realized it wouldn’t fit. So she went over there the next day to cancel the order, mind you that it wasn’t going to be delivered until the following week. They refused to give a 70 year old woman who lives on social security, her $200 deposit back. What a SHAME that these kind of people get to exist in a business world. No decency or humanity. They had nothing to lose. The item was not delivered. They just rubbed her. Please do not give people like this your business. There are too many other small business who are decent and they don’t lie or cheat people!
3 months ago
Domonique Douglas
Quality furniture , really cool employees. Good People .
5 months ago
Carlos Dominguez
they sell bad furniture, they won't accept it back! Scammers!
2 weeks ago
Doeniel Rebotco
Had a good experience. Bought a nice chair. They gave me a discount for buying a floor model. Very friendly people.
10 months ago
Nova Raine
They lied to us about the repair for a chair do not buy furiture from them
11 months ago
Alvin Wescott
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY RECENT 5 STAR REVIEWS, THE ARE FAKE AND ARE THERE ONLY TO HELP THEIR RATING FROM DROPPING ONE STAR WHICH WHICH THEY DESERVE. I will preface this by saying I tried to work with this company given the fact that they honored a mistake on their website, with a price misquote. It listed the chair and sofa as a set for $249 (See photo below). So I tried to work with them. But the fact remains that this is BASICALLY GLORIFIED DOLL FURNITURE! I need furniture for my loft space. Once delivered I notices the sofa looked nothing like the photo on their website. The cushions were not full, they were flat and you could tell they skimped on the fill because I could pull on it and it looked like loose skin (see photo below) I chalked it up to it was in a box and it just needed time to fluff out like the advertised photo. After a week, it still looked the same. I contacted store and talked with a woman named Javier. She said they would replace the sofa if I paid $100 dollars. Initially I agreed but then I read the terms and conditions (see photo below) and it said they would replace at no cost to me. So I called Javier back and asked why was I being charged $100, when I'm covered by the warranty. She told me the owner felt like he was already losing by giving me the chair, so I needed to pay for the delivery men. I had to weigh my options. Was this a fluke and just a manufacturing default? Should I pay $100 only to receive another damaged poorly made item? My solution was to use the extended warranty under Visa buyer protection so neither party would lose. I called the store and told them this was my solution. But I had misplaced the small white credit card receipt and I only had the pink invoice copy. I wanted to make sure I had any and all document, before I put in my claim so I would not get turned down. When I called to request the receipt, someone named Robert said he would find it for me and give me a call back. 4 days passed and no call. So I emailed and requested a call. That's when I realized the person I spoke to (Robert Cohen) was actually the owner! I asked him why he never call me back, and he said, "I never said I'd call you back". Really??? Then he went on to say he could not find the receipt (figures). read the other reviews, they will also say the same thing I am saying. That the furniture could not last a month, less known a year under warranty! Long story short, I disputed with credit card company, and they gave me a refund.
7 months ago
Bob Bobr
ok selections but they will eat you on the tax portion bring cash if you want to make a deal
2 months ago
Lisa Curtis
Love this place! Went to many other stores that left me disappointed at both selection and price. A Star Furniture had exactly what I was looking for, at a reasonable price... and the very best staff and owner! We left so happy with our new couch and rug. Will always go back here when furniture is needed.
9 months ago
Philip Hovell
Super nice, accommodating service, fair enough prices (we did find it a little cheaper after shopping around a bit but was it worth the $100 price difference? Not in my estimation), decent selection. I'm glad to support local business and our vets, thanks guys!
5 months ago
Christian Rickers
I needed a sofa and had to drive the whole downtown, midtown and Glendale but couldn't find anything stylish . And even if something would feel ok they'd say to wait 3-5 weeks for delivery . This place was the only place that stood out with the variety , helpfulness to choose the right fit for me and the delivery . They were quick, helpful and very nice people ! And the owner Robert especially made sure to make the sofa delivery super quick Thank you ! Will be back for all my furniture needs :)
8 months ago
Juan Reyes
Radical guys who do their very best to give you the best deal possible while meeting your furnishing needs. We always visit this place first before going or looking anywhere else. Theyve got a big showroom floor but also a huge catalogue with even more stuff that they can order in on demand. If you are missing something theyll be able to replace it almost Immediately, we got new legs for our futon same day just walk in visit after losing them mid move. It's always great to see them and fun to see what new things they have available. Even when we dont find what we want we end up getting distracted by the other furniture they have on the floor lolololol Weve bought both of our bedsets, couch dresser and more from them and always get a great deal. We always leave after buying with huge smiles and wallets unharmed
9 months ago
John Fingerle
This was a great place. Everyone there were very friendly and knowledgeable. I didn’t feel pressured to buy something expensive. The people who worked there were more eager to help me find something I would be happy with which was very reassuring. They kept me updated throughout the delivery process and the delivery men were extremely polite, friendly and professional. I will definitely go back when I need more furniture!
7 months ago
vilcu adrian
Been a long time customer enjoy the great selection of merchandise, customer service and great and friendly ownership. I refer all my friends, co workers, family and even neighbors to A star furniture. I'm Lifelong customer.
