Wise (formerly TransferWise)

19 W 24th St #9, New York, NY 10010, United States is where Wise (formerly TransferWise) is located.

Customers, guests and partners can always contact the employees of the organization with any questions of concern.

The company Wise (formerly TransferWise) shows competent management, high quality approach.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -73.9904460, latitude - 40.7430290

Wise (formerly TransferWise)
Rate: 2.3
Address: 19 W 24th St #9, New York, NY 10010, United States
Website: wise.com
Phone number: +1 888-908-3833

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Latitude: 40.7430290
Longitude: -73.9904460

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Really cool company if not the best among this kind of services. Been using them since 2018 when I started my small online business. Others always tried to rip me off or made registration process as hard as possible (lol) instead of helping out and being loyal to new customers. Wise literally saved my life back in 2018, I am not kidding. Fully deserved 5 stars.
5 months ago
Allyson Lujares
Expected to receive $33,000 into my Wise USD account but money went to someone else! My payer input the wrong account number but the right beneficiary name. The wire still went through...to someone else! This is supposed to be a high tech startup, so how can you let such wires go through? Now I have to wait for the wrong recipient to give me my money back. It’s been a while and looks like the person isn’t giving me my money back. Transfer wise customer support isn’t helpful and not putting any pressure on the person who has my money. Now I have to talk to the police and get a lawyer. Basically I’m losing $33k with transferwise. Avoid this company!!!
8 months ago
Galina Rediy
I have been waiting for more than 10 days for a transfer. The company has confirmed that I entered the correct transfer information. They are blaming their local banking partner, but they refuse to reverse the transfer in the meantime. I have yet to receive my transfer. I would not recommend TransferWise. I would have been better off paying more for a transfer with my bank.
4 days ago
Reilly Trammell
I've been using TransferWise for a long time ago, but for the last two months they are not honor the ETA. While doing the Transfer it says will be delivered will within 5 hours and then they keep sending emails increasing the ETA delivery,, from 5 hours it was increased to 2business days and then 5 businesses days. This clearly put their reliability in a very low position. While you call 1800 no one can help, they look like robots, trying to explain ach method not taking into consideration the Lack of honoring the ETA provided to its costumers at first place. If you guys need to get your money in a timely manner DO NOT use Transfer Wise services
1 month ago
James Adams
Closed my account with $1,000 in it without any reasoning. TransferWise will not be releasing the funds for 60 business days. If you look at the one star reviews, it is very common. Who is auditing this company? One of the worst financial companies I have dealt with. I’ll be pushing our MPs to ban TransferWise from doing business in Canada as there is no accountability.
8 months ago
Juliet Bronkhorst
I used this service to send money to England an there was a three days delay but after I called they say that's the process.... an after three days the money was deposited in the person account.. I believe this service is amazingly beautiful.....
4 months ago
Linda Sloan
I have a Multy-currency account in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP. It is wonderful when someone sends me money to my EURO Belgium account. It arrives very fast. But it works really bad with my USD NY account. A friend sent me money 2 weeks ago and sent me a picture of the receipt, but I still didn't receive anything in my USD account. And I am pretty sure others are trying to send me money this but it doesn't work. I saw that you told someone to call and gave the contact us link but it doesn't work and I can't find a phone number anywhere on your web page. Could you please write it down here and on Google map?
9 months ago
Quentin Barnett
They make promises and give guy a flashy app to track your transfer... then randomly add three days here and two days there to the schedule... then you try to email them to cancel a transfer because the app won’t allow you and you get an auto-response that they will get to you in 2 days!!! No thank you. Don’t use this service.
11 months ago
David Noyes
I filed a complaint requesting a refund from a merchant from China that never shipped my items that I wired funds too. I reported the issue to Transfer wise months ago and never got a call or email about my refund or a resolution. I will be happy to remove my post once i get a resolution to my funds paid ...
1 month ago
Nawon Choi
This company froze my 3 accounts in April 2019, for no reason, they have not refunded my money and are refusing to communicate with me by email or phone. I attach one of the lies they sent on 24/5, they have had this info and in OCT 2019 they have not refunded my funds. there are many customers in the same boat. I am taking them to the small claims court. The lies they tell are clear from the correspondence
