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Mr Bodich
The customer service was great. But my actual “service” experience was HORRIBLE. I’ve been paying monthly fees for over a year now do that I wouldn’t have to worry about this EXACT thing happening. It was 85+ degrees inside my house, the technician came out the next day, told me that the one thing wrong with it was BASICALLY the one thing that wasn’t covered. Told me I needed to replace the entire unit. THEN when I said ok…so what now? How do we go about doing all that? He said a supervisor would “reach out” to me and discuss my options. Thank GOD I took care of it MYSELF and found a company that DID care if they helped me (aka DID their job). Because THEY came out that VERY night and sold me a BRAND NEW UNIT. Not that I wanted to it really could AFFORD it, but I had no other choice. I was in a desperate situation, and obviously having any type of “insurance” with HomeServe was a JOKE, and the company that they sent out cared even LESS than they did. THIS was almost entire week ago, and I STILL haven’t heard from any “supervisor” from Royal Air. So the two companies are definitely meant for each other.
3 months ago
havana sabbirith
We highly recommend HomeServe!! Our A/C went out late Saturday afternoon - by early Sunday afternoon it was fixed!! Great company that came out and repaired it. HomeServe stayed with the search until they found a company that would come out on the weekend!! Thank you for your great customer service!!
3 months ago
Stacey Aust
A/C went out mid summer. I called that evening and next day someone came out and repaired it. The repairmen were patient and courteous. Great service!
3 months ago
Alaine Johnson
Outstanding Service! Had a Water Heater Issue, HomeServe had it taken care of the next day! The representative for HomeServe was so nice and cared about my issued, took immediate action! I am Very Pleased! Contractor/ Plumbers were so Professional and Courteous! I am very, very please with the Service! Keep up the great work HomeServe! Thank-You!
6 months ago
Mike Welch
My contract with home serve is turning out to be one of my best decisions. Anytime I have called they have been professional and quick to send quality people over. So far they have sent Suffolk plumbing over twice and I am impressed by how good the people they sent are. It appears that home serve chooses their vendors well and vets them. I am very very appreciative of everything. Home serve kudos to you and a large thank you. I’m thrilled with how you have made my challenging issue run smoothly. Thank you
6 months ago
Estela Trevizo
I had a bad leak in my front yard Roberto came and fixed it. The job would have cost thousands but with the Warrenty all paid amazing great service yes i will tell my friends
3 months ago
Cameran Nelson
There was a plumber at my house the day after I called and reported my problem. The problem with my drain pipes was diagnosed very swiftly and accurate.It didn't take long at all to fix the problem. I wasn't charged anything for the service. What a relief!!
3 months ago
Andrea Wagner
Such a life saving money saving Amazing service. Serviceman was professional, courteous, prompt, & efficient. I'm so glad we signed up! Highly recommend ????
4 months ago
Deama Mintier
My experience was wonder. The 2 gentlemen were very kind and pleasant. They even explained to me what they were doing. Please give them kudos from me. I'm a happy camper because of your team. Thank you so much
5 months ago
Irfan Ilias
It was a very experienced Service; the person was knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had to ask. It was a blessed experience; if I have another in my home, I pray this person would be the one to serve me. Have a blessed day. Jesus, Hugs your way, EXCELLENT JOB.
3 months ago
Lina Vasquez
Requested services for backed up sewer drain. HomeServe support team was wonderful, professional and found someone to come to my home on a Saturday. The plumber that showed up I was not happy with. He never called to inform us that he was on the way, when he showed up never made contact. Happen to see him walking in yard to drain. Still never identified himself, there were no decal on the van. He stated he needed something to scoop the water out of the drain. He ran a snake in the drain for about 15 minutes, packed up and began to leave. My spouse had to ask him for an assessment of the issue, he stated he did not know and proceeded to leave. Left cup that he used to remove water in the yard and drain uncovered. He was very unprofessional, I would not recommend this person to anyone.
4 months ago
Sorcha Morgan
As soon as I get a chance-this coming week- I am cancelling all the policies I have with HomeServe. The plumbing issue I had was so common that the plumber I ended up using had the part in his truck already because it happens so often, and yet it wasn’t covered by HomeServe. I had to pay $500 out of pocket after all my monthly fees. If that’s not covered what is? HomeServe is a scam. First time I needed to use them and they don’t cover a basic thing.
3 months ago
Michael Karelis
I had a situation with my Heating blower and called Home Serve. They had a plumber call me within 20 minutes and made an appointment to come, they were the easiest people to deal with, they fixed the issue quickly, Thank you Home Serve
3 months ago
Marissa Day
I'm very happy with Home Serve, I've never had a problem. You can call them day or night someone will answer.
3 months ago
donna flowers
The entire experience was wonderful from the first call to explain what our situation was, to having a prompt diagnostic test to having a crew come to our house to replace our water line all within a few days. We had visions of our yard being all dug up, but that wasn't the case at all. The crew left us with a little patch of dirt where they planted new grass seed and put straw on top. We were very impressed with the work they did and the timely manner in which they completed the job.
