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Are you renovating or moving and want to comfortably furnish your apartment? The Ashley HomeStore furniture store at 26520 Carl Boyer Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91350 is here to help. Here you will fulfill your cherished dreams and find what you've been planning for a long time.

Good deals, a huge range of products and much more await you in our spacious showroom. The variety of models will interest fans of both classic and modern style. Do you like Provence, Art Nouveau, High-Tech or Loft? We will help you find furniture with this design.

There is a choice of different textures, materials and colors. Qualified consultants of Ashley HomeStore salon will give answers to any questions and help to make a successful purchase.

Customers will be pleased with reasonable prices, and discounts and sales will help to save money. You can also order a number of additional services: installation by high-level specialists, pick-up, lifting, delivery.

Furniture presented in the showcase, made from environmentally friendly materials and certified. All products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Ashley HomeStore
Rate: 3.9
Address: 26520 Carl Boyer Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Phone number: (661) 284-7200

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Latitude: 34.4171170
Longitude: -118.5051291

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Elizabeth Craig
Amazing experience! Remy stayed late to make sure I had time to pick out all my items. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend shopping here. I’ve been everywhere and nothing is in stock. Ashley has most items in stock and staff is experienced and knowledgeable so you don’t waste time picking out items that aren’t available. I’m very, very pleased with my experience. Thank you so so much, Remy!
2 months ago
alyssa marie
Ashley furniture ask for sales rep Gigi. She was fabulous. She knew her products and how to get things done. She help me pick out a couch, purchase it,get everything I needed less than an hour and had a delivery date set up within two days! Her knowledge and professionalism was exceptional!
11 months ago
Abacon Wabacon
Don't buy from this company. They have horrible customer service. Ordered furniture 3 mos ago and they kept telling me my order was missing one piece and they would delay the delivery. I finally went into the store and was told that they don't even deliver to my area, even though the salesperson assured me they did. I had to cancel my order and I will never due business with them again. Going to Living Spaces now.
11 months ago
Amanda Guzman
Do not trust their delivery dates, I have had mine pushed back multiple times for several months. I even looked online and they advertise delivery dates sooner than my newest delivery date for the same exact item. If you are okay spending thousands today for something that will take 6 months to come in then feel free. I would not have ordered if I had known how long it'd take.
11 months ago
Alexa Rayne
Today I needed a bed, and mattress. I needed it in at least 2 weeks. I was able to schedule a delivery for next week. The whole experience was very easy. The young lady who helped me was wonderful, easy to talk to. Great experience! Mary
2 months ago
Anthony Rudd
I love the selection of options available. However, I had a difficult time “seeing” the actual furniture I was looking for due to the amount of stuff that was available. The price was decent, but I know if I had searched around more, I would have been able to find something similar for less. The sales person was extremely friendly and didn’t “hound” me or hover.
7 months ago
Rachel George
Great store to visit. Very clean and easy to walk around. Sales girl Layla was not the reassuring type.
2 months ago
Taneisha Christie
Unfortunately there’s no way to give Ashley’s 0 stars. Completely disappointed. I spend 10k in furniture at the Santa Clarita store and what I got was un assembled stuff and sloppy delivery guys. I received a chair that came with 1 leg shorter than the others and I have received nothing but run around from the company about getting it fixed. I ordered a entertainment center where the delivery guys told me they would assemble once the tv stand arrived since it was back ordered. 2 weeks later they delivered stand and delivery guys did not assemble. Called back and they told me they would re schedule assembly for later date. ???? My 2 sons got beds delivered 1 was assembled the other they said was missing hardware. They left leaving everything behind I walked in store and they told me a tech would call me back I’m 72 hours to correct problem ???? Until I spoke to a manager they send the sloppy delivery team back out. I spent 10k at this store and have gotten nothing but run arounds. I will no longer be doing any business at any Ashley’s nor do I recommend anyone to go through this mess. Get your moneys worth elsewhere.
4 months ago
John was exceptional in his time and very personable, knowledgeable and gave a great price. We are excited to get are new furniture. ????
