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Samsung Electronics America
Rate: 1.4
Address: 85 Challenger Rd #6th, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
Phone number: (201) 229-4000

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Latitude: 40.8501161
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Keith Raskin
If I could give them negative stars I would. Bought a refrigerator and had problems as soon as the warranty ended. Our refrigerator freezes in the back, we have ice coming out of the vents in the rear of the fridge, water under the crisper, and it is 47 degrees inside because it can’t properly cool ( the display reads 37). This is a defect that Samsung knows about and they still continue to sell refrigerators with these known issues. They have service bulletins for this exact problem but they are unwilling to help their customers that have purchased their product. Follow on Facebook Samsung refrigerator recall now USA. Stop selling junk and fix the problem!
4 months ago
Paul Castle
I called and spoke with CS at least 15 to 20 times, and of course you can never talk to the same person twice even though you get a first and last name. Everyone give a different answer. I have asked to speak with a manager several times, I have asked for a call back, and I get ghosted from this company!!! This is the WORST company for CS!!! They make promises the renege on them. Do NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! you will never get taken care of if you need help!!!!
11 months ago
Baptiste V
I would leave no stars. The WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! Made a very large order of appliances (Thousands of $)and had nothing but issues. Apparently if you have items in the same order with multiple delivery dates they will ship everything together using the very last shipping date. Getting hold of a supervisor to speak to about the shipping date is next to impossible. I got nothing but the run around, call this department, call that department, then let me transfer you, then your back to the IVR customer service initial call in prompt then the survey. I don't understand how a Multi Billion dollar company treats their customers this way. It's unfortunate that I have all these products such as phones , tablets , TVs, and appliances and 10's of Thousands of dollars and this Will BE THE LAST TIME I DEAL WITH Samsung! Sony and Maytag here I come!
3 weeks ago
Margot Noel
By far the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. Every person I talk to has the same lines. Never order direct from Samsung because you are going to wish you had a middleman like Amazon customer servuce or Bestbuy etc.
11 months ago
Ivan Wheal
I purchased the Cafe gas range May 2019. I wiped the door of the range with water and a cloth and the black stainless steel paint came off. The tech came out while here he shlwed me the self cleaning process. The self cleaning process cracked (pictures attached) the over cavity bottom and sides. Samsung said the warranty does not cover physical damage. The tech explained that I should use aluminum foil to avoid food drippings. If food dripped through the cracks and hit the fire it could cause carbon monoxide and possible death. Samsung said out of warranty
2 months ago
Julia Jackson
DO NOT BUY FROM SAMSUNG! I recently purchased a refrigerator from Samsung directly and the fridge was defective and leaking right from the start. Customer service was clueless and I had to turn off the water to the unit almost immediately after it arrived. Samsung customer service said that they would send a repair tech but that never even happened. When I tried to return the fridge to Samsung they told me I had only 15 days to return and kept hanging up on me when I told them I had documentation that there is a 100 day risk free trial: Buy and try with a risk-free trial. Buy now, try it for up to 100 days. If you don't love it, return within 100 days for a full refund. Can not believe a company like Samsung would have customer service staff hang up on a customer for something like this. Despicable!
4 months ago
J Peyton
Horrible! I purchased a new phone(Samsung S21+) and in less then two months the screen went black. All I got was sound but couldn't see anything. Contacted customer service and they sent me another phone, which I think was refurbished because the side bars did not work properly. When I call customer service they sent me to one of their repair site but they could not fix it since they claim it's a software issue. Called customers service once again. The only help they suggested was for me to send them the phone so they can try to troubleshoot. This would cause me to be without my/a phone for 5-7 business days. When I suggest what should I do/use for the 5-7 days, the rep had no suggestion. Of course I was blowing a casket because they had no solution other then for me to be w/o a phone for that long or maybe longer. My old J7 worked better then these new/expensive phone.
4 months ago
Tyler Bower
NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER order directly from Samsung. They have the worst customer service on the shipping and fulfillment end of their business! When something goes wrong there is NO ONE to speak to but endless emails and chats..... I had to just finally call AmEx and dispute the charge. Samsung will lie and keep telling your an ordered product will arrive the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day..... I waited 30 days for an order that was suppose to ship overnight with paid for expedited shipping. Order from Amazon, they know how to ship, Samsung direct to customers is a total failure! Don't risk weeks of excuses from Samsung order from anyone else. I've had quicker and better service from Alibaba!