5 months ago
Victoria Meyers
I had leak in my pipes in my driveway, yes under concrete. I called HomeServe on July 4th weekend. That Tuesday the service provider(Downey Plumbling) called and sent service out the same day. I could have had it done that same week , but I was going out of town. They worked with my schedule and job was complete. The pipe was fixed and concrete was repaired. No out of pocket expense at all!!! Fast response and great service. HomeServe is worth having!!!!
3 months ago
I had a broken water pipe that needed to be located. The technicians were friendly and very knowledgeable. They kept me informed throughout the repair. I am very happy with the outcome.
4 months ago
Kevin Pringle
Everyone has been very polite and knowledgeable in handling my situation from the mechanic to the people who took my call. Very happy with everyone involved. Will definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you.
3 months ago
Brandy Cruz
The technician was very nice and tried to resolve our issues. He was very professional and efficient
3 months ago
Monier Alduais
I like to start by saying the second that I phoned HOME SERVE to request a service call, The process was handled quickly, Customer service described the procedure that followed My Request, to my SURPRISE, I quickly got a response from GEIGER PLUMBING, WOW!! followed by Fast Service!! On time expert that was Knowledgeable and Professional from START to FINISH! What a GREAT JOB! Stress Free! I would RECOMMEND them 100% to FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Great JOB HomeServe ✌ YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK with Tyler @ Geiger Plumbing!
7 months ago
Damaris Rosario
I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a home service company. I signed up with HomeServe back in 2016 when I moved in my house. I have used it several times and have not paid a penny out of pocket. I pay the premium in my water bill which makes it convenient. I sure gives me peace of mind knowing that I won't be hit with a major repair for my home and that is important being on a fixed income. They cover plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Give them a call and see how little it will cost to cover your home!
5 months ago
King Gato
The plumbing service was courteous and fast. They made the appointment and showed up quickly and on time. They followed protocols and I was satisfied that they did everything they could
3 months ago
Paula Jean
I was happy that I had coverage when I needed the repairs, but the initial contractor that took the job was unable to to come out to assess the issue for over 36 hours, which was not acceptable. After SEVERAL calls to HomeServe, another contractor was located who was much closer and able to come late that afternoon just to look at the scope of work and get approval to do the job the following day. Both the contractors and I spent a lot of time on hold trying to resolve this issue. There needs to be more 24hr agents available to assist clients, and more quickly approve the work so that clients don't have to go three days without gas (read - no hot showers, cooking, or using the clothes dryer). Also, when possible, contractors outside of a 10-15 mile range of the client should not be offered the job. I had my own plumber there to assess the situation within an hour and available to do the work by the following morning, so while I did save money by using HomeServe, it was a very frustrating and inconvenient experience.
4 months ago
Julie Klimek
We have been renewing our warranty with HomeServe every year for the past seven years, needed to use it twice. The last one, just this past month, probably saved us thousands of dollars! They sent a very good company, Air comfort solutions, who worked diligently to solve our issue in a timely manner. No home owner should be without a sewer line warranty, no joke! When you need it, you need it!!! :@
5 months ago
Theodore Long
i love love love this company!!! They have been doing an amazing job from customer service to the actual work. The contractors have been very good. I pay my monthly bill and they take of the rest. LP
4 months ago
jean bressler
I was very happy with At HomeServe. My water heater leaked all over the garage and into one of my bedrooms. At first, they said they couldn't get a technician out for two days. I said it was an emergency and they were able to have some one come that day. I appreciated that effort. The technician that arrived was very nice and professional and did his very best to make me happy. I had to get a new water heater and it was all covered except for $189.00 Thanks again for your help.
6 months ago
Richard Nowak
We reported a problem on a Saturday. Your rep contacted a local contractor who said they would contact us or send someone out on Monday morning. We did not hear anything from the contractor (Champion Plumbing) early Monday morning and so we called them about 10:30 Monday morning. We were told that they had declined the job and had informed HomeServe. We then called HomeServe and HomeServe made contact with another local contractor, Genius Plumbing. Genius Plumbing called and said they'd be able to come out in 7 days. We said that was unacceptable and called HomeServe again. We stressed that we needed service sooner. HomeServe then contacted a 3rd local contractor, Nowell and Sons who agreed to come out the next day (Tuesday). On Tuesday Nowell & Sons came out and assessed the problem. On Wednesday they returned and made the needed repairs. We were well pleased with Nowell & Sons and and generally pleased with HomeServe, but disappointed with the delays in finding a local contractor who could deal with our problem on a timely basis.
6 months ago
Bryce Kolodziej
Once I got the service it was great. But I had to fight like heck to get the original CS agent to have someone co e out. It seemed denial no coverage was her goal. In the future customer service agent should be much more receptive to trying to find a solution for the people who paid for the policy
5 months ago
Maggie Miller
Best service ever. Reliable and on time
3 months ago
Ky Jenkins
Having paid the monthly fee for several years and never had a claim until recently. My washing machine stopped working so I called and within just a short time the call was returned and a scheduled maintenance man came to my home and determined that the problem was not fixable. He wrote up the report and the next day a very nice lady told me they were going to send out a check so that I could choose where to purchase a new machine. They were extremely fair and I received the check within just a few days. I highly recommend this service .
