Unruh Furniture

If you want to renovate your interior, welcome to the Unruh Furniture furniture store, whose address is 306 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States. Here you can make your dreams come true and find what you've been planning for a long time.

A wide assortment, the latest additions and much more in our spacious showroom. The variety of collections will interest those who like ultra-modern style as well as the classic. With us you can beautifully furnish a room in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism, luxe-chic, high-tech or Provence.

We offer a choice of different materials, textures and shades. The competent consultants of Unruh Furniture store will help to make a successful purchase and answer any questions.

The range of furniture is made from safe raw materials and has certificates. All goods have a manufacturer's warranty.

Buyers will be pleased with favorable prices, and seasonal discounts, sales and promotions will help to save money. Unruh Furniture company provides related services: pick-up at the house, delivery, lifting to the floor, assembly by high-level specialists.

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Unruh Furniture
Rate: 4.9
Address: 306 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States
Phone number: +1 816-813-1066

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Latitude: 39.0425502
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mackenzie chase
The service and showroom is amazing and the quality and workmanship is unmatched. They are so helpful in choosing pieces. I highly recommend!
8 months ago
Steve Tomek
Friendly staff and nice designs - quality of work just ok. I had planned on purchasing a table from Unruh for a year as we prepared to move to a different house. I was so excited when our appointment came to visit their showroom. I was a little disappointed that they did not have the Breckenridge table in the showroom. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Delivery staff was very friendly! After two months of having our table we noticed the "seams" showing on the top and each leg where the wood was glued together. I emailed Unruh and was told that is normal as the seasons change. I spoke with some people who do woodworking and they said that it is not normal, it can happen but is not normal. When I inquired if I needed to pay the transportation fees as this happened within months of receiving the table - I was reminded of the agreement I signed when the furniture was delivered. The table will not fit into our vehicles - so we will need the delivery service. Yes, they will fix your table under their lifetime warranty. Expect to use it in the first couple of months to fix defects. If you do not have the ability to move the furniture yourself expect to pay the transportation fees to fix the defects. I fully anticipated sending my table back years from now to fix wear and tear and would gladly pay the transportation fees at that time. I hate to have to pay more on a table within months of delivery after spending thousands of dollars. I am happy with the design of the table, but would probably not purchase from Unruh in the future.
5 months ago
Kexin Yang
Great experience from beginning to end. Scout helped us design an 8 ft long, walnut table. Covid hit and they slowed down a bit but always communicated. Once a new completion date was set the table was finished right on time. The delivery was smooth and the table looks beautiful. We can't wait to have many years of family and friends sitting around this awesome table. Thank You!!! Tim and Pam Miller
2 months ago
Truly custom sideboard. I adjusted the height and width, and chose the wood and stain. The result was exactly what I wanted. It's an heirloom quality piece that didn't cost any more than regular, mass-produced furniture.
4 months ago
Sever Krainii
We love our Boardwalk table from Unruh. Couldn't be happier! In addition, from beginning to end, the customer service and attention to detail was top notch. I'm already looking at my next piece.
7 months ago
Bridgitte Adams
I had an amazing experience from beginning to end with the purchase of our new bed. The bed is absolutely beautiful. The delivery specialists were so thoughtful and careful during the process. Masks were worn, the bed was assembled, and clear instructions were provided in case we need to move the bed in the future. .. plus they were so so so nice. This week I also purchased a mattress from NFM and the difference was like night and day (dinged doors, scratched floors, etc). It really made me appreciate that a great company like Unruh is right here in KC! I can’t wait to order my next piece!
4 months ago
June Holman
We just received our Conway table and Bakersfield bench from Unruh Furniture. We could not be happier with our experience with this company. We wanted to invest in a quality, custom piece and that is exactly what we were able to do. We were able to customize the size, shape and color of our table to fit our specific needs and the space in our new home. We were very impressed with the high quality customer service provided by Unruh furniture throughout the entire process! We highly recommend this company!
7 months ago
Adam T
I'm so glad I found Unruh. They were a pleasure to work with and the furniture turned out beautifully. Being able to customize each piece (wood, finish and size) to my new home was just what I was looking for. Craftsmanship was top notch and they delivered when promised.
7 months ago
Jacob Gonzales
At a home lived in by two engineers, we needed a table that fit our space exactly. This table will be with our family for generations! We love the industriallook and the fact that it brings wood and steel together to create a uniquepiece. Unruh was flawless to work with from start to finish.
7 months ago
C Seider
