World Market

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Welcome to the World Market furniture store at 201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502, United States. This is where you'll make your dreams come true and find the products you've been looking for.

Promotional offers, furniture market trends and much more await you in our spacious sales area. The variety of collections will interest both fans of classics and ultramodern style. We will help you beautifully decorate a room in the spirit of Provence, chic, loft, high-tech, minimalism or modern.

You can choose from a variety of colors, textures and materials. The competent consultants of World Market salon will give answers to all your questions and will help to make a successful purchase.

All furniture presented in the range, made of environmentally friendly raw materials and certified. We provide a warranty on goods.

Customers will be pleased with reasonable prices, and seasonal sales and promotions help to save money. World Market store also provides a range of related services: assembly, delivery, lifting.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -118.3124949, latitude - 34.1834710

World Market
Rate: 4.5
Address: 201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502, United States
Phone number: +1 747-241-5030

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.1834710
Longitude: -118.3124949

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Bill Griffin
Interesting nic nacks from around the world. Great selection of booze
3 months ago
Darren Hale
Love how friendly and helpful all of the employees are! If you are picking up curbside, enter the alley off 1st street (east side of the "west garage").
4 months ago
Satara Cali
It's an interesting place with an eclectic assortment of merchandise including food items. Has the feel of a Pier-1 or an Akron.
2 weeks ago
Gregory Bubenyak
Good variety of drinks and delicatessen, fair price.
3 months ago
Judit Cseterki
Beautiful store. Just opened today! Convenient Burbank location.
9 months ago
Jon Proietti
Great selection for fairly good quality stuff
3 months ago
Alin Stancioi
Very happy with my purchases today ..
3 months ago
Virgil Naveda
My second home, has good deals, sales fluctuate, but the rewards program is definitely a plus. Good stock on international foods, wine and spirits. The Home, Kitchen, Bed, Bath and Beyond items are one of a kind quality finds for sure. They …
3 months ago
Hailey Huffman
An eclectic assortment of kitchen and home items like tables, food stuff, coffee machines, rugs, candles, gadgets. Its almost like a museum of nifty things. Great gift ideas everywhere!
2 months ago
Deb McManus
My mom loves this store. She always finds something nice for the house, be it a rug, a plant stand, olive oil or a delicately scented soap. Sign up to receive texts on special deals every week.
11 months ago
Irina Costache
The home gallery is the best.
3 months ago
Concepcion Florian
It's like pottery barn, the 99 cents store, trader joes and Costco all put together and mixed up.
9 months ago
Carol Dail
So many good stuff. Coffee, chocolate, european products to name a few...all at reasonable prices!
8 months ago
Eric Z
World Market, " I was not impressed by your performance..." I had different expectations and this why I should never have any of anyone or anything but its an ok place.
9 months ago
Khalid Hosein
I am a Rewards customer and frequent shopper at the Pasadena and Glendale stores. Over the weekend we bought a small sofa that was only available in the Burbank store. We called, put it on hold, and got there an hour later. We waited in …
5 months ago
john Sinclair
Ok, loads of stuff to choose from. ????
6 months ago
Nick Grady
I love the store, they have Christmas stuff now.
11 months ago
James Farley
Its ok Could be better
7 months ago
Jenna Jeffers
I remember when Cost Plus World Market was the hot new thing. Everyone and their cousin Vinny, wanted to go to Cost Plus World Market and check it out. Now, many years later, how does it hold up?
5 months ago
Julia King
Lany lany good products
1 month ago
Adais ViruetTorres
i was shopping recently with my daughter in burbank location and we had the best help and experience with an employee who worked in drinks area,she had pink hair ,if i’m not wrong her name was Eliza or Elize,she was super friendly ,helpful and full of life and positive outlook,we simply enjoyed her character ,,,,
5 months ago
Jeffery Lewis
A Fav place of mine to shop. What can I say they've got items from around the world! Foods, Drink, Household Items, Personal Care and Much More!
8 months ago
Marcus Young
Was picking up a gift and found something nice. Got in line behind 3 people to pay and was forced to wait 40min before getting checked out. Unacceptable wait time has lost me as a future customer. I had a lot to do and not a lot of time …
4 months ago
Nice place to shop for food and other stuff, has a wide selection from snacks to alcohol. Super friendly staff! Awesome service!
6 months ago
Bronwen Williams
Don't remember
6 months ago
Rameika Hale
They always have lots of fun stuff here. It is a little pricey for my taste. I wish it was more like Cost Less World Market!!
8 months ago
John Adkins
2 months ago
William Coleman
Fun store lots of new goodies
2 months ago
Staci Hunter
Interesting had .not been there before. Find items viewed on TV. I liked it.
5 months ago
Jupiter Harris
New addition to the Burbank mall . Really nice friendly staff. A lot of cool furniture, different things and foods you can't find anywhere else. I can't really describe it that well, you'll just have to check it out for yourself.
5 months ago
Love being able to get unique good and candy. They always have a great selection.
6 months ago
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3 months ago
Vaughn Hayes
Great staff, nice and kind! You can actuslly find delicacies from all over the world!
4 months ago
brenden day
The manager is very helpful and kind. He made us feel welcome.
4 months ago
chester mejia
Lovely selection of international snacks and beverages! Wonderful decor! Great place for gifts that are out of the ordinary!
5 months ago
Olivia baumann
I love this store! So many goodies and everyone is friendly and helpful.
6 months ago
Ted Fragogiannis
Easy parking and never crowded! Love all the food and condiments. Make for great stocking stuffers!
8 months ago
Carolyn Williams
Place is always a shopper's delight with food to furniture. My go to for gifts or if I just need to get away. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
5 months ago
Leda Mahmoodi
Ivana the cashier was great, I promised her a Yelp review but I couldn't find them on there . But she was funny and energetic if her boss is reading this total give her a raise ????
10 months ago
Shannon Greene
Cost Plus World Market is an amazing place to have decent furniture! Very friendly guys and doesn't over charge! I highly recommend them.
5 months ago
Nathan Mannlng
What can I say? If you like unique and imported items (from food to furniture) and there is always something that finds me which I end up buying - mostly chocolate!
2 months ago
Joel Wilcox
I love it! They have large varieties of products from all over the world with reasonable price.
5 months ago
capital jones
Love going to World Market so many different enticing from all part of the world to go see what type of food they in stock as you could spend hours walking around looking a new items to see when you want to purchase alot of things like …
7 months ago
sean com
World market in Burbank is nostalgic that's all I can say.
8 months ago
Jeremiah Kermensky
Just really cool stuff and ods and ends
5 months ago
Maureen McCormick
When you need a store that has an eclectic selection of gifts (think high end stocking stuffer) from pillows to food. Prices are fair.
5 months ago
Rene Garner
Great store
10 months ago
Mark Mann
I really don't think this Cost Plus is that great. The old Glendale one was amazing, as is the one at the Grove. This one is small with not much of a selection of goods.
7 months ago
Christine Kannis
I have no idea what this is & I don't Remember going there
4 months ago
datno hi
This place is pretty amazing! ! So much to see and buy.... from your common everyday stuff to very exotic foods, wines, beer,dishes, sheets, towels, rugs and furniture. …
8 months ago

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