If it's time to freshen up and you don't know where to turn, welcome to the IKEA furniture store at 600 S Ikea Way, Burbank, CA 91502, United States. Here you will realize your cherished dreams and find what you've been planning for a long time.

Great bargains, the latest additions, a wide assortment, new products and much more await you in our showroom. Variety of collections will please both classic and modern style connoisseurs. With us you can harmoniously furnish a room in the spirit of chic or high-tech.

You can choose from a variety of textures, materials and colors. The experienced consultants of IKEA salon will help you to make a successful purchase and will answer all your questions.

We have our own policy of quality control, plus the manufacturer's warranty. All furniture is made from environmentally friendly raw materials and has the necessary certificates.

Customers will enjoy attractive prices, and regular actions and discounts will help to save money. You can arrange a number of additional services: delivery, installation by highly qualified specialists, pick-up, drop-off.

GPS coordinates: longitude - -118.3035453, latitude - 34.1748067

Rate: 4.1
Address: 600 S Ikea Way, Burbank, CA 91502, United States
Website: ikea.com
Phone number: +1 888-888-4532

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.1748067
Longitude: -118.3035453

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Abood Albannna
This ikea probably is the largest at least in southern CA. The parking is below the entire store. Plus it's they have better stock because they are larger. But if I didn't need to come to this location, 10x target go to the Costa Mesa one. It's not as hectic, the line to pay is lot organized and the associates still friendlier. At least their website is up to date about inventory (usually).
5 months ago
Abel Tangeman
Restock your inventory or take the display items out of the floor. You have been advertising items you haven't restocked in years. Why waste people's time? Ikea is great but it's based on a system where you kind of need items in stock. Your not a museum or art gallery.
5 months ago
this is the newest and largest Ikea in Southern California as far as I know. Good place to walk around the Swedish inspired labyrinth and even get some food at the restaurant. Ikea isn't top quality for the most part but it does sell pretty European style decor and furniture.
5 months ago
Todd S
This place is awesome. Like a Viking paradise. The cafe is excellent, with delicious, healthy food. And the prices are very reasonable. Tell Sven and Inga I'll be back!
5 months ago
Eva Lau
Always a good trip, I love doing there, great prices! Minimalist furniture with amazing quality assemble yourself.
5 months ago
Irina Costache
Great prices for great furniture. Its a maze in there, but it was fun walking around day dreaming about how to decorate. You can get just about anything you would ever need for a house, apartment, or room there. They are doing a great job keeping clean with covid as well. I felt safe with the small amount of people they let in, and with their cleaning routine.
6 months ago
Sridhar Vasudevan
If you're not the type of person or belong to the type of family that gets excited about spending a day trip going to IKEA then what can I say about my review. Go check it out, you'll probably have more fun than you think you actually should as an adult.
6 months ago
Laura Graham
I think they’re handling pandemic precaution pretty well but they don’t do quite a good enough job of making sure patrons follow the rules they’ve set up designed for everyone’s safety. I felt safe shopping there according to the rules. Not so safe based on other shoppers not taking those rules seriously. As with all IKEA locations I’ve been to, the top floor is an absolute maze that it can be difficult to not get lost in but they’ve set it up better now during the pandemic so it’s really one way traffic and you just keep following the path. I like that and almost wish it would stay like that always.
7 months ago
The largest ikea in CA. Inconsistent hours so better call to see when they open and close. Senior citizen hours on Tuesday 9-11am. Be sure to only pick up things u will keep. The returns line can be very long and be a 1-2 how wait. Parking is good and staff is friendly.
2 weeks ago
Sarah Turner
Overall good experience. Not too crowded and the staff was very friendly. We got what we were looking for and it was exactly where the signs said it would be which was great! We were in and out of there quick!
6 months ago
Our first visit to IKEA Burbank since they moved from downtown Burbank years ago. We love the selection of household items here and especially with the spacious restaurant within the store where the food is good but affordable. I had the Chicken Strips with Fries and Vegetables and the Almond Cake. Such comfort food!
6 months ago
Razer Ramon
Love Ikea and what they have, at the moment they are a little light on inventory. I would say the experience was easy to find what I was looking for on my own. However, I didn't rate a 5 as some of the customer service employees don't seem to be too knowledgeable of what's inside the box, so I had to buy slate for a frame that already had some in the box.
5 months ago
Arthur Edamov
IKEA is ikea. Consistent product that doesn't vary much from store to store. I needed big white zipper bags, a staple they no longer carry, but salmon lunch was motivation to take 2 buses out to Burbank. Not beautiful Downtown Burbank (Laugh-In joke). Entry to store from San Fernando is past the Tesla dealer. I of course hobbled to a supermarket instead because I saw the big IKEA sign before getting off the 96 bus. Pedestrian signs from bus stop would be helpful. Realized I am too old and decrepit to navigate the long walk to the store and the vast maze once inside. The salmon was delicious.
5 months ago
Abubakar Iqbal
easy access to parking off fwy. more frequently in stock than other nearby ikeas which is great and useful. like always, weekdays are less busier than weekends but good customer service from this location all around.