What an amazing KC craftsman. If you are looking for world class, beautiful, sturdy, lifelong furniture. This is the place. Handmade in an old church. Their work is really something to see. This is multigeneration furniture. Go have a look.
8 months ago
William McNeel
If I could give a negative rating, I absolutely would. I purchased over $3,000 of furniture from Unruh three years ago. I decided to go through them because I wanted furniture that would last, and I wanted to support a local business. Huge mistake, and huge waste of money. When I got the finished product I was initially pleased, but then quickly realized how poorly done the finished product was. They used cheap wood, a lot of the hardware had stain all over it (some of it even rubbed off onto my clothes) and there were many parts of the furniture pieces they didn’t even stain. After about a year I started having issues with the dresser. The cheap slides they used were breaking, the screws holding the slides were stripping out because of the soft cheap wood they used, and one of the drawers started falling apart. To their credit, the came out to pick up the furniture and fixed the issues. Although I had to go a week without my furniture, I figured it was nice they were still fixing it. A few months later, I again had issues with the dresser. This time, one of the drawers again started coming apart, and the screw again stripped out so the drawer would not close. Once again I had to take time out of my day for them to come out to fix it. The guy even said multiple times that I bought furniture from them when they knew what they were selling was poorly built. Now again, I’m having issues with the dresser drawer. It will not stay closed because when they “fixed” it last time they installed the slide at an angle, so the drawer will not stay closed. I have asked them to rebuild the dresser, or give me a refund and they have refused. Now they’re wanting me to either take the dresser there again myself, or pay $250 for them to pick it up. After spending $3000 on this junk and having to deal with all of these issues, they again want me to pay and take time out of my day for them to fix their mess ups and poorly built furniture. I can not stress enough how big of a waste of money this company is. Save yourself the time and either go to a different company, or buy from a store you know you can return the stuff to. I could have bought a full bedroom set from Costco for a third of the price and could have taken it back years ago if I continued to have these problems.
7 months ago
sheryl joseph
Gorgeous table! It’s the first thing people see when they come in our house and we wanted it to wow. Mission accomplished!
4 months ago
Eboney Grieve
We love our Conway table from Unruh, undoubtedly it will be in our family for generations!
7 months ago
Hanna McKellar
The facility itself is worth the visit and then there is the smell of sawdust and a cold beer. By the way the furniture is beyond nice. Quality throughout and the staff are extremely friendly. Looking forward to replacing some of my old furniture with their heirloom quality products.
6 months ago
Ruth Pedigo
UNRUH Furniture is a first class business, everything they create is original and absolutely beautiful. The care and attention to detail that is put into the every piece of furniture is unmatched in the industry. To date I have purchased 3 pieces of furnature from UNRUH and I cannot say enough good things about this business. Sam UNRUH is a very honest and generous man, every member of his team is a joy to work with, and the show room in Kansas City will blow your mind. They have renovated a 100 year old church turning the sanctuary into a place of creation and the upper level rooms into different show rooms to model the beautiful furnature they can create. I have purchased 3 different pieces of furnature on three different occasions; a bed, a dresser and a coffee table. We have always worked with Carly, she is an amazing designer/decorator and has helped us figure out exactly what we were looking for in our home. Every piece of furnature she has helped us to design has been gorgeous and fit the room it was put in perfectly. I could seriously write so much more about this business but I will digress and just say one last thing. Everything UNRUH creates is guaranteed forever, regardless of what happens they’ll fix it forever. I’m telling you, this business is first class all the way.
6 months ago
Grace W
You can't go wrong with Unruh! Our table, chairs, and bar stools were built to our exact specifications and turned out beautiful. Thank you to the Unruh team for not only the quality workmanship but for giving us a hub to make family memories for years to come!
7 months ago
Omawattie Persaud
“The Denton pieces are beautifully made. We are so excited for our new bedroom set!"
5 months ago
esmail anwer
My bed is so beautiful! The finish on the wood is better than I imagined it would be, and it went together easily just like Jarrad showed me. I will definitely order more furniture from Unruh.
6 months ago
Darlene Peters
We couldn’t have had a better experience with Unruh. The table they made us was beautiful and will last us a lifetime.
7 months ago
Satyavani Bogireddy
I’m speechless at the story behind this experience. It so beautifully curated and thought through. I’m blown away. The moment you walk into the showroom and factory church you feel like you are on a treasure hunt. What’s behind the next door....anticipation builds and then you see a beautiful site at every door turn. Wow.
7 months ago
Arvind E
Amazing company. I loved their easy system of selecting and then customizing your pieces. I couldn't be more pleased with the result - every thing is so well made and gorgeous. And just as affordable as any other furniture we saw in stores. Only so much better made .... and exactly as you want it to be. Love it.
7 months ago
