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Sami Elhelou
A couple of weeks ago I lost both my pups. My baby girl died first, unexpectedly. I was completely devastated for the first two days, and could not function outside of taking care of her brother, who was sick, and I knew his time was coming to and end. Four days later, I made the decision to end his suffering, and said goodbye to him also. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would lose the two of them at the same time, never mind, that my seemingly healthy, and very happy girl, would go first. I called Chewy to see if I could return my boy's autoship delivery which I didn't even get to open. Not only did the customer service rep credit that order, but he also credited another order that I received shortly before that. I was completely stunned, and beyond grateful for Chewy's kindness, flexibility, and generosity. Fast forward a few days later, I went outside one evening to find that Chewy sent me a bouquet of rainbow roses, and a lovely note with their sympathies. I was stunned yet again. Breaking down in tears, I couldn't believe how much it meant to me to receive flowers from a company (people) that I don't even personally know. It meant the world to me. Thank you for everything Chewy! I will definitely continue to use this company in the future!
2 months ago
Noah Huggins
They have gone seriously downhill in the last year or so. Cancelling med orders (and not telling the customer), cans so badly dented that I feared botulism and threw them away, unclear website, …. Chewy, you have become more trouble than you are worth.
2 months ago
Tommy Harrison
Incredible company, the best of the best!! I have used Chewy for the past 5+ years and they have been helpful, accurate and quick to meet my pet buying needs. When my dog passed away this year, Chewy not only refunded my auto-ship that had come after his death, they also sent me flowers. SERIOUSLY, ABOVE AND BEYOND!! I will never go elsewhere and I will continue to highly recommend the Chewy site to everyone I know with pets. Terrific customer relations!!
6 months ago
Carissa Tolmie
A model for customer service! I ordered cases of food for my very finicky feline and received a delivery text notification from FedEx on Saturday morning. No package. Checked various locations that FedEx uses - still no package. (This has been the case with FedEx over the last year and hey, they have a lot more deliveries and the interesting experiences belong in their review.) Back to Chewy's phenomenal customer service. I called early this morning - 6AM Eastern - and was greeted politely and cheerfully but a wonderful representative who wrote up the claim and quickly processed a re-order. About 9 hours later, the package from Saturday is now on my porch. I called the customer service line and was again greeted by a wonderfully polite rep who sounded like she must have an infectious smile. She noted that the original shipment arrived and provided me with details about the replacement shipment. Truly brightened my day! Thank you.
9 months ago
John Junker
Fedex lost my chewy package! I called Chewy and they filed and complaint. They overnighted me a new package. Everyone I have ever talked to from Chewy has been amazing and very friendly. Chewy will forever have my business. ❤️
3 months ago
Chris Rhodes
Poor customer service (Faith C.) couldn't answer questions and got my info wrong. Disgusted. Went elsewhere, not worth the aggravation. Plenty of others selling pet food at a good price.
9 months ago
Junior Ayuso
Chewy “mistakenly” changed my autoship from 1 bag to 30! Even though the payments were always made via a credit card, apparently when 30 bags are shipped, chewy, also “mistakenly”, charged my debit card $2000!, depleting my account. When I called, told me that they do not know how 30 bags were ordered but refused to refund until I ship 900lb of dog food back. Complete lack of responsibility. Utter disregard for decency. Total lack of care. Fraud. Filing a complaint with Massachusetts Attorney General tomorrow.
3 months ago
Gareth Markham
I have used the autoship for awhile now for my dogs prescription food cost more at the vet. My old man passed away recently and I notified them that I want to return food that hasn’t been opened for isn’t cheap. They refunded my money right away and expressed sincere sympathy for my loss. I will donate the food to a local shelter. This company has the best customer service I have ever used.
10 months ago
Muz Zle
Can't say enough good things about Chewy. When I told them our dog Maxx passed and wanted to return an unopened box of Forti Flora, Amber reimbursed us for both boxes. We're going to donate this to the Animal Rescue League of NH. And we never expected beautiful flowers. Thank you Amber and Chewy!
3 months ago
Jules Kelly
I purchased an item on Chewy website but was not happy with it. I requested a return. Within 12 hours, I got a refund from Chewy for the item and received another email encouraging me to donate the item to a local shelter rather than sending it back to Chewy. The reps over the email were very friendly and courteous, inquired on my four-legged, fur babies. It was my best customer experience by far! I highly recommend Chewy for your beloved fur friends.
