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P.C. Richard & Son - Corporate Office & Warehouse is located at the following address: 150 Price Pkwy, Farmingdale, NY 11735, United States.

The norms of P.C. Richard & Son - Corporate Office & Warehouse are steady growth, decent quality, customer focus.

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Location coordinates: Longitude - -73.4284700, Latitude - 40.7398940

P.C. Richard & Son - Corporate Office & Warehouse
Rate: 3.5
Address: 150 Price Pkwy, Farmingdale, NY 11735, United States
Website: pcrichard.com
Phone number: +1 631-843-4300

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Latitude: 40.7398940
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netslide r
3 days waiting for a same day delivery!! Purchase date 6/30/21. It is now 7/2/21.. currently on phone with them. They wont get me someone in charge, and all they keep telling me is a later delivery time. The same thing I've been getting for 3 days. Disgusting!!. This is straight false advertisement and abuse of the consumers!!
3 months ago
Hye Lee
Their repair section wanted my 84 years old grandmother who had just bought a airconditioner with a warranty the previous year to spend two weeks with a hole in her wall covered in a garbage bag while they tried to fix a freon container that was damaged and slowly leaking. When we said we wouldn't leave her, who has copd in a house without air for two weeks with a hole in the wall they said we refused service (having after said they would replace it then back tracked). Oh and all of this was done the week before the 2 year warranty was up. How convenient.
2 months ago
Irina Strepetova
I have recently purchased a refrigerator along with a stove and dishwasher from the pc Richard store in manchester ct. The fridge got delivered on time however with no ice maker kit and fridge doesn't work freezer keeps freezing up. I have called the store several times to speak with a manager and they kept putting me on hold and said there isn't one available. No return calls from a manager after I left my info several times. I have now cancelled my stove and dishwasher. Corporate has yet to call me with my time window for today after waiting 5 days from when I called in for a matenace guy to come. Their customer service is absolutely horrible I won't be spending another dollar in their stores. Also I had to through out all my groceries from fridge due to not staying cold. Smh I knew I should have stuck with bestbuy.
2 months ago
Priscilla Martinez
Had a very bad experience at the Bay Plaza store near Co-op City,went to purchase a stove ,refrigerator,two 55 inch tv.My girlfriend was present with me while discussing with the sales person Felix about the size of the stove and fridge to fit. He informed us they deal with residents all the time from Co-op City. The stove had no problem getting into the apartment and into the kitchen however the refrigerator wouldn't fit thru my. I called the store and spoke with Felix who came over to my apartment with a measurement tape. He told to come back to the store to pick out a smaller refrigerator, when I arrived at the store I was informed they they had a delivery guy who would take the door to my apartment to get the refrigerator in. I agreed with this made a appointment for two days later in the morning,while waiting that day for the fridge and calling with them telling he would be coming. Finally at 3pm they informed me the person called in sick, so a appointment was made for 08/02/21 ,the delivery guy took the door off the hinges to my apartment then found he had to take the doors off the refrigerator to get it into the kitchen. Later I went to the store to exchange a tv wall mount for a full motion tv mount. At this time I am only dealing with the manager the salesperson see me and comes over and I tell him he didn't take care of correctly he tells me in front of the manager he informed me and my girlfriend that we might have problems getting the refrigerator in. I have never felt so disrespected like that before. The sales peoples stand seem to think this was humorous..Update 08/04/21 still waiting to talk with someone from pcrichards or is your reply to make people believe that take issues serious.Your have my contact number.
2 months ago
amazing ambu
Wish I could give 0 stars. Recently I had bought a fridge, about 5 days ago and it keeps blowing the fuse in my kitchen. I have never had this issue with my previous fridge. I had an electrician come out today and there’s no problem with the electric connection he said it is definitely the fridge. I’m disappointed, I’ve been ordering from PC Richard for years now. Not only did I have to deal with RUDE and nasty delivery guys, this now happens. I recently started a new job and I can’t take any days off. The only days off I have this week is Friday-Sunday. How am I suppose to survive with no fridge for days with a big family that includes elders and children? This is ridiculous.
4 months ago
Diedra Barrion
Horrible. This company is a scam and will charge for service charges and not even fix the issue(s). I will never support this company again. My parents have both taken off of work to be home for the service reps and they either didn’t fix the issue and charged us a couple hundred dollars or just didn’t bother to show up and let us know that they were not coming.
