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National Income Life: Pappas Agencies by Relentless representative office is located at 2100 Bartow Ave, Bronx, NY 10475.

The norms of National Income Life: Pappas Agencies by Relentless company work - excellent quality, customer focus, constant growth.

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National Income Life: Pappas Agencies by Relentless
Rate: 5.0
Address: 2100 Bartow Ave, Bronx, NY 10475

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Latitude: 40.8681308
Longitude: -73.8243216

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Geo Rosales
My wife and I met with our life insurance agent by way of Zoom. Her name is Vanessa Rodriguez. Let me just tell you she was AMAZING! She was ver kind, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, sympathetic and very welcoming. I personally felt like she wasn’t trying to sell me. She guided my wife and I all through the process without any confusion. We know we’ve made the right choice for use and our kids. Thank you so much Vanessa. Your the best!
2 months ago
Doug Fehrmann
Lana, Outstanding customer service Rep.explain the importance of having insurances.Her approach very genuine and concern oriented. She's very supportive and listen attentively to your questions. For her It's more than selling insurance, its about your family and their needs. The pandemic open our eye so our love ones can have a decent burial. Will recommend to the world. Ultimately,òutstanding company.
2 months ago
My experience was phenomenal. Katy Rivera from the Pappas agency \Akuamoa Agency was such a great help. She really helped me & my S.O. understand the ins and outs of life insurance. We were able to choose a plan that worked for us. I will be recommending her to family and friends.
2 months ago
Jeshili Solution
I had the pleasure of having Kelly Ford as my agent & she was amazing. She explained everything in detail and explained to me the importance of have Insurance. She made me very comfortable with all my decisions. She was patient, understanding, great listener and went the extra miles to get everything I needed
3 months ago
Mike Bielecki
My agent who helped me was Kelly. She thoroughly helped me understand life insurance and I will recommend the company and her to my friends and family. She was a great help and was clearly extremely knowledgeable of the subject at hand. An excellent help.
3 months ago
Henry Zhu
My husband and I sat down with Jon Collins to get myself, my husband, and our granddaughter covered. Jon was very thorough, stopped intermittently to make sure we felt comfortable with the explanations of things or asked if we had questions. I 100% recommend sitting down with Jon even if you’re just looking for clarification.
2 months ago
Mark McPherson
My experience with Katy Rivera . Pappas agency \Akuamoa Agency. Was spectacular and educational for me and. My S.O .. shes very professional and it took me 5 months to get on the phone but she kept faith and never gave up on us and she broke down and explain the in and outs very well she. No joke. Thank you. Peace and love
2 months ago
Zack Saunders
Jorge Toribio is a wonderful agent. He knows his job. Better known as Nat, I am so pleased that he answered all my questions. He even helped me get my daughter to get a policy. Great to have him serve our needs.
3 months ago
Alice Torres
Jonathon Collins was extremely helpful. Highly responsive and helpful, also highly knowledgeable. Can tell he enjoys his job and helping people out. Provided friendly, personable service.
2 months ago
Haley Black
Just want to share my experience & let everyone know how AMAZING it was to speak to Celine Santana. At first I was kind of skeptical but when speaking to Celine on zoom, her professionalism & how she explains everything in full dept with such an amazing personality was so much fun to do the process of signing up for life insurance. I feel safe and secured after she went through all my paper work & explained everything to me. I am happy to have joined and Celine made the process so heartwarming. I’ve always avoided “life insurance” because I never liked the topic of death but Celine made it very comfortable. Providing information of the company and the breakdowns she made it very easy to understand. Great great ! Customer service!
1 week ago
Michael Imber
Jonathan Collins was very informative and effective. He explained the need and the purpose for the insurance. As an expectant mother and single mother, there is a need to have insurance just in case "life" happens. Thanks!
3 months ago
I recently met with Jonathan Collins via a Zoom Meeting. He was extremely professional and courteous. Thanks to Jonathan I now have my life insurance all squared away! I would highly recommend!! Thanks again Jonathan!
2 months ago
Marco Ramirez
The agent I was with today was Kelly. She helped me thoroughly through the process of Life Insurance. Teaching me about their Company and what is Life Insurance. Her expertise was helpful for my financial future. She was professional every step of the way.
2 months ago
SFR Treasurer
I am so grateful for the knowledge and professionalism that Jonathon C. demonstrated during my presentation. He made the content of the information understandable and I now feel that my family is protected long-term. Thanks again Jonathon!!
2 months ago
Barbara Drew
