If it's time to change your interior, troVe, the 8639 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002, United States, a quality furniture store, is at your service. Here you can make your dreams come true and find what you've been planning for a long time.

Fresh arrivals, a huge assortment - this and much more is presented in our showroom. The variety of collections will interest fans of both classic and ultra-modern style. Do you like loft, chic or Scandinavian minimalism? We will help you find furniture with the appropriate design.

Choose from a variety of colors, materials and textures. The competent consultants of the troVe store will be glad to answer all your questions and help you to make a successful purchase.

Furniture presented in the catalog, are made from environmentally friendly materials and have the necessary certificates. We have our own policy of quality control plus a manufacturer's warranty.

Buyers will be pleased with the reasonable prices, and seasonal sales, promotions and discounts will help to save money. You can arrange a number of additional services: removal to the apartment, lifting, installation by qualified specialists, delivery.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -85.5612747, latitude - 42.1915493

Rate: 4.8
Address: 8639 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002, United States
Phone number: +1 269-312-8299

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 42.1915493
Longitude: -85.5612747

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Dario Preston
Absolutely love this store! Antique, vintage, farmhouse, cottage, shabby chic....whatever your decorating style there is eye candy in here for you! In the few times I've shopped here, I've encountered the friendliest staff who are always so helpful - whether you need a price or advice on how to pick and use chalk paint, they are quick and available. Reserve a good block of time to wander the booths, as the store seems to go on forever! This is definitely my Happy Place!
11 months ago
Michael Keefer
Feel like I've walked in to a store in south haven. Its changing! You should stop and shop
1 month ago
bry parreault
The best treasures, customer service, and the cutest shop dogs! 10/10 would recommend
5 months ago
Dennis W
Wonderful place to find great items for the home.
3 months ago
Great place to shop for unique pieces for the house!
11 months ago
Gonzalo Miranda
Great gift shop!
3 days ago
Ichigo Kurosaki
Such an incredible store! So many treasures inside, beautifully staged and designed. My personal favorite are the adorable selection of Michigan items- handmade by locals. Customer service is friendly and helpful. The owner is kind, personable, and has a great eye for unique beauty. Highly recommend this shop!
3 weeks ago
Katrin Slepukhina
It is just has cool items
3 months ago
Terry Watts
A tremendous selection of decor. Rustic with a touch of bling!
2 weeks ago
Abdalla Mohamed
I just love this store. So much diversity in items available.
10 months ago
Сергей Sdirect
It's a fun place to shop! It's a treasure "Trove"!
10 months ago
Ashley Wohlers
So much fun. Something for everyone at many different price points.
2 weeks ago
Nancy Morataya
Great items. Old and newish. I saw a Beatles album in vinyl.
5 months ago
Fresh Circus
Cute shop. Love wandering this place, but repeatedly do not find the staff friendly. Today upon check out I was greeted as more of an inconvenience than anything. At least the shop dog is always welcoming!
2 weeks ago
Phil Probert
Trove is a place I go whenever I need some inspiration. You can find furniture or little gifts or ideas. I find their prices much better than KKitty. Some new stuff, some second hand, country cottage style or beach chic.
2 weeks ago
Jessica Todryk
love this store! nice variety! helpful staff
1 month ago
Barry Harvey
Fun place to visit
10 months ago
Constance Kuecker
Beautiful merchandise. Can't wait to go again!
3 weeks ago
Melissa Jones
I love this store. They always have great treasures, creative pieces, and fun events. I could wander in this store for hours!
3 weeks ago
Flemming Larsson
One of my favorite places to find one-of-a-kind treasures. Great prices and vendors.
5 months ago
Candice Stephens
Just such a cute shop! Alwaya find something I love and always feel welcomed!!! I recommend this cute shop to everyone! I always walk out with something that I cannot live without.
3 months ago
Sunita Sukhu
Very cool store. I could have taken home a lot more than I did. I will be back again and again!
2 weeks ago
Vladimir Evs
