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Hazel Bauer
Streeteasy randomly started sending me listing notifications every day. I have not used the service in several years and never updated my email preferences to subscribe to these comms. They do not have a customer service phone line or direct email, and you have to sign in to your account to unsubscribe from their emails, something I have never seen before when trying to unsubscribe to unsolicited automated marketing emails. I guess the only way to get in touch with them is to leave negative reviews/comments on social media. I have not used streeteasy in years and should not have to sign in to my old/inactive account to unsubscribe from your emails.
1 month ago
Daniel Gifford
StreetEasy has so many scammers. One of the broker is First Executive Realty Inc. in Sunnyside Queens 40 Street. His name is Sheikh Hussain. He lied and scammed multiple people in our neighborhood including me . You can see his listening post in StreetEasy by this name. So guys careful don’t go there.
1 month ago
Michelle Hussy
I have reported 1/2 dozen listings to StreetEasy support with information proving that the listed apt was not the apt that I was shown, sent them information to show Broker outright lied about a listing, sent them information that Broker was engaged in Bait & Switch tactics, among other similar issues, and not once has StreetEasy removed or required the listing to be removed. All I get in response is that "we have investigated the issue" = they are willing to allow Brokers to place fraudulent listings, wasting time and money of renters searching for apartments, because the Brokers are paying them. Since StreetEasy is unwilling to stop the fraudulent/fake listings, take note, I've now started a list of the fraudulent/fake listings, attached the email responses I've received from the StreetEasy and initiated a complaint with the NYC Department of Housing and NY AGs office. Just because Brokers are paying you StreetEasy doesn't mean you can continue to allow them to place fraudulent/fake listings and engage in bait & switch tactics to deceive renters. The jig is up.
2 months ago
Cr Fisher
Service is very badly. No one you can reached by the office phone number? What’s good about that??? Streeteasy put a lots wrong and old information! They charged fees even no reasons! Be careful!
1 week ago
Wolfe Hayashi
The apartments shown on the app look very good. The photos are well selected. But when I had a couple of tours after being attracted by some apartments, it was something different more especially the bedrooms are very tiny. The landlords and owners are playing trick. They transform most of the apartments with more bedrooms but smaller. The price are very high. The landlords and property owners must stop that. They can’t continue to change 1 bedroom apartment to 2 or even 3 bedrooms without living room and dining room. Customers/tenants are not ignorant or stupid.
10 months ago
Borislav Zamchev
Very irresponsible people after I applied and paid the application fee they never respond my emails, I never got approval or denial . You can’t call them or leave messages.
3 weeks ago
Rodney Fleurime
I went to see 5 listings yesterday with my friends and 3 of 5 were posted on wrong address or they were fake or totally incorrect with prices!!! stay away street easy! they allow fake listings on this platform!!!! Here is a proof below! I left a review a week ago and her add is still on StreetEasy! Which means that she is saying the truth! StreetEasy supports fake listings because those agents are paying them!!! Shame!!!!
7 months ago
Peter Couzynse
I de-listed a rental and then the tenant decided not to move forward. I have attempted to re-list the property since there are plenty of days left on the listing that I have paid for. There is no way to do that. I have sent numerous emails to StreetEasy to get them to re-list the property and credit me for days that I have been unsuccessful in reaching them (VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE / NO PHONE NUMBER????). They are not responding to my inquiries. They say there is an ability to chat. Where is the chat box located????
7 months ago
pramono nugroho
Street Easy is supporting fake agents and listings! My roommates and I came from DC and we end up seeing some apartments with Sandra from GZB Realty and all of them incorrect prices, pictures!! STREET EASY Support that and its HORRIBLE!!! STAY AWAY GZB AND STREET EASY!!!!