4 months ago
Melida Kringeler
PC Richard installed a washer & Dryer in my home on 5/14. The installation company didn’t reinstall the water softener hose back properly. On 5/20 the water softener reset at 1am causing water to drain throughout my laundry room kitchen , dining room and porch. My floors are ruined. I put in a claim. Someone came to assess the damage from the installation company 5/26. My claim was denied due to no water or leakage was present. My wood floors have buckled. And of course I had it fixed by my plumber so there was no evidence of water! PC Richard needs to make this right. I have my plumber bill and damaged floors that have to be completely replaced! This is ridiculous that I’m having to fight for something that’s clear cut!!! Don’t buy from this company I will never patronize this company again!
6 months ago
Tommie James
My recent experience with PCRichards was terrible. The sales person was good and the product seems to be OK, but the service from the company was terrible. The stove arrived but the delivery people did not follow instructions. The cord w. the plug was not on the truck! It was paid for and necessary for installation. Someone brought it the next day only to learn that it requires an electrician to connect the stove. Why was I not informed about that? This stove could be purchased anywhere so why go to an unreliable store (Yonkers NY)? Very disappointing.
5 months ago
Ronnie Holley
Total time of visit 3 hours 2:45 waiting time 15 min loading time You have to be able to back up at the first try in order to get it in the dock properly no space to go forward since its inside the building When they finish unloading you have to go out on the street to close your trailer doors the first security just signal to go out i got off but was told better yet signaled again to go second security by the street said to go on the street the security that assigns a dock door doesnt give details in what to do paper work un hook from trailer and park on the side and litle things like that. No communication with truck drivers was here for the first time i coulndt guess all of this appointment was at 12:45 pm got there at 12:00pm left at 3:05pm
3 months ago
Phil Muzikant
Washing machine was delivered today 3/16/21 - Installation was amateur at best. The fill & pump hoses were hard bent instead of installing them properly to avoid future issues (splitting) of the hoses. I called the installers while they were only one stop sign away and they could of cared less and told me there was nothing they could do! (after a $20 tip) - Not to mention there was not even a overview of how the machine works. I will be using Lowe's white glove service from now on....Stay away from P.C Richards at all costs...the $100 you save on appliances is not worth the aggravation or amateur service installs.
7 months ago
Danielle Falcon
I call for a service all on 5/24 for an AC repair that is scheduled for this morning. No one shows up so I call to find out what's going on. I speak with Mohamad who will get back to me. 2 hours later I call back again to find out my original call on 5/24 is marked as complete and a new all is set up with today’s date (6/4) and the service call scheduled for 6/15. I have another appointment on 6/15. - Why did I not get a callback? -Why am I waiting another 11 days? -Why is Mohamad making appointments for me without letting me know about them? I ask for a manager and they give me a name and an extension number (very temped to type it). But He’s not around at the moment. All this time I’m hearing how they stand by what they sell on the hold message. My contract is with PC Richard, not your contractor. Stop blaming them. You are an inch away from losing a customer who will be sure to tell everyone they can what to expect for your service department.
6 months ago
Sam Chun
Love this store. Nicest people working here. Always explain products capiblities in plain language and never feel pressured to buy anything that isn't right for my needs. Highly recommend
7 months ago
Zhengyong Zhou
I got appointment for today 8;00am - 12;00, had to call several time to know when they will be here. At 12;00 they finally called me and said they will be here around 1;30, THIS IS UNEXEPYTABLE, I BOUGHT ALL MY APPLIANCE AT P.C.RICHARDS, SEND MY DAUGHTER AND FRIENDS, AND YOUR SERVICE IS NG. NO ONE LIKE TO BE HOME IN A NICE DAY AND WAITE, AND NOT KNOWING WHAT IS GOING ON. I HOPE THEY COME SOON, OR ALL THE INTERNET WILL NO HOW BAD YOUR SERVICE IS.
3 months ago
tauqeer mirza
My husband and I have shopped at P C Richard & Son for years. It had always been a pleasant experience. But this time....a nightmare. I purchased a laptop online yesterday. When I put in my credit card info, it denied the card and suggested I call them. I spoke to Joe who directed me to their website and it asked me to put credit card information in. I expressed my concern that my card would be charged twice. He assured me it would not. Fast forward....my husband went to pick up laptop and sure enough there was an issue with two charges going through. Today is Saturday and the Succasunna office is still working to get the charge off. I've read all the other reviews. Looks to me like this business is sinking.