6 months ago
Nathan Lerum
Avoid these con artists at any cost or your money will be lost in the same manner every other reviewer mentioned. They ''shut your account'' even though you did nothing wrong, and never return your money or get back to you. Instead of supporting their customers during their verification process they become very angry and vicious. I am starting a court case against these scammers. Thankfully my brother is a famous attorney in NY! Unheard of during these hard terrible times for everybody some scammers who pretend to be in London, the capital of Great Britain, can just shut your account with no explanation and without a proper notice, leaving your business on the street and with no ability to accept payments, during these times! Get ready TransferWise!
3 months ago
Carol Harkins
Do not use. You will get your money frozen! Keep emailing appeals and still nothing! They take your money and don’t even email you to tell you that they deactivated your account. Even with proper ID verifications ! Anything is better than transfer wise
8 months ago
Joel Olson
Money disappeared! - ultimately found froze. No explanation. Customer service on par with teenagers out of a basement.
9 months ago
Harry Harrison
DO NOT USE Wise! Unfortunately, I have little over $17,000 stuck with Wise and I deeply concerned that they will EMBEZZLE my money. I tried making a transfer and they have been holdinf my money and asking for non-existent documentation in order to keep the money. I have also submitted a complaint with the BBB in order to attempt to rectify this situation.
6 months ago
Mohd Saipol
I have sent my money over 2 weeks ago and the people still didn’t receive it.
7 months ago
Sene data Ndeye TransferWise you kept my money and don’t want to refund me
10 months ago
Marcel Koch
I used TransferWise to transfer $220 to Israel. Recipient never received the money and TansferWise are doing nothing to track the money or refund it. I asked them to contact together the bank in Israel to find out where the money is. They refused. I will never use them again and recommend others to read more reviews. Unfortunately, I did not read reviews prior to giving them a try. Poor product and zero accountability!!!
5 months ago
Todd Kaderabek
Great customer service!
5 months ago
Stoian Vidolov
DON’T USE! Paid $9 for their debit card, there was a glitch in their system and they couldn’t activate the card. Agent said he had to order a new card and charge me $9 again (for the card itself, NOT expedite fee), and it could not be expedited at all. Flat out REFUSED to wave fee for a replacement card, even though I already paid, and there’s only 1 level of customer service (no supervisors). The whole experience was UNCONSCIONABLE!
8 months ago
Deborah Stone
I wasted a lot of time with this company. they are liars.
1 month ago
Brian Leleux
I have used Transferwise for several years and love the service, the product everything. I completely trust them with my money.
8 months ago
hedayat oladunni
Wouldn't recommend this company. I was sending money to family in India and unfortunately didn't have the best experience. Their policies aren't transparent. They appear to discriminate and justify their actions hiding behind the pretext of "regulators". I have used many competing services and never experienced an issue with "regulators," but for whatever reason (which TransferWise is unwilling to disclose) they stopped one of my transfers for review. Then closed my account. Followed their appeal process but my account remained closed for again an undisclosed reason. They just aren't a reliable provider and I question their funding. When sending money internationally its important to send funds through a company with enough capital to support all the transfers they transmit which is millions of dollars a day. I question if TransferWise actually has the money in the bank to support their business which means a disruption in service. There are many other competing services with more capital to support transactions and more transparency who are just as easy and just as fast.
10 months ago
Eli Blaney
Awful service. They took more than two days to "process" my movement of money from the UK to US then cancelled for undisclosed reasons saying my money would be refunded in 3 business days. Part of the reason I was transferring pounds to dollars was because the exchange rate was rapidly dropping. By the time I get my money back, it would have been vastly cheaper to have just used a wire transfer
6 months ago
Mohammed Albarki
Good for send money.
6 months ago
Linda Gadde
Your disregard for and customers and the appeals department lackadaisical attitude towards resolving your own fault is laughable. I initiated a transfer to Nigeria in the hope to prepare a family for business and a lock down, the amount was $4000.00. After waiting 3 days and getting a notice that the transfer is in process, I login on to check the status and found that the account was closed. The funds was taken from my bank account ($4000.00). To top it of the recipient doesn't have the money and you have not refunded me. People if you plan to use Transferwise DO NOT USE THEM A angry customer S. Mason
6 months ago
Don Fischer