5 months ago
Dawid Kluszczynski
We had experienced some plumbing issues in our bathroom and decided to call HomeServe to assist us. The young man I initially spoke to was professional and friendly. He set us up with a local contractor and they arrived a couple of days later-on time and on point. Having an older home and being retired ,on a fixed income,means HomeServe can really rescue your home without destroying your budget!
4 months ago
Deb Willey
Ryan was our repairman and he did a spectacular job. He was polite,& efficient One of the best we’ve ever had!
3 months ago
Vinita Rajasekhar
already addressed in previous email. plumber showed up 4 hours AFTER the assigned appointment that THEY dictated and I had no say in it. I moved client appts around to accommodate this...they didn't show up timely...lost more business because I could not keep the later appointments I scheduled either.
4 months ago
Kristin Marcum
I had to follow up and reschedule the appointment because the contractor did not reach out to me. The second rep I spoke to was helpful and assured me I would receive a call, which I did. Very disappointing that you could not cover the repair of my issue. I’m going to review what is covered and possibly cancel some of the coverage. Better to nit waste my money even if it is a small amount per month. I gave three stars because the reps were all very professional.
4 months ago
Philip McLane
We contacted HomeServe at nighttime and after contacting the gas company and having an inspection done, there was someone at our house the very next morning. They had a new water heater installed within a couple hours. The service was excellent.
3 months ago
Kristen Theagene
This is my second rating feedback. I am so happy that you are continuing to honor my coverage and trying to move forward with a permanent solution. Thank you, Dale Sutter
3 months ago
Ali Monadi
The plumbers came out first part of this week and put five blowers to dry the wet floor, three in the kitchen and two downstairs. Said they would come back and fix a stationary sink, haven't seen them yet. I guess it's too many air blowers and now I am unable to use my washing machine. Guess I will have to call a tech to fix that. I'm not too pleased as of now. Hope things will get better.
3 months ago
Demetrius Wrotten
Ricky could not have been better. He looked at the issue and determined it was my disposal causing the issue. He took time to explain to me the exact kind of connecting I'd need for my sink, etc. Even though he could not repair the problem I appreciated him explaining to me what was needed.
5 months ago
Kelli Holton
we didn't get our problem fixed the tech that was sent out wasn't any help a waste of money. We had to get our on tech to repair our problem.
3 months ago
Hendrik Pruyn
Fast service, kept me informed. Got things done in 1 day in The rain. Great Service
4 months ago
Aaron Broudo
The plumber didn't have or bring all the tools he needed. At 1st he asked if I had a wire hanger and I gave it to him. He said he didn't have the tools he needed to unclog the bathtub drain. After a while he asked if I a liquid drain cleaner. I happen to have one and gave it to him assuming that he was going to use some of it. He ends up using all of it. That is extra cost to me and it might damage the drain system to use as much chemical as he did in one use.
3 months ago
Steve Coe
The price was reasonable and the work completed (Tony from Haynes Plumbing) with professionalism. I was kept aware of the complete process as well as the removal of my older water heater. The technician also installed a carbon monoxide monitor in the area where the water heater is located to prevent any type of combustible odors being discharged. I am completely satisfied with Tony (Haynes Plumbing) and his work.
5 months ago
Wes Cold
I'm very pleased with the service I have received. Thank you for your service. Response to calls has been Excellent.
3 months ago
Gh Yu
Problem was taken care of. Plumbers arrived at time specified. Turned out to be a bigger problem than expected but it was fixed. Guys were helpful and communicated well. No complaints. Thanks.
3 months ago
Tara Jones
I called and scheduled an appointment for sewer line issues. The attendant was courteous, and professional. She immediately set up an appointment for the following day. As promised I received great communications regarding the timing of the technicians arrival, and reminders of my appointment. The technician checked in, and arrived promptly. Assessing the situation he was able to address the issues quickly, and remedied the problem. Since the access cover was so set, he had to break it up, and proceeded to replace with temporary cover because of the odd size of the access point. He said they would return the next day with a permanent cover, and they did as promised. Very happy with the experience, and the professionalism of all my contacts at Home Serve and Geisel.
8 months ago
mohammed almariri
We have had the same issue for years, one of the bedrooms just don’t cool down. Something with the airflow. The tech was able to fix it… yay
3 months ago
Dheeraj Neelam
Experience with HomeServ was great. However, the repair was not covered. This is happen rather often with not just myself, but with others. Otherwise service is good.
3 months ago
Barry Cunnings
My service was great. They sent someone out quickly. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their service.
5 months ago
Yosef Amrami
The technicians were very informative, punctual and knowledgeable. They got our leaky pipe repaired very quickly. Thank you, HomeServe!
3 months ago
Ray McNeill
We made a call to the service center and received a visit from the provider the same day (within a few hours). We had a problem with the electricity - fuse box and the response was timely. My first experience was excellent. Highly recommend.
5 months ago

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