4 months ago
Fritz Egerter
I truly cannot believe and handle this much of disrespectful and unprofessional manner which have been thrown on my face. I’ve just been truly humiliated by one of Ashley’s customer service representatives and will not stop until someone apologies for a deeply disrespectful manner which has messed with my mind. I have recently bought 2 identical pieces of table lamps from Ashley. They had some factory issues and could not be easily assembled and installed. So, I called Ashley and they sent out a technician which told us we need to return this to the store that we bought it from since the issue could not be resolved. I took the lamps to the store that I bought them from which is actually around an hour away from where we leave. They directed us to another store which was closer to our place, exactly where all this happened. Her name is Adler And from the very beginning that my wife and I entered the store she represented a truly careless and disrespectful behavior. Not only she neglected to guide us properly to get the issue resolved, but also, she started to give us short and irrelevant responses and picked up the phone and spoke over the phone while I was explaining the situation to her. She was gazing at me and laughing over the phone in a way I felt deeply humiliated. I truly don’t know what are their policies and criteria to hire people for their customer service or store representative, but me as a technician with years of experience exactly know how should someone behave and respond to the needs of a customer. How to guide them and show them the best and fastest way to problem solve their issues. We were standing right there while frustrated and waited to hear an appropriate response to get the pieces fixed and go back home, but were instead being told LEAVE, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO HERE, AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO, while laughing. I need someone from Ashley to respond to this, is it the way that you treat your customers????!!! Also, tell us where exactly should we go to get the factory issue of the pieces fixed and end all this. It’s been two months already that we are dealing with this which could have been easily guided and resolved by a professional and responsible customer service!!!!!
8 months ago
Craig Stokowski
One of the salesman was forcing me to buy something that I didn’t want just because I sat on it and said it was comfortable lol Good thing I didn’t say I liked their bathroom. Or I would have a “new to me” toilet in the back of my truck. He also tried to rip me off with a $200 delivery fee smh.
2 months ago
Mark Roberts
A couch in their showroom was priced at $1,799.99 and on their website it was priced at $1,099.99 with a deal of $989.99. When I talked to someone on the phone they said that the store make their own prices. Don't be a fool. This location is run by shady people.
8 months ago
Claudia W
Salesperson kept comfortable distance giving us the opportunity to do our shopping at our leisure. Was able to answer all questions get us to the product we were looking for, was nice and friendly. Merchandise is of High Quality.
7 months ago
Joe Wilson
Remy was very helpful and was able to help me order the perfect dining set. She matched the price from the store add which made my purchase such a pleasant experience. Her customer service was next level awesome!
8 months ago
Paula Westcott
By far the worst experience I’ve ever had at any business. Specially unfortunate that this came from management. Two managers in store during time of visit and bad experience with both. It all started with confusion and unclarity of a deal the store had going on. Long story short the manager herself did not know what was included in the 14 package deal they had going on so she offered me something she thought was the deal. Obviously she had to honor what she said but she was upset she had mistakenly said something that wasn’t. Julie, sales manager made false accusations, argumentative, carelessly rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and more... feeling extremely uncomfortable I requested to get assisted by someone else. The nice very calm and understanding sales associate proceeded to involve the second manager in store but he refused to come out of his office. Claimed to be in a 2 hour conference call. All I wanted was to share the unpleasant conversation/ experience with Julie but didn’t care to hear it. Even after the sales associate shared what was going on multiple occasions, he refused to make himself available. I couldn’t believe their customer services. After being at the store for 4+ hours the second manager at the store never bothered. I’m still in disbelief on this experience, and the fact they dismissed (aside from sales associate) my concerns, management should be questionable. What a shame.
7 months ago
Mister Porter
Our sales associate was great. He gave us plenty of space to shop. He was there for questions and helpful advice.
7 months ago
Hayley Manhire
I spent more than 30 minutes waiting for the seller He gave me $100 more expensive price compare to online Finally thet matched the online price but forced me to keep the delivery of 59.99 I will never come back to the store. Never!!!
4 months ago
John Rhodes
Artur was the perfect amount of help yet not pushy. He was very helpful when asked questions and I would definitely recommend using him in the future.
5 months ago
Dawn Ramirez
The help and accommodation was extremely professional and appreciated. We will definitely continue business at Ashley's
5 months ago
Trashy Whiteboy
Lots of selections maybe a tad high in price, but it looks like quality furniture. I'll let you know when I receive it.
3 months ago
Ralph Bell
All of the furniture in the store was terribly constructed and almost everything had tacky faux finishes. This stuff will not last, Ikea's furnishings are definitely higher quality.
