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If it's time for a new interior, welcome to the west elm furniture store at 4511 Main St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, United States. Here you will fulfill your cherished desires and be able to buy the things you've been looking for for a long time.

A huge range of products, the latest arrivals, furniture market trends, promotional offers - this and much more is presented in our showroom. The variety of models will interest fans of ultramodern style as well as classics. We will help you to harmoniously furnish the room in the spirit of modernity, loft, high-tech, Provence, Scandinavian minimalism or chic.

You can choose from a variety of colors, textures and materials. The competent consultants of west elm salon will answer all your questions and help you to make a purchase.

All products have a manufacturer's warranty. The furniture presented in the showcase is certified and made of environmentally friendly materials.

Customers will enjoy attractive prices, and seasonal sales, discounts and promotions will help to save money. west elm store also provides related services: pick-up, drop-off, delivery, installation.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -76.1319024, latitude - 36.8419215

west elm
Rate: 4.0
Address: 4511 Main St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, United States
Website: westelm.com
Phone number: +1 757-490-1423

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 36.8419215
Longitude: -76.1319024

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Christina Moore
Although a bit expensive, West Elm boasts beautiful, quality, modern, clean line, earth conscious made furniture and other home furnishings. The staff is always warm and welcoming, ready to assist in your purchase. I have purchased a number of their bed linens and soft, well made, thick throws. The candles and room sprays have the most delightful aromas. They have financing for those big ticket furniture pieces and give military and teacher discount. I love to stroll through even when I’m not making a purchase, just for the cozy feel and home decorating inspiration.
11 months ago
Fox Terrier
Very nice place . Good place for furniture and decorative stuff. Little pricey so might not be coming here when it's time. But they help you find what you need and how to decorate and I think helping to put the stuff into you home as well.
9 months ago
Markell Johnson
I go back and forth with my feelings for West Elm but for the most part I'm positive overall. I like the style of their decor, furniture and other items and the staff are mostly friendly. A few years ago I had major issues with some photo frames I purchased there where the mats were all off on sizes but I was able to get it corrected after some pretty heavy arguments with management. Still, I've purchased other smaller decorative items here, some plates and cutlery items as well as bedding and lamps. They offer a free styling service where one of their employees will come to your home and take measurements and design a style for the room as well as gallery wall hanging services (which are totally worth the price) that aren't free but worth it if you've ever hung a gallery wall on your own.
7 months ago
Chesley Easton
My order online has been a disaster from start to finish, although I can't say finish because I still do not have the order. The story behind this is not important, but what I have learned: Customer service people are wonderful and 5 stars for effort. Problem: they have no ability to help out a customer once a problem occurs. The delivery is a completely separate thing all together and you are completely at the mercy of them, NOT West Elm. The have no mercy or care for you as a customer. Despite the efforts of many nice people WEST ELM, they refused to step up to the plate. The moral is This IS NOT the place to purchase furniture if you ned it on a time crunch.
9 months ago
Greta Ricci
Small store, very expensive! Lots of variety, very high quality.
9 months ago
Dylan Gillen
There is absolutely nothing bad to say about The Little Door! The decor is phenomenal, the food exceptional, the service impeccable. Everyone here deserves a round of applause.
9 months ago
Glen Mandernacht
My house would not look as good as it does without this store, the staff is extremely helpful and they have so much cool furniture. If you are looking to furnish your house with some mid century modern pieces that are very hip and in style now then this is the place you need to shop. They even have designers that will come to your house and help you pick out everything that you need.
11 months ago
Deivydas Cepas
Excellent selections, great positioning relative to parking garage which makes hauling away your purchased furniture very easy. Staff were very helpful and extremely friendly, they'll definitely see us again.
8 months ago
Sally Sinclair
Helpful staff, who are very knowledgeable and can really help out if you're unsure of what you need. Prices are very reasonable for the quality level. The only minor criticism is that their delivery options vary significantly product to product.
1 week ago
Brenda Willis
Was out & about at Town Center doing a little window shopping while killing a little time before the Y-Not Wednesday live music started. Popped into West Elm for a little look around. This is a cool little shop with a lot of retro-funky pieces! I love seeing the coolness of the '70's making a huge comeback. Unfortunately, like most everything else in Town Center, it's very pricey.
10 months ago
Stoian Dekov
We worked with Paxton, Rachel and AJ for both home consultation and order issues. Although the parent company was difficult to work with, the staff at the VB location was involved and ultimately negotiated a satisfactory solution to an issue with a couch. They followed up with me daily and were always available when I could not reach Williams and Sonoma. It was their involvement that made the difference in my being a satisfied customer.