2 months ago
Debo Dadon
Having the worst experience trying to get a refrigerator. After waiting almost 7 weeks for my order the day of delivery i get a call it cant be delivered for 3 more weeks because there is no driver. Ive gotten texts for 3 days confirming delivery so what he happened. I just decided it was too much to deal with and cancelled the order. But ive already missed a day of work to be home for the delivery cleaned out and unplugged the old refrigerator. Its just a waste of my time. I waited 7 weeks for nothing. Im definitely not happy at this point. Likewise I purchased a soundbar and received it on September 9 couldnt get the backing off the remote to out batteries in and set up soundbar subsequently broke the remote have been waiting since the 9th of September today being the 22nd and still waiting. Have not been able to finish setting up soundbar. I will never order another Samsung product but im sure it doesn't matter to the Samsung Corporation.
1 month ago
Karen Bailey
Whom may concern: Guys,I've placed an order online for an smartphone August 8th And so far my order has not arrived, I sent it to cancel due to the delay and your company have not canceled it either. I have called support several times and nobody gives me an answer only excuses and more excuses. my question is: Could someone or some manager help me? This is your way of customer service? I really hope someone could help me. Regards.
2 months ago
Sukumar Ghosh
I had the most horrible customer service I have ever experienced yesterday. I called customer service a total of 8 times regarding delivery of my refrigerator. I was told different information each time by different associates. Twice they played the could not hear game! It was a horrific experience.
1 month ago
Tam Ta
If I could rate zero I would. No service in the area to fix ice maker in a year old product. Company offered refund amount and said we had three days to accept. Next day we accepted first offer. Then they offered a lower amount saying disregard the first offer that they made because of a mistake. Unable to speak to anyone in the refund department. They only communicate via text. So unprofessional. Do not purchase their product.
2 months ago
Guadalupe Gonzales
I would give no stars but this is not an option. We bought our Samsung refrigerator model rs25j500dsg in January 2020 and within 6 moths the ice maker stopped working. Samsung sent out a maintenance company to replace the electronic board in the refrigerator. The technician told us that this was a known problem with Samsung models. Now less than a year later the ice maker is not working again, however this time Samsung told us that the ice maker is no longer under warranty and that the replacement part only came with a 90 day warranty. I will never buy another Samsung product and I will never recommend one to anyone friend or foe. Terrible product, terrible service, and terrible warranty.
6 months ago
Tanya Morrisett
I have a 4 year old Samsung dishwasher that has died. My warranty says the control panel is warranted for 5 years but Samsung support says they cannot send me a new panel for installation by me. I have to pay a technician about $200 to bring and install it. The board is free but the install is not. This is about a 10 minute job that most anyone can handle. Samsung POLICY stands in the way. Not only that but I cannot find any point of communication to anyone that can override the POLICY. No more Samsung for me.
6 months ago
Amy F
My wife purchased me this galaxy a21, Which literally blew up and caught fire in my hand when I went to answer a text. Then to add insult to injury they basically didn't care that my hand got cut or that my floor tile was burned nor did they offer me any compensation. Listen I love Samsung galaxies period but if they don't make this right and give me a better replacement then I'm switching to apple. Samsung my claim is in you can contact me right away and I'm mailing out the device which is pictured above. Keep in mind I use my phone for work and had to go purchase another galaxy a10e I will be expecting an upgrade from the a21 to anything better period s21 or whatever. I am very frustrated feel free to contact me asap. As I am considering other legal options.
9 months ago
Kelsey Shemanski
There so called replacement policy is a joke. I've been a customer for a long time with the note 4 and now I switched to the Galaxy s 21 ultra and had it for a little over 2 weeks and it restarts on it own. I've gone through tec support several times with no positive results. I bought as a bundle package and upgrade and they want to refund me my money and return the whole package. I just want them to replace the phone and take this one back. I may never buy another Samsung product again.
