Scumbags And Superstars

Find Scumbags And Superstars at the following address: 100 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002, United States.

Scumbags And Superstars collections are comfortable, stylish and high-quality clothes for every day as well as for special occasions, at affordable prices.

All models have checked patterns, are available in full sizes and made with regard to the latest trends in the world fashion.

The combination of unique cut and trendy colors will make you feel special.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -73.9854570, latitude - 40.7181542

Scumbags And Superstars
Rate: 4.5
Address: 100 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002, United States

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7181542
Longitude: -73.9854570

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Peter Duckett
These guys have one of a kind Creepy type and Eerie style jacket patches. Located down on the lower east side S & S boasts a museum worthy exhibit of bizzarre children’s toys and stickers. Their products are available online but it’s loads of fun to meet the source of the art and ideas at the home store.
10 months ago
albert kint
I love this Store! got a sic braided David Bowie tank B4 he passed as a gift my lil sis freaked! Store is super cool N the Guys R soo much fun Check this place out!
6 months ago
william perkins
Freaking amazing, hip, cool store. Definitely won't find anything like it elsewhere. Not to mention the employees were GREAT! Down to earth and very helpful. Great selection of pins, patches and accessories. Go check em" out!!
10 months ago
shelly davis
Scumbags and Superstars is one of my b/f's favorite places. They have the coolest stickers, pins and patches. My only problem is the location. "CLINTON" street. So sketchy.... I feel like Hillary is going to tax me or claim I'm being controlled by men. Sad.
11 months ago
Jane Friend
Met these guys at Boston Comic Con. So enthusiastic it was contagious. Seems like they have a pretty simple concept with the patches and stickers but they've hit such a special niche here between the Wacky Packs of the 1970's, Mad Magazine, and Psychedelic Art that it sucked me right in!
5 months ago
Ddee Ddee
Not a pleasant bunch of ppl if yur not face2face. broken and missing stuff i bought and they refused to replace/help at all.
9 months ago
mya witts
I did not go to this place, rather, i ordered online. I did not receive what i ordered and they basically told me i am SOL. Here is my full review: UPDATE May 3rd: After i posted the review below i immediately received an email from them (which was not the email they provided) and this was their response: "Andrew I realize you're upset about your order not being delivered. But how exactly is this my fault? I mailed the package to the correct address & it was stolen. So why would you expect me to send you a replacement? This was in no way my fault. It sucks that your package was stolen. But getting upset with me isn't really the answer. I don't know what to say. Maybe ask your neighbors or post man if the package was misplaced and they have it? G SxS" Now, this is absolutely unacceptable from a company. If you ordered something online and in never arrived wouldn't you 1. Like a response sooner that a month? 2. Have them actually CARE that you didn't get your products and 3. Not immediately blame the customer? Not only that but in the email is says: "If you did not receive your package please contact us at shop@scumbagsandsupersta…" After sending an annoyed email back they have not gotten back to me. I am assuming they are not working on this whatsoever and just pocketing the money. I have read through the other reviews to understand HOW this place got such a high review. Well, 99% of the reviews are ones that WENT INTO THE STORE. I am sure if i went in and physically got what i paid for i would give this a 5/5. BUT BUYER BEWARE: If you order from out of state and do not get what you spent money on, they give exactly Jack & Shit about you. Again, I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU PURCHASE FROM THESE SCAM ARTIST OVER THE INTERNET. THEY DO NO CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSTED May 2nd: I ordered a bunch of patches and pins from here but it never received what i paid for. I understand that shipping may have caused an issue so i emailed the email address given to let them know. That was on April, 15th and let them know right away. I also understand that a big company can get busy so i waited. I waited until April 26th before i emailed again to ask where my shipment that i paid for is. No response. I sent one last email to them on May 1st and still NOTHING. At this point they don't care. They scammed me $44 and don't respond. I tried the number as well and it does not connect and i had to leave a voicemail. It is hard to believe that this company has gotten such high ratings since i have heard absolutely nothing from them. This is extremely upsetting and disappointing. I DO NOT recommend this company because of this reason.
