World Market

If you want to renovate your interior, welcome to the World Market furniture store, whose address is 850 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States. Here you can make your dreams come true and find what you've been planning for a long time.

A wide assortment, the latest additions and much more in our spacious showroom. The variety of collections will interest those who like ultra-modern style as well as the classic. With us you can beautifully furnish a room in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism, luxe-chic, high-tech or Provence.

We offer a choice of different materials, textures and shades. The competent consultants of World Market store will help to make a successful purchase and answer any questions.

The range of furniture is made from safe raw materials and has certificates. All goods have a manufacturer's warranty.

Buyers will be pleased with favorable prices, and seasonal discounts, sales and promotions will help to save money. World Market company provides related services: pick-up at the house, delivery, lifting to the floor, assembly by high-level specialists.

Location coordinates: Longitude - -74.0045098, Latitude - 40.6590562

World Market
Rate: 4.5
Address: 850 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States
Phone number: +1 929-397-2906

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.6590562
Longitude: -74.0045098

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jaroslav pavlicek
Awesome store. My wife and I went there to browse and was blown away by what's sold at this store. There were china that t reminded me of my childhood. Justin was great explaining the details of how the store operates.
2 months ago
Karin Lehnigk
Was going to rate it 4 but you know it deserves 5! Terrific selection of items- stuff that you won't find anywhere else. The selection of candles is absolutely bizarre. And the array of pillows- forget it! Game over! Destroys home goods or any other home furnishing store. Great quality for the pillows too. Ultimately if you're in search to buy pillows or candles get your arse over here; you won't be disappointed! Staff members on site are friendly, cute and courteous. You'll walk out happy whether you buy something or not. Check it out!
5 months ago
Have been waiting this store in NYC for a long time. If you are looking for a nice internatinal gift ideas, this store is right one. I've got a lot of different countries produced Cookies for friends.
4 months ago
Marc Coloma
Love this place because it has different interesting things, some from all around the world. Very friendly staff.
3 months ago
Keenan H
Excellent customer service. I bought a big piece of furniture online for curbside pickup, & called too much with anxious questions. Every employee answered all my questions super nicely (frankly was much more helpful than the main customer service help line). They helped me figure out how to get a big price reduction due to a sale, were very friendly, helped load the car. In store all wore masks and kept apart. We just put the piece together and it's amazing and was packed perfectly and easy to assemble. Next time wish I could wander around and shop but I recommend based on the wonderful staff
11 months ago
April Beyer
Wonderful and delicious selection of European foods, I particularly enjoyed Tunnock’s tea cakes and snowballs as a personal favorite and the icelandic chocolate is very substantial. There are various Asian market foods/snacks here as well as furniture options and home goods. This is a store every one should visit and definitely try something new from the food aisles! This location observes social distancing and safety protocols and mask mandates.
10 months ago
Ruger Carstens
We received above and beyond excellent service from assistant store manager Idan, he was so friendly and helpful from the moment I spoke to him on the phone to locate an item that was out of stock online. I called all the stores in the area the same day and received the best service from Idan. He reserved the item for me, and when we went to pick up, he was just as nice and warm and friendly in person. We had the best experience at Cost Plus World Market because of him. Highly recommended!
2 months ago
Marcus Shen
Nice and spacious store and not overwhelmingly big. I like the selection but a bit pricey.
7 months ago
Tristan Jank
Great spot but they used to have more stuff!
7 months ago
Mia Tapella
This is so cool and in a great lication, always an adventure to poke around and discovery new stuff.
9 months ago
Ashley Bell
I love coming here! I always find unique last minute gifts in a jiff.
9 months ago
Amani Alqtaishat
Love EVERYTHING about this store.
6 months ago
Will Frank
