Pottery Barn

If it's time for a change of scenery, Pottery Barn, a quality furniture store with an address: 12 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011, United States, is at your service. Here you can make your dreams come true and find the things you've been looking for for a long time.

Current trends of the furniture market, season's special offers, the latest additions, a wide range of products - all this is waiting for you in our showroom. Variety of models will please fans of both ultramodern style and classic. We will help our customers to furnish their rooms in a modern or provincial style.

You can choose from a variety of shades, materials and textures. Qualified consultants of Pottery Barn store will give answers to any questions that interest you and help to make a successful purchase.

All the furniture presented in our shop, are made of safe materials and have certificates. We have introduced our own policy of quality control, as well as a manufacturer's warranty.

Customers will be delighted with reasonable prices, and discounts and sales will be a nice bonus. You can arrange additional services: installation by qualified specialists, pick-up, lifting to the floor, delivery.

GPS coordinates on the map: longitude - -73.9921772, latitude - 40.7400565

Pottery Barn
Rate: 3.4
Address: 12 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Website: potterybarn.com
Phone number: +1 212-488-6280

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7400565
Longitude: -73.9921772

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Allie Thompson
I ordered a 3 piece sectional couch in November 2020 and two pieces were delivered in March. The third piece was not ordered by your team and we were assured it would be delivered by June 10th. I’ve been speaking with someone who has provided no help or assistance due to our order taking a year to complete and I’ve just checked tracking again and it is now saying Sept 24-October 8th for delivery. We live in New York and have a one year lease. I need to speak to head of customer service to get some answers immediately. This is completely unacceptable from a brand of this caliber and a purchase of this value. I’ve never been so turned off by a company.
2 months ago
Joyce McKellar
I had a wonderful experience with this Pottery Barn store. I had an issue with a product that was resolved through a very kind GM, Thomas. It’s a big, beautiful store and I highly recommend shopping there.
5 months ago
Joshua Stone
9.30.17 - Pottery Barn took over the old Lilly August and they did a great job of making the place their own. All the products are incredibly nice and well displayed. Currently there's a special sale going on, so get in while it's still favorable.
2 months ago
Glenn Stevenson
We had a kind of wack experience recently with a pushy and uninformed employee who made fun of my question about stain resistant fabric, but then we had an AWESOME experience on a second visit with Fortunato— he was really pleasant to work with and absolutely saved us from making a terrible decision by gently making sure we had all the information we needed. Thank you Fortunato!! Definitely ask for him.
6 months ago
Abraham Friedman
I love Pottery Barn products and I own quite a few pieces....but the customer service in this store is TERRIBLE!....this is my experience most times, no one ask me if they can help and this time I was with a friend and someone actually followed us around the store as if we were thieves I was so disgusted......
5 months ago
Shubhansh Gangwar
Customer service in this store is terrible. The team has negative energy and treat you like you are a huge inconvenience to them. Will never shop here again. I have had to follow up several times on my own with an issue that was never resolved.
8 months ago
Justin Beall
I ordered 2 items on December 24. One was delivered without problem and the other keeps changing the estimated delivery date. If I had been warned that it was going to take so long (more than a month) to deliver one item I would probably not order it. I tried to contact them on their website. I completed the form and when I clicked "send" I was redirected to another page saying: "Sorry we are unable to display the requested page". POOR DELIVERY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.
9 months ago
James Pillow
Awesome Staff. Grateful for the extra help.
8 months ago
Merry Burge
Always worth place to walk in and check what's new.
7 months ago
Benita Early
I do love shopping here and they have amazing items too. Everything is priced a bit up there, but so well worth it.
11 months ago
varsha chandran
Great staff. Very helpful and friendly. Patient
9 months ago
Jacqueline Bibbs
Staff is very rude, will never shop here again.
5 months ago
More Shamus
Mediocre furniture and furnishings. A slight step above Ikea grade.
10 months ago
Kyra Swanson
Pretty trendy household goods, but not all with actual great quality perceived.
2 months ago
Rashika Guna
I went to pick up and order today and the sales associate was extremely rude! Will not be purchasing anything else because of the experience.
