Hireology is located at 303 E Wacker Dr #400, Chicago, IL 60601, United States.

The rules of Hireology are client-oriented, systematic development, and a high level of service.

You can always get qualified help.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -87.6202482, latitude - 41.8874962

Rate: 1.6
Address: 303 E Wacker Dr #400, Chicago, IL 60601, United States
Website: hireology.com
Phone number: +1 312-253-7870

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.8874962
Longitude: -87.6202482

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Misti Libby
Initially had some success with Hireology. We only signed up for 3 months to start so we decided to give it another shot for an additional 3 months. The results we saw in the beginning ceased and we also had some issues with our posts. Our rep wasn't super helpful either. We alerted Hireology that we weren't going to continue with their service (since it's expensive and not yielding the results we were looking) but they told us tough luck and that we were locked in for an additional 3 months! Buyer beware
9 months ago
jackie whitaker
Buyer beware. Poor customer service. I tried to get help, can't get help. I tried to cancel, I can't cancel either. Their system didn't work for my home care company.
2 months ago
Vinit Verma
They called me for a determination of job application. Fine, but then wanted to know when I graduated High School. I have two college degrees. It is assumed I graduated high school. He kept pressing when I graduated. I then said, if I give you that information it determines my age. You aren't legally permitted ask me my age. He hung up on me. Oh yes that is Professional.
10 months ago
Abraham Levy
Very disappointed with the customer service. I do not recommend this service. It's just as easy to manage your own recruitment. The contract terms are a joke. Read very carefully before signing up. If you don't cancel 90 days prior to the renewal date you're automatically renewed. And of course you never hear from anyone all year.
1 week ago
Trish Meyer
We have had one of the worst customer services experience recently and have found the online information for the paid promotion packages to be misleading. We have been with Hireology for over two years as they were recommended to us by our Franchiser. The capabilities of the platform have always been mediocre at best but we stayed with it as it reduced some of the hiring load for us. Recently, for a job posting, we paid $100 for a Ziprecruiter 100 package promoted by Hireology, which is marketed as getting up to 100 applicants for $100. We did not see any uptick and infact some of the applications we received were from Africa while we were recruiting locally for Western Toronto. When we reached out to Hireology customer services they said the $100 is for 100 clicks not 100 applicants although the information on the website does not state that at all. When I asked Hireology's customer services rep for a refund and asked him how I can complain about this, he stopped communicating with me. It is hard to believe that in 2019, a tech company can get away with openly lying about its premium paid services. We are going to terminate our services with Hireology as soon as our subscription expires.
5 months ago
Nathan Askew
It's a great program, I would say it's a "Travelocity" in the employment hiring world. Hireology handles all employment website vendors and employment applications in one E-Z to use dash board. Plus they help filter applications so your not wasting time on the wrong people for your company.
2 months ago
David Jones
I would give this company less than 1 star if that was possible. Essentially zero contact with our rep. Canceled our use of this scam and they say that it was automatically renewed without any notification. Would strongly recommend you stay away from this company. It's value is below zero and they are not trustworthy
10 months ago
Renee Williams
Watch out from their contracts automatically charged me for a YEAR service without my consent , Do not want to refund.
2 months ago

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