Upwork is located at the following address: 2625 Augustine Dr Suite 601, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States.

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Location coordinates: Longitude - -121.9748634, Latitude - 37.3829790

Rate: 2.4
Address: 2625 Augustine Dr Suite 601, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States
Website: upwork.com
Phone number: +1 866-262-4478

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Latitude: 37.3829790
Longitude: -121.9748634

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J Miller
I've been on Upwork since 2013. Upwork made my life easier. I shouldn't worry now about how to connect with clients from other countries. Thank you Upwork for giving me the opportunity to connect with my ideal clients. Without you, my life would be way tougher.
9 months ago
Delia Shaw
Upwork market themselves as a platform for businesses to connect with individual freelancers, however, they still allow businesses and agencies to access the platform and market themselves as businesses and professional parties towards clients, without changing their individual freelancer status in the contracts. This leaves the client technically as the professional party, with no protection or rights towards the finished product, even when dealing with parties that are clearly the more technically qualified and professional in the contract. Upwork is not taking any responsibility for how the so-called freelancers market themselves on the platform. In our case even if all project materials were branded from a professional tech company promising the backing of a large professional team within the company, when they were subsequently not able to deliver any usable content or output, they still received protection as an individual freelancer and awarded compensation for “considerable efforts” done, leaving the client with all risk and in our case no usable result.
4 months ago
Yasmeen Baajour
10 months ago
Cathy Murphy
No place for freshers or experienced people who don't have marketing skills.
5 months ago
They blocked my 10000+ hrs worked account without any issues or even a single massage. It's worst experiences ever gathered in life. Even taking long days to processing payment. Lengthy payment procedure.
8 months ago
Lauren Beraldi
The Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Upwork as a member and appreciate all they do for the community!
1 month ago
Mark Schafer
Upwork is the worst service I've ever seen for many reasons. 1. Blocking an account for no reason. 2. Poor support, just use predefined answers and don't delve into my problem. 3. Useless support for Facebook posts. I was working as a freelancer (full stack web developer) and got a rising talent badge and 2 completed job and 1 nearly complete (my contact just ended because my account was locked). I was also a proven freelancer (passport + google entry). So this is $ 60 and $ 140 for a job that got canceled and I can never get my $ 60, is this a scam? When they block me, I still contact support and receive this message “Hello, Anton! We are sorry to confirm that your account has been permanently blocked. We see that a decision has been made to end our working relationship, and we regret that this has happened. We are committed to maintaining an online workplace that benefits all users. For this reason, we sometimes need to take action against accounts whose behavior could negatively affect other users. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors outside of Upwork. " For others, I got an automatic reply to my messages “Thank you for writing to us. We will contact you shortly. Please note that messages are replied in the order in which they are received. Thank you for your patience.' And got no response from upwork Facebook support I'm pretty sure my account was blocked by mistake and I hope you can service it I don't recommend it to those who would like to try the upwork, because it's waste of money and time.
3 months ago
Son Ngo
Lesson learned. UpWork is as trustworthy as Fiverr.
2 months ago
Tam L
The Upwork company blocks users without explaining the reason and does not refer to the clause of the contract that was violated. Very democratic in relation to freelancers!
4 months ago
Kim Nguyen
SCAM! Don't let them steal your money and time. The good reviews are left by fake accounts.
6 months ago
Nicole Blascak
Amazing company working on a great mission (creating economic opportunities so people have better lives). They practice what they preach and eat their own dogfood (they have a lot of freelancers working for them directly as well). Great culture & friendly employees. Their new Santa Clara office is beautiful. Lots of brightness, tastefully decorated.
6 months ago
Wanda Perkins
Freelance name Joe who was working on my project hi never finish my project and whatever he was sending to me it was never working, I couldn’t open in any simulators. He was always saying that he will fix it but it takes just forever so I canceled the project with him and I ask Upwork for refund. I was chatting with Upwork representative name Lara about refund probably for two weeks. At the end Lara she found the best solution how to get my refund, she asked me to pay $291 for the arbitration filing fee.
6 months ago
Betty Jackson
Love the Upwork office and surrounding area. They have plenty of parking and restaurants nearby, There's also a virtual receptionist which is unique and something I've never seen before.
6 months ago
Karen Salsbury
A real scam, they charge the freelancer with 20%! Additionally, they offer you and then they can withdraw the offer whenever they want. That happened with their client Microsoft!
