Burbank Police Department

This office at 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502, United States is the location of the Burbank Police Department office.

Partners and customers can always turn to the firm's employees for questions of cooperation.

The company Burbank Police Department displays a highly professional approach, high quality services, competent management.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -118.3087234, latitude - 34.1835441

Burbank Police Department
Rate: 3.2
Address: 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502, United States
Website: burbankpd.org
Phone number: +1 818-238-3000

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.1835441
Longitude: -118.3087234

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silvya manquero
Love the architecture of the building. Great job whoever planned this one!
4 months ago
lowell Kight
Parking citation personnel was on vacation for over two weeks without anyone to cover, so of course the communities inquiries weren't returned. Poor communication, empty promises, and refusal of correcting UNJUST parking citations. I will be voting to decrease the police departments budget in every election and rally for the Burbank community to do the same. The police department targets lower income residents. There's video of cops ticketing lower valued cars and skipping over nicer vehicles that are both parked illegally. Their website and social media pages aren't up-to-date making it difficult for residents to be informed. Extremely disappointed in the Burbank police department. Legal action is being considered.
9 months ago
Colette Debias
Have not had an encounter and hope I dont ever have to. I see they care noting about the constitution they swore to protect. Looks like they have quite a few tyrants. Hope they all get fired and lose their qualified immunity. Very bad dept. SMH
8 months ago
Amber McPhee
If you want to do a hit and run do it in burbank. Just make sure as you run away call the BPD and tell them you are scared. They won't charge you and if the person doesn't call you get away with it.
7 months ago
Stephen Tiger
This police department is extremely professional and kind. I called about someone illegal parking in front of my house and they responded within 4 minutes. Outstanding. I think this police department will serve it's citizens very welly.
2 months ago
Refik Dikmenli
Thank you so much for helping me and my mom stranded in the middle of the freeway . The car just stoped .The sensor has gone bad. . Amazing individual. Thanks officer.
2 days ago
Medvedevel Medvedev
Responded to call 911 call quickly and professionally for a auto burglary at my residence . Followed up by responding a couple of weeks later with a suspicious vehicle parked ! I think they do a great job , and keep my community safe , and tranquil ! I appreciate that there ,there in a moments notice .!” On a personal note , Burbank is probably the safest city in California .
7 months ago
Linda Gillis
They were very helpful over the phone.
1 month ago
Chris Froude
Not helpful over the phone. Always always puts you on hold for a long time for nothing....
11 months ago
Marcelo Bolado
Great department! Friendly officers that carry great ethics.
5 months ago
Patrick Poleri
Kids friendly.
9 months ago
Mingmar Sherpa
Just seen officer karissa Peltier at work. I’m amazed with her professionalism and her knowledge of the law. This I can assure you is very very rare in police forces around the world. Well done indeed. ????
7 months ago
Randy McCollum
Hysterically unorganized department. Consistently does not contact you back, then expects you to pay late fees when they finally DO get in contact with you. Rude people on the phone in the department, incredibly disrespectful. If you ever get even the most minor citation, they will exorbitantly charge you - don’t bother contesting it. One of the most penny pinching, money hungry police departments.
6 months ago
Denise Graham
Need better training in successful domestic mediation with non English speaking individuals.
6 months ago
Lawrence Siden
They don’t like photographers. They will harass you
4 months ago
Lauren Fetky
Once throw my friend to ground despite having no authority to search him. Most cops there are pretty good, but the 10% that are corrupt have taken corrupt to a whole new level, but maybe they treat me nice because I don't have a criminal record. Once gave me a warning instead of a ticket for riding without a helmet in 7th grade.
4 months ago
Cameron Saari
Officer Karissa Peltier A+. Respect. Knowledge of the First Amendment.
5 months ago
Stanislav Andreev
Called about a suspicious person in my ally my mom was concerned about came out to a stranger passing in n out of apartments down the ally they said they would send someone just to see him walk down to the next ally and out (10 mins) I call back and they say they’re was a accident close by? So what’s more important having 4 cars at a crash site or stopping a potential suspect? Don’t be upset when people take matters in they’re own hands to protect they’re property I know you guys are strict but I didn’t know it was when you wanted to be thought Burbank was supposed to be safe I guess only from hit and runs or if you have tinted windows or even a loud car (from the factory!) they break all the laws just to catch up and give tickets
4 months ago
Emilia Azcui
Wonderful job glad to see younger Officers know what Law Enforcement means. On other hand Older officers need to quit.
7 months ago
Vince Mirack
Never answer to help on questions.
10 months ago
Tracie Tanner
I want to thank the two Burbank Police officers ( White & Hispanic), that treated me with respect and Dignity. On 11/22/18. I was pulled over in the area of Burbank/ Cahuenga at 2am. He said that he smelled marijuana, in which he did, but the bag wasn’t opened. It just smells loud. He did his DUI check, but I was honest to they’re questioning and I respected all their commands. They gave me the benefit of the doubt and let me go with a warning. As an African American male, the Police and Blacks have a troubled relationship. This time, I had a great experience with these two Burbank officers. I just want to say thank you for the respect, that you guys shown me.
6 months ago
Joseph Banzant
Took the Community Academy. Learned a lot about how things work in Burbank. Met a lot of great people.
6 months ago
Jordan Crouse
Excellent work Burbank Police Dept! Apprehending the theft who took the disabled young man's special bike. Let's just hope that the court will put him back in jail for a long time, and not just a slap on the hand! Thank you to a the hard working police dept. Justice will be served! A happy citizen.