1 week ago
salvador garfias is such a wonderful company. I have ordered from them for many years and I just recently lost my dog to kidney failure. Two weeks prior, I received my usual autoship order, but I did not ever use the food since my dog was sick. When I contacted customer service to inquire about returning the food and flea/tick treatment, they advised me to donate the products and they would refund my money. Not only that, yesterday, I received a beautiful flower arrangement from them with their condolences. That really says something about this company and how they sincerely care for their customers. I will continue ordering from someday when I have another dog. Thank you!!!
7 months ago
Jonae Collins
Prices are very competitive. Customer service is great. And shipping is fast. Everything I look for in a company :)
9 months ago
Gloria Cunningham
In all my years I have never dealt with a better company than Chewy!!! They are brilliant and faithful and caring to their clients! Best prices too!! I have 4 cats and In all our opinion CHEWY ROCKS!!!!! Thank you everyone from Chewy!! Happy Holidays!♥️
10 months ago
Julie Dunahugh
The only thing this on line animal site is good for treats and toys. They are terrible for help with any thing that wrong with your pets. Don’t believe anything they say they can get for you because they can’t and they don’t tell you after a month or so your money is gone and no orders. They have to call a your license vet to get approval and they never approved. And never will and they known it . They scam you into believing that proscriptions they will have . Don’t bother giving them a order go to your own city and stay away!!!!
8 months ago
Mallory Moser
Great website and very convenient. Always good prices, good products and fast shipping. No complaints, I even bought some of their stock and it's performed very well. All around win!
11 months ago
David Cullins
Chewy is the best for selection and price.Customer service is excellent too! My Bella loves getting her blue boxes!
9 months ago
Mike Jones
I just wanted to share how amazing Chewy has always treated me. Recently their service is fast, correct and prices fair. In the past when I had to get special food for my sick dog they even seem concerned. Then when she passed they said donate the food and went above and beyond by sending a condolence card. The fact this company allows its employees to do this is wonderful and I always recommend using Chewy!! Thank you for still having a heart while being such a big company.
4 months ago
Nat Grey
I can't say enough positive about Chewy. I always trust the safety of the dog food I get from them because they care. Delivery times are amazing. I always get my food within 2 days. everyone I know who deals with them has only positive things to say.
3 weeks ago
melissa johnson
Thank you Chewy both for your amazing customer service and thoughtfulness for our cat Cookie who passed away last week after being part of our family for 17 1/2 years. The flowers were beautiful and so amazingly thoughtful.
1 week ago
Joe Hardie
Wow! is an amazing kind caring company. I informed Chewy through their website that my dog Princess had passed away at 14 and would like to return some recent delivered products for a refund. While I was waiting to receive a return authorization the next day Chewy sent my family an incredible flower arrangement with their condolences. On top of sending me flowers Chewy just went ahead a refunded me the full purchase price. Chewy is more than a .com company they care about you as their customer. Once I find a new dog I will be using Chewy forever for all my pet needs. Thanks you deserve more than 5 stars.
6 months ago
Christy Terp
I accidentally put the wrong address in for my Chewy order and so I had to call their phone number. I went directly to a real person (no press 1 for....) and the guy was so nice!! It's so refreshing to have friendly interactions. Chewy is also so great about sending everything quickly (sometimes, items arrive the next day) and I love their personal touches of handwritten birthday cards and other things.
