The Orvis clothing store can be found at 489 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States.

The Orvis assortment is frequently expanded and supplemented according to the wishes of customers.

Natural and eco-friendly materials, comfortable fit, modern design, and the ability to easily combine models will help you always stay in the spotlight.

Our sales assistants will help you to emphasize your own style and choose clothes for you.

Our clothes are made with heart.

Location coordinates: Longitude - -73.9808360, Latitude - 40.7530150

Rate: 4.4
Address: 489 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States
Website: orvis.com
Phone number: +1 212-867-0212

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7530150
Longitude: -73.9808360

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Arlo Green
I'm not one to leave reviews unless an experience exceeds expectations. Well, Orvis has proven time and again through their unparalleled customer service to finally warrant a stellar review from me. I have been a customer to the Orvis Manhattan store for a few years and have been outfitted with gear and always received personable friendly service. I would say this also extends to my phone experiences. I've always been met with friendly expert fishing gear advice. But the real extra level is the repair service for broken, damaged, or faulty equipment. I have sent in several things and they have been repaired or replaced quickly and at fair prices that have exceeded my expectations. Orvis has won my business for life not based on one positive experience but a history of exceptional experiences. If there is better customer service out there, I've yet to experience it...
8 months ago
Kiran Koti
Excellent service and selection. I brought my Barbour jacket to Orvis to send in for rewaxing. They send in hundreds if not thousands of jackets a year and were able to provide a lot of information about the process. Even though I sent my jacket in around the holidays, it only took 4 weeks to get the jacket back. Thank you!
8 months ago
Ashlie Pappas
Well-appointed storefront right across Fifth Ave from The New York City Public Library. Store is filled with classic clothing and other worthy items known by the Orvis label!
6 months ago
Abid Feroze
These guys were very helpful in selling me a new fly reel and line. They were excited to impart their skills and knowledge and I was happy to receive it. One of the two guys as only slightly judgmental of my fly fishing methods which I've only come to expect in the fly culture but for the very most part... I really liked them and was a wealth of knowledge. On top of informing me of the products I purchased... They offered to be a resource for fishing conditions. I could tell really cared about the conservation of the natural habitat surrounding NYC.
3 months ago
DeShay Searcy
Awesome very high quality clothes.
7 months ago
Claudia Gonzalez
Love this store. Well made clothing. Have been here many many times. Nice staff. Hugh fishing Dept upstairs.
10 months ago
Leo Jones
These guys are very helpful. Gear for novice, intermediate, or advance fly anglers on second floor. Barbour and Orvis outerwear on first floor.
1 week ago
Mercedes Travis
I am a regular customer of this Retail Stores. The thing that I like is the great quality of products at a very affordable price.
11 months ago
Victor Senyk
Definitely do not recommend it because those workers would keep following you and make you feel so uncomfortable. Especially, there were a man and a woman in their 60s would keep asking you questions for no reasons about how it was.
1 month ago
Tom Smith
I love the customer service in fishing department and the quality of the products!!!
2 weeks ago
Nora Rentschler
Great location by Grand Central Station and Bryant Park/NYC Library! Good selection of quality flies and Orvis products.
5 months ago
Carolina Brito
I was recently perusing an Orvis catalog and noticed a particular jacket that caught my eye, but I was reluctant to order it without trying it on so I called this Orvis store on 5th ave. The sales clerk checked for my size and upon finding it she took my name and told me she would put it aside and awaited my arrival. I did make the journey and she was extremely helpful and the jacket was all that Orvis said it would be.
5 months ago
Ingrid McCallson
Great service. I wish there was a little bit more selection of Orvis brand products. They have some other related brands as well. But I’m always very happy when I go there.
7 months ago
Jeff Cox
Could stock more items
6 months ago
Linda Hall
THE UPMARKET LL BEAN, Orvis is mainly a mail-order seller of good quality hunting gear largely worn by suburban fantasists, like me. One Orvis coat I own has a pouch for carrying shot ducks, and I am so citified I consider Prospect Park the deep woods. Still much Orvis apparel, cool luggage and equipment are displayed here on two floors in a cabin-like decor. An impressive array of rods and other fishing gear is here. Good place to return items from mail orders you rethink.
6 months ago
Jeri Walker
Always friendly and knowledgeable with the flyfishing gear.
4 months ago
shannon gore
The new location is brighter and more airy. The service is much better than it used to be. I dealt with a gentleman with a white beard. He tolerated the fact that I was on the phone the entire time I was in the store. I had no choice. I am not that dude. My only complaint is that the product selection from the Orvis brand was dumbed down. Everything I bought was Barbour brand. And even their selection of Barbour brand clothes was on the boring side. The Barbour store itself has a great selection of up to date fashion.
7 months ago
Anne Simone
I've been in the market for a quality bomber/Harrington jacket for the fall and happened to find their weather breaker online. I paid a visit to their store and met Dan who went above and beyond to find a the size that fit best for me. Had it ordered since it was out of stock in the color I wanted. Will definitely be back soon!
5 months ago
Kalie Stern
Well,it's weird for me to leave comment for a clothing company,but... You don't get overwhelming attention from anyone. You might think spending $500 average for jacket is too unnecessary,but that $500 jacket lasts forever if you use and take care of it properly. (and they also take care of it for you if you don't want to deal with it - like reproofing,tailoring,alternating etc.) High quality products. Before spending up to a grand for a down,nylon jacket,go see this place first.
