Bergdorf Goodman

The Bergdorf Goodman clothing store can be found at 754 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States.

The Bergdorf Goodman assortment is regularly expanded and updated to meet customer needs.

Natural materials, comfortable fit, modern design and the possibility to easily combine variants help you always stay in the center of attention.

The consultants will help you to emphasize your unique and personal style, pick up the clothes for you and choose a suitable bow for any occasion.

The clothes are created with care.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -73.9739928, latitude - 40.7636243

Bergdorf Goodman
Rate: 4.2
Address: 754 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States
Phone number: +1 212-753-7300

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7636243
Longitude: -73.9739928

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May Cohen
Bergdorf Goodman‘s is absolutely my favorite department store in the entire world! Staff are very courteous and willing to help, inventory of course, is gorgeous and you really do feel pampered in the store! Obviously the prices are high as …
6 months ago
David Todd
Have been going to this nyc landmark for years. There are so many floors to explore. Each floor nicely decorated and well thought out. The holiday market is our destination during the Holiday season. Definitely worth checking out! This place has wonderful options to choose from! Check this place out!!
11 months ago
Teresa Holmes
I paid 25 dollars more for 1 - 2 days shipping. As a customer, I expect to receive my order in 1 - 2 days. But no, they said processing the order takes time so I would receive the order few more days later. I don't think that how other …
5 months ago
Steven Douglas
I was window shopping in this store today and the staff was really sweet to me! I love this store. When I become Wealthy I will become a regular here! This store is absolutely worth every penny I will spend in the Future from staff member to merchandise!
7 months ago
Laura Fabick
My favourite place They have the best clothes and perfumes ????????????????
6 months ago
Kuljeet Bhinder
5 star service, was able to get in and out quick as was in the city for something else and was able to buy a nice gift. The service is top notch and very helpful. They always make you feel special.
7 months ago
Ilona Melnichenko
Maria A. In the Men’s fragrance section of the store offered me the best costumer service I have ever received. Period. A master class in service and professionalism. I could go on and on. Thank you Maria and kilian.
7 months ago
Sean P
This is a beautiful department store at the bottom of Central Park. The range of goods were very luxurious. The clientele were very well heeled. Lots of fur and well dressed women. If you are over a UK size 12 don't bother coming to clothes shop here! Just one of the iconic places to visit when in New York.
1 month ago
Candy Jolin
You can have a shoe in your hand and unless you look like old money, they won’t even glance over at you. No HI, no anything you might as well be invisible. Not a very comfortable store to shop in. Would recommend saks over this any day unless you want to buy goyard as they don’t have one at saks .
5 months ago
Literally the best store in the United States they have very exclusive items from homeware and jewelry to fragrances and clothing
6 months ago
Loana Ruggiero
I ordered sneakers and was sent the wrong size. When I called customer service they were to send a FedEx label. When I went to drop it at FedEx, it was the wrong label. I had to call customer service again to get it corrected. Then they …
6 months ago
Wasim Zeitouni
In case you want to have a taste of class and quality in New York and enjoy pure white table clothes which are almost extinct in today’s mass production and mass consumption and fast food New York vs slow food quality, this is your …
7 months ago
White Trash
One of the best department stores as they have a lot of exclusive brands specially in the perfume section. In the winter precisely, it’s one of the best destinations to spend your time at ..
9 months ago
Alexandra Dunn
I lost my ring in the lady's room, is not the store fault, however I called as soon as I notice, no one respond, finally I got the number for Clients Service Rep. Rosemarie Garcia , she never answer the phone, mail box full, I went to the …
5 months ago
Train Wreck
All Chanel stores are amazing! The difference is service. I need to take a moment to rave about SA-Mrika at Chanel BG. She is as good as it gets! I have not received excellent service like this in any other store I have shopped in. She will …
6 months ago
Maria Giotopoulos
Love this store. It’s beautiful and just a fun experience shopping here
8 months ago
Sauharda Dahal
Order curbside for my shoes. Never got them. Went in store they couldn't find them. Never got them. Now have to wait after Christmas. Not far. They wanted to give me a envelope with there name on it. So I can give to my wife. For Christmas till my shoes come in.
1 month ago
wendy grover
Pricey, yes. Their windows are always a treat and especially at Christmas. Impeccably done and free to see.
1 month ago
Yusuf JAMA
Love it here. The staff is my favorite to talk to very helpful and organized. They are very hands on and quick to help with whatever you need.
3 months ago
Sean Gaines