5 months ago
Kevin Li
Out of the IKEAs that I've been to in LA County this one is by far the better one. They have a covered parking garage and a cafeteria serving you IKEA's signature foods. The cafeteria is up and running now and they have their process down where you'll be assigned a table. Simple and easy! Not sure why all the low ratings for this location. Prob just people venting per usual. Not many complaints for me other than they were out of stock of some items. Just to note, you can check inventory stock on their website and get notifications when it arrives or check other stores to see if they have it instead.
6 months ago
Brian Anderson
This store is clean and the employees are nice and have great customer service. Wear comfortable shoes its a big store and you will be walking for hours enjoying all the items they offer. Don't forget to stop by the food court and eat their amazing meatballs.
7 months ago
Outstanding stuff! Great food at an awesome price. People watchers gold mine... Take compass, take a photo of where you parked. Be nice!
5 months ago
Restaurant is open but you have to wait in line to be assigned a table then gather your food and drinks. All self serve drink fountains and any self serve areas are closed. There is no monitoring of tables someone was sitting at the table that was assigned to me so I just sat at a nearby table!! Store is well merchandised and there are express self checkout lanes which allowed for quick exit.
6 months ago
Rich Brown
I love the place. It's totally intimidating and I suggest for a first timer, to go at non peak times...or you may never locate your car again. I'm glad for their "Earth friendly" products. Even if they have a ton of plastic items. I got a rug today made of recycled plastic bottles. I love it ✅
7 months ago
Karen Jensen
Place is clean and organized, good customer service. It was a busy day, lots of customers. It was way too hot in there. The AC was not working properly.
7 months ago
Torrie barnett
They're very organized. The only thing is that they don't have much stock but I think it's becuase they're barley opening back up and there is a lot of people going and buying ATM. Great place to shop and it's very straightforward. If you need help simply ask there is a lot of associates that can help you.
6 months ago
Joe Portagallo
Under most circumstances, I am a fan of IKEA and it’s nuances but under the pandemic rules it has become a nightmare to navigate. The Burbank IKEA is very family un-friendly. From having overly complicated navigation routes to get where a person needs to go, to targeting the younger children if their mask isn’t high enough on their face. Overall this place is unfriendly, uncaring and the veneer of “cozy” feels as plastic as the furniture. For a much more family friendly experience visit the Covina location instead. It is much more laid back and pleasant experience.
8 months ago
VACHAKAN Alwanjyan
Holy cow it's huge! Great selection. Get there right at 10am on the weekend for easy crowd free shopping
6 months ago
Carolyn McLemore
Ikea: great for cardio, interior design, and orienteering. Which way is north? Where is the exit? One does not simply "go" to Ikea. If consumerism were a religion, Ikea is the spiritual journey. Godspeed my friends and good luck on the voyage. PS - I went 30 minutes before the entrance closes on a Thursday night and walked right in, no line.
2 months ago
Nicholas morey
Nice and clean great arrangements but to big for me. I don't like to be hearded around to see the store. Great food though! Parking lot is enormous! Feels like a day at Disney! Just got to pick a line and go.
7 months ago
James Hubbard
The person handling my returns was not the speediest or most capable but they were able to eventually get the returns made, which I appreciated. Beware: due to COVID restrictions, there is a line to get into the store! The wait is longer on the weekends. An employee told me the times with the shortest lines are Mon-Wed morning.
9 months ago
Asaf Peres
I like Ikea .they have good prices if you find em
5 months ago
Christine Erickson
Comprehensive store, perfect for younger people beginning there lives. Great European taste and good value. Great helpful team.
6 months ago
Mike Fanz
Like a Victorian hedge maze.... I'm lost..... Never getting out. Tell my wife I loved her.... Hmmm...maybe I'll find those meatballs.... They're really good. Thought I could get in and out.... Fat chance....hey,. Look at those cookies. Follow the arrows..follow the arrows...... FREEDOM!….........
6 months ago
Yasin Kaya
I loved the selection they have here! It's a HUGE location so bring walking shoes as you will definitely want to walk through the whole place. Beautiful furniture! I loved all the items I purchased. I love you Ikea????
9 months ago
William Hedges
Who doesn’t like IKEA? This place is enormous and well organized. Items are relatively cheap and there is so much to see! Employees are nice and overall I enjoyed my time there.
8 months ago
Marie Hagan
High-touch areas are routinely cleaned. My advice: follow the arrows so you don't get lost. Also, vegetarian meatballs are available in the little restaurant ????
5 months ago
Shonda Pinter
Great people and great place with great products. The set up and the way the store operates is user friendly and allows you to have a productive time. I bought a bed and a bed frame which I took home and assembled without struggle.
7 months ago
Martha Hankins
Great customer service, easy pick up. But it would be even easier and more convenient to pick up your online order without having to get out of your car. Now you have to get out and scan a code in order to start the process of picking up. It would be easier if i could do it without having to leave my car. Maybe put the QR code on the sign with the parking number. As someone with kids i could appreciate that. Now i had to unload kids from the car put them in stroller just to go scan the code and return to my car. Kids were sleeping so i woke them up to do that. If i could notify them that I'm there without leaving the car, kids would have continued sleeping in the car while waiting for our order.