7 months ago
Popeyes People working here. Takes forever to give dock. Security guard rude and looking for money to get u door fast. If u dont pay guard under the table. Drivers wait here 5-8 hours regardless what your appointment time is. Small warehouse with no space at all for semi truck backing.
3 months ago
Pardeep Kumar
Terrible company. The extremely poor customer service alone is enough to avoid this place. Placed an order online for an item that was being shipped to a different location other then my home address because l am presently out of town on business. When l was forced to call in for “verification” l got one of the most atrocious customer service agents named Michael, this dolt rudely begins to ask a series of questions as though this was some form of interrogation and I’m on the witness stand. Unacceptable. After a few minutes of this absurd interaction l immediately told him to cancel my order. Super glad l did because l ended up purchasing the same item at a lower price from a top ranking retailer (their customer service is loads better, they’re in the top 3 for a reason). If you value your time and prefer to spend money where your business is appreciated steer clear of P.C. Richard & Son.
7 months ago
Kassandrea Church
i wish i could give a zero stars. June 5th our fridge was not cold. June 7th called PC richards. They told us no availability until June 22 for service call. We called our salesman and he got us June 9th. Steve Spano said we need a new compressor. Steve came on June 12 and put in a new compressor. He told us not to put anything in the refrigerator until June 13th at 5:30pm. Refrigerator was still not cold and read 80 degrees. Called PC on 6/14 to get service on 6/16. On 6/16, service guy came and said there was "nothing he could do and its out of his league." Said a mechanic will come on 6/17 between 9-5. PC called and said no one will be coming and they have to order parts. Said they cant come until Monday June 21. We had to stay home from work for 3 days for nothing to get fixed. We have had no refrigerator now for 2 weeks and counting. We lost all of our food and have had to live out of cooler. I had to send my mother to live somewhere else because her medicine that she takes need to be cold. We've had to eat out every night since June 5. PC continuously told us a supervisor will call and NO supervisor ever called. Someone came today and said we now need to replace our refrigerator. PC Richards is making us pay the difference for our new refrigerator which i think is ridiculous considering we have a 10 year warranty and have only had the refrigerator for 3 years.
3 months ago
Chukanaa Tsenddorj
They sell you a service warranty then run like the plague. I have a bad refrigerator from them by LG and now they have come to 3 or 4 times replacing this and that and they still can't get it done. Everytime I have to tape up my house to have a one way entry to avoid Covid-19; but they still don't know what they're doing. Instead of giving me a new fridge. Three Strikes and your done. Never will I buy from them again. Say goodbye to a 20 year customer.
4 months ago
randy Grindle
Bought a 55”Samsung tv with s paid warranty from pc Richards n after 2 1/2 years tv needed a new mother board. Tech came after a week to replace mother board n after a week the same problem happened. Called again for service n tech came n said it needs a new mother board which had to be ordered as the current new one is defective. After another week tech comes back with new mother board only to find out that one doesn’t work either. Tv also has a wifi issue in system . Now the service department is saying they have to order new parts and will call us when they come in to schedule another service call. Unexceptional!! Paid for warranty n have to go thru this nonsense when they should now replace the tv. We have purchased many appliances from pc Richards stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, stereo n I will never do business with them again and I will make sure my family, friends n neighbors will be informed of the way they do their operations.
5 months ago
Alex Wiese
Hope your not Delivering here,if so don't get in no hurry appointment don't mean a thing.
3 months ago
Josmy Bristo
We received a delivery of a washer and dryer. It is a tough delivery but two washing machines and dryers were delivered previously. The delivery men took one look at the entry and refused to even try. We went back and refunded our purchase on flatbush ave and Quentin Rd in brooklyn. We then repurchased at Clearview on Nostrand Ave Brooklyn. The delivery men had no trouble at all. What a troublesome experience. Thank you Clearview.
5 months ago
Evgeniia Lav
NEVER purchase from PC Richards, especially the Elmont store on Linden Blvd. The employees aren’t professional and appears clueless. One of the store managers, Carson should be fired. Unprofessional is a nice word for this “person”. Stay far far away from this store & the ENTIRE chain!