Classic American. Love this store. Shopping here just feels like "I've arrived". Everything here is 2st class... what else would you expect?
10 months ago
Allen Bratton
I've waited almost a year to get my issue solved. I can finally write this review with every detail and maybe someone of importance will take care of a future client the correct way. I purchased a dress the first week of March 2020. This …
9 months ago
dartican llc
The. Most Glamour Department and Beauty and Beyond Imagination in Manhattan and Expensive But it is very High Class and lovely place to Shopping
8 months ago
Austin Waldrop
If nothing else the best Holiday windows in NY. The store customer service is outstanding! The best labels in the world.
11 months ago
mini sharma
Great customer service in the shoes department
6 months ago
mike neal
Stop using fedex! The amount of packages going missing in Atlanta area is ridiculous. You guys have to do better.
10 months ago
Cindy Griffith
One of my favorite things to do shopping. This is the place to get that unique designer piece. Love this place, totally recommend it.
9 months ago
Sara Hassan
Posh and opulent, it is a nice shopping department to visit even if your wallet is a little light, just to marvel at the exquisite decor. Good organization of products on different levels to help find what you’re looking for categorically.
9 months ago
Anthony Rodriguez
VERONICA in decorative home is THE BEST! She stayed after closing to help me place my order and has responded to email inquiries outside of work hours on Saturday evening and even on days when she is technically "off work". She is smart, professional, responsible and hard-working. A true GEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 months ago
Amritpal Bilkhu
We went looking for a scent that we could both wear for our wedding in May. Everyone that helped us were beyond amazing!
2 weeks ago
Bret Headrick
If you want to have a taste of class and quality in New York and enjoy pure white table clothes which are almost extinct in today’s mass production and mass consumption and fast food New York vs slow food quality, this is your restaurant at …
10 months ago
GlynnandPaulette Gordon
Bergdorf Goodman use to be known as one of the most elite Department stores to shop at for high end luxury products. Not only do I shop there personally, but for clients as well. There online shopping and shipping department is terrible. …
6 days ago
Robin Meservey
No Visit To New York City is More Rewarding Than A Shopping Trip To Bergdorf Goodman Dept Store Look Your Very Best With Elite Fashions From All over The World And Stylish Jewlery & More So Stop in At Bregdorf Goodman And Look Your Best Today And Enjoy New York City as Well
1 month ago
Jackie Ames
Great Store. Customer service was absolutely awesome and the prices were terrific. Recommend this to others.
2 months ago
Brandy Espeland
Awesome food, great service. Wonderful atmosphere as well. The Sea Bas entree was amazing; perfectly crisped
6 months ago
Erick Castro
Absolute heaven as soon as you walk in. Everything you need in one building. The shoe department is the best part and has EVERYTHING.
3 weeks ago
Richie Hayes
Luxury department store.... But the small rooms and hallways on upper floors get very tiresome quickly when crowded.
8 months ago
Cory Jens
I had an awesome sales representative in YSL beauty. White glove service. I was pleased with my work.
1 month ago
Jill Callan
best place to shop great customer service.
9 months ago
Ymi Qumi
10 months ago
Lauren Norris
Love love love the Palette designed by Ashley Longshore. This is a great place to stop and get a quick bite and a drink while shopping. I feel like I am in the belly of a unicorn. ????
9 months ago
Tasharra Pinkard
Amazing shopping mall with glamours window display during Christmas! Great service too! (Although, I would NOT recommend the restaurant.)
8 months ago
Sweet Tea
Very nice sales associates
6 months ago
Stayclose R
Beautiful store. Christmas in the city is spectacular. The view from the restaurant is amazing.
2 months ago
Dave Stu
Great place for a nice meal. The cafe is located on the seventh floor right off the elevators. Staff was friendly and very accommodating. The cafe had a coat check area. They have a tea service that starts at 3 pm. Will be back to try that. Try to get a seat by the windows for a view of central park.
9 months ago
Benjamin Cleaver
This store has everything. Tea was fun. 7th floor is like a museum. Prices hysterical. Best windows in NYC at Christmas.
9 months ago
Kip Vehorn
What a beautiful store and store front. Just the most special place to really look at the beautiful window Furnishings that they have done for the Christmas season people come from all over the world to see if he's beautiful windows that are done in the latest fashions and fantasy settings
8 months ago
Andria Alefhi
Empty because of Covid, but the store looks amazing. We'll get through this.
2 months ago
Juan Ruiz
The last vestige of old world luxury retail with integrity left in NYC ????????????????????????????????
9 months ago
Daniel Wolfe
I went with my family the girls the grandmother the mother's the niece's the sisters looking to buy things all the staff were extremely snobby and snooty and trying to cater to younger crowd which I don't understand because women over 30 …
8 months ago
Stacey Cole
It's annoying that Google knows I was there AND is asking for feedback.
6 months ago

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