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Latitude: 40.8947334
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game hero
Shepard Smith is hands-down the most professional, trustworthy and believable newscaster I've experienced in my lifetime! His straight forward, down to earth approach on delivering the news has single-handedly brought me back to actually watching and listening to newscasts. Hats off to CNBC for having this caliber of person address the issues we all face day to day and deliver an award winning broadcast nightly to me, my family and my community!!
6 months ago
Shantel Hughes
Absolutely engaged in market manipulation. An excellent network to watch if you're employed by a hedge fund. Literally the worst "news" coverage in the known universe
7 months ago
Jim Blount
Shepard Smith is absolutely terrible! His motto is the Truth, the Facts but it is one sided truth. He needs to tell the whole story and quite being so one sided. Everything he says is depressing and negative. I will never watch him again.
7 months ago
Aaron Jones
I am a Business coach and got more calls from people reaching out to me about their business problems when they revamp my website. RobbP Media did my website and seo and I think it worked since I have a good problem now. I noticed that almost 80% of my clients came from the website. Sometimes my phone rings as early as 7am for them to have a schedule with me. I can’t complain. Thanks to you RobbP Media!
10 months ago
Dawson Willsey
terribel experience, really mean and rude to the small investor... Im on the come up
10 months ago
Loubna Hijazi
Market manipulation. they dont care about you, they are out to protect the hedge funds.
9 months ago
Elly Eufrasio
The rudest people I've ever dealt with. This is not a news company, it's agenda is purely to make money.
7 months ago
Sharon Ripley
I think it is a disgrace that this network cuts off the President of the United States while he was addressing our country. Very Unhappy!!
11 months ago
While there are certainly good, honest and fair people doing the broadcasts, the question is why would you bring on esteemed guests, only to insult them and have their feet to the fire, for no objective reasoning? I am referring to the young folks that are given prime time slots. Treat the guests like the experts they are and stop the interrogation. You sound like you are reading off a script. Watch Liz Claman to learn.
6 months ago
Richard Pace
Ok i'm only follow by contact us is controll becouse i'm can't do something all them bye contact us very easy to take my on all ..but i'm can't do anything only following.
1 month ago
Amber Beckley
Clearly not for the people. Lost a viewer for sure
2 weeks ago
Cherie Blanchard
I hope someday that the entire staff would be positive And stop being so bias against the administration! I remember that they never had a negative comment on the Prior administration, Why? The power lunch people are awful and you never disclose What is their performance returns, why? Please stop being so negative and maybe sometime Give a positive comment or a positive praise! I have managed money for over 25 years and if I Was so wrong with my investment advice, I would have been out of business.
5 months ago
Beverly Smith
Have not been but it's all good
8 months ago
Kevin Hudson
I love Cramer, I think Becky is great! Unfortunately, I find Andrew almost impossible to watch, he doesn’t ask questions, he makes statements masked as questions that push his Total liberal Bias, I watch the financial shows to get away from all the politics..Please have him focus on the financial markets and stop pushing his political agenda!!
6 months ago
gary steffens
Get rid of James Cramer. He was very disrespectful to the Speaker. Shame on your network for employing him.
1 month ago
Peter Kingson
In the past, they have been the best business news on TV. Lately, they just have become another shrill doing anything to get the budget back into the control of political insiders, and its obvious. I will be changing away from them permanently with the latest slant.
7 months ago
Samantha Brooks
Great reporting nearly all of panelists give valuable insights on the markets. Highly reccomended
8 months ago
Christian Evans
i love gamestop
9 months ago
Greg McCale
Joe Kernan is one of the best adults left on business news in the early morning . This is not a social political show it is business news. Stick to business - Joe stops Andrew cuteness ???? - keep it business boring and hard info rich. Keep it very lite on political noise. I watch all day Carl, David, Sara, Jim all great pro - Sara has the best follow on questions to CEO who come on to do puff pieces.
8 months ago
Rahul Bhardwaj
Market manipulating nerds
9 months ago
Tyler Kroeker
journalistic integrity who?
9 months ago
Oxinia Oxi
soooooo goooooood
3 months ago
Shirpa Joshi
Most depressing and sad news channel. They should accept and show what's happening around instead of having an opinion about everything all the time.
4 months ago
Amanda Kristine
super upset with my experience
9 months ago
Creator BLKMRE
Cnbc is choosing associates carefully to keep its great brand I hope so till now I love to see & Learn a lot daily All regards to news makers & Management .
8 months ago
When the news become a puppet show
10 months ago
Sergey Kapitula
"Get latest business news on stock markets, financial & earnings on CNBC. View world markets streaming charts & video; check stock tickers and quotes." This is directly from the CNBC website and is the reason I am a loyal viewer. Today I reluctantly switched to FOX Business because of the interview currently airing on CNBC. The information from the person being interviewed has absolutely no relevance to me and certainly isn't business news!