Jonathan Collins was the agent we went through and we couldn’t be happier, he was extremely kind and well informed! Was an incredible experience and most of all we know that our children are covered and taken care of thanks to Jonathan. Thanks again!
3 months ago
Yaakov Slomiuc
My husband and I had the pleasure of having Vanessa Rodriguez as our agent. She is absolutely amazing!!! She makes you feel so secure and she’s answered all our question. Big thanks to Vanessa for all her help.
2 months ago
Tracey Rogerson
Endy is the best. He was very patient with me and followed up with me without pressuring me. He took his time to explain all my options and more importantly followed up when there was an issue. Definitely refer him to anyone I know looking for life insurance.
2 months ago
Doug Perry
I meet with Kelly Ford. She explained life insurance and all its aspects. She was patient and understanding, not to mention kind when answering any of my questions. I would recommend this agent for any who has life insurance needs.
2 months ago
I had a great conversation with Jonathon Collins. It was very informative and presented in a clear, professional and pressure free manner. Highly recommend!!
2 months ago
Brandy Cruz
My Experience with Kathy Rivera was very pleasant. She is very professional, patient and efficient. I hope to do more business with Ms. Rivera.
2 months ago
Diane Gray
My journey in finding the perfect Life Insurance Company and Agent stopped when I met Paola Ramos. She assisted me in finding the perfect plan for my family & explained the process thoroughly making me feel extremely comfortable. Leaving behind wealth for my family was my number one concern and she made it possible with her knowledge & expertise. I highly recommend speaking to Paola with any of our Life Insurance needs. This is a life long relationship and you want to make sure its someone who truly cares about you & your family.
7 months ago
Bob Powitzky
I'm new in it I am also happy that Kettia Simon been helpful and make me understand the way she explained it to me she's very good especially for Haitian people I recommend her If wanna know or understand what is a life insurance
2 months ago
Tom Chaney
Endy was very personable. He is knowledgeable about the life insurance products offered. He makes everything easy to understand. It was a pleasure working with him. He is a great asset to this company. Anyone looking to work with this company request to have Endy work with you.
2 months ago
Julio Aponte
I was referred by my friend Annette. I have Yemi as my agent and he is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. A process that I thought would be difficult was made simple because of Yemi’s amazing communication. I highly recommend this company.
2 months ago
Eustacio Abreu
I had a great experience with Celines Santana. She made sure I understood the difference between policies and their benefits. There was information I did not know before that Celines mentioned through our Zoom session. I appreciate how informative and passionate she was during our session about the company. She made me feel comfortable in selecting a policy by double checking my options at each step before finalizing. I’m very glad to have gotten my service through NILIFE.
2 months ago
Regina Hall
I only left five stars because SIX wasn’t an option!!! Jonathon was beyond remarkable with his product knowledge! Trust is everything and Jonathon I most certainly trust !!!!
2 months ago
Dorothy Morant
My experience with Endy Suriel was excellent! He was super helpful and very attentive. He answered all my questions. Very sweet young man. I was very happy with my service.
2 months ago
Anastasiya Flaksman
Two weeks ago I sat down for a evening zoom session with Jonathan Collins and he educated me on National income life. I was blown away by the presentation and Mr.Collins was able to answer all my questions professionally. I felt that he really was interested in me and not my business which made me feel very comfortable threw out the whole meeting. I would completely recommend this service and company to all my co workers and professional contacts, Thank you again Mr.Collins for making me feel important and not just another statistic.
6 months ago
Beth Durden
I love my experience with national income life, my agent Jorge Toribio is the best. He's very clear in identifying my policy. He very punctual gets back in touch with me in a timely manner. If I have any questions I go straight the him and I'm confident that whatever it is I will have total understanding. P. S I recommend him to everyone I know lol unfortunately my friends and family don't live in nyc. But overall Jorge is very honest in letting me know where my money is going.
2 months ago
David DeMario
My insurance agent Kelly Ford is the best, she’s very helpful and she goes out of her way to make sure my policies are up to date and just an overall wonderful person!
3 months ago
Doug K
A few months ago I asked Jonathon Collins for quotes, for myself. I was very impressed with his professionalism and how quickly he researched possible options for me. I may just decide to buy one of those!
4 months ago
Nadine Doolan