8 months ago
Vanessa Yanez
I purchased a mattress (queen) and two twin box springs and a frame this was and still is the worse experience in my life... I didn’t have to wait but a couple days for everything I purchased to get delivered and it came as promised the problem I had was with the Manager/Salesman (Brian) I had to get frame twice cause the first one didn’t fit ( even though I told Brian the frame was for a headboard and footboard to no avail he sold me one that didn’t have to have a foot or headboard connection I physically bought it back to the store and a salesman exchanged for the one he said I needed got back home with it and it didn’t fit bought that one back and was going to go to mattress firm and purchase one but the store manager ( Brian) said it would fit and if I met him at the store he would follow me home and put it up for me ( at the time I didn’t know managers/salesmen ARE NOT suppose to come to your residence.. the first mattress and box springs they bought out put my bed right on the floor couldn’t even get my hand under the bed nor could I make it up because it was tooooo low to the floor... I told manager about the situation and he said I would have to sleep on the mattress for 30 days before I can return/exchange I then called Corporate Office and they responded and they said my exchange was approved and I could go into store and pick another mattress/box spring and frame well today they delivered my mattress and box spring but no frame.. I called the store and spoke to manager again (same one) and I told him the delivery guys said there was no mentioned of a frame and when they look at the frame Manager so-call put together they took pictures and assured me that the frame was improperly put together and it was connected to footboard I also took pictures and sent to the manager and he replied he would come to my house on Wednesday (because that was the only day he had off) I was in total disagreement with that I have been sleeping on the floor going on three weeks now for no reason but the frame is not properly put together to fit bed... I called Corporate and waiting for them to get back in touch with me if they don’t soon I will take this matter further and to a higher authority... as I mentioned I am 71 yrs old insulin dependent diabetic with Spinal stenosis no one at ANY age should be treated like this.. This is very poor customer service and I don’t know about the rest of you that gave a review but I will NEVER shop there again nor will I recommend this store ( franchise) to ANYONE!!!! Waiting or CORPORATE to get back to me now
6 months ago
Justiss Terlisner
Avoid ordering any appliances that state “Special Order”, you will wait 3 months for it. When I called to inquire initially about my order, they gave me attitude that it takes up to 8 weeks for special order items, and even marked me of calling to inquire, because when I called second time at 5 weeks they gave me attitude again that they already told me that it will take up to 8 weeks. At exactly 8 week mark, I was texted that my product is ready for delivery and to follow link to schedule online. I clicked it as soon as I got it and it tells me something had changed and I need to call in. I called in and was told soonest delivery in my area is in 3 weeks and I can’t pick it up because it’s coming from warehouse. Thanks PC Richards for making me wait 3 months for a product I could’ve ordered from Home Depot and wait for less than a month. Will never use PC Richard again, hope you go out of business. Will update once the product gets delivered, hopefully undamaged.
9 months ago
mario gracas
No customer service. I installed a $6,000.00 mini-split air conditioning /heating system this summer from PC Richard. Two weeks ago, during a nor'easter, it failed. I've been calling their "mini-split service division" ever since. No one answers the phone, just a recording that says they're closed-leave a message, even during business hours. I leave messages like an idiot. Not even a call back. Nothing at all.
10 months ago
Matthew Hunt
Do not get the warranty from PC Richard. They are not accommodating and you will have to wait a month or more for someone to come fix your appliances. Customer service people give you the run around and refuse to put a manager on. I’m not sure I will ever give them business again.
6 months ago
Kimberly Broussard
My Frigidaire freezer has not worked in a month, This is despite 3 service techs coming to the house. The last time was yesterday when they replaced a fan and thermostat(s). As of the this morning the same issue exists. When I call, all of the service reps are sympathetic and nice, but I am told someone will call back. Of course that normally does not happen. I am hopeful for today. The issue is that a tech will look at the freezer and then say we have to replace this part. Of course they will have to order it which will take at least a week, then schedule another appointment, at least 2 weeks and we will be in October, 2 months after this started. I paid extra for the extended service plan, but did not realize it meant extended response time and repair. At this point, it would probably be more cost effective just to replace the refrigerator, to which I am eventually entitled to, since it will cost probably 5 trips to the house plus parts. Meanwhile I am with out a freezer for 2 months.
