Pottery Barn

Are you moving or renovating and want to comfortably furnish your home? The Pottery Barn furniture store at 1965 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, United States will help you. This is where you will fulfill your cherished desires and be able to buy the products you've been looking for for a long time.

Fresh arrivals, seasonal bargains, a huge range of goods - all this is presented in our showroom. The variety of collections will please fans of both classic and ultra-modern style. With us you can beautifully decorate a room in the spirit of high-tech, modern or loft.

Different shades, textures and materials to choose from. Qualified consultants of Pottery Barn salon will help you to make your purchase and answer all your questions.

All our furniture has all necessary certificates and is made of environmentally friendly materials. We have implemented our own policy of quality control, and also give the manufacturer's warranty.

Buyers will be pleased with favorable prices, and discounts and promotions will be a nice bonus. You can also arrange a number of additional services: delivery, assembly, bringing into the room, lifting.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -73.9825090, latitude - 40.7745483

Pottery Barn
Rate: 3.5
Address: 1965 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, United States
Website: potterybarn.com
Phone number: +1 212-579-8477

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7745483
Longitude: -73.9825090

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Victoria Meyers
Great selections displayed. I am considering a recliner, and may have found exactly what I want - Wells leather swivel recliner with brushed nickel base.
3 months ago
Sydney McIntire
Luis and his team are exceptional and go above and beyond to make sure your experience exceeds expectations. We had ordered a couch online and when it wasn’t what we expected, we headed into the store and had the pleasure of Luis helping us. Not only was he understanding and professional, he was compassionate about making sure we got exactly what we needed. He helped me choose a couch that fit our needs and a fabric that will be suitable and durable having two dogs. This store regularly checked in with us and shared updates on our delivery. They also contacted head office for us when needed. This store is a staple on the UWS, they really know service and are educated on the brand.
6 months ago
Richard McDermith
We had a great experience in this store!! Luis helped me and my mom get the last Christmas Tree Topper! It was sold out everywhere and he was able to find the last one. We truly appreciate his and the teams help in the store with all our other shopping and his patience and dedication. Truly a wonderful experience!! Thank you again so much!!
1 month ago
tommy anderson
Gorgeous place beautiful Christmas decorations! Everything can be purchased for happy home . Free consultation for interior decorating. Friendly staff. Two levels to the store, with a gallery. Both bathroom and wi-fi.
10 months ago
Taylor Baylor
Daniel from Pottery Barn broadway is an excellent salesperson and gave us all the information and details we required. He was super honest about the delivery times and very focused on solving our problem. Super impressed!
10 months ago
Taylen Oancia
Just purchased the Big Sur Couch! Im so excited. The Oatmeal Boucle is beautiful. Lucinda and Luis were so helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me! I researched for weeks to find the perfect couch and they made it happen! I'll be back. It's hard to find good customer service like this anymore. Thanks Pottery Barn!
10 months ago
Liam Hill
Usually a good place to find nice home warming gifts or treat yourself to a new home fragrance.
8 months ago
Emil Inoa
Mostly COVID safe. I did not notice any hand sanitizer upon entering. Everyone was wearing masks though and staying socially distant.
1 day ago
Samuel Thompson
Cautious- Consultiing designer Marilyn was a waste of my time. She asked me for the house picture and items I would like to place an order and take the architectural floor plan and never return the design service for over 2months.
1 month ago
Bryan Cruz
Staff was so helpful thank you!
8 months ago
HelenAnn Johnston
Amazing staff , beautiful furniture
6 months ago
Roy Quek
Very nice store, really nice atention.
8 months ago
Lisa Tonick
Kevin went above and beyond to assist me- visit this location on the UWS for great service
6 months ago
Ruslan Cebrailov
This store has the best furniture and friendliest sales people! Cody helped me pick out exactly what I needed and I am so happy with my purchases.
2 months ago
Sofia Ahern
Wow! Great prices, great service. Manny was terrific. He took the time to listen and figure out what we were looking for and made suggestions. On other visits I saw other customers being thrilled that he found exactly what they have been looking for.
