La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor

If it's time for a change, the La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor furniture store, whose address is 11601 Fountains Way North, Maple Grove, MN 55369, can help you. Here you can make your dreams come true and buy what you've been planning for a long time.

A wide range of goods, promotional offers - this and much more is presented in our showroom. The variety of models will please fans of ultramodern style as well as classics. We will help you to harmoniously furnish the room in the spirit of loft or modern.

You can choose from a variety of materials, textures and shades. The experienced advisers of La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor store will be glad to answer all your questions and help you to make your purchase.

All products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. All furniture is made from safe materials and is certified.

Customers will be pleased with favorable prices, and regular sales, promotions and discounts will help to save money. You can arrange related services: delivery, installation, lifting to the floor, taking into the house.

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La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor
Rate: 4.5
Address: 11601 Fountains Way North, Maple Grove, MN 55369
Phone number: (763) 315-4177

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Sheila Phelps
Danielle was a wonderful help to me. She had great ideas and is really talented in matching things to go with my furniture. I am highly recommending the Maple Grove La-Z-Boy store. They are awesome. I would also like to thank Sherry in helping me when Danielle was not working that day. THANK YOU BOTH!!! Maple Grove La-Z-Boy you are an awesome store.
1 month ago
mahmoud awwad
Skyer asked what I was looking for. Showed me some recliners, with what I wanted. Helped me decide between two recliners. Put my order in, it was a custom order which she told me it would take longer. I later decided on a different leather and went back the next day, she handled it with no problem.
2 weeks ago
Cynthia Mello
We had a good experience with our sales person overall but wish that it would have been pointed out that we would be losing some comfort/cushiness when purchasing a powered recliner couch. Our non-power loveseat is more comfy and our couch is more firm. If we would have known this we would not have gone with power/electric recliners in the couch. Since we picked out the material to cover our furniture which is considered “custom” we can’t just return it. Also, we will be scheduling a technician appointment as the power recliner on one side of the couch makes a noise and the end of the couch shakes/wobbles when extending the recliner/footrest. One side of the loveseat needs to be looked at as well. Our TV stand and coffee table had scratches/nicks so they were put back on the truck. Disappointing after waiting 6 months to receive everything. Hopefully we can receive our replacement pieces and get our couch & loveseat looked at soon.
3 weeks ago
archana kumari
Shari was great, she showed us exactly what we were looking for to fit my short height. The size and comfort of the Pinnacle rocker recliner loveseat with a center console will be perfect in our apartment. La-Z-Boy Showroom is the place to go. Excellent sales and service.
1 month ago
David Woodbury
Our brand new custom recliner had a stain and snag that we noticed before we even got it out of our car. We weren't really given time to inspect it when we picked it up. I contacted the store and was told since they could not determine when that happened I had to file a warranty claim. A warranty claim on a 1 day old recliner???? Inspect your purchase from top to bottom. Ours also has gap between the arm rest and the side of the chair I'm going to talk to the warranty service people about. This gap was not in the pictures of the chair online.
1 month ago
Cyndi Rosen
Shari Grundy was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding us what we were looking for in a loveseat. We felt comfortable with the final cost and the time it would arrive for us to pick up as we live in another state.
3 weeks ago
Clare Maness
We went to Lazy Boy needing new living room furniture not knowing what to expect. We were blown away by the incredible selection and the great service by Sky. Not only did she show various chair styles and a multitude of fabric samples, she put it all together in a 3-D rendering to help us make a decision. A great place to buy furniture from a team that cares.
5 months ago
Harper Holden
Skyler was extremely helpful in helping me find the sofa I needed. Some basic requirements and she led me directly to the sofa I ended up purchasing, even after trying countless other sofas to be sure. A+ service.
2 months ago
nick nord