2 months ago
Paul Chabavi
Always love this store well made things that tends to last and last. Staff is always helpful.
2 months ago
Edward Fogarty
Bought 13k in furniture. Sofa and carpets were in stock when ordered a month ago. Rugs were subsequently backordered keep sending me sorry for delay emails. PB refused to split the delivery of our sofa because the rugs *should* be arriving in two weeks but date keeps getting pushed back. Our dining chairs are backordered until Christmas so we are literally sitting on the floor because they won’t give us the sofa that is sitting in the delivery warehouse next to Our other furniture from another order arriving Saturday. I had problems with my daughters PBK nursery order two years ago and should’ve known to stay away for good. Big mistake go to Crate and Barrel or restoration hardware. Michele Pacheco
1 month ago
ali saadi
Everything looks so perfect. If you 're wealthy and perfect, then go. If you're not, well... Enjoy your normal life!
8 months ago
Terria McMinn
Excellent showroom, variety of choice
6 months ago
Sylvia Garcia
Staff not friendly or helpful.
5 months ago
Duncan Ploetz
My wife and I were looking for a new sofa and ottoman. We had great in store assistance. The woman helping us was very polite and respectful of the time we were taking to choose our new couch. She then presented us with design patterns, colors to choose for the sofa. Of course that took a while longer but the woman at the store walked us through the process, so terrific service in store! Unfortunately...it had been almost three months exactly. We were told we would be getting the sofa and ottoman in 10-12 weeks because it needed to be upholstered to the fabrics and colors we chose. That was fine with us. We received a call 11 weeks later saying the ottoman had been ready for a while but that Pottery Barn no longer sells the sofa we chose. Apparently Pottery Barn was aware of this for some time but forgot to let us know. Pottery Barn dropped the ball. They did offer us a generous discount on another sofa and are extraditing the new sofa choosen. We still wish we would have known so this could have happened much sooner.
6 months ago
Rock Huntington
10 months ago
Atiyah Jemison
Friendly staff and lots of furniture options.
7 months ago
Wendy Kilroy
pottery barn overall has the worst customer service I've ever seen. I ordered a couch and chairs which were supposed to be delivered in October. Then when October comes its November...then we get a call saying April. We try to cancel, they give us a hard time but eventually cancel (so they said) and a month later my credit card gets charged. We fix that ( so we thought) 2 months later it gets charged again for a higher amount then before and it's still going and the people on they phone are rude and can't even cancel a simple order. pottery barn sucks.
4 months ago
Heather R
Love love this place and the workers are extremely helpful !
6 months ago
Libby Khan
I went in to purchase some furniture on Saturday night and dealt with some downright nasty sales associates- yes, even the woman that claimed to be the manager. Hate to say it, but it looked like a group of African- American banding together to be consistent with the mast tone. The problem with retail is not that people aren’t shopping- it’s that the customer service stinks and people would rather shop online and not deal with it. Too bad the lost a 5$k sale.
4 months ago
I purchased a wooden bed frame for $1,000 from this location one year ago. From the get go, I had issues with the bed and actually had someone come out from the PB Customer Service team to fix the drawer that kept snapping off when I was trying to access stored clothes. Fast forward to my move from NYC to Portland, Oregon and my movers pointed out to me that there was a huge crack in the center of the bed frame. In the midst of a move, my options were to pay to have a broken piece of furniture delivered across the country or discard the bed. I threw away the bed and am now in the market for a new one. After contacting Pottery Barn customer service and speaking to them on the phone for 45 minutes (mostly on hold), they offered me 20% off a new bed, which is less than their Labor Day sale...I noted that my investment in such an expensive piece of furniture was in hopes that it would last me years. The customer service supervisor I spoke with noted, "that was your decision to spend that money." I'm appalled that a legacy brand like Pottery Barn could have such horrible support for their customers - especially ones who have spent over $6K with them in the past year. My recommendation is to opt for a DTC furniture company that actually stands behind their products. We won't ever be shopping at Pottery Barn again.
4 months ago
Angie Lewis
Almost everything in this store is beautiful. The manager is friendly and the staff very helpful. It is pretty expensive but mostly worth the high prices. I should not be allowed to go in this store very often. Unless I want to be homeless of course and in that case I can go everyday.
5 months ago
Ron wedge