The owner, Julie, is a wonderful woman who runs a fun, clean, and creative business. My wife and I enjoy going to the various events that happen at Trove throughout the year (e.g. the Christmas party, a fall/harvest party, etc). The resident Bernese Mountain Dog, Zoe, is also a great store mascot.
1 month ago
Aleksandra Marushonok
The finds are wonderful and the staff is AMAZING! Julie, Debbie and John ate like family now! I have been there daily for the past week and have found something else that I had to have every single time!
5 months ago
Pam Laushway
Great Store! Lots of Vintage
2 weeks ago
Thomas Mallery
My favorite store in Portage, hands down. I visit here every time I visit my family & never leave empty handed! Julie has so many great treasures ❤
11 months ago
Craig Doman
Wonderful place to pick up things for home, baby, and friends! Vintagey and unique feel to everything in the store, and with multiple styles, anyone will find a new treasure here.
2 months ago
Carl Smith
Neat place!
3 months ago
Steeler Chuma
Excellent place for vintage. Lots of cool fun things to explore!!
4 months ago
Olwen Williams
Cute shop found sassy olives there!
1 month ago
Debo Dadon
Really unique pieces that anyone would love. The store is MASSIVE and kept me entertained for hours. The staff were helpful and offered a lot of tidbits about the custom furniture.
3 months ago
Svetik Pronina
Amazing collection of old and new items. Fun decorating pieces ❤️
5 months ago
Michael Kostboth
I could spend hours there!!! Love it!
5 months ago
Tasty Cheddar
Unique home decor and knick knacks
2 months ago
Alexander Mironov
What a treasure! This shop is full of awesome treasures ! The owner and employees are spectacular and lots of fun! I find something to buy each time I stop and the prices are very affordable!
11 months ago
Lillie Smith
Unique and one of a kind shop!
1 month ago
Tony Bliss
Trove is one of my favorite shops without exception! Friendly staff, and great selection of furniture as well as antique and handmade items.
11 months ago
Theo Archibald
Wonderful place full of wonderful treasures.
11 months ago
Jessica Pita
Beautiful store, set up just inviting and lovely, owner very sweet loving person
2 months ago
Pat Taylor
The shop is amazing. The staff was warm and friendly and gave me some great advice and tips on my project. I am working with chalk paint for the first time and was very intimidated with the wax step. Stopped in to get a wax brush. Extremely pricey brush but trusted that it was what I needed. The young man went over how to clean the brush after and also told me that I'd lose a few bristles as I used it, that it's normal but would be ok. Left feeling really happy, even with the cost of the brush. Fast forward to this after noon. And I am very disappointment with the wax brush. I spent the last hour of my life that I'll never get back picking out what felt like a billion bristles. I thought it was normal and that it might come out when I wipe the excess wax off. NOPE still stuck in my nightstand. I was so upset that I decided to call the store to see what their exchange or return policy was, To only find out they do not have one. The lady that answered the phone said they use them all the time in shop and don't have any issue. She then said that I have to wash it a few times before I use it, would have have been nice to know that before I did a whole side of the nightstand. And being told ahead of time that is was normal to lose some, didn't even prepare me for the amount of bristles that came out of the brush. I will never use this $28 wax brush again. I'm more upset now that I can't even exchange it. And here I though about going back out to the store to look at the furniture and possibly make some purchases, but knowing that I can't even make an exchange on a bush that didn't work for me is a big let down. Here's to a $28 lesson.
11 months ago
Melinda G
Something for everyone. Love it.
1 month ago
Gene Green
Lots of fun, unique items and really nice people!
11 months ago
Pasha Pashin
Lots of very nice things.
7 months ago
John Flynn
A lot of high quality, wonderful, classy pieces. We'll definitely be back!
3 months ago
Sally Woollet
Has some unique finds, other items are more common and over priced. Worth a look especially with a lot of the area antique shops closing.
1 month ago
Nisha Nisha
Nice place, good prices on most
1 month ago
Andrey Teslenko
Great store to find something unique!
2 months ago
Betsy Hollingsworth
Awesome antiques from many sources
2 months ago
Corinne Hansen
The best around for refurb!
4 months ago
Sue Paananen
Lots of wonderful and unique items.
2 months ago

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