I was given a quotation that changed within 24hrs and was not supposed to based on their website.
2 weeks ago
Ma Ya
I have had a very bad experience with transfer wise. I have a reasonable amount of money which I transferred directly from my bank into my transferwise account, with the hopes of sending some money to the UK for a project. I made a transfer to the UK only for transferwise to deactivate my account, after going through the appeal process transferwise decided to keep my account closed. Now my dilemma is getting my money back from transferwise. I have written several emails no replies, made several phone calls, only for customer service to give me a run around telling me that they do not have access to my account and cannot tell me anything about my refund, that I just have to wait for an email. The so called email never came through and my money $18000 not refunded yet. I am now going to report this awful service and company to New York financial regulations authorities and financial ombudsman in the UK before filing a law suit. All I need is my $18000 balance. Just send my money back to me the exact way I sent them to you via wire transfer. Guys don't use this company to transfer money abroad, they are not trustworthy. From a very very very angry customer. Emily Carlson from Seattle.
7 months ago
Kristen Rose
The customer suppport received could be best described as a joke, so is their commitment to their promises. A transaction between my own accounts that should have taken a couple of days took over a month and was never completed. Eventually they just brushed it off as a "team mistake" claiming they transferred my money to someone else. So they returned the amount to the original bank leaving me with the loss of time, frustration, effort producing senseless proofs of what I had done and finally having to pay the transfer fee to my own bank, for nothing. Luckily I did not trust them from the start and only transferred a fraction of what I intended originally. The customer service kept on thanking me in their emails...for what? for letting them have my money for a whole month with no recourse and no end in sight? When I mentioned the fees I paid they stopped responding to my emails.
4 months ago
Paul Economon
3 months ago
Use at your own risk. After money was taken out of my account when i went online to track the transfer its telling me my account was deactivated without the money i transferred being delivered. I will never use them again and will not recommend them to anyone I know.
7 months ago
Michelle Costantino
I did a search on base the reviews of people who used. And I decided to give a try with TransferWise. And I really loved!! It’s a wonderful, easy and fast way to transfer money for a low price. I sent money twice this month to Brazil with no issues. I feel so happy to finally found such great company that's allows me to send money to anywhere, from my phone or computer :) I Highly recommend!!!
1 month ago
Brian Nollar
I have been using Transferwise for several years but after my last experience I would definitely not recommend it to anybody. The company is now adopting dishonest (and borderline fraudulent) practice. It's just like any other greedy bank, while pretending to save you money. Shame.
7 months ago
Bala Sivaraman
Best international money transfer company - made my life so much simpler! Thank you
6 months ago
Terrific Currency exchange service! You save a lot on fees and have super convenience when you travel!
6 months ago
denja fleming
Excellent excellent customer service, very competitive fees and exchange rates. Me and my family have been using transferwise for a couple of years now and never had any problems even with transfers in the tens of thousands of dollars going back and forth between the US and Europe. Transfers on average take 2-3 days total but recent ones were completed in 24 h.
7 months ago
Chris Black
i sent money from turkey to usa and transaction waiting for almost 15 days , and supposed to be 2 days , they guaranteed. when i try to reach customer support they answers ok but they never find a solution , nothing more than `` you have to wait ``. i never use them again very bad experience for me this would be last time when i recieve my money if i get this year...
4 months ago
Katherine Brennan
Do not recommend. They have hidden fees and when I tried to close my account, it took several days.
7 months ago
Jeff McCaffrey
My wife sent me money through your service because Im in Ghana to visit my family: you guys received the funds and said you will pay it into my bank account here in Ghana and it should be there by 15 July. Her account got terminated right after you guys received the payment from her card and she can’t login: There haven’t been any refund and I’m happy she didn’t send a huge money. We’re planning to report you guys the media and see how bad you’re scamming people hard earned money. If you want to throw your money away then they’re the best candidate. THIS IS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 months ago
Annabelle Dujardin
Excellent experience. Way cheaper than WU.
4 months ago
Moose McMurray
My debit card information was stolen and they transferred $395.00 through this place. Thanks for your great services. Now my account was frozen and I don’t have money for Christmas!!!