11 months ago
Nick Boxter
I called the BPD about a non-emergency matter. The officer was very friendly and very willing to help.
6 months ago
Holeinone Chipster
Bunch of booms and corrupt cops. No wonder why they were under federal investigation years ago in 2010 for the same exact reasons!
7 months ago
Nikki N
enough said.
10 months ago
oud player
Helpful, thorough, and patient! Very reasonable to deal with.
10 months ago
Jakie Robinson
The rare occasion that i can rate a police dept at 5 stars. Good job honoring the oath toy took. #HDCW.
11 months ago
Jessica Craft
I've been in Burbank for over 10 years and I love this police station it's always clean they have really cool events yearly where the display fire trucks and swat vehicles and just in general it's probably the best police station I've seen.
1 month ago
debbie haskell
Been twice regarding my ex violating his restraining order and you call and they say to wait at the station and no one comes out. Left and someone calls back 3 hours later. Ridiculous. Appalling.
8 months ago
Brynn C
Friendly and professional, will always feel safe in Burbank :)
4 months ago
Luan Moura
Super friendly and great response times! A really hard-working and trustworthy group of people.
10 months ago
Mike Antici
I'm at the wallmart and the cops are harassing these people out front in a RV. They wanted to stop by to get food and the police instantly stopped them and banned them from the wallmart. These people are famous live streamers i learned from talking to them after. i listend to the police conversations between them and noticed the police had very low IQ dialogue toward them and didn't understand basic constructs of the conversation he was in. VERY DISAPOINTED i will be filing a report on the officers. They also forced a person to stop filming.
10 months ago
Latecia Blackman
I have never had a bad experience with the BPD. They are efficient, kind, hard working, amazing men and women. They work quickly to fix the situations they are sent to, and do it gladly.
1 week ago
Francesca Mulaz
I've had very little contact to BP although I grew up in Burbank however I couldn't say anything but, Great things about them. Very Professional, helpful, polite and supportive.
4 months ago
Paul Tobin
Has always been supportive im in Lancaster now thanks for all the assistance u all offered I love u bpd
8 months ago
Rayshea Jones
Trying to appeal a car impounded by the BPD was a nightmare. I was given the runaround by police clerks for about two weeks, told I needed one thing after another until one day they said I had run out of time to appeal. Not knowing the law very well, i called the local district attorneys office for information on how to go about apealing. I kid you not, the kid who answered the phone and relayed my message told me, they can't help me because if I appealed they would be against me. All I wanted was some information about the law, jerk. Turns out that under California Law, appealing an impound requires no paperwork whatsoever, a verbal request is sufficient. Luckily, the head of that office heard me out and gave a chance to appeal. Despite the evidence/presentation, officer no show, I lost the appeal. I grew up in Burbank, but that experience has led me to believe the BPD lacks integrity.
1 month ago
Larry Williams
I stand behind and support our officers and military. Officers have a duty and responsibility under the authority they are given. To deny someone's right to file a criminal complaint is an abuse of that power and this agency is notorious for this. Must be "too much paperwork".
1 month ago
Betty iarca
2 months ago
Corinne Hansen
I use nixle, its great US Attorney US district M\L LDH.
10 months ago
Nicole Humphrey
The best way to build safe community is to have police with honor.burbank watch contender is an angel.burbank officers are extremely honorable family oriented people.They have lot of respect and kindness for everyone.I ask god to protect you and save you and save the poor people.s hero(the burbank watch comender) thank you so mush watsh comander.thank u to every single officer in burbank.that.s amazing job.god protect you burbank watch contender. I ask god to shine your hearth and ur face.thank you from the bottom of my heart.
4 months ago
Sheila Brooks
CHRIS CASTRO BAIL BONDS is the fastest way to get out of the Burbank Police Department Jail.
5 months ago
Gwen Walker
In the city of burbank you can try to murder by strangulation and post bail in 4 hours on a friday afternoon. But let them find a little bit of this plant matter and you go straight to jail and charges are brought up and you meet the prosecuter before they let you post bail. I was assaulted by a family member who was trying with all of his might to murder me and Burbank thinks its okay that people like him get to walk free but even if you point out injustice you are thrown away. I am leaving this god forsaken pit on earth. If you love your family you will too. The devils house is in the city of FALLEN angels. I pray god leads these blind wicked fools towards the truth. VIOLENT MURDERS WALK FREE BUT PEOPLE WHO SEEK HEALING/TRUTH ARE LEFT TO ROT IN JAIL!
7 months ago
Tyler Trussell
Instead of complaining about the BPD sign up for a ride along and see what they face everday. I have been on two ride alongs and have nothing but respect for these men. They are willing to put their lives at risk to protect every one of us. Do the right thing and you won't have a problem. If you get pulled over show respect and you'll get respect. Their job is tough enough without showing them attitude. I was raised in burbank and am proud of the BPD
2 months ago
Cynthia Bratcher
Take work a little too serious. Tripping on helmets, headlights, and cigarettes while people are out here committing real crime
9 months ago
cory vandevanter
Cops here are a bunch of crooked law reinforcement, just remever people,never try to sue any police ,they will make sure they put you in jail as revenge,with made up felonies,you know thats true.
8 months ago
Darshan Patel
I have lived almost my whole life in Burbank,I have never had any negative contact with BPD. They are without compare.That is why we are a safe community.
7 months ago
Juan Villegas
One word SUCK
4 months ago
Very professional organization serving the people of Burbank.
8 months ago
Diane Lareau
Nice department . Too much drama to get a rentalcar released for illegal parking.
4 months ago

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