Victor Anderson
My new dining table and bench are extremely solid and well made. Real wood is always the way to go (provided you can afford it, that is - it ain’t cheap). They are both just BEAUTIFUL!! I also need to commend the delivery guys, who had to muscle my large table in/out of our building’s (not large) freight elevator, but also around a tight corner in my apartment. Bravo boys!
8 months ago
Raina Golden
My dad has worked with wood for as long as I can remember and he even approved of the quality of our Unruh Furniture. I love the solid build and classic lines of the Bedford table. We chose a natural finish with walnut wood...it is a piece of art for sure. We were looking for a statement piece and that was definitely accomplished.
10 months ago
Shoukat Ali
I was one of the single mothers who had a free dining table gifted to me a few years back through a program they have. Great quality and such nice people, they gave me a tour of their facility. Unfortunately, I could not take the table they made for me to my current home at the time I moved in so I gave it to someone else in need. Will definitely be back eventually to buy a table!
6 months ago
Monika Pieklo
Purchased 4 items from Unruh....dining table, side board and 2 book shelves. Every piece is beautiful and very well crafted. These pieces are all timeless and look forward to adding more of their work!
7 months ago
Charles Rodriguez
This custom made bench fits our apartment entry perfectly. No longer will we have to balance with wall assistance as we take our shoes on and off. This piece helps ensure an ease to our comings and goings.
6 months ago
Steve Paulitzki
Unruh built me a gorgeous custom table that will stand the test of time. It fits my dining space perfectly and the quality of the table and bench are superb. Very happy with my decision to have these artisan craftsman build such a beautiful piece of furniture.
3 weeks ago
Ernest Williams
Our table is everything we expected and more. It fits wonderfully in our space and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new table. Unruh also delivered our table with the utmost care and were incredibly thoughtful to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. I would definitely recommend anyone in the KC area to check out Unruh for all their wood furniture needs.
7 months ago
mike b
Love Unruh from start to finish. Going to the showroom in itself is an experience! It’s rare you can find this kind of craftsmanship in today's commercialized world. We love our table.. it’s a one of a kind piece that sure makes a statement in our new home!"
8 months ago
nicole Hickman
We couldn’t be more thrilled with our Unruh Furniture experience. Every step of the process was easy and efficient. Our appointment at the KC showroom allowed us to see examples of everything we were interested in, and the staff answered all of our questions and helped us narrow down our choices and make decisions based on our lifestyle. Once we placed our order we were able to monitor the progress through their ingenious tracking system- we got to see exactly who completed each step of our build. When it came time for delivery, it was no surprise to us that the took just as much care in delivering and setting up our dining room furniture. We’re already making a wish list for other Unruh Furniture pieces. They truly will be our family heirlooms!
10 months ago
Elyorbek Khudaybergenov
Left deposit for future order. Cancelled order within 3 days and they kept deposit. Called and they said they would refund and they did not. I would not use this company because if dishonesty. They did nothing for the money. I should have known better.
6 months ago
Gloria Shin
We are absolutely thrilled with our Unruh table and benches! This company has been wonderful to work with and the quality craftsmanship in this customized piece is definitely worth a 5 star rating. It’s everything we hoped it would be!!
10 months ago
Shailesh Saigal
This is a twice-edited review, so please read through it all. It started with a problem, but was handled well by the owner. Here is my initial post: Hoped to provide some feedback about recent issues, but the guys who I met almost a decade ago in a small shop making great furniture and caring about their customers must have gotten too big to care anymore. I used to recommend them consistently to friends in both KC and Dallas, but not sure I can anymore. Very disappointed. Always loved the place before they got popular. I then did this EDIT: I expect to be increasing this rating. The owner reached out to me and was very much the guy I remember. We discussed my feedback and I'm confident he will address the issue. I've made another order and will edit this again based upon the complete experience. Here is my final EDIT: The furniture turned out wonderfully; the staff was great and everything from the point where I spoke with company leadership was perfect and exactly how my previous experiences have been. From that point, it was a 5-Star experience. Why did I rate 4? Two reasons: First,, the reality is that the first part that generated the review was a generous 2. Even the best companies have an "ooops" now and then. The key is how they deal with it. As I hoped, Sam was excellent, reasonable and I can't speak highly enough of him. Second, I want people to read the review. I want you to give them business, and I want you to engage if for whatever reason your initial experience is lacking in any way. It will be worth it. I am glad to say that it is still a great company that produces really nice furniture. I will not hesitate to visit them when I need my next piece, and you should not either.
6 months ago