We ordered our sofa in mid February and we were notified of arrival in late July. Pretty darn good that they exceed their 6 month promise! Darn Covid and what it has done to our expectations. Great sofa, our third La-Z-Boy in 18 years.
1 month ago
Stacey Wescott
I was quite happy with my experience. I got a sales pitch on the extended warranty which I may or may not use. They are getting the exact chair I wanted in the Leather color I wanted in 4 months. It's the age of Covid, so I'm OK with the time frame. My Salesperson Kelly knew her stuff about the recliners; I wanted a Stratus with Heat, Massage & power. She looked up what was on order & she made the purchase professional and quick. I would buy from them again.
4 months ago
Samantha Owsiak
We purchased a recliner and a swivel chair. Shari was mentoring a young man and they were both so helpful and patient. My husband hates making decisions on larger purchases so we spent a few hours there even though I had done my research online first. We never felt rushed. Shari was cheerful and made us feel like we were old friends. It was a very positive experience and we will certainly recommend La-Z-Boy to others and will return when we are in need of other furnishings or decor.
6 months ago
Paulette Carlisle
First I want to say Shari Grundy was the perfect associate for us to work with; helpful, attentive but not pushy. She was very good at reading the room. The drawback was the estimated wait time because of the custom color. Overall a positive experience☆
4 months ago
Kim Fredenburg
Shari provided wonderful service, first by phone, telling me of the chairs in stock, and then when I came into the store to check the sizes in person. She was knowledgeable on the products and quick with checkout. My chair was delivered within a week, and the delivery guys were helpful and professional. All in all a worthwhile experience. I love my new chair!
4 months ago
Antheus Pickett
1st of all I wasn't expecting to buy a chair. I was just visiting from KC. Evan is the best salesman I have ever had. You talk about knowledgeable... he knew everthing about every model of Lazyboy Recliners. He needs promoted to area sales manager. I ended up buying a chair having it delivered to my home in the KCMO area. The delivery was terrible. People were rude. Left with out setting up my chair because they forgot their tools and had to leave while I was looking for tools because they were on a timeline. Horindous customer service for such a great named product. I called Evin and told him about it and he was appalled and was apologizing so much. He refunded my delivery fee and was going to get in touch with the store in my area to report such terrible service. They left no receipt of delivery. I didn't even have time to inspect my chair. THANK YOU EVAN!!!! All stores should have sales reps like you!!!!
1 month ago
Sugey Villarreal
The salesperson was very helpful and warned us up front that there would likely be a 20 week wait for our furniture. She was very patient and showed us multiple styles so I could find just the right furniture. The big disappointment came when the furniture finally arrived, because I had wanted a small chaise lounger on one side of the couch. Instead, the salesperson talked me into an ottoman that she felt would be a better fit and take up less room. The ottoman is too big to use as a chaise by putting it on one end of the couch. The chaise/couch combo I wanted to buy would be 20” shorter than it is with the ottoman, and that would have been perfect, but now the only way I can use the ottoman at all is as a foot rest/coffee table. It all looks great and I love the color, but, it’s just not what I wanted. We put a lot of money into this furniture, and because it’s custom furniture, I have no recourse.
8 months ago
gopipraveen Kurra
Good overall experience at La-Z-Boy. Best selection available on recliners due to customized orders for fabrics and bases. Danielle was very helpful and gave us all the info we needed. I'm happy she mentioned their price match policy because we took full advantage of that once we came back for our second visit and got $1100 off without any hassle. We'll be receiving our recliner in about 4 months so this rating is only for the store experience. Looking forward to receiving our recliner for our nursery.
8 months ago
Brandon Huang
Great customer service. We had to reschedule due to travel restrictions. They were very accommodating. The delivery process was great. On time, placed my chair and even helped move things out of the way.
5 months ago
set draggo
I went in looking for a couch and loveseat. Evan was a great help. Showed and explained everything very clearly to me. I upgraded my cushions and went for the animal fabric protection. It was a very nice experience in the Maple Grove location. Nice store.
3 months ago
Martin Lidholm