4 months ago
Tatiana Bekker
Chewy is truly one of the greatest, most thoughtful companies I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing from & communicating with. If you shop online often, it is fair to assume that you are all too familiar with the stress associated with attempting to contact a company's customer service department when you come across an issue with an order. Well, with Chewy -- it is the exact opposite. Each time I have reached out to their team, they have always provided fast, friendly & professional service. After moving to a new apartment last year, I ordered a big box of items for my cat. I tracked the package & noticed the tracking said it was delivered, however, I didn't see the package anywhere. Naturally I panicked & contacted Chewy right away. I used the Live Chat feature on their website & within minutes, a friendly customer service representative re-sent my order to me, free of charge, without so much as a question. (Turns out my order was in the backyard, I should have looked better LOL). In addition to the ease of live chatting with employees when you have an issue, Chewy is also just a down right caring company. They sent a HAND-WRITTEN card to me for my cat's birthday. And yesterday, I received a package in the mail with the Chewy logo on it & wondered what it could be (as my package for the month had already come in). Turns out, it was another hand-written card and a HAND-PAINTED CANVAS WITH A PICTURE OF MY FUR BABY ON IT. If this doesn't prove to you how great Chewy is, I don't know what will. If you have fur babies, do yourself a favor & switch to Chewy for their products. Even during this pandemic, they have been excellent. I promise, you won't regret it :-)
3 months ago
Darlene Dubreuze
I need a soft-sided dog crate that is big enough to fit my Great Dane and narrow enough to fit in the back of my Rav4 with one seat up, had the largest range of sizes. I found one that just about worked, but was about an inch too wide to make the fit, so I reached out to ask about a return. I got a response in 24 hours, they apologized for the delay (what delay?!) and issued me a full refund, given the pandemic they asked that I donate the dog crate rather than return it. What great customer service, it's great to find a company with character. I will certainly shop with them again.
2 months ago
David Moquin
I have had the most amazing experience with this company. I have unopened Rx food and a few other rxs that were unopened when my pup passed away. I received the most lovely email as well as gorgeous flowers (in addition to a refund). This level of customer service is above and beyond anything I have experienced. Amazing.
8 months ago
I just wanted to share this nice story about the good folks at Chewy’s. My mom buys dog food from them every month and her beloved pug Sophie suddenly passed away. The next day the order arrived as usual, my Mom called and asked if she could send it back. They said no, she could just donate it to a shelter and they would refund her order. A few days later flowers of condolence came in the mail. That was such a kind and sweet gesture. Thank you so much for treating my Mom well during such a tough time.
6 months ago
Lin Du
I had a problem with my order and they solved it immediately, absolutely amazing customer service and amazing products for my puppy. Absolutely love chewy
1 week ago
Sina Safayi
This company is horrible. I had a time sensitive shipment and of course, it was late, then Fedex said I refused the shipment, but they were just too lazy to deliver it, or delivered it to the wrong location. This isn't a new issue, their shipments were always late and they are WAY overpriced, there are no bargains here, none at all. Do yourself a favor and shop local, and at all costs, avoid PetSmart who owns this junk
10 months ago
Tricia Moore
I had a lot of hope. Have had several order issues and this last one will certainly be the last - I give up trying. In short, their backend systems used for inventory, shipping, etc do not seem to work the way that they intend to, leaving their customer service full of apologies and mysteries as to why things are not processing as designed. Maybe I'll try again in 2-3 years or maybe I will never do business with them again. I'm done trying to be a customer for now though.
2 months ago
Ryan Ayres
I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers with the nicest note from Chewy about the passing of my beloved Fergus. The rep found out he had passed away when I called to cancel his prescription. I can’t express enough my appreciation of this nice gesture. Thank you so much. I smile when I see the flowers. Best, Debbie Lee
4 months ago
Dwight Robinson
Chewy truly goes above and beyond with their customer service! When my order did not arrive I contacted customer service and they immediately shipped out a new order and it arrived the next morning. I sent them a picture of my happy cat and thanked them for their help. A few weeks later I received a canvas painting of my cat and a very sweet card! Thank you, Chewy!
5 months ago
Marcos Caro
All I can tell you is that Chewy is a remarkable company to do business with. They treat every customer as if you are part of their family. Any company that deals with the consumer should model their customer service off of Chewy's. I highly recommend buying all your pet goods from Chewy. I was able to cancel a special dog food order after my dog passed away. No questions asked. Then, I received a bouquet of flowers with a card wishing my family and I comfort while dealing with the loss of our dog. This company goes above and beyond!! Thank you Chewy, I really appreciate doing business with you.
2 months ago
Danny Delph
This is legitimately my first google review ever, and it's because Chewy goes above and beyond and truly deserves 5 stars. Always so quick to order from and prices are very competitive, and their customer service is 10/10. Addressed one of my concerns within 20 minutes on a Saturday night at 1030pm, refunding my order (that never showed up) and ensuring that a replacement shipment was going on first thing Monday. Keep on being awesome Chewy!