4 months ago
Austin Kurtz
The sales rep doesn’t know what she’s selling. She sold me a base board that was too high when I specifically said I didn’t want a high profile bed. My bed wasn’t assemble during delivery cuz of issues with damaged product and missing parts. There were 4 deliveries made in total. When my bed was finally assembled, my bed was too high! I need a ladder to get to bed! I complained to the store manager and I haven’t received a resolution to this issue. They keep saying they will call me back and it’s been 2 weeks nobody has returned my call. I bought my bedroom set first week of February. And it’s mid March and I still have not received any resolution to this problem.
9 months ago
Zechariah Tyler
Arturo was incredibly helpful and patient in our furniture buying experience! Would definitely go back!
6 months ago
Bobby Baden
We visited the Santa Clarita location. We had previously purchased two bedroom sets, at the same location, approximately 10 years ago. The quality of the furniture is great. On this current visit, Remy and Bobby were great. The staff was very helpful. No one was pushy. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase new or upgrade their furniture.
1 month ago
gitty weiss
Tony was an absolutely fantastic salesman. He didn’t push nor “vulture” the situation. He gave us information and allowed us to make a decision. He was very knowledgeable about the product on the floor. Well worth the drive from the antelope valley. Great job you guys!
4 months ago
Nate Barnes
In-store service was less than average but shipping has been EXCEPTIONALLY TERRIBLE. 12/5: I made the purchase in-store and had expected delivery scheduled for 3+ weeks later on 12/28. (-0.5) 12/24: I got both a text and a call confirming my delivery for 12/28 and was told the time frame would be confirmed at a later time. 12/28: I still didn't have a time frame (-0.5). 7.00 am: I cleared my old bedroom furniture and made room for installation. 12.00 pm: No delivery and no communication so I decided to call Ashley furniture and according to the automated call my delivery is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2021. This had to be wrong so I tried to get in touch with an agent with no success. (-1) 12.15 pm: I started a chat on my Ashley's app and no one replied until 4.53 pm and given I wasn't online they closed the chat session within 7 minutes. (-1) I spent a WHOLE DAY (a day that I reserved for this delivery and affected my whole week) waiting for a delivery that never came and no one proactively or reactively said anything!!! 12/29: I called the store 5 times and finally got onto the waitlist to talk to an agent only to be on hold long enough to be redirected to leave a voice-mail instead. (-1) I started a chat again and got changed between agents a few times. The last agent finally addressed some of questions. (-0.5). Apparently part of my order was in back order. and won't be in the warehouse until January (-1) Remaining questions: When did they change my delivery date? Why was I not notified of the change? Why would they confirm my delivery date when they don't even have the order available? What kind of business are you running that lacks professionalism, communication, courtesy, and the slightest effort or concern for the customer?! I would give a -5 rating if I could
3 months ago
Ronald Pacheco
Salesman was extremely friendly and helpful. Very patient and helped us to get what we wanted. However, we were told in the store that our delivery date for the new furniture would be Sept. 25th. As that date approached I looked at the receipt and noticed the delivery date was actually October 17. Given that I had made arrangements for our old furniture to be picked up prior to delivery of the new, I called the store to find out why the delivery date was so much later than what I was told. Only to then be told that pieces were on back order and the new delivery date would be later in October than even what was written on my receipt. This is absolutely unacceptable customer service. Last time I buy from Ashley.
10 hours ago
Shane Edwards
Our sales associate was very knowledgeable and very friendly. Would highly recommend to friends and family because of our great experience.
10 months ago
Robert Jergensen
Made a purchase, then requested a full refund after dealing with the unprofessional and rude lady who's in charge of financing. (I think her name is Linda). My husband and I have a joint charge account with Ashley's furniture issued by Synchrony bank . After deciding on a purchase, the sales person walked me over to the financing person to assist with the purchase because i didn't have my Synchrony charge card with me. The finance lady asked me to provide 2 forms of identification before charging my purchase to the Synchrony account and I did. After she charged my credit card, I received a receipt from the credit card purchase and a invoice/ receipt from Ashley's. The credit card receipt had my name on it but the Ashley's invoice stated my husband's name at the top along with our home / delivery address. I didn't have a problem with it however the lady in financing told me in front other customers and employees, it looked like I was committing fraud and in a rude tone, told me to go have a seat because it was going to take a while because the Ashley's invoice had to be reprinted with my name at the top. She ended up processing my refund instead. It was a humiliating experience. Will never shop there again.