6 months ago
Kyle Mikota
They have horrible customer service. Different answer from each person. Our Freezer, refrigerator both went out durning a medical necessity of having both working since I need ice packs, ice cream, soft foods. I was told since Neck surgery is a medical concern submit all information they will expedited. Well its the 24th still no refund on a product that didn’t last a year. I started this on the 12th of May. Still nobody has answers, still no money to replace it!! I have filed with the BBB because they lie about the warranty, the process, & you can never talk to the department that has your ticket number at the moment. I have emailed them, ask for someone to return calls and nothing. I will never buy another Samsung product again. (And of course our Refrigerator that went out is the same one Samsung is being sued for)
5 months ago
Musu Khatun
DANGEROUS PRODUCTS! My washer Machine exploded and tipped over ( only 4 yrs old) customer service is giving me the runaround. Samsung does NOT stand by it's products or cares about it's customers!!
7 months ago
Paul Jerskey
Samsung makes absolutely terrific cell phones, but their customer service is horrific. I am dealing with a situation currently with a Galaxy S21 Ultra that I pre-ordered. Received the phone in late January and on February 11th I made a price match request for $200 as Best Buy was advertising the exact model phone for $200 less. I was asked to send in documentation for the price match request, which I did. Then I was told by a customer service agent that I was approved for the price match and would be getting the $200 difference credited back to my card in approximately two business days. When I asked to get documentation in writing via email, I was then told that I was outside the 15 day price match window. My records show it was 15 days and 12 hours from the time the phone was delivered to the time when I first inquired about the price match. The last week has been extremely time consuming trying to get this resolved. Long hold times, agents with poor attitudes, agents with not much knowledge, disconnected/hung up phone calls all the while I was calm and just asking questions. I have requested that manages call me and they haven't. I've even emailed the office of the president of the company and haven't gotten a response back. Be advised that when you buy a Samsung product if you have issues with it, do not expect good customer service or a proper resolution to your issue.
4 months ago
Praveen Bhujbal
4 months ago
Beverly Smith
Refrigerator Model RF28HFEDTSR Do not purchase a Samsung Refrigerator. The icemaker will freeze up. The inside temperature of the cooling box will become dangerously high. Food will spoil. Water will leak into the vegetable crisper and/or deli drawers. Customer service will deny all claims. Customer service will lie about your having called them. Sue this company if you have the money.
3 weeks ago
Barbara Cannon
If I could give zero star, They have been giving me the run around on why they wont give me my refund.
2 months ago
Keeshateachphet Kalaspi
It is not the same Samsung any more since chairman Lee JaeYong in the jail by communist government. I ordered refrigerator, oven and washer at 2020 end of year sale. Now instead of delivery they said they don't have same model anymore, offer to me accept cheaper and unsold models.
2 months ago
Markie Pinkham
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy A 31 that needed warranty repairs and Samsung Customer service sucks! Horrible! I will never by another Samsung product nor advise anybody to do so. They only care about getting our money. They don't stand by their products. Truly disappointed.
5 months ago
I was on the phone for over 5 hrs Spoke to 7+ different people Chatted with one person they disconnected me Everyone has different different stories regarding my phone status The main issue was my phone was it was not not charging One person says the screen is cracked and it out of warranty (which the screen is not cracked) Another says I changed the screen & the color of my phone to black, and say it's supposed to be silver. BUT MY IMEI # states Aura Glow, and bought Aura Glow, with a proof a purchase Another note, there is no SUCH THING AS SILVER NOTE 10+ Everyone is was not helpful Kept me on hold for 2 hrs which I have on record and I also have a video of another person acting like they can't hear me. I physically took the phone to a certified dealer the phone was in perfect condition but due to the nature of the problem of the charger port they told me to send it out because of the pandemic the Samsung repair center was closed. SERVICE HORRIBLE! I WILL NEVER TRUST SAMSUNG AGAIN! SHAME SHAME SHAME on the ENTIRE SAMSUNG STAFF! On another note, I am updating this review. I pre-ordered my Galaxy Note 20Ultra. And received it on Wednesday and the next day I realized the camera is not working is absolutely foggy. I called Samsung right away to return the item to order a new one. Unfortunately the return amount they are giving me is $430 which makes no sense because I paid $684. There's always something wrong with their system that they can't fix. They can't do exchanges, they can't do refunds correctly, when the phone releases there's always a problem, and in the end the person told me to send the phone in regardless if my invoice says the return amount is for $430. they will try to give me a credit of the difference which I don't want. I want my original money back!