For a while I have been telling myself that I really needed to get life insurance, not only for myself but also for my child. Though one was provided from my job, I still wanted a backup plan. It was honestly on the top of my list but I just kept procrastinating until Catherine Radjpaul reached out to me. Truly heaven sent. She said that she received my information through referral and wanted to know if I was interested. She wasn’t pushy or forceful at all. She explained everything in detail and was extremely knowledgeable. Whatever questions I had, she was willing to answer, even after the process was complete. Very comforting when this is your first time doing this. One of the best experiences I’ve had hence why I referred her to others ????
8 months ago
Lisa Mills
I normally don't write reviews but I had to on this one. Catherine Radjpaul was amazing giving me details about the policies and explaining to me how exactly life insurance work. I had a previous perception on what life insurance was and how it worked but thankfully, she cleared it all up. Five stars no doubt.
5 months ago
Sameer Kotecha
I had a great experience here. Kelly helped me figure out exactly what I needed and her assistance was greatly appreciated.
3 months ago
Julie Fine
I was referred by my sister and Endy was professional and informing. We even got my mother on board. We are very satisfied with his service!
2 months ago
Fiodoras Lucanovas
Thanks to Paola Ramos I was able to decide on the perfect life insurance. Although I do not have kids at the moment, this experience showed me the importance of having a plan set up for the unexpected. Paola was very knowledgeable, patient and knew exactly what I needed in my plan. I will definitely be recommending her to all my family and friends.
9 months ago
Katy Rivera from PappasAgency/Akuamoa Agency was absolutely amazing and knowledgeable about what policy was being offered from the agency . Katy was exceptional from beginning to end. I would recommend being helped by Katy
2 months ago
Pavithra Suresh
I love what you guys are doing as a community to keep the children safe also encourage the Youth and adults to sign up with this organization life insurance policies are very affordable and their customer service agents are very well educated I spoke to a great Agent Yemi he broke down everything very well when I did not understand something he took time to explain to me I really do appreciate his customer service skills and I encourage people to go to Yemi
2 months ago
Kacie Hogan
Mia Smith helped me out with a life insurance policy. She’s definitely a top worker and I would recommend all customers to her.
3 months ago
Helen Lie
I don't normally write reviews, but this is a special case. I hadn't thought about life insurance for the longest time, it just never crossed my mind, so I didn't know to go about it. My mom referred me to Jessie Gong, and after speaking with her, she not only helped me signed up for it, but she helped me understand what I was signing up for. Jessie was patient, understanding, and took her time with helping me. As an added bonus, we found we have a lot in common, which was pretty cool. Thank you so much for your help Jessie!
6 months ago
Brandon Twells
I want to let everyone know about my experience with Celines Santana. I’ve never had anyone explain what is life insurance the right way to me. When she explained she did it so well I barely had any questions to ask in fact I didn’t even had any at all. She was very energetic and it just made the whole process very exciting , I was just excited to start my new journey i now really feel secured about my future. I thank very much and would definitely recommend her to anyone.
6 months ago
David Katz
I love the experience I encountered with Jorge he is an amazing individual. He’s very detailed and he does everything in a timely manner !!!!
3 months ago
jimmie Henderson
I had the pleasure of working with Paola Ramos and she helped me find the best coverage for my daughters and myself. Very friendly and super understanding to my needs and wants. Paola is very knowledgeable in what she does and offers. Couldn’t of had asked for a better representative and experience!
7 months ago
Being a single mom with a crazy schedule it’s very hard to schedule anything. Working with Paola Ramos is so easy. She works around my schedule and really makes the insurance process crystal clear. No hidden anything. She’s awesome! It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that if anything were to happen my family is protected and I’m forever grateful!
7 months ago
Tash Sundovski
We had a wonderful experience with Jonathon. He made the process, of finding what worked for our family, easy.
3 months ago
Michelle Charette
Thank you, Kelly, helping me and my family feel more secured in our future and peace of mind, your knowledge was super helpful.
2 months ago
Matthew Christian
Kelly Ford was great she helped me and my family out a lot . Great adviser and filled with lots of knowledge
2 months ago
Tammy Stallard
Jorge Is a great insurance agent He is very helpful and he is on point Glad to have home on board.
2 months ago
Jessi Oizumi
Thanks Kelly, your expert financial insights really helped. I feel my future financial outlook has improved.
2 months ago
I just sat down with a lovely agent Regina Williams. She was very informative and pleasant to work with. She helped me get my 1st life insurance policy and I am excited to work with her in the future for my next policies with my family. Thank you!
6 months ago

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