6 months ago
Laurel Widner
Beautiful new office, lots of light. Great building and location. My wife has been working at Upwork for 6 years and loves it.
7 months ago
Ashley Wohlers
I currently use UpWork as a freelancer whenever I have openings and I can add new clients to my current schedule. I appreciate that everything is pretty cut and dry on their site. Employer post specific needs along with their budget. Freelancer could be invited to view the listing or you can search through job postings. A contract is put together and it begins. Communication and setting realistic expectations is a must if you care about delivering a product your client will be happy with. I’ve been using UpWork for 2 years now and I think it’s a great platform. I only wish during the “set up of the contract” stage that the site allowed for back and forth communication before putting an offer together or accepting one.
6 months ago
Brandi Snyder
Upwork was doing really well till mid 2019 .It's slowly taking money from innocent freelancers world wide by obtaining money to apply for jobs ,,Specially in off season times in December to February
10 months ago
Manuel Boteo
This site is not at all friendly to new people just joining the field. When you have minimal experience, it’s going to take a while to get hired. It’s only logical. Instead of allowing you to be persistent and work hard toward getting started in a very competitive field, this company kicks you off their website if you apply to a lot of jobs and receive minimal job offers. They kick the people who are down, the people who need the most encouragement and support, the people who are giving their everything to get some experience and figure out how to make it in their dream field. Many of the companies and workers on this site are from all over the world. For some people, their only accessible way to earn money and experience in a more art-based field (like audio, for example) is through freelancing with international companies. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant to hire internationally due to language barriers, different time zones, and honestly, outright discrimination due to stereotypes or even subconscious preconceptions. Why does Upwork make it harder for the people who already have it extremely tough? Looking at how a community treats their most vulnerable members is very revealing of their values and character. In Upwork’s case, the least experienced, most persistent, hard working people mean nothing to them. I do not recommend using this website.
8 months ago
Laura Mehta
Not secure for freelancers. They even kick active freelancers who already working and making good money. They don't support freelancers. and doesn't care about new comer. If some one bid 10 jobs and get 7 project they will suspend his account also.
6 months ago
kamaluddin shakiri
Great new office, in a nice location. Great place to work.
6 months ago
Sujala Vemula
i never worked with Upwork. I am trying to close my account and I cannot send an email to anyone. I have a telephone number, but I called and no one answers. How can I close and delete my account??? This is not very helpful. How can I contact this company to close my account???
7 months ago
Mackenzie Rae
Great place to work, both from a company culture and office space perspective
6 months ago
Joseph Wallace
I would recommend using this site as a last resort. The site is not managed well and leaves too many loopholes for dubious activity. The clientele are very unprofessional and unreliable. I was unsatisfied with 80% of the people I hired through this site. Some are rude and cant follow directions. I also had my identity stolen by one of the clients who I gave personal information. They need a better way of screening the people they employ here they also need to find a better way to keep out identity thieves.
8 months ago
sugar socks
I like Upwork. Yes, there are some issues. Yes, as a contractor from a Western European Country I can't always compete with dumping prices from Asia or Eastern Europe. But I still compete in and win some higher class jobs, and those are a nice filler for times I haven't booked already with local self acquired clients. I may not like some of their methods, but I can understand their origin and a clients need for documentation and can live with them.
3 weeks ago
David Burrows
A "legal crime" organization. I worked for a client who decided they would do a charge back from their bank so they could enjoy some free work. Upwork then decides, since they won't be able to pull money out of this bad hiring party, to just take it from me! Not only that, they took it from the money a new, honorable, hiring party was paying me for work done. On top of that, they held all the cash for 10 days, saying it's "for protection of all parties" but where the only entity they cared to protect was themselves, all in the name of personal profit. This company is disgraceful and a class action lawsuit most certainly is pending.
1 month ago
Vidhi Bhaiya
Great people and great product!