4 days ago
Unicorn Lover
Terrible product. Do not purchase a refrigerator from them as units are plagued with ice maker and freezing issues.
10 months ago
Aseel Tobail
I don’t know if this will make a difference to the company but I would be remiss with myself if I didn’t write this review.First let me say customer service was a joke. I received the 50 dollar muddle.. after being so frustrated I finally said thanks for nothing from the person on the phone and hung up.I purchased the bundle package from PCRichards refrigerator, microwave stove and dishwasher.also the golden insurance policy. It’s been 3 years and each of the products had to be serviced. Now coupled with that the stainless steel on the stove is peeling off. Their answer to me me was first its only a protective coating and second they called this issue COSMETIC really. My to girlfriends are moving into the same building as me and you definitely lost 2 sales. I am so disappointed in these products. If I could help one person not to have the aggravation I had it’s worth writing this review.I will never BUY a sSamsung product again.
10 months ago
Roxanne Varela
Called Tech support to ask about what size bolt I needed for the back of my TV for mounting purposes. Jonquel from Tampa Florida said she couldn’t help me and gave me a 4th number to call. The number was unavailable till the next working day. Ended up having a Lowe’s associate help me with a product he didn’t work for. I left a bad review on Samsung. I then received a text from Jonquel the following day with threats and very colorful language because of my review. I have the screen shot of her text and will be pursuing this further. She now has my personal number and email. Customer privacy and safety doesn’t seem like a concern to this Company. I’ve been trying to reach out to a supervisor for 2 days now.
2 months ago
Stacie Ricklefs
Samsung is not reliable, we brought our Dacor/samsung built in high end refrigerator, cost was over $8000. Our fridge broke within 12 months (warranty for the compressor is 15 years) on 3/8/21, we don't have our fridge repaired or replaced for the past 50 days, the service center is not reliable, their assurances of repairing or exchanging this fridge was empty worlds, you can never contact them personally, this is so frustrating, I wasted over 12 hrs of phone calls since 5 weeks ago. Never again buying from SAMSUNG/DACOR.
6 months ago
Mohit Goenka
Good quality device poor customer service. Called numerous of number and nobody can help me with my problem.
9 months ago
Tom Ugarte
Brand new s21 randomly shut off in pocket only 2 weeks old still has the plastic on it. Now samsung is telling me to buy a new one to get a phone this week or wait a week and a half and send the phone in wait to get the phone for credit then use the credit to then reorder the phone. Trying to run a business without a phone for a week and a half is unacceptable. It's brand new just switch it with a new phone. Been using galaxys since the s3 but im done
7 months ago
Since June 2020 I have not been able to resolve a simple problem. When I get connected to someone in the USA a solution is reached and another ticket is created. Then the wrong item is sent and again no reasonable solution is reached especially when someone in another country gets involved. " Case Management Team" gets involved they undo what was was written in original "ticket". And I have had many tickets completed--and to no avail!!!! For some unknown reason compromise and reason are discarded when a problem goes abroad!!!! God bless the USA! !! American customer service prevails and accounts for our greatness!!!!!! Wake up America . Is this the direction you want to go?????? By the way the cost of item is insignificant when one realizes the enormous value of solution of problem to bad press. The Americans solve problem: foreign customer service destroys in minutes good will established here in USA. In summary reason and goodwill are sacrificed.
1 month ago
Max Hap
Brought a Samsung television in September 2020 the tv went out in January 2021. They came out to repair it, changed the box and few weeks later the tv went out again, they came back out to repair again , changed the panel got it back on. A few hours later it went off again!! So I had to go through a whole process to get a new television or a refund! And I’m still waiting and this been going on over a month or more! Do not purchase a Samsung television!!! I will never ever buy another one again!!
8 months ago
Henry Chaplin
If there were a -10 for the customer service for this company, they would get it. I have been on the phone an aggregate of 20+ hours trying to get the warranty situation for my television straightened out. There is nothing worse than folks not understanding that there is an issue, them sending out defective replacement parts, denying they extended the warranty on the product for my inconvenience, then telling me today they have no record of a conversation 8 days ago, and that the last repair was done properly, even though they sent a defective part and the tech told their service center, this was the second part they have sent which was defective. I do not know who is in charge of their warranty department, but someone needs to do a complete overhaul of their customer service from top to bottom.