11 months ago
Jennifer Pietz
Still waiting for a call for a sweater that I reserved. Was looked at as if I didnt belong there. Only one staff member treated me like a paying customer should be treated . And not the other way around Disappointed at the end and sad because as soon as I walked in I was given uncomfortable looks . But you know what am good didn't expect that in a store like orvis,maybe it's not the store in itself but most importantly is certain staff members am sure orvis has good people working for them . This is not a crucifixion only telling you guys my first and last experience with this store. Be safe be kind ,am out .
7 months ago
Thania Rodriguez
They had binoculars when I needed them to see some shows. They were very friendly and helpful.
7 months ago
Sean Maguire
Lovely store. Main floor snotty pushy sales. Upstairs a delight with assistance that knows products...and establishes clients...over just pushy single sales.
7 months ago
susiemae ford
1 month ago
saleh Ahmed
I love Orvis products and just enjoy browsing much the time.
9 months ago
Lillie Smith
Great clothes selection and very good customer service.
9 months ago
Jenny Piedra
Yes great store for mens outdoors type clothing. I like their shirts.
7 months ago
Michael Phelps
I love orvis and their store is the best place to check everything out!
6 months ago
Joel Gonzalez
though i didn't buy anything, I liked the store a lot - totally up my alley. maybe next time. quick story here: whilst looking around some guy came in. the woman greeted him and asked if she could help him. the reply was something like "yes, can you tell me where i can find a store in which I won't get harassed by the staff asking me what I want.." - a big thumbs up to the lady working there totally keeping her cool and not getting annoyed by such a j.rk.
9 months ago
Erin Lovett
Rob (Chicky) is fantastic. He manages the fishing department upstairs at 5th Ave and couldn't be more helpful in picking out the right gear or technique to use whilst fishing. The Orvis products are well worth the money and they have a great warranty program. If you fish (and shop for gear) a lot, look into the Orvis credit card as it has a very generous rewards program (particularly when used at the store).
3 months ago
Joseph Dana
It was interesting to visit a store stocking Barbour clothing in NYC having travelled from Newcastle and being a Barbour fan. I hope it's doing well over there!
9 months ago
peggy hernandez
Nice store! A lot of fly fishing gears and clothes
9 months ago
Stephanie Carlson
The inside has lots of shops with a variety for all in your group. Across the street from the outside mall, so you can do both.
7 months ago
Nabin Bhandari
It was fair pricing when first opened then the prices skyrocketed
9 months ago
shannon Wills
Very responsive and helpful. Had paint on my Barbour jacket - they sent it out right away.
5 months ago
Harper Holden
Cool! You find everything for fly fishing
7 months ago
laura roth
I'd probably like to give this place a 4.5. Anyway, the shop has some good stuff and the staff are friendly. If you're not familiar with American brands, but if you want to but something "American", I'd say give this shop/brand a go.
11 months ago
Pat Oliver
They charged me $20 to return a jacket that didn't fit. What more do you need to know?
7 months ago
Sunday School
I guess it depends on your reason for going to the store in the first place and what you are comparing it with. I was looking for fly tying materials, fly fishing equipment and ladies fly fishing clothing during an 8 day stop in New York City. The materials section wasnt impressive, there was a fair selection of rods - not that I needed any - but not lots of other equipment. And there was very little in the way of choice for ladies wear. I found the staff not overly helpful. Compared with my experience at the Orvis store in Montreal - well Dan and his team in Montreal were amazing, the store bulging with gear, the biggest selection of ladies wading boots and waders I have ever seen, lots of fly fishing gear and if you wanted something not in stock, they ordered it for you.
5 months ago
Got really great help from the nice woman there picking out a jacket... solid Barbour selection.
9 months ago
Jennifer Poferl
Great selection, excellent stuff!
7 months ago
Okarin Kyouma
Super nice and helpfull crew!
5 months ago
Thomas Marstein
Great Orvis store located on 5th Avenue in NYC. They carry a full array of Orvis products.
8 months ago
Lauren Burke
The venue alone gets bonus points for having views of the Golden Gate Bridge right thuurrr, but extra brownie points for having a vast amount of space to house snow gear, kayak gear, hiking stuff, yoga wear. Basically, come here for all your sports needs and everything in between, this place is a better value than REI.
5 months ago
Jhoana Magistrado
Very very friendly and helpful staff who will do that little bit extra to ensure that you get just what you need.
9 months ago
Bianca Clarke
Great selection and passionate, educated staff.
9 months ago
Nidal Odeh
Great staff eager to help!
1 month ago
Richard Meyer
I cant make this up no one would believe me. I walk into a store by a product and get told it will be shipped to and you will have it a few days. A week goes by no product i go back to the store and the sales person says oh they were shipped on friday(it was a monday) you will have them in afew days. And the sales Person says i will email u a tracking number with in the hour. No email ever came. I decided on Thursday to call speak to a manager. He says they did not get shipped, they got mixed up w another person stuff. Whatever that means. But he assures me they will be sent that day. Great. Friday nothing, Saturday i go on line to track the package and it shows delivered. I call fed ex. IT WAS SHIPPED TO THE WRONG ADDRESS
8 months ago
Jessica Markowicz
Always professional service and exceptional fly fishing gear.
5 months ago
Anna Lane
Super friendly and helpful staff. Don't just stop at the first floor check out the shop on the 2nd level.
9 months ago
Naman Jadaun
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff, I highly recommend this place!
11 months ago

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