While I have shopped Pottery Barn for many items over the years, I do NOT recommend this store. Last weekend I purchased a duvet cover and pillow shams. This week I took everything out of the package an placed it on the bed. In the morning, I saw that the duvet cover had a flaw and was a different shade than the pillow shams even though they were marked with the same color code and name. Because I had every intent of keeping the set, I threw away the receipts. I went back to the store today to show them the flaw which was very apparent it was a manufacturing flaw. I had the credit card print out however not the original receipt. I asked to exchange it for one that was not damaged and matched the shams. The manager, Jocelyn was rude and did not stand by her product. I would expect a store such as pottery barn to stand by their products when defective. This may have just been this particular manager - she should not be in the customer service business. As a long time customer of Pottery Barn, this experience will prevent me from shopping there again. There is no excuse for rudeness from the manager and also for not standing by the quality of their products.
2 months ago
David Walsh
I want to say how appalling the service at the store and the delivery time was. I have just moved here from Australia and there were more than 3 people waiting behind me trying to buy products. The saleswoman lied to my face and told me that I'd have the firm pillow within ONE WEEK. Three weeks later, it still hadn't arrived. I would have expected some compensation other than a refund. The service here is terrible, the product is OK, just if it's in stock and they aren't trying to make a buck out of some kid who's just moved to a new city. Cheers for your help, will never recommend this place to anyone.
5 months ago
Judy Millers
The sales person was AMAZING! Super helpful. She was very professional but the cashier or manager was so cold and didn't came across as eager to help. I also do not like if a manager is not super polite with his staff.
7 months ago
Erin Smith
Excellent customer service. Shout out to Fortunado who was 'beyond' helpful. The manager, Redmond was great too. You just don't find this type of service these days. Incredible!
6 months ago
ben jones
Not the best store layout and customer service could use more training on how to respond and be more productive/responsive. I'm going to stick to online but it's a same when you don't get a personal touch in person.
5 months ago
Wannetta Crim
I love it. My favorite Shop for creating a lovley home.
8 months ago
Geraldine Lane
Fantastic selection of home goods. The staff could not have been nicer or more helpful. Will return to this branch often!
8 months ago
Ken Joos
I have had a pretty strange return process for an item I bought here, and I really can’t say enough for how wonderful the manager Nathalie has been in the process. She’s given A+ customer service and been so helpful with a great attitude. It’s turned what could have been a nightmare experience into an easy one.
7 months ago
You like Good stuff., They got GREAT STUFF. And it's affordable. You're going to love this Stuff.
8 months ago
Eric Yang
Couldn't believe it..I went to buy jac.mauve pillow and the young man at the register wouldn't give me 20 % off as my email said I could get(I showed him).instead of making a sale for a good customer he was flippant .. (attitude)I used to love experience in store .As a New Yorker I will try again.wish me luck...It can't happen again
4 months ago
Steven Manjarres
Racist a** retail associates, yes even the Hispanic ones! Wth kind of training do they get?! Every time I’ve gone in the one hispanic woman(and I’m Hispanic) follows me around and looks at me like I stole something. Stop self hating bc of some biased mgt trainers! I make 5x your yearly salary, and am not a thief.
10 months ago
maximys evgen
2 months ago
Spring Morin
Kitschy but pretty near perfect ig that's your niche
5 months ago
Portia Johnson
The design team was super helpful when I went in the store with very specific questions.
2 months ago
Michelle Delaine
The service was great, it had helpful staff who is eager to help you with any question that you may have.
7 months ago
Matthew Langston
Looking for recliner. I saw 3 and didm't like any of them.
5 months ago
Rae Roeder
Sales associates are very helpful when you are up front with why you're there. I would suggest brining paint samples and fabric swatches to get a feel for how the furniture will look in situ.
7 months ago
Alexander Janik
The manger was attentive and super knowledgeable... I definitely will be back.
6 months ago
Joy MacCrane
50 Off this week on selected items.
8 months ago
Carlos Orozco
It would be been nice for them to get my pick up on arrival...but I guess I looked like a statue...just saying ...otherwise all is well
8 months ago
Decent selection with prices that are not NYC outrageous.
6 months ago
Sallie Stephens
You know I love the candles but I was upset my bath salts purchase as I had no desire to consume my partners face after my lavender stress bath sat infusion was done
5 months ago

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