6 months ago
Kyle Burling
Amazing owner. Great customer service. Definitely shop here!
6 months ago
Jason Place
Go see Sam or Abe. They made sure I was completely satisfied. These are the kind of businesses we should be supporting.
10 months ago
Garrett Mangan
Best place and a great staff... so happy
11 months ago
I love this place! They have a huge selection of furniture, and when you think you've seen it all they show you more catalogues. I bought all the furniture for my house from this store and I am very pleased. I've been coming here for about 6 years and I have only had great experiences with the staff. They are all friendly, professional, knowledgeable and honest. I especially enjoyed dealing with Keenan and Vahe, they were absolutely great! I recommend this place to all my friends who are searching for furniture, as they have options for all budgets. Overall, the furniture is very affordable and the quality is good. It doesn't hurt that delivery is prompt and the delivery guys are always nice and friendly. In conclusion, I won't buy my furniture anywhere else!
3 months ago
Jessica Rieser
The lady that works here is very friendly and helpful. She took out a catalog and showed us that there were even more options to purchase them what was in their warehouse. Pretty good prices, but not as cheap as Ikea. But I am sure that the furniture will last longer.
8 months ago
axefield games
Do not waste your time with them! I had quotes from 2 other places by phone and we wanted to check with A Star before buying. My wife called and first lady was very rude to her. Then I called and a different lady was nice, but she could not give me a price and told me to call back tomorrow. Instead of calling, we went into the store to get price and buy if they are the lowest. After waiting for some time they still couldn't give a price and told me that they will call tomorrow with a quote. I got a call back and they were still $100 above the lowest price I got so I chose Furniture Land.
9 months ago
hojokono uploads
Had a great time here.i bought a dining table set here. good quality and durable material worth the price Very accommodating staff.
8 months ago
Jeff Palm
Had a fantastic experience buying a beautiful Italian leather sectional sofa from A STAR Furniture. At first glance, I wasn't sure if we'd like anything in the store, but after a thorough look at all the floors, we realized the place had many hidden gems. We got a sectional and large ottoman for less than what it would have cost us to buy a fabric sectional from one of the usual suspects like Crate & Barrel, &, etc. You should defiantly check this place out for your home furnishing needs.
3 months ago
Gene Starwind
Dishonest people are working in this place
1 month ago
Allorah Mason
Been going here since they're for quite sometime. This is out go to furniture warehouse. Awesome prices, good customer service. You will save lots of money compared to the other shops.
1 month ago
Robert Logsdon
Bought a great futon for our office here! Gary was more than helpful and the delivery was so fast! Exceeded our expectations. Will shop again.
5 months ago
Charlene Ball
I bought beautiful furniture from here about 3 weeks ago and I can't be more happy with my purchase. From what I was told that it will be pretty expensive, but it wasn't so expensive. The pricing's of these items are very fair and affordable for all. The staff helped me out as much as they could with their service and care of their merchandise. If you are looking for modern furniture this is defiantly the place to go to.
5 months ago
Gloria Oladeji
What a great experience. Super friendly and straight to the point with no hassle. Abe was absolutely wonderful to chat with and very willing to work with me. Delivery service was great as well. A+ for A Star!
3 months ago
Kylene Pastorius
I recently bought a couch from here and I am happy with it all.
11 months ago
Bailee Shappard
Bought my sofa here over a year and a half ago, still look brand new after tons of use. I had no problems with customer service like others are saying, our couch arrived exactly on time and undamaged. Definitely would recommend!
9 months ago
Phil Crisher
Excellent quality and a wonderful staff made this my one stop shop.
8 months ago
Rigo Fuentes
Walked in to check it OUT, 8 Month's Ago. I think it had Office Type Furniture. ????
9 months ago
Jimmy C
Very welcoming facility, very professional, great customer service & affordable prices. I would recommend u visit this place
5 months ago
Ewgeny Ilin
We liked a sofa ,we want to go buy it
8 months ago
Mili Khilnani
Great prices, good selection and great customer service. Make this a stop if you're furniture shopping to at least browse.
5 months ago
Ankita Dobariya
They have a range of furniture from cheaper to better craftsmanship, but the customer service is what keeps me going back.
11 months ago
N Tee
I bought our office modern chairs here, they look great and even a year later they last through all of the daily abuse we put them through. Fast and friendly service, plus a gigantic show room, and if you don't see what you like they have tons of catalogs if there is a specific look you are going for.
1 week ago
Vard Hovhannisyan
Poor Quality furniture that will not last more than a month. Please see yelp for real reviews, as the ones here seem manufactured to boost rating.
8 months ago
Kevin Anderson
My fiancé Matt and I recently bought a new couch, loveseat, and ottoman from them and it was such an easy experience. The owner ( I cant remember his name, but he and his sister own it I believe) was super helpful and really easy to work with. We LOVE our couches and definitely recommend this place to anyone.
5 months ago
Gabrielle Larochelle
From selection to the ease of ordering, this place was fantastic. Loved their pricing and customer service.
1 month ago

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