Burberry clothing store is located at 301 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States.

The Burberry assortment is constantly being expanded and supplemented to meet the wishes of customers.

Eco-friendly materials, comfortable silhouettes, up-to-date styles and the possibility to easily combine variants help you feel appropriate in any situation.

Our consultants will help you emphasize your unique style.

Our clothes are created with soul.

GPS coordinates: longitude - -118.4019270, latitude - 34.0677684

Rate: 4.2
Address: 301 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States
Website: us.burberry.com
Phone number: +1 310-550-4500

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.0677684
Longitude: -118.4019270

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R Anunandhini
The store renovated so cheerfully and spacious I love it. This brand makes me stylish in a minute from my closet full of their products over 40 years. And I read the news they paid the tax head of time even though they had the hard time in pandemic.
6 months ago
Big shoutout to Ian, Chris, Ron and Rachel, all of these people were extremely helpful the various times I shopped here! The last time, Ian helped me find just the right shoes for my new fall look as September approached. I also picked up a designer wallet for my boyfriend. The styles are fabulous and the prices are high to match, but not too high. The location sits on the famed Rodeo Drive, but without all the snobbery of most designer places located there!
10 months ago
Patricia Williams
Burberry is very nice, the staff is very helpful. I personally just buy things for my wife and son there as I don't care about high designer fashion for myself but yea.. solid place.
5 months ago
Gavin Oneal
Had a Great experience when I was there! The staff here are so friendly and will take all the time to help you until you are done! 5 Stars!
11 months ago
Gilbert Sackey
Very friendly crew! Helped me to find a suitable piece for me and loved shopping here! Definitely coming back ????
6 months ago
Nicole Root
If I could give 0 stars I would. I went into the store and was looking at a pair of shoes. I wasn’t going to buy anything but just wanted to ask some questions about this particular shoe. I asked where they were made and the lady who works there told me they were made in either Italy or Spain. Later I came across looking online to find out they were made in China. Thank god I didn’t buy them.
8 months ago
Angelina James
Really nice store Lay was really nice and took care of everything i needed
9 months ago
David Skarjune
Customer service was extremely helpful and they had a beautiful selection
8 months ago
Timothy Fowler
I love their shirts
6 months ago
Anu Chitrangana
Beautiful shopping experience I think my wife left my billfold in there!!!
7 months ago
Courtney Mcneal
Horrible customer service they overcharged me for a bag ok what a rip off and you cant go in there shopping comfortable because there on you like hounds just watching you how can anybody shop that way it ridiculous!! Also they don't ever answer!! Ive been calling for days!
2 months ago
Laura Howard
very polite staff, beautiful clothes, just perfect for rich people with style.
5 months ago
Monika Dunphy
Store manager unprofessional as he demands to know why a citizen is filming on a public sidewalk.
2 weeks ago
Em C
The BH location is the best one my wife and I have been to. I prefer it more than their NYC locations. The staff are genuine and sincere, never pushy. The location is fantastic. The store is beautiful inside and out, and bigger than the Denver location in the mall with a better selection. I purchased my favorite suit here. We shop here every time we visit beautiful southern California.
7 months ago
Chun zhang
The zipper on one of my Whitchester boots broke. Sent them to the Rodeo store to be repaired. The store never let me know they received the boots, so I called a week after I sent them, which I was told they did receive them and they would be fixed soon. Fast forward a month later, no communication from the store. It wasn’t until I told them I needed them within the next week that they were fixed and sent back. They had replaced zippers on BOTH boots with incredibly cheap zippers, not the Burberry ones. Also, they did not return the 2 dust bags I had sent with my boots. When I inquired about that, I was told I was wrong and did not send the dust bags. Incredibly disappointed with Burberry! Absolutely will never do business with this particular store again which makes me sad as Burberry is one of my favorite places to shop!
7 months ago
Joel Hasenwinkel
Burberry is one of my favorite stores. Love their managers.
10 months ago
Rebecca Pike
Amazing service and hospitality. The quality and workmanship is beautiful. Loved the rooftop tour and kind folks working there who treated us with honor and respect. Definitely going back when we are back on Rodeo.
10 months ago
Abimbola Mpindu
Just CeeCee And MeeMee ????????‍????????????‍????
5 months ago
Madison Long
Great Shopping, Got a chance to talk to The one and Only " Debra Love"!!!!! So nice!!!!!
5 months ago
antonio lagreca
Great service with a smile. Very friendly and welcoming. Brittany was excellent
4 months ago
Adalin Soto
over priced
10 months ago
Brandy Struble
Associate's were very friendly and helpful. Store atmosphere was warm and welcoming.
4 months ago
Marcia Eden
Will was the most helpful at this store. I felt intimidated walking into burberry but he made us feel comfortable and at ease and we ended up walking with 2 purchases that we didnt plan to do. We will def be back
4 months ago
Friendly staff, last time i eat and drink stuff that they were provide. Nice ????????
4 months ago
Luree K
Forget Gucci... Forget Louis, Burberry service is the best ever. I went in not willing to buy any think but the workers such as Jared are so loyal to the company that I ended up walking out of the store with 4 big bags full of items.
1 week ago
Dani Couch
An excellent place to shop and the customer service was superb. We will definitely be back
4 months ago
Zain Pervaiz
The brand that anyone deserve. Stunning store at Rodeo Drive.
10 months ago
Ronald Mock
Yes I bought a little something. I love Burberry..
8 months ago
Michael Cherry
I love their scarfs, jackets, shirts and their fragrances of course. I bought from them two bottles of men perfumes.
2 months ago
Brent Price
Friendly sales associates! It smelled and felt wonderful in the store!
7 months ago
Mark Johnson
Selection and service was impeccable
6 months ago
Amber Rindy
8 months ago
Laura Fadraga
I luv Burberry
7 months ago
Brady Geving
Appeared very friendly with highest of class service, only when i needed something from them their true face came up. Had head(!) of servicing Brian help me with my watch since it was causing trouble 3 months after purchasing. They were looking for excuses how not to get it serviced. Oh well, i guess ill have to go to a different location where the value the brand name and customer service.
2 months ago
Kaylee Stork
Hispanic guy who works there Followed me around for no reason. Or maybe it’s because I’m a dark Dominican.
10 months ago
Reed Martz
What's not to love but this place
6 months ago
Hailey Huffman
Good customer service!
7 months ago
Charles Beebe
Nice gift wrapping.
4 months ago
Daune Ortberg
Customer service couldn't be friendlier. Amazing.
4 months ago
Jane Jansen
A Burberry store that not only carries handbags, scarves, and clothing, they have make-up, too! ???? Parking is better at the structures, it's a chore to find street parking!
1 week ago
Yanti Sutrisno
Good client experience, last time they fed me and drunk me with champagne
7 months ago
Angel Parra
Fabulous customer service.
11 months ago
Rooban Kumar
Good place for shopping
1 week ago
Ashish Sharma
Nice staff
4 months ago
Ammon Williams
My favorite store
10 months ago
Fanie Pieterse
Not large collection
6 months ago
Elizabeth Heller
My fav aspiring brand
11 months ago
Joe Labriola
The staff was so rude... or just because I am Asian?
4 months ago
Gary Harshbarger
didnt have my size
7 months ago
Sharon Seal
Holly expensive.
5 months ago

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