1 week ago
Dennis Tubog
We had terrible experience after using StreetEasy, we went to see one of the listings from Sandra Makarchuk from GZB Realty, which was absolutely fake! Wrong Apartment Number, Incorrect Price, Fake Pictures! False advertising! Stay away guys and be smart! They allow brokers like Sandra to advertise and don't even make problem for them because they pay for their ads. Shame on you Street Easy to all this kind of behavior!
7 months ago
Jordan Barhorst
No customer service available. Unprofessional and inconvenient platform to do business with.
6 months ago
THE WORSE! Costumer Service not existing! We listed an apartment 2 weeks ago and somebody decided to change the number of the rooms and they were wrong because is a perfectly legal 3 beds and we have sent the proof from the city after 1 week nobody responds to our email and inquiries and it is hurting the listing. The owner is furious and why we cannot chat with anybody? Ridiculous you should be ashamed after you charge so much to clients!
1 month ago
Melissa Britton
Don't use a broker named Zabrina Estrada. Didn't show for an appointment and then added insult to injury by claiming she is the consummate professional while lobbing insults towards the potential lessee.
1 week ago
Kevin Li
7 months ago
Yvette D
Very very bad experience, had to call 311 and other sources for the individual working my case. Very disrespectful on the phone always. Never met in person for 3 weeks .Always trying to scream at me cause he couldn't resolve any issues he would come to. Last phone call screamed and hunger up on me.
8 months ago
Chima J
N?o customer service, no listing, no response to "submitted requests", nothing from the ZILLOW parent company - absolutely the most unprofessional company I have ever attempted to deal with. All they do is take your money and ... nada. One star is one too many!
8 months ago
Harshal Gajjar
I wish I could give 0 stars. Absolutely horrible customer service for an overpriced website. There is no phone number or live chat to reach them for help and they don’t answer emails. I’m trying to rent an apartment and the website isn’t working so prospective tenants are unable to reach me. I am losing out on so much money!
11 months ago
Jareba Henderson
This has to be one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever come across. Customer Support is absolutely nonexistent. After waiting days for a response on multiple requests for assistance I have received no answer whatsoever. It's unbelievable that a company like StreetEasy is legally able to operate in NYC with such horrendous service.
2 months ago
Jalen Wilson
They pound you with junk mail and don’t unsubscribe. Do not give them a real email address. Even better skip this site.
6 months ago
Kevin Lee
Very very poor communications level. Very not responsible for the Ownership.
4 months ago
Frank Juda
It's been 6 days and I'm still waiting for customer service to get back to me. For the amount of money landlords have to pay to advertise, they should at least answer emails.
9 months ago
Danielle Brown
If i am interested in the listing that fits me, i don't have anyone contacting me. There is my phone number, email, but nothing is going on. It happened to me at least 3 times already. Is this app legitimate?
2 months ago
Kim Harris
Street Easy does not use reliable websites for distinguishing neighborhoods in each borough They make up their own neighborhoods. Worse than that is trying to explain and resolve an issue. They actually told me I had to wait till the next quarter.Really??? I don’t understand how they can post false information and then charge people for it. Don’t post your apartments here waste of money
4 months ago
merlin obreslin
I have been having the hardest time to get someone from Street Easy Support to help me with my inquiry! 5 business days, and 10 emails, and no response. They have adds all over New York City, but no one to handle people from here...
6 months ago
Audrey Gay
They are a greedy company. The website has no clear breakdown of services provided. They just ask you to enter your credit to go any further. I did to enter listings, they charged me for being pro. When I did try to enter listings, they charged me again for each listing, every day. The leads were the same leads I can get by posting on Craigslist! None were solid. When I asked for them to stop charging my account after the month, (I already paid for) they deactivated my entire account immediately, prior to my cancellation date. They didn’t provide services that I paid for. In addition, the pro account are supposed to give discounts to the rental listings but it was never applied. FALSE ADVERTISING! I used Street Easy over 5 years and will NEVER use their fraudulent “services “ again.