One of the workers that go by the name Justin helped my girlfriend and I find what we needed and kept us informed on the deals of the day and made our experience great.
1 month ago
Mike Rouse
I used to love World Market but recently had a bad experience that will prevent me from going back. I ordered a sectional for curbside pickup from the Brooklyn location and was told I’d have to wait for a conformation email to pick it up. The store website said they had one left at the location but after 4 days I still hadn’t received an email. I called and waited a half hour to speak to someone very unhelpful as they informed me the sofa order was canceled because that’s what they automatically do when the item not in store. They said their website was having problems and the one sofa left was a floor model. The store never once sent out an email explaining that their website wasn’t working or more importantly, that my order would be immediately canceled if the store did not have my item in stock on the day I placed the order. The person from customer service informed me that I could order the sofa but it wouldn’t come until January and it would be the full $900 instead of the discounted price I got through being a rewards member, since I can’t “reuse” that coupon although it was never used in the first place since my order was canceled. I’m incredibly disappointed.
21 hour ago
Danny Guihen
Charsu and I were excited to check out this store out. I always wanted to visit this location. The store has a wide-open layout. The store is clean and nicely stocked. They had a generous section of seasonal food products by the entrance. Then they had home goods, clothing, candles, plants, beauty products, and furniture. My favorite section was the food and imported goods section. It's a foodie's heaven! I found duck fat, cast iron tea kettles, niche brand condiments, and exotic foods. I am in love with this store! The only thing I didn't like some of the more common items were overpriced (I am looking at you small bottle of Tabsaco hot sauce for $5) and I didn't see a single sale associate on the floor.
3 weeks ago
Ericka Wilson
Easy location to get to with plenty of free parking on a Saturday afternoon. Employees were helpful in extending my order pickup by one week and getting my order when I arrived. The location was also well organized and clean. Now to the negatives: - I placed two orders online. When I received my orders at the counter I looked inside the bags and realized that half of each order was missing. They had to replace some items and find the other missing bag of items. It was ridiculous, what if I DIDN'T check? - Two items in my order were substituted without my knowledge or consent. - They have food items on clearance that are expired. - I made a return and they didn't refund my taxes. Unfortunately I didn't realize till I got home. I contacted customer service online and the rep said I could get it all sorted out over the phone. Customer service in-store said they don't do adjustments over the phone. There's an obvious issue with consistent policy, procedures and training. I went to the store and was told that their system didn't allow for tax adjustments. I was told by the store associate "if you buy something online and get it shipped to a lower tax area and return it here, you get a bigger tax refund." Makes no damn sense. Double check everything!
9 months ago
Heather Ghali
The place was filled with interesting items ranging from Japanese candy to the hottest hot sauce. Definitely worth another visit!
1 month ago
Jeffrey LaRoe
Love this place for browsing and inspiration. Apparently October is pug month!
2 months ago
Bert W
Amazing customer service this wonderful woman who works there helped beyond imagination and I am truly grateful for her the amazing way she handled my order pick up helped a great deal
11 months ago
Riny HJ
One of the last remaining local places to for unique, affordable finds!
8 months ago
Rick S
Great. Just wish they get their deliveries soon missing quite a few things I needed desperately still good they open
4 months ago
melissa gleaton
This place has a ton to offer, especially during the holidays. Take your time looking around so you don't miss a unique gift or new addition for your home. The staff is always friendly and patient too!
2 months ago
Edna Holden
Large space with tons to look at. Was really empty and quiet when we went on a weeknight but I guess that’s not a terrible thing. Nice cashier!
4 months ago
LaZetta Robertson
Love this business...I always find interesting things in any location ive been in from NY - Florida!...connected to BED BATH BEYOND and OKL!
4 months ago
Dave Carter
I love the variety of food and snacks.
3 months ago
Pamela Eugley