2 weeks ago
Genaro Sarno
very small and not a real store but gives customers a good idea of the product offering
5 months ago
Jada Askew
They are so friendly here! I love their esthetic.
11 months ago
Normand Nault
Lots of home furnishings that are unique. Great prices for that one of a kind look.
1 month ago
Arthur Taylor
This furniture company is always reducing prices. The furniture I bought two days ago is much cheaper today. If I had bought it for a while, I could accept it. But only two days later, I asked for a refund on the price difference. they refused it. It was a terrible shopping experience.
11 months ago
Ranvijay Singh
I love West Elm, it would be nice to see some new furniture in the store..been looking at that same furniture since the store opened.
4 months ago
Michael McCarthy
Very cute stuff in here. Perfect for anyone who likes modern style home decor. Unfortunately the furniture selection was sparse and I had to go online to find the item I wanted.
6 months ago
Robert Kennedy
Great quality selections similar to pottery barn
11 months ago
Brenda Rone
From the first time I walked into West Elm VB, I have been treated with urgency, respect, and care. Each of the managers have been thoughtful and kept a close watch on my shopping. They have helped me pair items, listened to what I was trying to accomplish, and even pointed me to other stores to find the perfect pieces. The delivery, set-up, design, and most importantly the entire store staff has been excellent. I have spent a significant amount of money in this store because I like the style but more importantly because I like the people. Excellent.
3 months ago
Angela Bradshaw
Great place with great style
8 months ago
The Venlord
Everyone at this store is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have worked with Cindy before when picking out bedroom furniture and she was awesome to work with and had great ideas! Most recently, I went in the store to purchase a bed and ran into a few issues from a prior transaction and Jenny worked nonstop to make it right and it all worked out in the end thanks to her! Fabulous customer service all around - thank you West Elm VB!
10 months ago
Michelle Rogillio
I wish it were possible to give a store 0 stars. Initially, everything was great. The store has an awesome selection of furniture and décor items, most of which have to be ordered from the warehouse and delivered to the store for pickup or to your home with white glove service. This is true for a sofa I purchased, and a lamp. The lamp arrived no problem and I have no complaints about that. However, the sectional sofa came in two different pieces and was missing the bracket to hold the chaise to the main sofa. Also, the sofa and chaise appeared to be made out of two different types of fabric, resulting in two different colors. We called customer service and asked for the sofa to be removed and new one delivered as the quality simply did not match the amount paid for the sofa. We were told we would receive a call when the new sofa would be ready for delivery, which was expected to be about 10 days. We never received a call. We called customer service again, and was told the same thing. Again, I never received a call from them. After calling again we were offered a discount and I was told the new sofa would be on its way and we would receive a call when it would be ready for delivery. We never received that call. Talked to customer service again and I was offered another discount but I said at this point I just want the sofa removed and I would like a full refund. We agreed on a discount but I’m still waiting for the new sofa to be delivered. I don’t understand how this is that complicated. All furniture from this store has to be delivered from a warehouse to the home, but this process has taken over two months with absolutely no contact from the warehouse or customer service to me. Each time I have to call to receive a response. Despite my love for their products, I will not be ordering from West Elm again. I fully expect the next sofa to have the same issue with the fabric that I have now, and that’s assuming that the new sofa is ever delivered. I want to be clear that this is no fault of the staff at the VA beach store. They were consistently helpful and the store itself was great. I cannot support West Elm as a company with such unreliable service and products. Update: they called and said delivery will be in one week. Will update with results. Delivery was scheduled for today, and it's already been delayed by 2 hours. Will update if they deliver.
3 months ago
Very helpful staff. Customer service is top notch.
3 months ago
trina booker
Outstanding customer service
1 month ago
Bronwyn Matthews
This is one of the bigger locations I've seen. A great addition to our area. The staff were fairly nice and didn't bother us as we were exploring what they had to offer.
3 months ago
Frances Scott
We ordered a bed at the store and we were informed that it would take up to 5 weeks for the bed to be delivered. After not hearing anything for a while regarding the status of our order, we called the store to check up. They kept delaying the order saying the bed we ordered was out of stock. After waiting for 2 months, we ended up canceling our order. We were disappointed with the lack of communication and service. Our review is not reflecting the quality of the furniture, but of the customer service of the individuals running the store.
2 months ago
Matt Prosser
Really modern stuff, good sales, nice store.
10 months ago
Mark Richardson
Love everthing, even though it really is overpriced. I purchased a duvet I had my eye on for a long time. It looks great but upon the first washing, which I followed according to instruction, the bottom seem came apart. It a big 8 inch section. Sewing it is not even possible with out making it uneven. Also the thought of sewing it just to have another section do this same if weighing heavily. Very disappointed.
3 months ago

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