2 weeks ago
Michelle Bryson
2 months ago
Sruthi Sekaran
Hands down the best way to search for an apartment. Only exclusive listings get posted on StreetEasy so you don’t have to worry about bait and switch tactics. When you go to reach out to a listing there are two options one to reach out to agents in the area who can aid you with seeing this posted listing as well as others and negotiate on your behalf if you decide to buy the place. The other option is to reach out to the listing agent directly, I found this to be a little more difficult because they are hard to deal with, they only care about getting the most money for their client, the seller. I also really like this site because it lets you filter out by neighborhoods.
3 months ago
Alex Barnwell
Used this service to list my apartment twice, with amazing results. My email was overflowing with interest. Little expensive but worth the results.
6 months ago
Kenty Kenty
I applied three times for different apartments and I wasted time and money. Most of this rentals have agents in the middle who must likely will put their wallets over anything else. They do not care if you get to rent or not. I do not recommend this website.
3 months ago
Sifat Ulla
The problem with Street Easy is that they allow fraudulent listings. I've told them about several but they refuse to take action as this is how they make money by charging for listings so it's not in there best interest. Be wary of Streeteasy.
1 month ago
John Moore
Great experience with street easy. Found an awesome 2BR apartment through them.
6 months ago
Ivelys Hilario
Zillow/Streeteasy will share your personal info without your knowledge if you happen to click on the "get more info" or "contact agent" box. Think how creepy it is to get a text from an agent saying "we noticed you viewed several listings on Zillow" followed by a "friendly" convo trying to solicit business. This happened to me. I deleted my accounts immediately.
2 months ago
Mike Mattei
Awful customer service. I paid for a featured ad and my ad ended up half way down the listings page buried among the non- featured ads. I emailed support at StreetEasy 3 times and they never answered me back or corrected the issue.
2 months ago
Menaka Kamath
StreetEasy's website makes it impossible to unsubscribe, despite claims to the contrary. There's no way to reach them, no way to file a complaint, no way to get service of any kind that I can see. Go elsewhere! Lots of good agencies out there.
4 months ago
Thomas Morini
StreetEasy lists apartments and homes in NYC that are provided by Agents and Brokerages or directly from owners. It's the best way to find an apartment here and if your new to the city, they've got a solid blog to help you learn about some of the different areas. Tons of data analytics to help you see what the market looks like over time as well.
4 months ago
Ana Ramirez
Monopoly, trying to control NY market, too expansive for nothing!
6 months ago
Ann F
I have had a good experience with StreetEasy - apartment searching was a breeze! I read some of the other negative comments but never had their experience. Granted, I visited one apartment that looked totally different than what was on the website but I would give fault to the realtor agent and not StreetEasy. Other than that, I had a great experience and was able to get in contact with realtors fairly quickly. They responded to me via Zillow on my email but thats fine.. no complaints. I never had any sketchy run-ins. One thing I wished that they would do differently is have some way of showing the price as net or gross (an asterisk next to the price listing?). I ran in to many listings that would have "price displayed is net" somewhere hidden in the description which is annoying. I know its hard to monitor every listing that goes up on StreetEasy but there should be some extra regulation.
3 months ago
Frances Anthony
Street easy, Trulia, and Zillow are a true monopoly in NYC when it comes to listing properties on their platforms. Each site funnels agents and owners to another site depending on the zip code . StreetEasy charges $185-$250 to list on their platform for 2 weeks. That is truly outrageous when craigslist only charges $10 for a week. I really hope these platforms are met with some competition from other apps that are more consumer friendly so they can learn their lesson to not take advantage of both owners and buyers. Terrible business practices.
6 months ago
Zechariah Tyler
Terrible costumer service. They couldn't care less. unbelievable that this is the main RE web!!! they dont even have a phone number, this is unacceptable and a joke! the funny thing is that the still have 4 stars here... now that's funny. please someone sue them and we all need to change website and to work only with a good company ( the minimum to have a phone number)
5 months ago
Shawn Costa
Whatever gave the admins of this website the idea that it would be useful for the person searching be put in touch with an agent other than the listing agent?? When one reaches out to customer service for help & guidance-crickets. Gave one star ONLY because one must in order to post a comment. An utter disaster of a real estate website.