Very awesome store with a wide selection of products for the home. Excellent variety of imported and hard to find goods, including ingredients. Checkout was a bit slow on the second day, due to new staff. Fair prices for hard to find items. Unfortunately this location does not seem any alcohol, as many other locations do.
7 months ago
Doug Henderson
A good place to visit for homely things some discounts and sale prices awaits
4 months ago
Sherif Hassabo
It's excellent place for shopping
3 months ago
Janice Ward
Nice and clean
10 months ago
Catina Batts
You never know what you might find in this place. Such exotic and affordable items. It reminds me of the grand bazaar in Istanbul.
4 months ago
Greg Ratti
So glad to have this store nearby,.it is always a fun thing to shop here. It's always organized and neat and never over crowded.
5 months ago
Claire Williams
This is the best place to shop in this mall, even if you don't need to buy anything, just go in, trust me, you'll find something amazing to buy. You never know what you are going to find. The quality of their products are phenomenal. They have products from around the world, I saw things here that I have never seen before (in a good way). Staff are super friendly and are always there to help you. They even have some light furniture.
8 months ago
Silvestre Arriaga
I like it, but I wish that it had more representation from all parts of the world, right now it's mostly India. But that said, what they do have is quite pretty. The food section is really great, and worth a look
6 months ago
Emma Knox
Very good bargains and nice stuff
4 months ago
Chunli Wang
I have visited this store for the last time. I earned a $10 member reward. I tried to use it in the store and it did not work. The manager could not help me. They said the problem was with my carrier (T-Mobile). They told me to call T-Mobile to fix it. Sorry, but no. I have no problems with any other rewards program. The problem is with World Market. They must save a lot of money by giving people coupons they cannot use.
5 months ago
Debbie Lockman
An excellent addition to the newly developed Industry City complex. They offer a wide range of quality international foods, housewares, furniture and accessories. Many of the products are unique to Cost Plus and can easily play a key role in house decor.
2 months ago
Michael Nestler
I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Such a WONDERFUL variety and selection of goods!! So glad we finally have this here, on the East Coast!! You can get anything from food to furniture to clothing!! COME CHECK IT OUT!!
2 months ago
Michael Evans
The best fresh coffee beans you can grind the coffee there.
2 months ago
kristina as
Beautiful store. Great parking. I wish they had a little more furniture displayed, but a great spot.
5 months ago
Mordechai Hoschander
This is the kind of place that would be really exciting to have open up in a smaller city. Here, with the Bed Bath & Beyond, it feels like a weird Brooklyn-themed amusement park. They have a lot of cheap spices and novelty things from around the world, which is groovy.
7 months ago
Adeleke Adebowale
For a large store I expected a lot more furniture on display. Great selection of food and it’s in a nicer centre. Not easy to get to if you’re not local though.
5 months ago
Ryan Nguyen
Its a beautiful store where so many different cultures come together!
5 months ago
Joe Sine
I love the food and attention
2 months ago
One Broadway
I really like this store, my favorite section is food from around the globe, I usually go here to buy interesting candy
2 months ago
Robert Compton
I was a little disappointed expecting this to be much bigger and have a far greater amount of furniture on display. Instead, they have lots of the little things (international food, dishware, knick knacks) that World Market is famous for, which I certainly love... but I'd hoped to be able to see more of the furniture options in person. I definitely recommend this over the Manhattan location though. And it's in a complex with a Bed Bath and Beyond so two birds, one stone I suppose.
2 months ago
Dj C
Staff was so helpful. Plus sales are amazing. Love the selection on everything they have . A forever costumer
8 months ago
Keith Plasse
What a cool store! Lots of interested imported food including hard to find spices and coffee. Home decor is all hipster/DIY/country aesthetic. It's all very cute and not too pricey.
6 months ago
kevin hall
I seriously love this place. It's gorgeous, new, affordable and never crowded. One of Brooklyn's best kept secrets.
7 months ago
Grace Wrzesinski
If you have the money, you can furnish your home with all sorts of decor.
2 months ago
Jordanian Star
Very interesting stuff! (Great international foods area - but as of 10/21, they don't have Ovomaltine (from Switzerland))
10 months ago

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