NU Health Foods, LLC

NU Health Foods, LLC is located at 16910 Cherie Pl, Carson, CA 90746, United States.

NU Health Foods, LLC's business norms are excellent quality, customer focus, and systematic growth.

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GPS coordinates: longitude - -118.2521261, latitude - 33.8788642

NU Health Foods, LLC
Rate: 5.0
Address: 16910 Cherie Pl, Carson, CA 90746, United States
Phone number: +1 800-806-0519

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 33.8788642
Longitude: -118.2521261

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ratnakar jena
As a college student always on the go, sometimes breakfast isn’t always an option when balancing work, school and other things, but ever since I got a hold of these fruit cups, my mornings and evenings at school and work have been so much easier and convenient. Whether I’m at work on break or on my way to class, I know I can rely on these fruit cups as a quick and healthy snack to boost my day. I particularly like the mandarin as it is really tasty, but I also enjoy the peaches as well. Great snack I would recommend to anyone!
5 months ago
Kaila Bonaiuto
I love these little cups of joy. My Mornings are pretty hectic and we always seem to be running late. The small fruit/juice cups are so quick for me to grab and pack for my grandsons lunch or even along side his breakfast. Pear is my favorite and Nu-Health Fruit seems to be the only one I can find to sell it.
5 months ago
Daniel Durant
My boyfriend and I loved the little fruit cups. He and I are always on the go and in the mornings we don’t have much time to pack lunches or have breakfast, but these are the next best things. Hopefully we see more of these awesome and convenient healthy products soon!
5 months ago
Rush Mayo
These fruit cups are amazing! Mandarin and peaches are my favorite, but the kids love them all! They are easy to pack in the cooler for the kids game, they are great for my husbands lunch pail, and small enough for grandma to sip on as well!
5 months ago
Chealsea Erman
As someone who is always on the go, I found the fruit cups to be so convenient! Great taste, especially the mandarins. It is also the perfect fit for my lunch box. 10/10 would recommend.
7 months ago
Will Rosati
This is such and amazing yet affordable and healthy option for when on the go! As a mom of of 4 and full time worker this has become my go to healthy snack! Absolutely love them. Also great for the kids to snack on those long drives.!!
5 months ago
Robert Phillips
The fruit cups are delicious! Me and my girlfriend enjoy the peaches. I brought some home for my sister and she isn’t a fan of peaches but the mandarin cups. Now she takes them to school for lunch
5 months ago
Tyler Morton
I purchased some of the fruit cup products. Really tasty in flavor and not to sweet. Perfect for a mid day fruit snack on the go.
5 months ago
Shashi Anand
My new favorite snack ????. As a full time college student, this little jar is perfect on the go. My friends seem to like them too ???? !!
8 months ago
Moh Rommel
Fantastic snack! My kids love drinking these things right up. Will def be needing more.
5 months ago
Edith Synco
7 months ago
Jennifer Burgin
Omgggg!!!! Found my new favorite snack!!! These things are great on the go, especially when we hit the dog park ????????????.
5 months ago
Michael Phelps
Delicious! My family enjoys very much! Would recommend to anyone!
6 months ago
Bo Le
I love this cup, also share it woth my kids
7 months ago

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