3 months ago
francisco chavez
Chewy is a great company. Besides offering a wide selection of quality products at reasonable prices, and during normal times speedy delivery of orders typically within a few days, they also have a “heart”. For several years I have been buying canned prescription dog food for my 14 yr old golden retriever who experienced GI dietary problems. Within the last few months, she began refusing to eat the canned food, so I tried the dry version of the prescription food to see if she’d eat it. She rejected the dry food as well, so we brought her to our vet for an exam. After his exam and lab work, she has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Since I had just purchased an order of the dry prescription diet that had not been opened, I contacted Chewy, explained the situation, and asked if I could return the food for a credit. They showed compassion over the well-being of my Golden, immediately credited my account for the cost of the food I had just received, and said that I didn’t need to return the food but could donate the food to my vet or a local shelter. As a senior on a fixed income, receiving the hassle-free credit for my last food purchase was truly appreciated. Chewy’s is a 5-star company and will remain my provider of choice for our pets.
6 months ago
Candece Frieson
The BEST customer service. When my dog passed I literally received cards and phone calls asking how we were doing and how our other dog was handling it. Whenever I have to clear something up on the account that has his name under it, like an autoship, they fix it for me in seconds while also having a nice conversation about how my other dog is doing etc. They aren’t robots talking they actually care about talking human to human. For Christmas I ordered a set of dog steps for my dad and he already had it. They told me to just donate it! What other company does that without the hassle of shipping and returning it? The best company to ever exist, seriously, they somehow manage to have hundreds of thousands of customers and nail it every time. I love them!
4 months ago
Wayne Bennett
CAUTION WITH AUTO SHIP!! Ordered Bravecto for my two dogs. Was automatically put on auto ship without authorization. Received an email two weeks later and charged again for same order. Called customer service to stop shipment. Was told they couldn't do anything about it until I received order. Relabel box. Then send it back and only then would I be refunded. Very shady practice!!
3 months ago
Jim Lumpkin
Simply an amazing company and the best customer service I've ever experienced. I called to initiate a return for some puppy food and supplies that my new puppy would not eat/use. Instead of having me return the items, they suggested I donate them to a local shelter/pet store. This is a company that cares for its customer's and their pets. Truly awesome!
6 months ago
Rick Carter
Ramp up the order to $49 to get the free shipping and the 1 - 3 day delivery usually ends up being at least a week. Amazon pricing is better and so is their delivery
2 months ago
Madeline Luft
Always used chewy since my friend recommended it. The price is always stable (unlike Amazon). Customer service has been the best I ever experienced. They really seem to care about my pet. Regardless of their past mistakes in shipping, I always end up more than satisfied working with their staff.
10 months ago
Bret Headrick
This company is amazing! We just recently started ordering from them for Christmas because we have heard such great things. The customer service is just incredible, they respond quickly to all queries and are happy to rectify any issues you have. Prices are very competitive, and quality of products is excellent. We recently bought a winter coat for our dog that was way too big once we got it. Chewy requested we donate it to a local shelter and sent us another that is the right size for the same Cyber Monday price. Just awesome!
4 months ago
Jerry Malone
Never disappointed with the service and customer care Chewy offers - even with the challenges faced by the current COVID situation they are thoughtful careful and considerate and have done an amazing job keeping up their excellent standards ... Will always be a loyal customer !!!
5 months ago
Djamad Ahmed
I 100% love love love Chewy and still do but right now I am so appreciative for them every time I put in an order. Yes the COVID19 is putting everyone out but we need to be patient and thankful we can still get our deliveries. I am very happy to have recommended 6 friends to Chewy because Chewy has bent over backwards for me, every time I may have an issue, even when it's my fault. The company has gone out of their way with excellent service, over the top service not just for me but my friends and family members.. Now here is my reason for posting, I did have 1 semi bad experience and was in a grumpy mood and my representative was having a bad day so it seemed. But, I was still a 100% devoted customer, always, and today I had a fantastic customer service experience that went over and above. My Representative was KIANA and she was amazingly awesome! I believe she deserves the recognition of outstanding service, I have worked in customer service and understand how the saying goes, "The Customer Is Always Right" and I disagree. So, if you're a Chewy customer, awesome, if not, what are you waiting for. If all businesses treated their customers like Chewy does, the world would be a better place.
