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Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange can be found at the following address: 475 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104, United States.

Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange company norms are confident development, constant growth, customer focus.

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GPS coordinates on the map: longitude - -93.1880458, latitude - 44.9553430

Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange
Rate: 5.0
Address: 475 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104, United States
Phone number: +1 651-645-7550

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Latitude: 44.9553430
Longitude: -93.1880458

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Michael Dodd
I consult at SPPX with the Founder David Duccini. I've found him very easy to work with, he's Brilliant and a straight shooter. SPPX is a software company that helps companies raise funds with Regulated Crowdfunding, we also white label our software for people who want to run their own Portals, and can connect you to Blockchain Development services. David is on about a dozen upcoming Patents for Blockchain with Wellsfargo and He wrote his own Cryptocurrency called 2GIVE that is traded on Bitrex with a market cap around $10 Million USD. (Visit us and He'll give you some for FREE!). Myself, I'm a project manager that has worked on a Top 10 project at Optum UHG and has done other projects performing SOC2/Type 2 Security Audits. ***Needless to say it's VERY busy here!!! The best way to "pick our brains" is to come to one of our weekly meetups! (Otherwise, scheduled meetings are typically reserved for clients and product development etc.) For my part, I've been working here about a year, and yes we have our hiccups and dropped balls... but overall think we're building some magic over here. Thanks for your patience and support!
11 months ago
Steven Manheimer
The year was 1963, Kennedy was shot dead and power was up for grabs. This was a time of Revolution. Harvard Professor Robert N. Anthony said the SEC should take control and set the "rules". Once again the fate of free accounting world was held in the balance as he proposed the SEC take over the Accounting Principles Board. This mad grab for Power was only dashed by the self-described Bureaucrat William L. Cary, Chairman of the SEC. He disagreed saying, "government should not be called to do everything". "The question at hand was what standards should you as responsible financial executives set for yourselves in dealing with the public. The burden should rest more and more on management, not on the government." He firmly believed in the people with the right information, not wall street, not Bureaucrats, Chairman Cary envisioned not a mandated disclosure but the start of an investment discussion. Unfortunately, Chairman Cary died in 1983, but his vision lives on in the Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange.
11 months ago
Naoshad Islam
David knows his blockchain. Thus is a technology business, with blockchain integrated solutions to crowfunding. Think stock market meets kickstarter. If you have a business that could use 250k -5 million in equity based capitalization, they have a turnkey answer to get all the legals and technical capacities together to crowd fund your objectives. You need to be prepared before you start. Answer the 5 questions in the image. Then come here. Open morning office free consultations are on Fridays 930 - Noon.
6 months ago
Joseph Bell
Met for the monthly meetup gathering on community crowdfunding using cryptocurrency security and methods. David shared some valuable insights on his experience with crypto and I will be keeping in touch. They also have BTM on-site (bitcoin teller machine), which I didn't know was a thing. Great for you guys!
6 months ago
Bandit Rascals
Great place to meet up or cowork.
2 months ago

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