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It's time to update your furnishings and you don't know where to turn? We invite you to the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries furniture store at 3303 Hyland Ave Bldg E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Here you will fulfill your cherished desires and find things you've been looking for for a long time.

Season's best deals, fresh arrivals, furniture market trends - this and much more awaits you in our spacious sales area. Variety of collections will interest both classic and modern style lovers. We will help our customers to beautifully design a room in the spirit of loft, chic, modern, high-tech or minimalism.

Different materials, colors and textures are available to choose from. Qualified salespeople of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries salon will be glad to answer all your questions and will help you to make a successful purchase.

Furniture is certified and made of environmentally safe raw materials. We provide a guarantee on all goods.

Customers will be pleased with reasonable prices, and seasonal discounts and sales will help to save money. You can order additional services: installation by high-level specialists, pick-up, lifting to the floor, delivery.

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La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Rate: 4.8
Address: 3303 Hyland Ave Bldg E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone number: (714) 434-0744

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Francisco Gomez
Manager was amazing. They were very busy! She waited on us herself and was professional, knowledgeable and understood my special requirements.
11 months ago
Ann Williams
I ordered my custom sofa in early Feb 2021 and was told it would be delivered with in 4 to 6 months. In Sept I started leaving messages with the delivery department. After 4 messages and no reply back I started leaving messages with customer service and again no replies. So in late Oct I finally reached the store and a sales person. After apologizing she said I should have my sofa by the holiday since it was shipping the beginning of Nov. I replied oh perfect in time for Thanksgiving. She then said oh no I'm sorry, not Thanksgiving, I meant Christmas. I asked if it was going from over seas and she said no, from back east. I then asked if it was arriving by horse and carriage. She apologized again and offered to credit me back my delivery fee. I pointed out I paid cash. Her reply was oh, I will need to check with the audit department to see about that. So now I wait for my sofa and the check that will someday be in the mail.
11 months ago
Butch Sloan
The salesperson listened to our needs and was quite informative. We decided that we would use lazy boys design consulting services because of her explanations. We will be buying a lazy boy product or two
11 months ago
Melissa Hendrian
We came with a list of the models we wanted to try out. Brett showed us the area, and found 2 that were adjacent to that area. We didn't feel hovered over, which we appreciated. He gave us a list of the fabrics that have the features we wanted, then showed us swatches of these fabrics. After we chose the fabric, he pointed out recliners upholstered in the fabric of its various colors. That was helped me choose the color easily. When he did the paperwork, he was careful to record our purchase correctly and showed us that the features we wanted were specified in the order. He was respectful and informative. We were pleased with our experience.
2 months ago
Angel Martinez
I worked with Diane H and Cynthia P at the Costa Mesa store. They were both great ! Cynthia took time to figure out what I was looking for and I loved her design ideas. Great job all...appreciate your help.
11 months ago
Susie B
Our salesman, Chris, was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful without being at all overbearing. He gave us all the time we needed to look at several chairs, come to a decision and make a purchase with confidence. Our only regret was that the style and color we wanted is not available till January. We hope the factory is more fully staffed in order to catch up with demand.
3 months ago
Tony Lee
We repurchased two of the same couches we’ve had for years. They held up to plenty of family & dog use. For our purchase Alexa & Jasmine we’re both wonderful. We’re looking forward to the delivery.
11 months ago
Rashi Brown
We were very pleased with our experience. We bought several pieces of furniture. The salesman was very helpful and no force selling. He didn’t make any comments about the product. He let us make our own comments and our own decision. I’ll buy from that same place again.
4 weeks ago
Doc Van
Our salesman was very helpful in telling us all of the options available to us in the chairs that we were interested in.They were delivered a month earlier than we anticipated. The delivery was smooth. We were kept informed of the delivery time frequently. And, so far, the chairs are extremely comfortable. Thank you.