5 months ago
Cam Tobin
This is a Dream Store (house/apartment supplies and decoration)... the staff like Romir very nice????????????...before I did a research and o found good prices in wood scent (Christmas sale pine smell)...by me Great!! I would be so Happy if Christmas ia the WHOLE YEAR!!!????????????
6 months ago
Laurie Schultz
Great selection and inspiration.
8 months ago
alfredos buybacks
pottery barn overall has the worst customer service I've ever seen. I ordered a couch and chairs which were supposed to be delivered in October. Then when October comes its November...then we get a call saying April. We try to cancel, they give us a hard time but eventually cancel (so they said) and a month later my credit card gets charged. We fix that ( so we thought) 2 months later it gets charged again for a higher amount then before and it's still going and the people on they phone are rude and can't even cancel a simple order. pottery barn sucks.
6 months ago
Shane Gorski
Joseph a superb design facilitator
6 months ago
Cindy Bencosme
My favorite Pottery Barn. It's really big, with two floors, so a lot of items on display that you might not see in your local mall. Staff has always been helpful. Mixed experiences with the quality of their products. For the prices they charge, everything should be perfect, and sometimes they really miss the mark. Other times, they nail it.
5 months ago
Bridgett Soles
I had ordered some merchandise online, was unhappy with the quality, so returned the order to the store (near Lincoln Center). First, the hours of operation posted online are wrong, so on a recent very cold morning I found myself wandering around the UWS waiting for them to open. Once inside (with the other customers who had seen the same misinformation) the sales clerk could not have cared less. I returned my merchandise, and was told that my refund would be reflected in my bank statement in 3-5 days. Apparently the "printer was jammed" so the clerk could not give me a receipt. Imagine my surprise when today, I received a merchandise credit card (like a gift card) in the amount of my purchase. Pottery Barn, I will not shop there again. Your merchandise quality is poor and your customer service is bad. It's a recipe for a failing company.
4 months ago
Sean Sciaccotta
I went to purchase bath towels and it was a disgusting experience. If you shake the towels large amounts of dirt dust and filth fill the air highly visible. My blouse & face were covered in it which was beyond disturbing. The floor staff & Manager all had different lies to tell about why their products are that way and were extremely nervous. They brought out a packaged, unwrapped towel. I shook it and it had no dirt and dust whatsoever. Turns out - products are placed on the sales floor from their filthy stock room after they have been sitting there exposed and unwrapped to their air conditioning system which is connected to external filth. I would never return to Pottery Barn & ordered from Frette. Always shake your towel or product with fabric before buying. What you see - is what you get.
5 months ago
Liliana Higuera
Had a great experience today! Bought a beautiful rug at a very good price. Very happy with everything. I love the location at 68th St. and Broadway in New York City.
7 months ago
Felix Kuan
Nice things but expensive. Take advantage when they have sales, they have really good deals! The cotton linens are very good quality.
2 months ago
Tia K
Limited selection compared with what is presented online. If you're looking for a particular piece, check online, then call ahead and make sure they have it.
5 months ago
Sang Nam
This location is pretty decent. They are clean, well organized and have a large selection. There is also a steeply discounted sale section, however nothing there caught my eye.
9 months ago
Tait Darby
Audrey THOMAS was extremely great help!!!
5 months ago
Sergio Perez
Just letting everyone know that Alex was easily gracious enough to replace the candlesticks with new ones.
8 months ago
C Nice
Love Pottery Barn and this store is big and has wide selection. Always buy stuff from them. However the customer service I received today from two sale persons were unpleasant. They acted like I'm begging for their stuff for free. The lady who was "helping" me was cold, gave me stone face, never smiled, never said thank you, at some point she even said to the other guy that "I'm still stuck with this customer"..Seriously? You're stuck with me when I'm purchasing stuff from your store...Oh her name is Luci..
6 months ago
Brian Zeman
Luv the decorations and the lineup they have. They make the store visually homey and conforming. It makes you want to look around and envision how your house would look with thr specific items they sell. The bathroom is gorgeous and located perfectly in thr back next to the iteranaries and bath towels. So on the way you are prepared to go in thr bathroom and be in there comfortable as. If it's. Your own bathroom.