7 months ago
Audri Aguero
For 5 days my items weren't being delivered by fed ex. Finally after the 5th day the items were sent back to Samsung. All the while I've made several calls to Samsung for help and information. When they weren't hanging up on me they were giving me answers like "maybe and hopefully ". Not one Samsung agent helped me or was honest with me.
6 months ago
Ali Chaudhry
If I could give a minus 10, I would. Worst cell phone I have had - the Samsung S10. They freeze up and you have to restart the phone and I bought it brand new 13 months ago and I am having problems. The first one turned blue within 10 minutes and they had to give me another one.
6 months ago
Lindsey Smith
Samsung customer service is HORRIBLE. They are trained to only read from scripts and do not vary from them. Brand new TV and doesn't work. Two and a half months and still no resolution. They never make any of the deadlines they promise. Now they want to pick up MY TV and promised they will send me a refund check within 10 to 14 days. I suggested they could give me the check when they pick up the tv and the supervisor cancelled my ticket and hung up the phone. This is the support you get from Samsung.
2 months ago
Jose Matamoros
Great phones but HORRIBLE customer service. I was reassured by customer service that I could purchase phones on and receive a price match on Black Friday deals offered by another retailer. A second customer service rep agreed and started to process my refund after the phones were delivered. Two weeks later, I'm told they were BOTH wrong and they could only give me a $33 promo code instead. Seriously? You mess up TWICE and won't stand by what was stipulated?
11 months ago
Samsung is forcing applications on our tvs and will not remove a their malware, When I turn the TV on you see universal remote and TV and a few other things.. That would be the full 1st photograph, The 2nd one shows up after the TV's been on awhile and you can't delete it it changes from program to program but it's running the processing speed of my tv down
10 months ago
Takara Gregg
Samsung Electronics is only brand that I trust and that I can depend on for high quality products and services like television, tablets and cellphones. I have been using the Samsung electronics for over 30 years.
8 months ago
Daniel Lowenthal
Love the best items
2 months ago
Sarabjit Singh
Please stop trying to bill my account for a subscription I didn't subscribe to! I love your phone but I will not tolerate you trying to get money from me for free!????????????????????????????????
7 months ago
Shanna Nelson
REVIEW of Samsung - Sound+ 3-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer. When I purchased 2 yrs ago system was great. NOW, 2 yrs latter this unit has no sound for a few mins and goes loud and low sometimes. (have to keep adjusting). If this happened to me, will definitely happen to you. A sound system should last longer then 2 yrs. In my opinion Samsung is not the way to go for their Sound Systems.
2 months ago
John Dall
I have never had a more horrible customer service experience than I am currently having with Samsung. I’ve been dealing with a malfunctioning refrigerator for more than six months and have also spent money having this refrigerator temporarily fixed that Samsung has still not refunded me yet. Unfortunately once I’m done with this ordeal I will never buy another Samsung product again. If I could give Samsung ZERO STARS I would. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG REFRIGERATORS!!!! IF ANYHING GOES WRONG WITH THEM, SAMSUNG WILL NOT ADDRESS TIMELY. SAMSUNGS CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL DELAY THINGS UNTIL YOU GIVE UP! 1/2/21- Although there is alot of detail missing from my original story, I'm going to start to use this platform as my log for future experiences with Samsung. It'll probably help for legal purposes. Today, I called 1800SAMSUNG at approximately 11am to discuss the fact that when i called 2 weeks prior, I was assures that the Samsung Department that deals with refunds would send me reimbursement for $950 that I outlaid to have my refrigerator temporarily fixed. I spoke with a young woman named Tanisha who was very friendly at first and then proceeded to leave me on hold for more than 35 minutes. Unfortunately I have to call back because my refrigerators ice maker is starting to malfunction which means that the Freon level is so low that the refrigerator function well stopped working as well within a week and I need to know if they will reimburse me for another visit from my refrigerator repairman to fill it with Freon again $300. 1/2/213:49 pm: Currently on hold with "Romello" who said that he needs to run my case through a computer to see what SAMSUNG is going to offer me as compensation for my broken refrigerator experiece. 20 mins phone; rep kept me on hold and then hung up. 1/3 3:15 pm: automated system left me on hold for 23 mins; Hung up 1/5/2110:34 am: On the line with Amber; I just reexplained my story to yet another customer service rep who has currently had me on hold for the last 5 connection was horrible; had to hang up. 11:01: currently on the line with "Candice" explained situation again. Now on hold sp she can check and see if Samsung has sent out reimbursement check for my not yet fixed... 