1 month ago
Julie Green
So far have just placed my order, but associates were great. I made several visits before I made my decision. The only reason for not giving 5 stars was the time frame for delivery. 4-7 months. This alone made me look elsewhere, and I had decided on an alternative. But as I have had Lazyboy recliners for 30 years (and still have/use one of the originals, I decided to stick with Lazyboy and the model I knew I liked.
11 months ago
Nestor Noria
Maryanne met us just inside the door and after learning we were interested in a recliner quickly directed us to a collection of recliners that were the correct size for my body. After short conversations about fabric, color and lumbar support we had the perfect recliner for our home. Super experience.
4 months ago
Maria Marlowe
Alexa was amazing. Knew the product well. Was prompt and understood my needs. She communicated clearly at each step and set honest expectations.
1 month ago
Martha Maynard
I purchased the Trouper sectional couch years ago and I just went back to La Z Boy and purchased the same exact couch for the second time. This is my favorite couch and worth every penny. The sales team was very helpful and friendly each time I visited their store.
2 months ago
Gustavo Sesmas
It took a couple weeks shy of 1 year to get my furniture and then they delivered a broken love seat. They said it will take at least 4 months to get a replacement. On top of that the furniture they did deliver has spiders living in it that then hatched babies. We've been killing spiders and now my kids refuse to sit on our new couches. It has not been a pleasant experience. I get that Covid has slowed things down but come on. For 10k I expect more. They did give me a discount for the delay on a positive note but nothing with all the new errors.
11 months ago
Ben Gibbin
Brett and I, both, were **very impressed** with the service that we received from Tania. She understood my needs very clearly, she did not waste our time, she chose excellent options for us to try on for size (I am petite and have a limited range of motion) and was in general as helpful as it was humanly possible to be! We could not have asked for more. She was friendly, outgoing, and made us feel welcome and at home. La-Z-Boy (and the Costa Mesa store) are extremely fortunate to have her. She really knows her product‼️
5 months ago
David Mcclendon
Tanya is very helpful she really knows her stuff and she really cares we're getting a comfortable chair. It's really a shame that it takes a year to get the chair. I really hope it's worth the wait.
4 months ago
Tammy Richard
The staff were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The delivery times are a bit slow (not their fault) and they worked to find me what I wanted with the quickest timeline possible.
1 month ago
Alexander Shevchuk
Very friendly consultant. Helped us hone down our choice, because it can be overwhelming! It took quite a while for our recliners to arrive (almost 4 months for standard upholstery, not custom) but that is covid's fault, not La-Z-Boy. We ordered in CA for our delivery to our new house in NV. The same warehouse is used. Delivery was great, the recliners were set up in our tv room, and we were rocking and reclining in no time. Very happy with our purchase.
2 months ago
Michael Sorrels
My husband and I made an appointment with a absolutely wonderful designer named Jasmin at the Costa Mesa store. She is very gifted as to how she was able to help us with making the right purchases for our home. Jasmin was knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring. La-z-Boy is lucky to have a genuine person on their staff. We really found it was so easy with her help and kind attitude. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the store’s manager Patrick who without his help and correspondence we would never have come in and we would have missed the opportunity for our new furniture. We are excited about the arrival of our new purchases and want to thank Jasmin and Patrick for their support. They are real gems.
10 months ago
Mercedes McKay
Fantastic products, fantastic service! We wanted an updated recliner to replace the one we bought at this location in 2003. The employees give you space and don't hover while you explore the store. We found perfect coffee/end tables AND a recliner. They are knowledgeable and get you the best deal! So happy to have a new chair that goes with our decor. Will be going back for new couch and love seat.
3 days ago
David Williams