4 months ago
biren patel
What You Need to Know About Using UpWork Hello. This is what you need to know about using UpWork: if you are choosing or avoiding a vendor based on reviews on UpWork, that is serious mistake- one that my company made which cost us nearly $100,000. UpWork allows bad reviews to be removed by contractors at will, without any internal process to evaluate the validity, and this practice on the part of UpWork cost my company dearly. Don’t let it happen to you. UpWork allows vendors to completely remove bad reviews without a trace– not just rebut them and present their side, but remove them completely so you will never be aware of circumstances like what happened to us. Below you will read our review of an UpWork contractor DjangoForce that we posted to UpWork after a very bad experience. We found DjangoForce on UpWork. DjangoForce quite literally sold us on their services by saying that they would not be in business if they were not reputable and competent, because bad reviews would sink them. In reality, they knew bad reviews would never be seen because UpWork has a system in place designed to protect them and other large, money-generating contractors. The review we posted about our experience with DJangoForce was removed without a trace from Upwork in about one day. We then received an email from another company, who had a similar experience with DjangoForce, who saw our review in the one day it was public before UpWork rules permitted DJangoForce to expunge it without a trace. As you will read, our review saved them tens of thousands of dollars. How many bad reviews of DjangoForce were simply removed? We don’t know but seeing even one bad review would have helped me avoid DjangoForce and not waste nearly $100,000. We contacted UpWork about their practice of allowing contractors to remove bad reviews and were ignored by the company. We hired an attorney to recover our lost money from DjangoForce and UpWork, and it was only after our counsel got involved that UpWork responded to us. In their response, they took no responsibility for the practice of letting vendors remove bad reviews at will. If you run a business like I do, you probably take customer complaints seriously- UpWork does not. Doing business with UpWork and DjangoForce was a very costly mistake, one you should avoid.
8 months ago
wiley holmes
Buyer Beware. Freelancer I worked with went dark on communication and is shady at best. Upon receiving my original proposal, she asked if we could work outside of Upwork to start--that is an excellent preliminary indicator of her approach and that Upwork may be taking quite a bit from their virtual employees. Also the contractor required me to rework the original agreement, to narrow the scope, and to adjust the proposal to fixed vs. hourly. She also asked to be paid upfront on the contract. Her e-mail was that I should pay HER upfront. That didn't seem right. So I called to attempt to work things out and the contractor canceled the agreement later the same day with no dialogue. Abysmal communication skills. I now believe/know she wanted me to pay her direct. I tried to work with support staff at Upwork to solve the problem, too. They were amicable and advised that they reached out to the freelancer. She was not willing to finish the project even though I was now ready to fund Upwork--given a more accurate understanding of the proper procedure. As a first-timer, I am sure I made mistakes. Since I paid for half the work and will now need to start over, that's abundantly clear. With this being my first exposure to Upwork, there's really no need for a second. One bad apple does spoil the bunch, and if you ask me, this freelancer doesn't the fact that Upwork takes whatever percentage of revenue from her work. All the best!
10 months ago
Yea Right
Inefficient algorithm for finding jobs. Also, competition is fierce as a lot of work is outsourced to where cost of living is much less. Makes no sense.
6 months ago
Clancy Pullen
please please please, Can anyone give me some good freelancing website where I can get online jobs. I have account on up-work when I supposed to get work then my account deactivated for no reason, very bad and terrible service same here.
7 months ago
earl kessler
Please permit me to be frank. Upwork is a global marketplace, so if you are professional and are looking for a professional, you'll definitely find one. I was looking at losing my house and daughter after a contested divorce, and managed to save everything important to me and double my university salary after investing the time to become a freelancer on this site. Many people in the comments here say that Upwork's customer support is bad. I've tried all the most popular freelance websites based in the U.S., as well as others in the U.K. and in France, and can assure you that Upwork is by a long shot the best. With one phone call I can immediately speak to a real, polite human and get professional help. Upwork is a great marketplace, but like any marketplace, don't be stupid. As for the 20 percent you pay on your first 500$ per client, it's money well, well worth invested.
4 months ago
Dylan Gillen
It is very fantastic freelancer site. i have done dozens of my products perfectly. Thanks Upwork
8 months ago
sabir bello
They have my contact details and my profile picture but they dont allow me to close my account or access to it. Your lucky to be in USA you are violating my rights, close my account!!!
8 months ago
Budd E
Unfair customer service. They take no responsibility for the actions of their freelancers. Any reasonable company would come to a fair resolution. However Upwork treats their customers like sh*t. I spent thousands of dollars on the site hiring freelancers, but will be canceling my account immediately due to the actions of one freelancer and the ineptitude of Upwork's customer service. I thought Upwork practiced even a small measure of oversight but they do not, and they will not help their loyal customers when even a small freelancer issue arises. It would not be a big deal for them to refund me, especially considering all I spent and would continue to spend, but they refuse to do so. I will take my business elsewhere.