I am one of those customers who checked on line, and found what I wanted, so it made it easy. What I hadn’t selected was an accent chair, so I was given great assistance from Evan Minkema. He wandered the store with me, and I was delighted to find a push back recline in complimentary colors to my loveseat recliner. The price point was perfect, as well. Evan has a good sense of humor, too, which I always appreciate.
4 months ago
Doren Pelfrey
I found the sales people at the Maplewood MN store to be friendly and helpful. Danielle sold me a recliner that should be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks.
2 months ago
Alice Casey
Colin was very helpful and made sure to meet all our needs. We happened to be able to schedule our delivery within a week of our initial order.
4 months ago
Tom Grunwald
Helpful and personable sales staff made this an enjoyable experience. Found the recliner I was looking for and was able to purchase a floor model to expedite wait time for delivery.
4 months ago
Lizzie Milam
Great experience overall from ordering the product to its delivery. Communication could be improved as La-Z-Boy did not communicate order status at all from the order in September to delivery in January. An automated text message at 30-day or so intervals as to status should be easy to do as I was able to find out the status by calling, going through the phone tree options, and waiting on hold. If a salesperson can find the status then customer service software should be able to do the same thing.
10 months ago
Claresa Kuhlman
Manager was very rude and not keen on accommodating paying guests. He acted about as unprofessional as you can as a store leader. I also ordered furniture that was delivered missing peices. The young lady working the store was very pleasant, but she was at the mercy of her manager. For the prices you are charging, you are not validating with strong guest service. I will likely never return to a la-Z-Boy after this experience.
6 months ago
Paul Nash
Bought two recliners because they were in stock for immediate delivery. Upon delivery, one chair had to be sent back because of scratches in the leather. We are still waiting for word on the replacement chair. Very poor communication from the store. I told the salesperson I only wanted to buy what they had in stock. Now we don't know how long the wait is.
2 months ago
a pina
Found what i was looking for. Excellent service from Danielle
4 weeks ago
Jacqui Williams
Love the quality of Lazy Boy furniture and customer service- above and beyond. We couldn’t be happier!!
2 months ago
Arleen Cunningham
Collin was great and worked with us to find my 86 year old client the perfect lift chair. He let us buy the floor model so she could finally be comfortable right away! Great chair and service... We are so happy!
8 months ago
Ch Qamar
Kelly was just wonderful. No hard sell and knew the product well. She worked with me to find the right fit. She said I am going to show you the perfect chair and once I sat in the chair I was sold. Ask for Kelly Maple Grove store.
5 months ago
Robbie Danil
If i could do negative stars i would. This has been the worst customer service experience of my entire life and there is no close second with this. I order my chair back on 09/05 and was told that i would have it by 12/11. The chair did not arrive until 01/05 due to delays related to COVID which is understandable. Upon arrival, my chair would make a loud noise when rocking which was unacceptable as this was going to be our nursing chair for our new born child. It took 3 weeks for someone to come out and diagnose the issue and then another 3 weeks to "fix" the chair. So now we are late February and not 3 hours after my chair was "fixed" the noise was back and now twice as bad. Since then, i have been unable to schedule a service appointment as i continue to get the run around and no one actually takes account ability. Colin Henderson is the worst sales associate/store manager i have ever dealt with.
5 months ago
Arvid Nelson
I had a very good experience at Lazy Boy Choosing several items. I came prepared to work with my home colors etc. Helpful to work with me to accomplish style and color. Good prices and service.
9 months ago
John Sauls
Very nice sales woman. Acknowledged us right away. And asked how she could help us. Let us wander enough around the store by ourselves but kept on checking in. Very helpful and friendly.
8 months ago
Steven Hebert
The staff was super helpful and I LOVE the Amy chairs and Allegra chairs I purchased.
2 months ago
Mandy Bauswell
Great experience. The sales person Danny was very professional and answered all questions.
4 months ago
Khushee Purohit