I called in advance to confirm the piece I was looking for was on the floor. I did have to call 3 times before a salesperson finally answered, but I’m OK with that. This was a busy weekend for the industry. When I arrived the salesperson I spoke with, Tanya, was unavailable and all other salespersons were helping other customers. When the first person was available she immediately found me and provided assistance. She was kind and helpful though wanted to defer to Tanya so as to honor the phone call. Tanya was helping another customer, but as soon as she had a moment to break away from those customers she greeted me, answered some questions and indicated they would take a team approach to assist so as to not cause further delay. Both associates were very helpful and answered all my questions about the piece I was interested in. I was taken aback when I learned my piece would not be delivered until Dec 2021 though I learned this is somewhat common in the industry at the moment. Despite the delay I decided to purchase the piece. The transaction process was relatively quick and the contract is short enough you can read the entire document without feeling overwhelmed. It was nice to only have to pay for a portion of the cost since I’ll be waiting 3 months to receive my order. Trusting in the quality of the furniture was the primary reason I purchased the piece though the excellent customer service truly solidified my choice. It’s comforting when you feel good about a decision to make a large purchase. The entire sales staff was friendly and the associates genuinely seem to care for one another despite being in competition. As someone who is super-competitive it was refreshing to see a team approach in an individualized business model.
1 month ago
Great sales Experience and the designer really helped to select good pieces for our house. Product availability is a concern however and we have had to wait several months to receive our order. Advice is to ask about product availability when you make the purchase and decide if it’s worth waiting for.
4 months ago
Stephen Lawrence
Lots and lots of choices. My salesperson, Jami, was awesome. Was able to answer all my questions. No sales pressure. Really helpful in helping me decide what I wanted and what I didn’t. Great experience.
4 months ago
David Ross
I am so grateful that I went into the Costa Mesa store and talked to one of their associates. She was very helpful and informed me about the sleepers. I almost bought a secondhand sleeper that would not have fit through the bedroom door. After taking with the associate, she informed me that the Kennedy Queen Sleep Sofa would fit through the door to the room I wanted to put it in. The couch is very comfortable and well made. I am very happy with the service and couch.
2 weeks ago
Stacie Andreyeva
I was happy with making the order and understood that it would take several weeks for the delivery. The delivery date is now weeks passed and no one will return my phone messages. There doesn't seem to be any way to get a human on the phone Very aggravating.
3 months ago
E Narag
manager call you. He never did so I called back and the same guy I left the message with said he talked to the manager and e said he was going to call me! He got another shift manager on the phone who said it never got ordered and do I want to reorder it? Now I know why the store manager didn't want to call me back! I now have a call into the Corp office so we shall see what happens , but I see they live up to their name! Also I've tried to contact the Corp office to get my money back and no one answers the phone! Do not buy from this company or you will regret it!
4 months ago
Sue Halligan
I have been going to Costa Mesa store for years now and been dealing with Tanya and she is amazing. I feel my choices and final decisions that I make have to do with Tanya because I trust in her and she's good ????????
3 months ago
Janet Michaelis
Alexis was fantastic. She really knew her stuff and was able to point me to the right solution for my needs. The showroom was well laid out and attractive. The other employees were also well-versed in the products. This was a great experience!
2 months ago
Gene Starwind
The salesperson at the Costa Mesa facility was very helpful and knowledgable. I just received my recliner and the delivery was professional and prompt.
4 weeks ago
Karen Stuart
I purchased a recliner in early November assisted by 3 sales experts who helped me reverse an earlier purchase I'd made in error with another product that is perfect! Tania, Sales Manager, asked all the right questions and provided professional advice on styles and costs while Jasmine, Design Consultant, helped with fabric selection and ultimately located the precise chair at another store, ready and available for delivery in 5 days! Chris answered further questions and added suggestions. I left with the best feeling that I was getting what I really wanted, that the delivery would occur as arranged and that I'd been provided great care by professionals. I am a devoted La-Z-Boy shopper: best products and best design advice! You will love the selection of furnishings and the very competent advice. Enjoy your shopping with any of the experts mentioned herein or anyone who is under the La-Z-Boy roof!
1 week ago
Tami Patel
Chris was great and answered all my questions and concerns. I feel great about my purchase.
2 months ago
Le Nguyen
Friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable on furniture availability, durability, and craftsmanship. Very impressed with the customer service!
2 months ago
Daniel Jones
