Relax The Back

If it's time to update your furnishings and you don't know where to turn, the Relax The Back furniture store, whose address is 1908 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, United States, can help you. This is where you will realize your cherished dreams and find the things you've been looking for a long time.

Bargain offers of the season, the latest arrivals, current trends in the furniture market, a wide range of products - all this is waiting for customers in our showroom. Variety of collections will interest the connoisseurs of ultramodern style as well as classics. We will help our customers to harmoniously furnish a room in the spirit of modernity, Provence, high-tech or Scandinavian minimalism.

You can choose from a variety of materials, textures and shades. The competent consultants of the Relax The Back store will answer any questions and help to arrange the purchase.

All goods are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. All the furniture presented in the shop window is made from environmentally friendly raw materials and is certified.

Customers will enjoy reasonable prices, and discounts, promotions and sales will help to save money. We can also offer additional services: pick-up, drop-off, assembly by qualified specialists, and delivery.

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Relax The Back
Rate: 5.0
Address: 1908 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, United States
Phone number: +1 954-565-9994

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Latitude: 26.1527537
Longitude: -80.1181395

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Anne Bryant
Craig Spencer as well as other staff where extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding products and recommendations that best suited my needs.
10 months ago
Margaret Turpin
If you suffer from back pain and require specially designed furniture to relieve it, this store is the place to go. It features the most ergonomically designed – and beautiful – office chairs, beds, inversion tables, massage chairs, and other items that will greatly ease your pain. Vinny Alaimo, store manager, is, for low-back-pain sufferers like me, a superior sales benefit no other merchant can offer. Vinny is extremely knowledgeable regarding back-pain issues and is able to explain in expert fashion why the chairs and other furniture he sells will help people with back pain. He's like a back-pain doctor without a medical degree. Plus, Vinny will personally deliver your office chair or inversion table at no extra charge, and set up these items in your home so they will work best for you. To me, this service is of great value; ergonomic chairs have 10 million controls, so it helps to have someone who is knowledgeable to set things up so everything will be just right for you. I am extremely happy I shopped at Relax The Back for two reasons: great commercial offerings and Vinny Alaimo. You can buy quality office chairs at numerous different stores; but only Relax The Back has Vinny Alaimo. - Mickey Murphy (75; broke my back when I was 17).
11 months ago
Brady Shafer
I write to acknowledge and commend the outstanding services provided me recently by Robert Acree at Relax the Back Store in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has an extraordinary inner capacity to listen carefully and deeply. As a result, he brings a sense of excellence that expands the abbreviation TLC “tender, loving care” to include (T) Tenacity; (L) Listening; and (C) Compassion. These qualities are invaluable in providing service to those who are looking for serious relief of pain.
7 months ago
Tony Mogford
I was in great need of a new bed that would be both more conformable and not telegraph my sleeping partner's movements throughout the night. The King Tempur-Pedic bed I purchased at Relax The Back exceeded all expectations. Both Robert and Vinny were a pleasure to work and a lot of fun as well! I highly recommend this store!!!!
10 months ago
Mike Deakin
My husband and I have recently purchased an adjustable split king bed from Relax the Back. We dealt with both Robert and Vinny at the Fort Lauderdale store. As we walked around explaining our needs they both were very friendly and making sure you were taken care of with any question or anythting they could professionald help us with. Both Robert and Vinny are very knowledgable about the product's that they sell and took alot time to work with us to get the best mattress and adjustable base for my back conditions.They both went above and beyound together to think of ways to make the right desecion that worked for us .We went to other matress stores and Robert and Vinny were by far the most knowledgable about the mattresses and adjustable frames that they sell. They were very professional but, still had time for a joke or two to make you feel comfortable and going over all option they had to offer us. They are the best and we'd recommend before making a decesion go to Relax the Back Store and meet Robert and Vinnie to let them help you! Thanks for helping us Joe & Sue
9 months ago
Dreamweaver John
I had an amazing experience thanks to Juan! He was very nice and set me up on the massage chairs and specific products the would help me with my lower back pain.
11 months ago
Went here on a Friday nite 10 minutes before closing I called first the salesman was so nice I bought a pillow a headrest and a neck wrap you heat up I love all 3 and use the daily .