5 months ago
Antoinette Phillinganes
Great website with daily alerts and good deals. Bought my first apartment which I first saw on streeteasy. Great mobile application too.
8 months ago
Humayun Kabir
Hi My name is Victor Mendez, I paid to the office "Brokerage Group" located at 489 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 to live in an apartment and I still have not received the keys. They had to give me the keys of the unitary apartament at 1368 E 18th St # 2R Brooklyn, NY 11230 on 5/20/2019. I paid them the days of rent from 5/20/2019 to 5/31/2019 plus one month of deposit, plus one month of rent in advance plus their fees for a total of 6,100.00 dollars. I sign the contract and they say that the contract has not yet been signed by the owner of the apartment. It's been a long time and they do not take my calls. Someone help me please. I feel scammed. I write to Streeteasy because it was through you that I knew about this apartment.
4 months ago
Daniel Subervi
Very bad coustomer service really non existing. Street easy has a new service that is also misleading the public. They forward your info to some broker who is paying for them for advertising and who knows nothing about the listing your are inquiring about. Better to google the address to find out who the listing broker really is.
1 week ago
Stratton Poland
This site was so much better when you could get straight through to the listing agent for each property. Now you get put in touch with random external brokers when you try to book showings.
8 months ago
Ren GuangCheng
Anyone complaining about this website is an idiot, or a baby. They don't know how hard it was to search apartments only a few years ago. You'd get a short line in the newspaper and nothing else. Street Easy is giving you 100X better info, on your phone for crying out loud.
7 months ago
Tiffany Brinkley
I am embarrassingly addicted to Streeteasy. Data, floorplans and photos oh my!
3 months ago
James Williams
Loved the site when we were searching for an apartment to rent. Convenient, easy to use.
5 months ago
yitzchak horowitz
Warning: This will be long but I want to share how I tackle the tricky Streeteasy new system. I used to like Streeteasy but since it was bought by Zillow it has been heading to the wrong direction. In the recent months, I can't see the posting agent's contact any more. Every time I leave a message through the system, I will be contacted back by Zillow staff who will then put me in touch with another buyer agent who, I believe, pays the website and tries to sell me another house. There is a phone number under the message template but when I call it is a number of someone who doesn't know anything about the listing house or the posting agent. When you click on the agent information, it gives no information about phone number or email so it gives the house searcher no way at all to contact the house listing agent and ends up being frustrated. I have seen here that many people have the same experience. It takes me a few times before I could figure out what's going on here. Now this is how I make it work. I search the name of the real estate office on the post and call directly to the office asking if I can speak to the listing agent about this house I saw on Streeteasy. They are usually very efficient and willing to help you. So now I know if the house is a fake post or not. Then, I get the phone number of the listing agent and call them directly. I also inform the posting agent that I could not reach them through Streeteasy system at all. Most of the agents are surprised to hear that. They are not aware of this trick. I know most people won't do this because it requires extra work on the buyer and renter side. If you are unhappy with the way Streeteasy is doing their business please write your review, spread the word so people know and less people become victim of the bad business. I have 4 google accounts and I will use all of them to rate them one star so they are awake to know that they can't take advantage of people this way.
3 months ago
Pankojayfoods Sales
One of the worst websites to find the apartments. Usually bad quality pictures, not clear information and website works very weird. You search for the studio, but website will show 3br, 2br, and then will just open some add. After all you can not click on anything and you need to reload the page (mobile and pc versions). Horrible.
4 months ago
steven tyler
As fraudulent as Graigslist. Not only they listed the building I live in as having half the units (and present it as non-rent stabilized this way), now they listed an apartment that does not exist. Is there no legislation or regulation that can stop this guys from helping agents and owners to SCAM people?
5 months ago

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