You can find the Orvis clothing store at 2879 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States.

Orvis clothing collections are comfortable, up-to-date, modern and quality items for both everyday and formal occasions, at tasty prices.

Models are presented in full sizes.

The combination of original cut and fashionable shades will make you feel on top.

GPS coordinates: longitude - -77.0929040, latitude - 38.8881650

Rate: 4.4
Address: 2879 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States
Website: orvis.com
Phone number: +1 703-465-0004

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.8881650
Longitude: -77.0929040

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Reuben Herrera
Love this shop. Super attentive staff. Great selection of Orvis-ware. A couple of new things I hadn’t seen or owned before. Never hard to part with cash here. Good solid craftsmanship and everything lasts a good long time. Great place to have a store. Thanks ORVIS!
2 months ago
Kelsey Gaylord
The store is on the smaller size but the staff is phenomenal which makes up for the that.
9 months ago
Marilyn Lupo
Louis is a fantastic sales associate - go see him! In a world of ever-deteriorating customer service, he’s a shining example of professionalism. Will be back to this store again solely because of him!
8 months ago
Vaishali dhaka
Really good place to go for Barbour repair and waxing. They have the checklist, understand the pricing, and know how it all works. Interested to see how my 20 year old jacket comes back.
3 months ago
Scott Moore
Art, the store manager was extremely helpful and friendly. Helped me get some flies to fish some nearby stream. Great customer service
4 months ago
Briell Wilkins
As is typical of the Orvis company, this store was staffed by two very polite and professional sales associates (young men) who knew their merchandise and who had obviously received good training. The merchandise was all displayed neatly and organized by season, new arrivals then seasonal then sale merch, this I was told upon being greeted when walking in. And of course the Orvis quality at those price points still amazes me.
3 months ago
Hillary Field
Had to do an exchange of an item ordered online, and they were extremely efficient and very customer oriented. Great job! Will definitely be retuning for more doggie items.
8 months ago
Mandy Wright
Best place in the area, friendly people and even better flies
1 month ago
Brian Baggott
Pretty fancy but weird hours
2 months ago
Eric W
More of a outdoor kind of price with to expensive prices. Loved how it's a friendly dog place that gives out treats.
1 month ago
William Smith
Selection fly fishing rods, reels, and other fly fishing equipment. Plus clothing.
2 months ago
Ruf restaraunt
Kind service and store pick-up is great.
1 month ago
tom renard
Decent selection and helpful staff. Parking isn't the best but if you go down residential side streets you will easily find a free space.
3 months ago
Jenna Neave
Great knowledgeable staff. go to their free fly fishing lessons! they're a great time and the instructors made it easy to learn
1 month ago
Sam Wang
Great Orvis! It's very convenient that it is located inside the beltway and they have a great selection. Staff is also very kind and knowledgeable!
1 month ago
Sundiata Shaheed
Went to exchange father's gifts for a larger size. Excellent, efficient and very polite.
9 months ago
William Wade
I went in here to look for a gift and, let's be honest, it turned into me mainly looking around at things I wanted. They don't have a huge selection of women's clothes, but the man working showed me their catalog and said they could order anything I wanted. I could tell it was a store mostly for guys, but the staff is very friendly and disarming so you don't feel overwhelmed/intimidated.
3 months ago
Juan Villegas
Overpriced at retail but if you stock the sales, there stuff is usually the best. Excellent customer service and store staff are great.
1 month ago
Shawna din
I mean it's orvis, everything is great there.
9 months ago
Erick Kennard
I love orvis... And like the other orvis stores, this location has service that is simply terrific. Helpful, friendly, no pressure.
7 months ago
Farhan Rizvi
Disappointing selection for women as others have mentioned. Go to the Tysons location instead or just shop online. Today I tried to return a men’s shirt, which I did but didn’t get the full return price for it because I used a coupon ($50 off of $200 of goods). I spent nearly $400 for men’s clothes last week. The rationale was that the returned item had a part of the coupon used towards it. I never had this argument at Tyson’s whole returning items under similar circumstances. After a brief discussion the salesman eventually offered to give me the full return price. It should never have been a point to discuss considering how much I spent (double the coupon requirements). Obviously I would return to Orvis - but the Tyson’s location instead, where they actually have a decent selection for men’s and women’s attire.
1 month ago
Shirley McClain
Great staff and wonderful selection of products!
7 months ago
Great staff, good selection.
4 months ago
Leland Fleming
Knowledgeable and very helpful staff.
5 months ago
Holly Sletten
This store advertises being open till 1900 and spent $27.00 on a taxi ride to find out they closed at 1800. Not cool!
4 months ago
Margaret Foster
There stuff seems to be slightly over priced but the service and selection were both on point
3 months ago
Krishna Patel
The quality of this clothing has changed my wardrobe forever.
6 months ago
kaleb henderson
Nice outwear store!
3 months ago
karnig beylikjian
Fought through traffic and they were not open. Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!! They said they were open online.
7 months ago
Jamie Oryniak
Fishing, particularly fly fishing, this is the best in the area.
9 months ago
Molao Shaz
Great location and selection.
9 months ago

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