11 months ago
Charles Noonan
The Upsell you with an extended warranty and when you need to use it you can't get this company they use Protect All GBS Enterprises on the phone to help you. You can't even get your local Ashley Store to answer the phone. Almost I hour on hold with GBS, and Local Ashley Store says after 15 minutes you will be send to voicemail, which is what happened. I will never buy from this company again.
6 months ago
Marcos Caro
Bought our new couch here, had a great experience! Thanks to Kevin, the sales associate, for making the experience fast and pleasant!
10 months ago
Oscar Urrutia
Id give them zero stars of I could. We initially got a good price on the electric recliner sofa and electric recliner chair. Then were where told it could not be delivered for a full month. Just before the delivery date we got a call that the delivery had been rescheduled. This happened 2 more times. After many phone calls and being lied to, we were promised some remuneration. This came in the form of Ashley “gift cards” for about half of the originally promised amount. First we were told the cards had been mailed. Never received anything by mail. Then we were told that we had to go to the store to pick them up. Not likely to ever buy anything there again so, these cards are useless. It’s hard to believe that whatever we bought would be delivered anyway. After 2 ½ months the electric recliner sofa and electric recliner chair arrived! Guess what? The power supply for the electric recliner sofa was not shipped with the sofa! After more calls to corporate, being lied to, being hung up on, told “that’s not our department I’ll transfer you” and then disconnected, we finally got confirmation of the power supply shipment. It took another 10 days to get it. Rather than wait another 3 months for their “tech” to come install it we did ourselves. Let me tell you, it wasn’t rocket science. In my opinion Ashley Furniture is just a 1950’s furniture operation with a new coat of paint. They had our money and where making interest on it while we had no furniture for 3 months. Misinformation and lies all the way around. Will never buy from them again. Beware, they are really nice until they get your money.
2 weeks ago
Kyle Silva
We were looking for a sectional couch and wandered into Ashley Furniture just for a look see and get an idea of different styles there were to choose from. Dominic was our salesperson and from start to finish he was spectacular. He showed us all the various choices without any pressure, he had all the answers to our questions. We picked a couch that we both liked and Dominic explained what our choices were and how fast we could get the couch delivered to us. I would recommend Ashley Furniture to everyone and make sure you ask for Dominic he will make guide you the process stress free...
1 week ago
Cammie Rone
Predatory sales techniques. The “Manager’s Special” on a $600 table brought it down to $399! The pushy sales clerk tried to ring us up, but I wanted to think about it overnight. After googling the same exact table on Ashley home furniture’s website, I ordered it for $191. $191. Half of the “Manager’s Special”. These greedy vultures tried to rob me and my family by doubling the price of the table. I will never shop from this store again. And my table won’t be arriving until December. AWFUL EXPERIENCE.
4 months ago
Victoria Flores
My salesman, Dominic, constantly went the extra mile for me. Whether moving furniture or accessories around so that I can make informed decision. Dominic is awesome to work with, and he always makes you feel that you’re a priority through the sales process! Thank you again, Dominic, for making my shopping experience a pleasant one! Karin Moore
4 months ago
Jerrica Desjardins
Worst shopping experience ever! These guys have delayed my delivery twice, it's been a couple months since I placed my order. Not once did they contact me to let me know that the expected delivery date had been changed. They never answer the phone either. Terrible business, take your money somewhere else.
11 hours ago
Ricky Griffith
I will NEVER purchase from Ashley Homestore again! Ever. I placed an order for a reclining sofa set in July and was told that it would be delivered end of August. Two days before my delivery date, I get a call stating that my new delivery date is scheduled for the end of September. I ask for a refund on shipping charges plus compensation because I had already gotten rid of my old sofas in order to make room for the new ones (they only called me two days before delivery) and we now have nowhere to sit until the end of September! I asked for a refund for my shipping charges and they submitted a case number and was promised a call within 72 hours. Well, 72 hours later, I had not received a call so I called to follow up, only for them to tell me that I had a NEW delivery date in October!!! After speaking to Justin, their manager, over the phone, he apologized and agreed to refund me the shipping charges, a small credit PLUS $200 in a gift card on my close to $4K order that I paid in full. He asked me to go into the store because it would be the fastest way to get paperwork processed and he could hand me the gift cards at the same time. When I arrived, he did not honor what he promised over the phone and only made me waste my time by going into the store! I cancelled my order and will be taking my business elsewhere!! They can forget about me purchasing my farmhouse dining table too!! Horrendous, horrendous experience!!!
1 month ago
yazan sayyad
Great customer service. Attentive, helpful, and not pushy. I was impressed with how involved the store manager was in attending to my needs and the needs of other customers.