8 months ago
trishev rinat
Just another scam. Don’t give them your money. Find good people that do good work.
4 months ago
Joshua M
Hi, As a hiring company we would like to share with you our opinion about the freelancing platform Upwork. Are you looking to a hire a freelancer? On Upwork you can find many freelancer as one of the leading freelancer platforms on the web. Our company wasted so much money on Upwork the freelancing platform. Upwork protects freelancing worker that scam over and over again. The support is not helpful at all. But not anymore with us. Good bye freelancer platform Upwork !
4 months ago
Matt Wimberley
I was able to find job easily and will continue working on this platform.
3 weeks ago
Missy Moorefield
Upwork, one of the most widely recognized and referenced freelance platforms/marketplaces on LanceBase.
4 months ago
Jackie Swift
Consider going elsewhere. If you hire someone and they do a horrible job, or don't work at all, you'll be lucky if you get a response to try to get your money back. Once they respond, they will invite you to spend even more money (in some cases, more than the project cost itself), to go through an arbitration process. All this is to discourage from you taking this any further. I had evidence (on their own messaging system) that my project was not completed, that the "developer" did not understand what they were doing, and the response from the company was basically to tell me that I needed to pay more to arbitrate it, and that I was not allowed to request a refund with my credit card company, despite the fact that I have evidence that the project was never completed. and was basically extorted by the so-called "developer." Another issue is that anyone can copy a graphic and claim that it's their work. There doesn't seem to be any accountability on the system, and the company only seems to care about getting their share of a job revenue.
7 months ago
Jearld Watters
This company is a total rip off to the artists. Not to mention, i have to fight for each penny I've earned. They randomly "shut my account' in the middle of a job.
10 months ago
Adriana Sierra
Even if you earn money and get 5 stars review ,they will suspend account and keep the money...Now i am not allowed to contact support!Thieves!!! It's not strange that they have lower rating then Fiverr and PeoplePerHour! If you don't want to work for free AVOID payments throught Upwork!
1 month ago
Cartrell Jenkins
I love oDesk - truly changed the landscape of how work works - truly awesome site! Changed my business and they way I can get things done. Excellent!
6 months ago
Brandy Shrimplin
Worse company i have ever seen. If youre a freelancer you always wrong against clients. Why because clients are the source if their income. Never open an account and never trust to them.
9 months ago
Nancy Weinstein
Wouldn't except my resume, experience as there were too many others like it on the job board. Worst company ever; epic failure AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID. I did my best! They should have rejected me. They are useless. Not a personal attack on anyone but its waste of time - epic failure.
9 months ago
Jessica West
Nice typical corporate office. Have some nice snacks.
9 months ago
Wes Thompson
Spam filled website that makes it impossible to find work or get paid. Then harasses you and makes it harder for you to get any jobs. Platform is NOT friendly to new freelancers, do not expect to find any work.
7 months ago
yash shandilya
This company give me a new life at all ... :)
9 months ago
Kent Handelsman
UPWORK STOLE MY MONEY! I recently signed up at Upwork and had my first project which took me about 1 day of work. All seemed to be perfectly normal. I completed the porject the client approved payment and then suddenly my account was blocked. After reaching out to the Customer Service, they informed me that I had to verify several details. Which I did, then they asked if I could reach out to my client as there was a problem they could not explain. I reached out to the client and didnt get an answer. Then I mailed Upwork during a period of 2 months several times, I hardly got any response, sometimes it took over a week to get a respond from Upwork. Today I received the message (see screenshot attached) that because my client was fraudulent they won't be paying me for my completed work. It has been a terrible experience working with this company. There CS is rude, unprofessional takes ages to respond and the worst: they won't pay me for my completed work. I strongly advice to not work with Upwork if you don't want to lose your money. This company is a mess!
7 months ago
Chris Schlueter
Terrible attitude towards the users of the system. I've had a account in Upwork (Elance) for the past 5 years and they suspended it because I applied to about 10 jobs and I was not successful at landing a project. This doesn't make sense, especially when the projects I applied for were people fishing for price and suggestions and did not gave the project to anyone. I had stupid problems with them before. I will stop using Upwork and will NOT recommend to anyone to use them.
4 months ago
furian land
They Charge too much fee 20% it's really big. I prefer to find lower freelancing site.Upwork customer services take longer time to solve any kind of simple problem. They all time support on Client account.
2 months ago

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