Bob's Stores Footwear & Apparel

Find Bob's Stores Footwear & Apparel at the following address: 504 Bushy Hill Rd, Simsbury, CT 06070, United States.

Bob's Stores Footwear & Apparel collections offer comfortable, stylish and fashionable clothes for every day and for special occasions at pleasant prices.

The models have a proven pattern and are designed with the latest trends in world fashion in mind.

The combination of exclusive cut, trendy colors and high quality materials will make you feel special.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -72.8639594, latitude - 41.8186974

Bob's Stores Footwear & Apparel
Rate: 4.2
Address: 504 Bushy Hill Rd, Simsbury, CT 06070, United States
Phone number: +1 860-651-4444

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.8186974
Longitude: -72.8639594

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Torix A
Its Bob's. A bit overpriced and the big signs are misleading. Dockers and new balance aren't included in the friends and family. Just a heads up
5 months ago
Elizabeth Stutts
I went in to get a new pair of shoes and after looking at the wide selection of shoes I was able to get the ones I wanted.
8 months ago
Luis Algarate
Found work pants quickly in my size.
7 months ago
John Benefield
Slipped in for last minute gift. Was pleased with the selection.
10 months ago
Kenneth Heinhold
Best shoes..prices are a bit high but you know you getting shoes that will last you a long time
3 weeks ago
Winter Gilley
Prices are high, but good variety of shoes, and was glad to find a pair that fit me on sale.
2 weeks ago
Takako Asaka
It was Bob's and secretly EMS I got some nice boots at a good price.
2 weeks ago
David Todd
Found what we wanted and everyone was very nice.
1 month ago
Adrienne Taylor
A relaxed yet efficient shopping experience.
3 months ago
Laura Davis
Great place for work clothes! I use them for most of my athletic clothing and footwear as well. Great prices!! ***For many of the other reviewers commenting here... If you're looking for great deals and friendly employees, this is the place to go. If you want a white glove experience, go to Macy's or an upscale store and pay the sky high prices that come with that type of feel good experience. In this day and age, Its difficult to find a bargain, and high end service in one place.
4 months ago
Trecee Artis
Great customer service
6 months ago
traci CHAN
Not even one pair of Adidas
11 months ago
New Llc
I have been shopping at this Bob's Stores location since I was a little kid. This last time I visited the store, you could really tell it has gone downhill. To start, the store seemed very disorganized and cluttered. I browsed around for a bit and had a nice employee offer assistance if I needed any. She was very polite and I'm sure she would have been helpful had I needed her assistance. That was the extent of help that I saw available, even though there were a lot of employees. A few observations about the employees that this store should improve upon. To start, there was a small group, maybe five friends, who entered the store. They were loud and made their pressence known to the entire store. Turns out they were there to visit a friend who worked at the store. They hoarded around a small area in the shoe department and even though I stood close by to try to get to the shoes they were standing near, the employee neglected to tell his friends it was inappropriate for them to hang out in the store and neglected to notice they were blocking me from browsing the shoes. I ended up going to another store nearby and purchased a pair of shoes over $100 that I may have bought here had these teens not been blocking my shopping. The next thing I noticed was a group of employees socializing near the changing rooms. Maybe four or five employees were just standing around chatting. I didn't need their assistance and I didn't need anything near where they were chatting, but it was unprofessional. Lastly, they only had one register open and it was the customer service desk. With so many employees not working, they could have had a regular register open. The customer service desk sits about 10 inches off the ground so the employee is literally looking down on you. It is just not inviting. I ended up purchasing some jeans that I liked, but I am not sure I would like to go back here again given how little management seems to care about the overall customer experience. Also, I went here because I had two different coupons and neither was valid for the Levi brand jeans I purchased. Felt like a bait and switch.
4 months ago
Anna Lee
Never have what I'm looking for. Always something wrong with the cash registers. Send me coupons but can't use them on anything I like. Used to be better, but now pretty much a waste of time.
10 months ago
Always find men's clothing and shoes here. The store is also great for kids clothing. Their prices really good, especially if you have their rewards coupons or other coupons.
2 weeks ago
nicholas carter
Glad to see this store didn't make the "store closing" cut. So clean and full of the clothes I shop for. Love Bob's!
8 months ago
Meghan Packard
Could have had more help on the floor. Great guy at check out, very friendly.
7 months ago
Eric Petronis
Usually have what I need
1 month ago
Suzanne Fisher
Good place to get inexpensive sports gear that's good quality.
7 months ago
S Porter
Nice store great prices
6 months ago
Robert Poudrier
Not bad clothing, and not bad prices. Store lacks charm.
10 months ago
Oliver Karam
Wonderful clothing store at a convenient location I give it a thumbs up.
4 months ago
Jeremy Beckman
If I can give zero stars I would!!!! Worst service ever....
5 months ago
Bernadette Slavin
Best selection of clothes at good prices
9 months ago
Paramasivam Krishnamurthy
Usually quite helpful been shopping there for more than 10 years.
9 months ago
Matin Salehi
Pleasently surprised at neatness, and very nice employees
9 months ago
Miriam Murphy
Bob's Stores okay but they don't offer tayloring services any more
7 months ago
D Dub
6 months ago
Ravikumar Lolam
Great store fantastic sales and the staff was nice.
8 months ago
Dennise Ramos
Awesome customer service by Nate!! Black Friday frenzy and he still made time to make sure we were taken care of
8 months ago
Peter Knight
Very disappointed, I stop in frequently for my favorite pro sports apparel and they've redone the store reducing that section to almost nothing
4 months ago
Jennifer Jacy
Nice place!!!
4 weeks ago
Alejandra Cervantes
Weird hours. Limited stock
7 months ago
Michelle Brown
As Bobs go this is a good one.
4 months ago
Daniel Arthur
Huge selection of shoes.
7 months ago
Nick Giles
Great store
8 months ago
Elora Apantaku
10 months ago
sean reed
Staff took time to serve us
4 months ago
David Miller
Good place to shop
8 months ago
Manorma Varshney
Love this store
10 months ago
Sandra Bacon
Nice shopping
2 weeks ago
Walter Alves
Not as good as they used to be.
9 months ago
Poonam Thapar
Good service
7 months ago
Beather S
Great deals
4 months ago
Royanna Jones
Excelentes precios,variedad de productos para toda la familia.
2 weeks ago

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