We received our new dresser and are so pleased with the way it looks in our bedroom. It is so beautiful and so well made. The drawers slide out so nicely and you can tell it will last forever! The whole experience with Unruh was amazing. The delivery experience was especially great. The guys who delivered the furniture actually worked on our piece and were so proud of their work. Unruh is such a great company and has an awesome story! Highly recommend!
4 months ago
Joe Jamal
We absolutely love this piece. We’ve been looking for a long time for just the right table. We didn’t want something from a large store but something personal, with a story. We stumbled upon Unruh furniture a few months ago, met the wonderful people there and knew immediately it’s what we wanted. We love that the artwork in the show room is photographs of the furniture makers doing their craft. Everyone we worked with there, from the person who greeted us at the door, to the men who delivered our furniture to our home exhibited professionalism, expertise and care. This wasn’t just furniture to them but a creation, something they made for us with pride.
10 months ago
Cutefireal Cutefireal
Great quality, the autonomy of what you want and the best selection. My wife and I drove from Memphis to KC because we loved the style and quality so much and we didn't love anything here in Memphis. I would do the 8 hour trip (one way) again if we had to - it was worth the journey for what we got! Great business, sir! Your staff is amazing, too!
10 months ago
Ashley Jeffcoat
Handcrafted furniture ... hard to find quality inn furniture like Unruh Furniture. Bought a wedding gift with the hope it becomes an heirloom.
6 months ago
Vasul Kolyadintsev
We bought the Colby table and Clarkson chair and the wood is beautiful and incredibly solid. The finish creates a silky top that looks incredible. So happy with our purchase and would absolutely buy more!
8 months ago
samantha pursell
Timeless and beautiful. The finish is flawless and exactly what we wanted. Impeccable delivery as well. Everything is cleaned and checked over.
10 months ago
Alex Neighbors
Unruh his top notch. We received our finished table on Saturday and couldn’t be happier with the end result. It is beautiful. I think their customer service is outstanding, and their communication is proactive and timely. Thanks for creating a beautiful table for our family.
8 months ago
Charles LaPrade
What a great experience working with Unruh. They made it so easy to customize our furniture and the finished product was beautiful. We would certainly recommend them to everyone!
9 months ago
Vincent Fuller
I choose Unruh again and again because of a shared commitment to craftsmanship, values, and client connection. I want my client’s spaces to feel like intensely individualized “havens” that thrill them from deep down. Unruh helps me deliver. They care as much as I do about offering a personalized experience and producing a product that represents each client for who they are and how they choose to live. This company is truly a designer’s dream! Shelly Gaudreau Owner Home 2 Haven Design
10 months ago
Miguel Racelis
Have made two purchases from Unruh and love both pieces of furniture. The craftsmanship is amazing and with the Unruh guarantee, I'm not worried to live life around both pieces.
10 months ago
Miriam Kim
From start to finish the process for selecting a table from Unruh was an absolute pleasure. Their staff was outstanding...knowledgeable about their products, selection options, and expected delivery timeframe. Deliver was outstanding as well. We are thrilled with our purchase! We especially like that we were able to support a local company that has such high standards for their products, and serves our community in so many ways.
4 months ago
P Miller
Ordered two dinning tables and it was so worth the wait. Could not be more happy with the workmanship. Shop local and enjoy better quality and service.
7 months ago
jamie nielsen
Love our conference table, the craftsmanship is excellent!
10 months ago
Joseph McCabe
Our Unruh experience was great from start to finish. I was constantly impressed by the constant, effective communication (email, text), as well as the great customer service. The workmanship is excellent and the showroom was an experience in and of itself. Our new dining room table is a centerpiece in our home. The only down side is that I am now creating a plan to switch all of our furniture to Unruh pieces... :)
8 months ago
Ian Dunn
Buying our new kitchen table from Unruh Furniture was an awesome experience. From the one on one appointment to walk us through all of our options to the personal delivery by the people who actually built the table, Unruh is a top notch operation. We view our new table as a piece of art, handmade and customized, that will be handed down for generations!
4 months ago
Jon Lunsford
We bought the Baker's Field table in maple wood with weathered oak stain to give it a light, airy almost 'beach wood' vibe. Everything about Unruh is lovable. From our showroom visit (where Nathan came in on a Sunday to help us) to the tour of the shop, to selecting the perfect wood and finish and size - the staff was great. Delivery went perfectly. This is a high quality table that we will keep in our family for many years to come. TOTALLY worth the money. UPDATE: Another reason to love Unruh - their warranty. I accidentally scratched my beautiful table only a few weeks after purchasing. When I inquired about getting someone out to fix it, I was SHOCKED that they would come pick it up, fix the scratch, and re-deliver it for $0 to me. Their warranty is unreal. This company is absolutely the best!
9 months ago
Zed Snark
The Unruh experience was fabulous, from start to finish. The showroom is great, the salespeople are knowledgable & helpful. Loved the online experience with updates throughout the build process. Now that it's been delivered, we are in love with the pieces we ordered, the stain we chose and amazing quality.
7 months ago

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