2 months ago
Lazindie Hager
We are completely outraged as a company ,that we were scheduled to deliver here we were given an appt time and have been waiting for hours to be unloaded. This is a live load and the P.C. Richardson team has disregarded the trucks that have already been here waiting and starting unloading trucks that came in after. This Team does not work well on expediting unloading at a fast pace to turn drivers around quickly. Their Management need to do something to push this forward faster we have other loads to pick up.
1 month ago
David Boivin
Avoid this company at all cost. I placed an order of Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Washer for store pick up at the store. After waiting a few days, I decided to call the customer service and I was notified that the product was damaged at the store of my choice, but instead I will receive a shipment in the mail from the warehouse in 3-5 business days, which I didn’t. I have been trying to contact the customer service through phone and email (wrong email address was given to me by the representative thru website chat), but I had no luck in finding out what’s going. I was able to talk to someone on the phone and I was told that the order got cancelled for some unknown reasons. When asked to send me the cancellation email, they told me they don’t have access to it and I was not charged as well. I used a gift card and I immediately checked my balance and there was $0.00. Extremely frustrated and annoyed because P.C. Richard is not being transparent with me. If the order was cancelled, I should receive an email about it and the refund as well. Worst company in the world
10 months ago
Matt Lajoie
Delivery is to slow. By appointment only but still waited
3 months ago
Mike Fanz
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Jason Heaton for another exceptional delivery experience. I recently received a delivery at my home for a new washer and dryer. I was a little apprehensive about receiving the delivery during the pandemic, but must say Jason and his co-worker put my mind at ease immediately with their professionalism and concern for sanitary processes. I soon realized that Jason also delivered a dishwasher to my house a year earlier. I remembered how professional, knowledgeable and helpful he was during that delivery and installation process. Jason and his co-worker were just as helpful this time. They installed the washer and dryer quickly and efficiently but more importantly clearly explained how to use each appliance. I rarely write reviews but felt I should let their Supervisors know how satisfied I am with Jason, his co-worker, as well as Brian Hoare the salesman in the Southampton store. I am a long time customer of PC Richards and will continue to be because of their exceptional staff. Thank you!
8 months ago
Duo Maxwell
I bought defective ac store salesman and manager gave me a hard time returning or fixing shop elsewhere
4 months ago
Robert Hammond
I will never do business with this company again there sales staff is completely incompetent and the management is even worse. I bought thousands of dollars worth of appliances from Moe in the Wayne store and he completely screwed up deliveries and didn't follow through with anything he promised. I then spoke with the store manager Juan and he is even more incompetent then his sales staff and he also never followed through with anything he promised and to top it all off I am having an issue with one of the stoves I purchased and they will do absolutely nothing to help its despicable. I hope this helps someone make the choice not to shop at this horrible company.
4 months ago
Stacie Fraz
Great floor staff, excellent after service , great repair service when required
7 months ago
Farhan Rizvi
OMG so today the pc Richard driver delivering my new stove due to fact that the one they delivered two weeks ago was damaged and they were replacing it tried to hit me with the truck when I went to question him about my installation. As a retired police officer and 911 survivor I have never treated anyone nor have I been treated like this ever in my life. To be almost a victim of vehicular asssault I take this very serious and plan on taking legal action. This is not the way your treat a customer of 26 years.
11 months ago
Angry Smurff
Jeffrey Manalapan New Jersey helps me all the time great guy thank you
9 months ago
Angela Moctezuma
HELP Frustrated...Customer Service is dead. Purchased micro, refridge, and stove at Nanuet NY store. After several trips to store. The night before delivery discovered the stove was ordered in wrong color. Salesperson insisted that was what I wanted. Got different stove more $$$. Delivery day went OK until they couldn't get ice/water on door to work. Called manager was told someone would be there next day 4 hour wait time no one came & no call. Called store spoke to Jose Mgr. told me I needed a tech? Wasn't that who was suppose to come?? I asked him to send a tech today & call me with info ..no tech, no call. Someone has to rectify this I called customer service at main number I was 27th on line. ????
3 months ago
Chris Lewis
Sold me a used item as new item has not work they have been going back and forward with not want to take back the item. I tell everyone to stay far from this company prices may seem good because all their items are floor models which don't work. This is the second time this has happen with this company. I will not stop until everyone know about this company. It's a good thing they are closed. Go else where to purchase your products.