8 months ago
Bryan Johnson
Awesome unique shop there aren't that many places like them in NYC. They have some rad clothing, pins, and patches and I can never get enough of their items. Also the guys that co-own the shop are both super chill and great to talk to.
5 months ago
Ben S
Great vintage-feeling punk/grunge/horrorshop rock store. Awesome patches/pins/stickers and other accessories along with their clothing. On top of all of their sick products, the employees are extremely friendly and stoked to talk to anyone interested in the store. Great genuine guys with great gruesome clothes
8 months ago
Keith Lickert
Awesome place! Super friendly staff. Reasonable prices.
2 weeks ago
jocelyn knox
Recommend a stop if your into gnarly lowbrow art. The owners are great and easy to talk with. Great products and prices for the merchandise available.
11 months ago
Kassem Maksoud
Really cool shop and Wurm (staff) was super awesome. Had a lot of fun talking to him and even gave us a restaurant recommendation.
9 months ago
Akbar Bimantoro
Great place. Go in time to time when on a weekend stroll from brooklyn and grab a pin or something special. Good energy and overall fun place to just be in. Thanks. :)
11 months ago
Tracy James
Greatest staff in NYC.. Period... We had so much fun taLking to the store keeper.. Pretty cool dude...
9 months ago
Mr T
Fun and friendly staff. Awesome pins and patches. Always great music playing
11 months ago
Ted Fillios
An "Other Worldy" store! Spooky-Super-Cool & Hip stuff! The product may scare children but the staff that runs the place keeps em' coming back for more! $eriously...Nelson and his crew are "touched" in all the right ways. THE THREE C'S!!! I always know they'll have the latest CRAZIEST CRAZE in the COOLEST way to ware it!!! Prices on products so affordable they REALLY MUST BE CRAZY!!!
5 months ago
Diane Hill
Such a sick store, run by the chillest dudes. Great stuff for weirdos. Horror shirts, rad lapel pins, great stickers, and more. Love to shop here.
5 months ago
Karen Phillps
This place is great I come from jersey just to go here I highly recommend it if you're in the area The guy that works there is always beyond nice treat you like family check this place out!!!
11 months ago
David Carlton
Super cool designs, great sales and total sweethearts behind the counter. Keep your pingame tight. Love it.
5 months ago
Jon Probst
Amazing store I've wanted to visit for a while, crazy selection of stuff and cool t-shirts. Nelson was super friendly and even recommended some places nearby for a drink.Top stuff.
10 months ago
Really cool store! Definitely recommend stopping here!
5 months ago
Giada Polini
Great store for pins, patches and stickers. Staff are up for a chat, I'll be back for sure.
2 months ago
Laurel Rancitelli
Awesome stuff at good prices! The staff are super awesome and friendly!
1 month ago
Erma Shack
Loved my shirt, the guy there is very talented. You will find incredible stuff, with great prices.
11 months ago
Jennifer Hampton
Worst customer service EVER!! When letting know my package didn't arrive they didn't respond. Number is disconnected too. I would give less than 1 star if possible
5 months ago
Abel Badillo
Awesome place ! We came fron Québec and found a super friendly and warm costumer service. Great price and good quality products. It's refreshing to see a place with people working with a smile on their face and enjoy what their doing. Zero attitude ;) Vaut définitivement le détour
5 months ago
Ronald Belgrave
Best store in nyc coolest stuff the staff kik ass loved it!
9 months ago
Jackie Mcintosh
1 month ago
Tom Chaney
If you want awesome unique items and tees, this place is it.
8 months ago
Tina Hartman
Awsome designs, Awsome dudes, Awsome store. Awesome.. Awesome
1 month ago
Terrance H
Friendly store owner! Great and approachable store
9 months ago
Emily Biedrzycki
Great store with an outstanding staff.
11 months ago
Jacob Brown
AKA Robert K. Geronimo and ALL his friends! Langley 7-5-7 right back at paparazzi scum!
10 months ago
Theresa Ritchison
Hidden gem!
10 months ago
Pemoney Gang
Awesome dudes!!!!!
10 months ago
Kyle Svoboda
Thank you Nelson for the help in my quest for the MA tee!! Your pal from Tennessee...Brent.
10 months ago
Susageh Farrell
Love the boys
1 month ago
John Kushnier
Amazing place, amazing people!!! If you are in the area you must check it out!!!!
11 months ago
Diana Stein
Very nice gear, hot!
5 months ago

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