4 months ago
Always order my pet supplies from Chewy. Always happy with their products. Me, my wife and our pet kids, Panda the hamster, Olivia the cat and Millie the puppy thanks you.
3 months ago
Juan Conde
I am CRYING. CHEWY. Chewy is the best company, in general, I have EVER dealt with. Customer service, quick delivery, SO friendly and helpful, cheap, sent us a handwritten Christmas card last week, ANNNNNNND THEY PAINTED ME A PICTURE OF MY DOG FOR CHRISTMAS ???????????????????? I am blown away!!! Chewy will forever get my business for my fur babies current and future.
8 months ago
Ali Alrayes
I had originally wrote a long review giving Chewy a 1 star, but they boosted themselves back up in a very short amount of time. My order was cancelled and I received an email saying I can call in, which I did. The first rep seemed new and when she gave me an answer that I did not deem as sufficient, I requested a supervisor. A gentleman got on the line saying I had to call my bank and get them on the line for further verification. My bank's hours for calling are the same hours I work, so this was not an option. I went to log into my account to see which billing address I used, and my account was also disabled. I was very frustrated with the process of my first order (and set up of an auto-ship) and the supervisor stated he would have their fraud or finance team reach out to me. He told me it was an obvious typo but still would not confirm what was wrong. I did not know when to expect a call back, but it ended up only taking maybe 5-10 minutes, which I was very impressed with. I spoke with Zachary who was awesome and thorough, he even listened to me rant (if you read this, thank you). He reviewed the account and agreed that it should not have been flagged and was very apologetic. While I do not get the food I needed for my cat when I expected it to arrive, he helped me place the order again and renewed my faith in Chewy. Hopefully the other reps will receive the proper training to avoid anyone going through this hassle again.
2 months ago
trang nguyen
When I requested to return an item I purchased, they quickly refunded my payment with this message, “ Rather than sending this back to us, please donate it to your local rescue or shelter if it can be used, or safely discard it if you feel it’s unusable.”. Outstanding customer service from beginning to end.
3 months ago
Robert Tyrrell
Chewy has the best customer service I've ever experienced. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed! ...Also, they asked me to send them a picture of my dogs and they sent me paintings of my dogs. It was so thoughtful and kind. I love this company! (Bonus--they have vegan dog food!)
6 months ago
Trashy Whiteboy
Not sure if this was a fluke, but I placed an order that needed vet authorization. After calling my vet twice to ensure they would authorize the order and them even calling Chewy to approve it, the order was canceled by Chewy. I had to contact Chewy in the meantime to figure out what the problem was since it has not shipped after a couple of days. In fact, I only received one email from Chewy 5 days after placing the order that they had not yet received authorization at 4:42pm, noting they would cancel the order 24 hours later. By 9:00am the next more, it was canceled. That is NOT 24 hours! I placed one previous order with Chewy and had no problems, but this time was ridiculous since I had been keeping in contact with my vet and with them throughout, yet the order was canceled. Very unhappy and disappointed with their service.
8 months ago
Michelle Disotto
Chewy is a company with a heart. I was one of many, many happy customers when I had to call them and cancel my auto shipments because my beloved pet died. They were lovely to me. But more than that, I came home a couple of days later to find that flower with a note of condolence had been delivered to me by this caring company. It meant so much that they cared about my loss. How many companies would go to such lengths to express such kindness; not many.
5 months ago
kim owens
I would highly recommend Chewy to anyone with pets! Our order has ALWAYS been right, the quality is top notch and the customer service is impeccable! We have a little fur baby that needs prescription food and they have been great with all the changes and processing orders quickly until we found the best one for our kitty. The one minor issue I had on one order they corrected within hours of my contacting them. Their prices are also great and if you have an auto ship the prices get even better, plus you can add to, delete from or change your auto ship in anyway you want.
8 months ago
Sherri Metzger
Chewy is one of the best businesses I have ever shopped with! They have superior customer service. I just called because one of my Autoship deliveries had a hole in the dog food bag. (I have never had an issue with any of my prior dog food shipments, and I've been ordering for about 2 years now.) Someone answered after the first ring, and shipped me a free replacement in a matter of seconds. No questions asked. You cannot beat the convenience and service. Thank you for being so incredible to our pets Chewy!
3 months ago

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