8 months ago
It worked great for me. I transferred money to and from Japan and saved A LOT of fees. The only issue with Japan now is that you have to keep the transfer to Japan under a certain amount or your fee is higher than the original 1% (something to do with Japanese financial institutions), but the customer service is high touch and they respond to email very quickly. I"m very satisfied.
11 months ago
Charles Clements
If you are transfering money from USA account in USD in your own name to TransferWise account in USD in your name it can still not be there, after six 6 whole days!!! If the money was originally from an inheritance....three years ago....that you received in a different country....even if the money has been in your USA bank account for two years....you STILL have to provide A WILL DOCUMENTATION or PROBATE DOCUMENTATION before TransferWise will release the funds. Replies to your emails will take two working days....as I experienced ... Avoid TransferWise like the plague. John Mathieson
5 months ago
Jim Laville
Just made my first transfer from Netherlands to US. Worked great!
8 months ago
Don Loper
I don't know of any good company that has a busy tone at 10am on a workday. like, play me a nice melody while I'm on the queue to be attended to, not a no show. that says it all.
4 months ago
Mike Shaw
At first I was skeptical since I never sent a large amount of money overseas, but I gave them a try and saved over $2,000 on exchange rates vs my own bank and the kept me informed of the whole transaction, will definitely use them from now on... ( also cheaper than XOOM)
5 months ago
Katherine Desjardins
I had very bad experience with this company. I was been fraud and cheated by illegally moving more than $100,000 from my Account to Transferwise and Transferwise moving to somewhere. Irony is that when money was been transferred to Transferwise, name was different and still they accepted the money. This could be serious Money Laundering or Criminal case and yet they are not willing to support and give us the information on where this money went. Atleast we should know who was the party who moved and where this money was moved so we can involve Police. They asked us to have US Police reach out to them. US Police and Detective have tried reaching Transferwise but no response. They want to run their Business model but they don't want to support someone who lost $100,000. Transferwise keep loopholes that any criminal can take advantage of this loophole. Just be careful using Transferwise and giving your routing # and Account #. If anything happens, you will not get response. I am very skeptical about Transferwise and company like this can encourage cyber crime and money Laundering. Never use them.....
6 months ago
David Kutcher
I discovered Transferwise a bit randomly a couple years back. I must say that over the past year, as I've been traveling a lot between France and the US, it's proven super useful, super reliable and cost-efficient. The app works great just as the website (though some translations aren't always perfect from English to French) and since they introduced the debit card as a way to send them dollars to be converted to euros, same-day transfers across continents have become possible. I haven't compared to other competing services, as the fees are already so much lower than what my banks would charge me. Once I got an issue with a rate that changed since my bank took forever to send them the funds, and they explained quickly what had happened and why + did give me a little something for future transfers. I have no complaints whatsoever and am a happy user of this service - am a bit surprised at some negative reviews that I see which prompted this small contribution.
8 months ago
Trish Bufkin
Poor customer service. Very bad communication and expect to wait long hours on the phone if a problem occurs with your transaction. Overall money has always been delivered ( with delays). I tried XOOM a few weeks ago and it's cheaper, faster and much more simple. Highly recommend.
10 months ago
Jack Smith
They have a very terrible service. My brother, Okezie Franklin Nsude used their platform to send money to my blocked account in Germany for the purpose of paying tuition fee and as a requirement for opening a blocked account as required by the German embassy for international students. They deactivated his account, held the money and even after he sent every required information has not been refunded nor has the money gone to the destination account. Grossly inefficient.
5 months ago
KungHao Wang
Tried to transfer money to the Philippines. Followed all directions, charged transfer amount to my credit card with extra fee, they emailed me that they received my money and my transfer was in process. About 24 hours later, when the transfer should be arriving at the Philippine bank, I tried to track my transfer online. My account had been terminated. I emailed "appeals," no reply. Later, an email arrived saying they had issued me a refund. I emailed support, no reply. Use these guys at your own risk! I highly recommend you use another company to transfer funds.
8 months ago

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