4 months ago
Hadi Alim
4 months ago
steve Tripoli
Service was smood and faster pick up the box was good
10 months ago
Jessica Flores
I called the North Haven store and ask if it was OK to go into the store so down the street from the facility I drove to the North Haven store and got on my car with my mask drove up and got out in a person by the name of Al held up his hands and said O what are you doing I said I call them said the weekend going to the store this is by appointment only in this store you cannot come in he stated while I just spoke to Emily and she said we are more than welcome to come in know we're only a accepting people by appointment he said what great customer service hold of his hams like I was a somebody that was trying to rob the place great customer service LI will not go back to that facility basically cutting up my card and never returning to that.POOR CUSTOMERS SERVIVE .HE SOULD BE CLEANING TOILETS ..
6 months ago
Tony Chen
I went to pay my pc richard's bill 2501 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY 10468. Five time i was asked to put in my social security number. The store manager refused to give me her name was very unprofessional. None of the employees are wearing mask and they don't practice social distancing. You have customers walking around the store without a mask. Stay away from this place. The store manager thinks that she out in the streets.
2 months ago
carmelita rigg
When I ordered my washer over the phone I thought feels associate help me and the two spots that were open for delivery for Saturday or Tuesday and I said Tuesday and he showed up at my doorstep on Saturday the sales associate was not friendly at all about rescheduling the delivery And then he was trying to help me pay for a delivery charge because I declined the delivery on Saturday when the whole Time it post to schedule for Tuesday I’m trying to help me pay $60 and his personality was not very friendly at all
2 months ago
Leo Betancourt
My 1 star it's not with the store or service I received during my purchase. It's about my extended warranty. I purchased a GE portable washer and I had nothing but problems with this item. I called and they came out 4x to my place to still have the same issue. My last call I was told they would send a different tech out and after waiting from 8am-12pm no1 showed up not even a call. I called and they said the tech was running late which was now 1pm. I received a call from GE but still no tech. I than called again around 2pm and was told that the tech came and called. Which was a LIE. I said how when I'm here all day waiting and if they called why my phone didn't ring or a message was left? Why didn't my bell ring when I was getting deliveries that day n my bell works just fine. I told them I'm not going to keep taking off for techs to come out to still have the same issue. I asked for a replacement and was told they had to put a request in. They called back less than 20 minutes to say it was denied and I have to let the tech come out again. Now that Saturday I get a call 6am saying sorry the tech never showed up but would I like to make another. Now I'm going to small claim court and I'm taking both depending on what the tell me when I go to the court house. I refuse to pay money to wash clothes or lose another day of work for a tech to come out 5x after waiting on them 6x
2 months ago
Laura Cortez
Unable to get my product serviced by PC Richard, even though I purchased it at their store. Let on hold for over 10 minutes when waiting for manager in Paramus store. When I called corporate was #50 waiting. Not happy
10 months ago
Mohanraj M
Well stocked but a little slow in bringing out merchandise to loading ramps.
3 months ago
Beccah Flynn
Problem with a product I picked up. They delayed rectifying until an "INVESTIGATION" was performed by their security dept. Basically bought a 65 inch television that was broken and called them the next day and that's when it started... They made me feel like a criminal when any other place you just return the item.. They asked if I tried the TV on the loading dock? Are you kidding me????? Anyway. Their SECURITY INVESTIGATION revealed that THEIR employees failed to follow their protocol and show the buyer the items worked by removing them from the box and plugging them in. I TOTALLY understand they need to protect themselves in today's world but DON'T make your customers feel like a criminal!!! Next time Best Buy!!
4 months ago
Thomas Wanninger
In and out Service personnel was very efficient
10 months ago
shan velan
Very nice and professional personel. Especially security. Awesome place for truckers delivering load.
6 months ago
Roberto Santana
Went to PC Richards in Bellmore this week to buy an AC and I was helped by Tom Kennedy. He was so nice and so helpful that I wouldn't hesitate to go back to him for my future purchases. While I was there another customer came in that he had spoken to on the phone and when the gentleman came in he was willing to wait for Tom to be finished so he could take care of him. In a true professional manner Tom passed the gentleman to another associate so that he didn't have to wait for him to be done with me. Great guy, true professional and very knowledgeable.
5 months ago

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