5 months ago
Anna Poehler
household pottery items are available here. If anyone needs, I suggest come here and search for your choices.
10 months ago
Jerry Joyner
Sales Associates were standing around but did not offer assistance!!
5 months ago
Rosa Fazzari
Terrible Experience! My fiancée and I recently traveled to NY to register for our wedding and this was one of the stores we visited. In comparison to our experience at registering at Macy's, William-Sonoma, and Tiffany's this company and its employees were an absolute disgrace. Every single person here was rude, uncaring, and unwilling to help us, except for one guy named Marvin, who was the complete opposite of all the things I just said. I reached out to PB on twitter after this and received a generic response from a social media manager to which I emailed her a detailed account of our experience. Her response to that was less than ideal. "I'll forward your message onto management." I asked to have someone else contact me and no one did. If it was up to me none of my friends and family would be spending their money at this company for and my fiancée
2 months ago
Andrea K
Awful customer service! After waiting a very long time for a pillow in a store that was not very busy, the manager seemed upset I was using a coupon code.
2 months ago
Christie McLeod
quality merchandise but staff didn't even acknowledge my presence.
4 months ago
Adelia Rzaeva
If I could give zero stars I would. I tried calling to speak with someone about an order that was incorrect and was hung up on after I asked to speak with a manager. I was told they were too busy and then they proceeded to hang up on me. Every time I go into this store it’s a terrible customer service experience. Will never shop here again and suggest you find somewhere else to shop, as well.
6 months ago
Joshua Lalanne
very poor quality, very poor customer services... will never buy anything from them. I ordered a right sectional sept the 16th and got it delivered 3months later (got delayed a 1st time for unknown reason, then it got lost,...). Then they didn't deliver me the right model but I was already so frustrated and didn't want to wait another 3months, so i have accepted to keep it. finally, after a couple of days i realized the right side of the sofa was leaning. I have been calling and emailing a 100 times the customer services to have the frame replaced but as usual, they are completely missing in action.
2 months ago
Ourania Stavropoulou
worst customer service ever. Do not go to Kathleen Wisniewski there.She forgets everything.promises empty words
8 months ago
David Kleimola
Terrible customer service. They acted put off by having to check prices on their merchandise which rarely had price tags and the ones which did were incorrect. Charged full price on their display items which had fingerprints all over them even when they had no more of the item packaged. When I asked if there was a discount for the display item they were terse and literally shrugged their shoulders at me when I commented on how strange that was. Trust me, spend the extra money and just go down the street to Williams Sonoma instead.
5 months ago
Tracy Martin
Service at this store is terrible. They make it seem like it’s a major imposition to answer questions or as for help. They’re putting a terrible face on a store with otherwise good merchandise.
5 months ago
Shalini Karunakaran
The WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ! ONLY EMPTY PROMISES . The promise me "0" interested for 1 year if I was doing a credit card with them and I been pay a lot interest so far !!! trying to reach out the manage of the store by email and phone and the guy always put me an hold for over 30 min and I end up to give up , any answer to my email ...I will never shopping to this store again , the worst costumer service . Loredana Cannia
10 months ago
Marsab Ansary
Great place. They have restrooms for customers
7 months ago
Eva Van
Great place to visit for home ideas.
11 months ago
deepa palur
I used to be Pottery Barn addict. My favorite location was in Soho but now it has been replaced with a Hollister clothing store. I like the Lincoln Center location.
10 months ago
Catherine McArthur
Average Furniture Retailer.
4 months ago
Selection is decent although not worth the price in my opinion
2 months ago
Mateo Bonilla
Ah, this is such a dream for a Pottery Barn lover like me! BEAUTIFUL store!
6 months ago
Bearded Welder
Great gift selections​ for the house.
9 months ago
Mike Latham
Very clean store and busy. Couldn't actually shop but this is probably a store more for tourists?
2 months ago
Elaine Sloan
candles, curtains, vases, and dishes. big deal
6 months ago

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