First, let me say my review is not about this store. They were fine to work with. I placed my order for my chair nearly 14 weeks ago. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Today someone was supposed to call me to give me a 3 hour window. I got no call! Very frustrating. I also let the manager know about my last recliner purchase and my dissatisfaction. Ultimately I ordered a new seat cushion. When the cushion came it was much thicker than the one on the chair. It was discovered that my chair wasn’t manufactured correctly. That explains why I am unhappy with it. I sent her the pictures. I called her a few weeks later. She said she contacted corporate but got no response. I had no choice but to file a complaint with the BBB. This shouldn’t be the case. They should have owned their mistake without being forced to. My advice find a different high quality furniture store. La Z Boy disappoints! Now I am probably going to miss my delivery because I have to be gone a few hours in the morning. Ridiculous
4 months ago
Heather Norman
We made an appointment and the store got super busy once they opened. We were there for 90 minutes but got the job done. Glad we were successful making our purchase!
9 months ago
Brenda Lore
We fell in love with the leather couch set back in August 2020 and ordered. We started getting our furniture a couple pieces at a time starting in December but was promised earlier. We finally received our last piece to our set the end of March 2021. One of our pieces of furniture was a bit damaged and they couldn't replace the base but offered a discount which was okay. The thing is we had to find this vs Lazy Boy looking it over BEFORE shipping it to us. Usually I'm writing praises to company and am sad that we had to have such a negative experience. We went to this store because of the heavy marketing they have been doing on TV - yeah right.
1 week ago
Kelly Flanagan
Ellie made me and my wife’s purchase so smooth. She helped us sketch our room and chose the perfect format for us. She was kind, considerate, insightful, to the point, clear, concise, kind and overall a great person. Thanks, Ellie!
8 months ago
Mary Hughes
Customer service was ok they were not real helpful. They greeted us but over all lack luster service.
5 months ago
Simone Roberts
Scheduled delivery was on time and assembled without incident.
2 weeks ago
sueljarnez stoi
Colin was very attentive and knowledgeable. He helped us find exaxtly what suited our needs. if he had to step away to greet another customer and answer a question he promptly returned to see gow we were doing while we were testing out different sofas and chairs. we look forward to working with him again!
9 months ago
Really nice people. Good customer service.
5 months ago
Great sales and service. Not to happy that it took 6 months to get and one of our chairs were broken so now we are waiting too see what needs to be done
8 months ago
Christine Schmidt
Overall good experience. They greeted me right away, was not pushy, and check out was fast. Thank you to the awesome staff for providing my mother and With a rememberable experience. I purchased the Pinnacle platinum lift recliner with power HDRST for my mom who needed a secure, non rocking, comfortable recliner for all her needs (elevating her feet, sleeping, sitting, eating, etc.) Great chair and perfect for her right now. She loves it.
9 months ago
Jarod Zumbach
I cannot express how happy I am with my experience with La-Z-Boy Home Furniture. I was extremely fortunate to have Shari Grundy as my Sales Associate. I can tell you that if the situation was reversed and I was a sales associate I definitely what equipment job if I had a client like me. She has more patience than anyone I have ever seen. She explained many things to me over and over and over and over. She always spent time with me and answered any questions. The computer drawings of my living room were exceptionally helpful. She helped with the covering I wanted and everything in between. We priced out MANY options and came up with a reasonable price. My only disappointment experienced was the possible September delivery. This, of course, was due to the conditions of the world and NOT anything Shari did or did not do. I would definitely recommend her and your company to anyone I could. THANK YOU.
4 months ago
Chu Wenbo
Danielle was fantastic! The selection is great. We were getting quite ready to purchase when another sales lady repeatedly interrupted us. Not sure if we will return.
8 months ago
Kendall Gaskins
Great and patient service from Colin...I would buy there again ,and tell friends of his patience ...tho he still doesnt accept that Ringo Starr was "NOT" a influencial drummer (grin)
8 months ago
Mark Litchfield
Found what we wanted with in minutes at a good sale price. Wish shipping could be faster.
8 months ago
peter Salamanca
She helped us find the perfect recliner and fast! We were in and out of there in no time! Shari pointed out things that we would have never thought of when purchasing a recliner. I am so glad we went in rather than buying something online.
11 months ago
Darren Aklestad
Bought the Redwood Power Rocker Recliner and would recommend it for anyone who wants a roomier recliner. I'm 5'8" and my wife 5'2" is trying to steal it from me.
9 months ago

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