Hamilton: The Store

The Hamilton: The Store clothing store is located at this address: 235 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States.

The Hamilton: The Store assortment is regularly expanded and supplemented according to the wishes of customers.

Natural and eco-friendly materials, comfortable fit, topical styles, and the ability to easily combine options will help you always stay in the center of attention.

Our consultants will help you to choose clothes for you, choose a suitable bow for any occasion and emphasize your personal style.

Our clothes are made with soul, love and care.

GPS coordinates: longitude - -73.9872069, latitude - 40.7596202

Hamilton: The Store
Rate: 4.1
Address: 235 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7596202
Longitude: -73.9872069

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Tons of good stuff. Prices are high as you'd expect but not like crazy high. There are a few good deals to be found. Overall, it's great.
5 months ago
John Baker
My daughter and I are in town to see Hamilton on Broadway, while walking around we found Hamilton: The Store just outside of our hotel and my daughter was stoked to grab some Ham swag! Prices weren’t bad and the staff was outstanding making my daughter feel like a rockstar! We can’t say enough about how great we were treated while in the store!
5 months ago
Arthur Davila
Okay, can I just say that this is literally a fan girls dream. I was speechless/freaking out the whole time I was in this store. They also have great shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, etc. 10/10 recommend. :)
8 months ago
Maggie Miller
Great pop-up store with all your Hamilton needs! Staff is friendly and helpful and don't make you feel bad if you just want to browse. They have more product than the theater across the street and at a variety of prices, though those are the same as at the theater.
8 months ago
Gala Ger
The store is a good place for Hamilton theme merchandise. The prices are very high.
11 months ago
Todd S
Took my daughter and she was extremely happy, spent more then I should but wonderful store!!!
11 months ago
Jim Kennedy
So expensive! But if you love Hamilton, you should stop in.
9 months ago
Francesca Mulaz
If you're into the musical......stop in and pick up a few things!
7 months ago
vidhi balajiwala
I loved it so much here! they have a amazing selection!
1 month ago
Damien Featherstone
Went late one Wed. night. Gentleman working was super friendly and extremely helpful! Great place for Hamilton memorabilia!
10 months ago
Mary Cantu
I just wish the prices weren't so frickin high...like wow
7 months ago
Melvin Lightfoot
Down the street from the Richard rodgers, this is a nice stop in for any Hamilton fan, or those looking for a gift for one.
1 month ago
Ann Lowe
The line moved quickly and everything was laid out effectively. I didn't feel hurried to get out of over crowded. The prices were high, but that's expected. Overall a very enjoyable experiance.
10 months ago
Nikal Frothe
Want prized Broadway items? Some you can find it here.
1 month ago
Kim Lazo
Not much merchandise available in this store. I was honestly disappointed. I hope that they get more interesting designs in the future. Seems like a waste of prime Manhattan real estate.
9 months ago
Zongheng Cui
The cashier girl with eyeliner and Long hair working 12:30 today needs to seriously check her attitude while the person i was with was looking for the right amount Of change she was Rolling her eyes and giving her looks without her knowing that i was watching her from the side the store was empty just us so she had no reason to feel stressed or feel like we where taking too Long.
5 months ago
Bobby Wilson
I'm honestly just glad that this store exists so people who aren't able to snag tickets can still pick up some Hamilton memorabilia. Staff were helpful and prices were reasonable.
9 months ago
Peter Sheldon
Loved it!! I only wish there was a whole lot more merchandise, especially for kids.... I would have bought it all!
9 months ago
Anne B
This place is a must after seeing the show. Very helpful staff and a great selection of merchandise.
9 months ago
Madison Bullard
It was a nice store, but it was very small and everything seemed a little overpriced.
9 months ago
Everything Hamilton!
7 months ago
Kate Moore
Excellent must see place for Hamiliton fans
5 months ago
Golden Rule
Staff was very friendly! They called me the next day to let me know that something I wanted had come in.
5 months ago
Jane Overton
Too expensive
6 months ago
Andrey Minyaev
Great but pricey
8 months ago
Cassie Magill
Being Together W/Family
8 months ago
Darla Davis
Nice store!
3 weeks ago
Ryan Jenkins
Store is closed
5 months ago
Neha Patel
Ridiculously overpriced! Are you kidding me?
9 months ago
Georgette Spinka
Very nice ????
9 months ago

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