We had several deliveries the day we moved i to new place- Lazy Boy was the only company that was reliable-they came when they said they would. And we love our couch!
1 month ago
Jay Woo
Jaime was amazing in her knowledge of recliner chairs when we came in to look. We found just what we were looking for and are looking forward to getting our chair
2 months ago
jo ra
Choosing our fabric and chair was easy with no pressure from he sales staff. Paperwork was quick and efficient. They told us it would be delivered sometime in January. We ordered in September. No problem. Got an email saying our chair was ready to be delivered and they gave us options and it was delivered at exactly the time it was promised. Great experience!
9 months ago
I’m very satisfied with my experience. The sales associate who worked with me, Jennifer, was helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I was a little disappointed to hear that it will be 4 to 6 months before I will get the chairs I ordered and hope the company is working on speeding up that timeline.
6 months ago
Ari G
Christopher Thomas rocked the house at La-Z-Boy Costa Mesa. We previously purchased a sectional and was able to add a piece to it without any problem. Christopher is such a great positive energy in the store with a can-do attitude. Thanks for the great in-store experience!
5 months ago
Alfredo Barriere
Sales staff pleasant and knowlegdeable. Answered all my questions and made purchase a snap. Recommend to anyone looking for a great recliner.
4 months ago
James Litten
Jami was very helpful & she ordered arm & headrest covers for my recliner. I had made the recliner purchase a few years back, but she made it happen. Thanks
6 months ago
Matt Bride
I was very impressed by the setup of the showroom. I was looking for an armchair to replace my old one. After trying out several of them, I finally decided to get the Riley High Leg Reclining Chair in the terra color with the wooden arms.
8 months ago
Momma Dear
La-Z-Boy products are the best & last forever! The sales people are awesome in Costa Mesa. I’m very happy with my twin sized sleeper chair. I appreciate being able to pay over time.????
9 months ago
Veronica Jordan
I love the loveseat, but when we purchased it in October we were told it was taking about 12 weeks for manufacturing. It was a pandemic. We said 'ok'. In reality it arrived just a couple days shy of 8 MONTHS after we paid for it.
10 months ago
Kim Peters
Diane Hayek was great. She answered my questions before I asked. Floor model layout nice. We were able to find perfect sofa and LVST.
6 months ago
Lola Leroux
We had the pleasure of visiting the Costa Mesa store and immediately felt welcomed by Tania who assisted us throughout our time there. She was extremely informative of the products, walking us thru the store and explaining everything to us, while being extremely friendly and not pushy at all. She designed our room for us because the designer was busy and she took it upon herself to help out and did a fabulous job! She double checked our order, every single name and number was reviewed to make sure there were no errors. We ended up buying everything she helped us with. It was the best furniture buying experience we ever had! I would highly recommend going to that store and ask for Tania!
4 months ago
David Salazar
Claire, our sale associate, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions and made sure we got all the discounts entitled to us. It was pleasurable visit and purchase.
9 months ago
Karen Toothaker
Diane was very helpful working with us to create a new inviting environment for our home. Lazy Boy has a diverse range of furniture, rugs, and accessories to choose from and the staff is very knowledgeable about their products. For us of great importance is that they offer a complete line of sofas and chairs that are all made in America!
4 months ago
Bonnie Wheeler
Someone helped us right away was very busy. He took l his time with us. Very helpful and accommodating. Great experience thank you and excited about getting our furniture.
5 months ago
Pat Mcneil
Surprisingly busy in that all consultants were busy but as soon as they were free they came to help us. The consultants were very knowledgeable about their products and we could easily understand the differences in the types of seats and their functions. We were able to purchase a recliner instead of a sectional we thought we originally wanted but it turned out it was not the correct fit for what we needed. They did not pressure you buy anything or up sell you, they were very sincere and really wanted you to be happy about your purchase. We would go back again.
3 months ago
Luke Andersen
Diane was so knowledgeable and patient while I made my decision. I'm very happy with the service and the quality of my new recliner.
5 months ago
Sarah Tybring
We went to look at some chairs and Tania Dablaing greeted us with a great smile and was so cordial and helpful. Explained everything in detail. She’s excellent at what he does and certainly a great asset to the company. Thank you again Tania for all your help.
6 months ago

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