3 months ago
Al Mason
Such a amazing place with the best staff and management you can possibly want from a bedding and office store. Their products are TOP notch and although the items aren't cheap, they're definitely worth it. Step away from the average crowd and start treating your most important thing in the world, your human vessel, to a better sleep, a better office experience and a better driving experience. NO MORE PAIN!
1 week ago
oliver jodi
I ended up with a new (as opposed to the floor sample that was advertised on sale) version of the basic office chair and it has worked out well. There is some assembly required for Relax the Back products and Bob Acree was pretty handy when he put it together and loaded it in my car. If my back was up to a challenge I doubt if I would be looking for Relax the Back products. Nice product and service. Look for periodic sales when it comes to price.
1 month ago
Syreata Brassell
My experience was fantastic thanks to Patrick. Very wonderful customer service and overall I will come back.
10 months ago
Justin Ruiz
Excellent products for back pain, from office chairs and desks, to beds and massage chairs, to accessories. Employees provide top notch product knowledge and customer service. Well worth popping in, it really is relaxing.
1 week ago
Christina Hoertz
Bought my office chair 10 years ago and it needed the arm rest repaired David Patino found the parts needed in the store and repaired it on the spot. Nice
10 months ago
Scarlett Kleinow
Juan set us up with the new Tempurpedic PRObreeze Med Hybrid King. SO COMFORTABLE - a step up from our original Tempurpedic! There was a sale going on that we WALKED INTO - so lucky! I also treated myself to an Omniphase protector to thumb my nose at dust mites. Also grabbed a ContourGel Side Pillow 3" that pulls the heat away from my head and neck. No more uncomfortable nights for me! Thanks to Relax The Back. ????
11 months ago
Almost ridiculously great service!! I bought an office chair from them years ago and it recently broke. I reached out to the local store and Robert Acree immediately responded and made a warranty claim. Soon the box arrived in my office and because the scheduled technician had to schedule later in the week, Robert came over himself and took care of the install. He was pleasant and funny during all aspects of the process and converted me from a mildly happy customer, satisfied with my previous purchases, into to a raving Relax the Back fan. To be it simply, I am blown away with the level of service given, especially considering how to many companies lately seem to take their customers for granted. Move over Batman - there is a new super hero in town - Back-Man! Simply amazing service!
5 months ago
kekealldayeveryday Jones
I had a tremendous experience at this location thanks to Juan. He is very knowledgeable about the products they sell and his customer service was top notch! I bought a new bed!
9 months ago
Logan Scaling
Robert Acree really cared about my sleep and how it would help me to have a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
10 months ago
Jonathan W
I went into the store on the recommendation of my chiropractor. I had a traumatic brain injury four months ago and struggle with whiplash, insomnia and a host of issues as a result. I have now purchased, with the invaluable help of the well-educated staff, including Craig, Robert and Vinnie, items to help my posture and sleep and the effects are already amazing. I told them I am coming back every week to buy something new! And I mean it. I look around now and see so many people in pain with bad posture and back and hip pain and I want to tell them that there is help. The folks at this store are amazing. Do yourself a favor- go into this store!
9 months ago
Mihir Kumar
I was in search of a few items and the store representatives were courteous, and very helpful. Follow up on inquiries were done expeditiously. Will definitely continue to check in with this store for future purchases.
3 months ago
Isaac A
Both Craig and Robert are exceptional. Very knowledgeable and more than willing to help. Products speak for themselves. Mike Q.
1 week ago
Anna Stanley
Great experience at Relax the Back with Robert - very helpful and knowledgeable. Great products. Would definitely recommend this store to everyone!
5 months ago
Ashley Krupczak
Maria and the staff at the Ft. Lauderdale location are awesome! My bed, chairs and stand up desk are amazing! It's improved my wellness beyond description. I highly recommend you visit their store!
3 months ago
Kapila AGM
Great service Craig and Bob are a real team it is always a pleasure to walk into the store. Fabulous customer service without a doubt delivery was on time both delivery drivers were extremely well mannered and carefull
3 months ago
Pamela Zelman
I just window shop here, the furniture's are a good quality, like that!
3 hours ago
Charlotte Haenni
This heated, massage and positioning leather chair is the best piece of furniture I have in the house. Hayden Leason
4 months ago
Wendy Hodges
Wonderful Experience! Friendly, courteous staff selling great products.
4 weeks ago
Lisa Teague
Greeted with a smile!! Professionalism
9 months ago
Lorna mbewu
Variety and relaxing.
2 months ago

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