11:03: while on hold with Amber, Candice calls back to tell me that my warrantee is up and that i wont be being reimbursed; i tell her to read her notes because i wouldnt be calling Samsung for over 6 months without a warrantee.... Candice must not have been happy with me because she put my call back into the automated system...luckily I have Amber on the phone who is yet again "checking to see how we an help you sonce there are so many notes on this acct"... 11:15: Amber tells me that she needs to check and see if Samsung will honor extended warrantee that they issued for my refrigerator and then drops the call... 1:15 - Amber calls back apologizes for the hang up and says that she is setting upfor a local rep to come by on friday to inspect me refrigerator again to see if it in fact a Seal System issue; if it is, SAMSUNG (which i will now refer to as SAMDUNG) will decide if or what they will prorate me for my still malfunctioning refrigerator... 1/7/21- currently on hold with Kendra to see if Samdung will stick to their word and come reinspect my refrigerator, or will they not come like my first experience with them...rep needed to call me back to see what she can work out after hearing my story... 3/28/21 - I am fortunate to say that after months of dealing with SAMDUNG’S lying customer service reps, I finally called the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and another on of SAMDUNG’S horrible customer service reps got in touch with me to tell me that it didn’t matter what any of their other reps told me, that they would only reimburse me for what spent to try to get their faulty refrigerator fixed. Thank you BBB. I PROMISE TO CONTINUE TO TELL OTHERS OF HOW HORRIBLY I’VE BEEN TREATED BY SAMDUNG AND I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM.
8 months ago
Bought a Q60 80” tv and have had problems from the initial setup. Called support and they don’t help. One guy didn’t even try and hung up. Called back asked for a manager and they had me wait 18 minutes for a manager when he transferred me to another technician. I will never buy another Samsung product again. Support is a joke. I even tried by on line support live chat and everyone I chatted with said I need to forward you to a technician but u don’t get one
10 months ago
Mina Saha
Horrible company! Horrible customer service. Purchased a Samsung Frame TV item was delivered damaged and Samsung refuses to fix or replace it. No response when you email complaint department and talking to customer service is like talking to the wall- will never purchase a Samsung product ever again!
1 month ago
Vernon Bertelson
We bought a Samsung Sport watch and after using it in a shallow (3 feet) pool it stopped charging. Sent the watch to Samsung Support as it is still under warranty. Of course we get a $250 bill saying that water damage is not covered under warranty. The watch is advertised as being water resistant and great for swimmers. When speaking with Samsung representatives, I explained to them that the watch is water resistant and it should not have gotten water damage from a 3 foot shallow pool for 15 minutes; Also I explained that if the watch had water damage from such a small use in and out of shallow water, then that must have been a defect. However, according to Samsung, the watch must have been used in deeper waters than what the watch is "resistant" for. It was not. Needless to say we will not be paying the $250 to repair the watch. Samsung, this is why so many people switch over to Apple. I have already made the switch and could not be happier, my husband is seriously considering switching as well after the terrible customer service from Samsung. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
1 week ago
Ryan Duphorn
Still waiting (1 1/2 years) for my promised rebate for a faulty refrigerator.....been buying bagged ice since we bought this garbage refrigerator with a faulty ICEMAKER!
6 months ago
Majesta Heil
Best company and products. Best assistant
7 months ago
Luke Stefanik
I got a pair of Galaxy buds as a christmas present. I liked the headphones for the first two months. Then, one of the earbuds volume dropped out. I only used 1 headphone half the time so I just put the other in. Then the other headphone dies out. I troubleshot and tried to clean the headphones with no results. Still absurdly low volume out of both. I sent them in for a free repair under warranty. I am now told since I opened one of the two headphones to try to clean it that the warranty is voided and I'll need to pay $90 for repair. If the product hadn't given out it'd be fine and I know you have to protect your business from scammers. This case just speaks to Samsung squeezing out of a loophole to try to get more of my money. This was a present but I'll take my new business elsewhere and get a better product for cheaper.
11 hours ago

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