10 months ago
shaun bryan
Xxsloth_teamxX on YouTube Good an x fun place to come with the family and shop for home furniture and decorations and the price is excellent.
8 months ago
Shelby Haworth
Well I was able to finally pick up my order through the Click & Collect. I been waiting to get the Alex drawer from Ikea but they would always be so out when I go to the check out or the click and collect wasn't available. I didn't want to go inside the store because last time I tried, there was a long line just like waiting for a ride at Disneyland. So I finally sat in front of my computer and kept checking for my item to be available then around 8pm I was able to select Click & Collect option. The first time I couldn't press the Confirm button when I selected Burbank so I just refresh the page and I was able to do it the second time. I went the next day in the morning at 10am and I was able to find the Click & Collect location by following the sign in the parking structure. There systems of checking in is really bad compared to other places. They couldn't sent a email with the QR code or number so you have it ahead of time to speed up things but of course they didn't. I waited like 10 minutes for my item to come out cause there was just 1 lady helping the 4 people that was there.
10 months ago
Adalee brown
Huge store! You can find inexpensive finds for your home. Some items are good quality and some are poor, overall, it's a great experience going there.
6 months ago
Antonio Gonzalez
Would not complete a return during normal business hours. I drove an hour to make an exchange to fin out that they stop doing returns 3 hours before closing. Manager refused to help with that issue. A company this big should be able to afford one associate to run their returns. If your open to sell products you should be able to allow your customers to complete returns/exchanges.
9 months ago
Sari Meltzer
Love this place, staff are always friendly and helpful, which is nice because that place is a giant maze. Food court is good, love the frozen yogurt and cinnamon buns. Affordable items, always end up leaving with more than I intend to.
7 months ago
Satwik Biswas
Love Ikea and normally would give it 5 stars, but their handle of people inside the store during covid is terrible. There are so many people and no one even attempts to social distance. Their changed to the dining area for Covid are great- but other then that eh.
6 months ago
Paul Wainright
Biggest IKEA store in USA, whatever things which you need for home decor, furnitures, electronics, crockery and kitchen. Its have two floor and 3 parts. Second floor which is model display and interior display of furnitures, crockery, curtains, decor, etc. First floor first part is display of small items like kitchen items, lighting, decoration. At the end of first part second part, which is store from where u got packed item directly which u seen in model and first part. Followed by billing section. Also small stop for snacks and refreshment.
11 months ago
Brandi Brunell
My goodness so much larger than before. I was so tired by the time I reached the cashier. Thanks though. I got everything I needed.
6 months ago
Chad Sell
Packed to the gills with customers, everyone is shoulder to shoulder bumping into you, 20-30 min wait for the restaurant that you have to make a reservation for now, and everything I was looking for was sold out. Giving 2 stars for the cleanliness of the store, but the employees all seem miserable at this location and all the display rooms are disheveled and a mess from customers. Will only be back because my girlfriend wants to get some things here for our new place but I can't stand this store. I highly suggest Living Spaces instead.
6 months ago
Ian Buchanan
Very happy to be able to return to this store. Cafe was great (despite having to virtual queue) selection strong as ever.
7 months ago
Aleksey Pligin
Paid $15 for an item on my credit card. Forgot my receipt. Can't return it. What about a store credit? So I can spend more money at your store. Nope. I must have a physical copy of a receipt. I had to call some random number to get my invoice number. At the other end of the line, a male voice with thick Indian accent asked for my bank account numbers, where did I buy it, and the date it was purchased. Really Ikea? We live in a technology age, and you can't run my card to check my purchase history.
8 months ago
Scott Kuntzelman
I got soo much stuff today at IKEA ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY..!!! Just got my new home and finally time to decorate... oh yes you’ll love this place in BURBANK... ????‍♂️
1 month ago
rafi syed
It’s a popular place so it can be very busy during peak hours. Long line waiting to enter the store due to social distancing. Line is similar to theme park but there isn’t any ride so come here with some comfortable shoes and clothes. Waiting time could be up to 75 minutes. I had to leave after waiting in line for 30 minutes on a Sunday.
9 months ago
I love going to Ikea with my granddaughter she loves to visit IKEA. We purchased a bookshelves a built it together.
11 months ago
Arnold Corso
First time ever visiting an Ikea. I was glad I chose this location to do that. This location had every set up looking professional. It was an experience that I have never imagined from a furniture store. I felt like if I was at Disneyland. Every single item that was displayed had an easy to see price tag. Never knew how much they had to offer. The only thing I recommend is that you plan accordingly, because the whole store tour took me about 2 hours, and I only went in to get a bath towel ????. The pandemic safety procedures were so quick and there was no line to wait on.
10 months ago
Nina Lindsey
The prices went up. The same coach my friend bought last year is $200 more. The eating are is not fun anymore. No drinks, and u have to wait to be sitted
6 months ago

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