10 months ago
siamak souri
Seriously the worst place ever!! I don’t care what kind of discount you get it is not worth the headache or how many times you have to call to get your furniture. The sales people are such scammers when they tell you the delivery date. It’s just so they can get the sale and make their commission. I should have know when I walked in and saw sales people bickering with each other. We ordered our furniture Oct 10. It was promised to us by Nov 3. Finally received partial shipment mod Nov. still waiting on our desk and it is still no where to be found and are now saying we will get in Jan 3. Not worth the savings
11 months ago
Damien Earl
If there was a possible way to leave a -10 review I would! Its been 4 months since I ordered my couch and I have been given the run around about why it has not come, its always "Its on back order" what makes matters worse, a customer rep always gives me a new date and the managers PROMISE that it will be delivered and still nothing! We have had 5 delivery cancelations and its always either the evening before or the day of and thats if they even bother to call, twice I had to call and ask when the delivery truck would be in because they missed the time slot and then they let me know my furniture was not coming. My family went through, The ENTIRE holiday season with no Furniture. I would have canceled already but they kept stringing us along with lies and promises! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Please save yourself the heartache. I would have never thought ordering furniture could bring so much stress and heartache!
10 months ago
Xiran Zhang
My fiance and loved the selection. Our sales representative Gigi was amazing helping us find the perfect living room set within our budget. Great experience.
4 days ago
Tracy Morgan
In February of this year, I purchased a queen mattress, foundation, and a panel bed... Clay Brown was the sales person who helped me that day... He was very helpful, informative, and understood what exactly I want... He helped me find what exactly wanted, based on my budget... He was too kind to spend the time explaining about the different type of wood, and showing me the best products... At the end, he gave a big discount and helped me buy what I needed and liked... I waited over a month to post this review, just to make sure I am satisfy with the items I have purchased... A big thanks to Clay, also the general manager who approved the discounts... I am absolutely satisfy with the customer service, and my purchases ????
4 days ago
Petra Jones
Sales person was very patient as my husband decided on his recliner
6 months ago
Lora Sloan
Good store to include on your list when you're comparing furniture.
3 days ago
Dezi G
We came in for a recliner and left with an entire living room set: power reclining infinite position sofa, love seat, and recliner, plus a clearance manual recliner. We really needed it and got an outstanding deal. Clay helped us. He was very patient, friendly, and helpful. Chris, the manager was above and beyond in outstanding customer service and Justin, another manager pitched in for additional outstanding customer service. I can’t speak to the delivery yet or how the protection package/warranty will turn out, but our in-store experience could not be better. We’ll definitely come back to Ashley on Golden Valley Rd. when we want to get the coffee table, end tables, or other furniture. Highly recommend!
6 months ago
Michelle Frahm
Amanda Evans helped us today and she did an outstanding job!!!
8 months ago
Markell Johnson
They want me to get this sofa with damage . And giving me a hard time to get it replace ,. Will you go buy a new furniture and they damage your furniture, now they want to get it repair , No. I bought a new furniture why should I acept it like that or repair them is not good service. Second sofa came in and it was damege. Today going # 3 sofa the delivered truck arrive to my house couldn't even wait 10 minutes . They left while I was around the corner. Very disappointment of management services. To a point I want to get my money back. The manager Alex said they can only give me store credit. Poor costumers services. Last I want is to go back and buy something and have the same experience that will be crazy.
3 months ago
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE after you buy something. These people will lie to you and give you the run around IF you can even get through to them on the phone. Don't even bother buying from them unless you know you are satisfied with your purchase from the get go otherwise you will be given the run around. Next time I will be taking my money elsewhere.
3 weeks ago
Big DroN
BEWARE!! Hard to get a hold of once you make a purchase. Horrible delivery service and on top of that deceptive. If I could give them a zero star I would. Had my husband sign an order for a delivery that they did not give us an opportunity to inspect because they said they were running late. On top of that they left a couple of unopened boxes and those items were damaged as well. I called them about 1 minute after they left and text photos to delivery person and they said all they could do is give me the number to their corporate. They intentionally deceived us and did a horrible job of putting the furniture together. Ashley Furniture knows they have a bad track record with delivery service and do not act in good faith with contracting these types of delivery companies. Check out photos on Yelp. They left screws sticking out!!
1 month ago
Oana Varlan
Customer service amazing, pricey.
10 months ago

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