4 months ago
asiel romero
this news channel is so full of fake news and lies it's unbelievable. to tell you the truth I couldn't get the story right if they seen it happen right in front of them.
6 months ago
Ann Watson
9 months ago
mimi saulino
This is a great place to come
6 months ago
Gino Petty
I have been an avid fan of CNBC business news for decades. I respected this network because in spite of the fact that their parent company is extremely left they have managed to resist politics and stick to business. Lately I see the left political agenda creeping in through hosts comments and liberal guests that spew their political agenda that has nothing to do with business. I have other options to view business news. CNBC needs to focus on business and less on politics.
6 months ago
Pratik Mehta
If you are new to the financial universe you can benefit watching CNBC daily for about two years. If you do your homework during that time and learn your lessons, you dont need any of their shows! You are much better off making your own unbiased decisions based on your research. They need to sell their shows, and although its a bit entertaining to see how the DOW moves before, during and after the employment data on Fridays, in the long run its an absolutely useless pastime.
8 months ago
Brice Ulrich
Paid stories.
7 months ago
Rob Lam
The women on the program have high pitched chicken cackle like voices. Also nasal and squeeky. Harsh. Tone down the dramatic cacophony orchestra! Tone down! Loud trumpet and drums to pump us up to watch is stupid and annoying. News with Sue: that damn metronome! Like water torture.
7 months ago
Jennifer Cronin
market manipulators.
9 months ago
Nicole Blascak
Fake News
9 months ago
Haris Konstantinu
CNBC . To opinionated ,leaning to the far left.
2 months ago
Lemuel Salamone
I used to love the market coverage in the morning, but now all they are concerned with is boosting up anybody but Trump. I used to not like Trump but now after listening to Cramer and the other pun-dents my vote is for him now and also don't care to watch your show. If you would just stick to the economy and the stock market I think you might just be successful.
10 months ago
Caitlin Goncalves
Maybe they should rename the show "Missed by a Penny", although missed by a mile would be better suited for most of the show. There are some high quality guests on occasion, but what is clear is that CNBC has turned the important business of investing into a combination of a circus, a sports network and a live casino. The quality of the advertisers says it all, reverse mortgages and ads soliciting unfortunate victims of Mesophelioma. They obviously don't have enough quality content so they fill in the day with breaking news of no value, sensationalize everything and add commentary from the reporters themselves, who clearly are not the investing professionals the viewers really would like to hear from. Try delivering the news instead of making it!
4 months ago
Ash Overberg
Becky Quick the perfect woman! Very attractive and intelligent! Please send autograph pic! All the others can be replaced!
9 months ago
Only good for financials. Liberal reporting wishing political failure every headline. Have fun and screenshot all the predictions and then review their inaccuracies. Op-Eds are less than amusing
11 months ago
Mitzi Mead
I have been watching CNBC five days per week for (gasp) 15 years! Not only have I learned an enormous amount about the economy and finance, I also get my daily news from them. I love that they cover all industries with equal interest. If you have limited television watching time as I do, I suggest CNBC as your go to news channel.
2 months ago
Frank L
Did Joe Kernan go to college, he is the WORST person I have ever seen on TV. I would think CNBC could do a lot better than him so they can at least keep the current audience. Put Joe behind the curtain and don't let him come out, thank you.
4 months ago
lou me
I do work here. Security is pretty good at getting you checked in quickly. Nice facility
8 months ago
Brian Tacke
My review is based solely on Joe Kernan. I am so disgusted with his rudeness, sports talk, inside "jokes" and the horrible way he treats Andrew. I don't understand how Andrew can stand it---HE should be the main reporter on the show. He has couth ( defined as cultured, refined, and well mannered.) Please, please get rid of Joe. Retire him and let someone who has couth replace him. He has overstayed his welcome. By the way, he's been on vacation this week and it has been the BEST week of Squawk Box in a long, long time. I've actually watched and enjoyed it this week. Joe takes the definition of squawk, (a loud, harsh, or discordant noise made by a bird or a person) and goes for the harsh and discordant part to the fullest. If I turn on the tv before 9 am I go elsewhere. 3.6.19
7 months ago
Edward McEleney
High tech campus w/a great cafe, plenty of parking AND wonderful people!
4 months ago
Anna Nicol
Based in Europe I watch daily. They have some excellent coverage and as a former advisor and financial professional find it good. Some reporting better than others. That said, at 23h CET they change to some average Programme in Asia instead of following the better USA based coverage. During Davos– yawn...the quality goes down. The USA presenters reporting in the am is ok and some interesting guests ....but they should stick to the afternoon script of ...from NYC. The dribble and average reporting out of Davos is less interesting so I turn it off. Producers– take note....pls
2 weeks ago
milkey jie
Okay not special
11 months ago
Live tv spends more time buffering than broadcasting. Have to switch to Fox Business.
6 months ago
Peter Recchia
Fake news
10 months ago

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