Kum's Fashions

You can find the Kum's Fashions clothing store at 115 E Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601, United States.

The Kum's Fashions assortment is constantly being expanded and supplemented to meet the wishes of customers.

Natural materials, comfortable tailoring, modern design and the possibility of easily combining variants will help you always be in the center of attention.

Our sales clerks will help you to emphasize your unique and personal style.

Our clothes are made with heart and care for you.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -83.3768634, latitude - 33.9583860

Kum's Fashions
Rate: 4.8
Address: 115 E Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601, United States
Website: facebook.com
Phone number: +1 706-546-6945

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 33.9583860
Longitude: -83.3768634

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Justin Dovidio
Peter and His staff have been keeping me looking Sharp since the 80's. I just had him order some new outfits/suits (cause the quarantine has made me fat, that, and all the food I have eaten. lol). But seriously, KUM's has always had GREAT Service, and some Really Great STUFF!!! Here is a pic of "little" me in 1985 or so, in one of his suits in front a 1963 Chevy Nova 2 sport coupe. We were Sporty then, ... and Now! So please go give him a chance to earn your Business, and I bet you will be a customer for life!
2 months ago
Michelle Jones
Best fashion ever!
11 months ago
Charith Jaya
Came a few days ago just browsing with a friend and just had to swing back by to purchase an awesome pair frames they had in stock! I have lived in Athens for nearly a year now and have never been in the store before the other day- it is definitely worth a visit! The workers are so friendly and helpful - especially the owner! Their selection of glasses/sunglasses is awesome and so is their shoe selection. They carry everything from vans to converse to doc martins and some cool vintage stuff as well :) Really unique shop with a great vibe - I will definitely be back!
2 weeks ago
Joy MacCrane
Great selection of fashion
11 months ago
Terry Watts
This is a one of a kind shop! So interesting. Shoes, sunglasses, hats, jackets, shirts, slacks, ties...worth the stop.
7 months ago
Christopher Boggs
This place rocks. Peter is fabulous. I came in with scratched Ray Ban Wayfarers, and left with gorgeous new Rio Rays. Then Peter replaced my scratched Wayfarer lenses and sent them back to me in California for $40.
10 months ago
Vicky hoang
Got a great bargain on some shoes
4 months ago
Cindy Dreams
The BEST place in Athens for shoes or sunglasses. The selection is amazing, and the owners are wonderful people. Go support a great local business downtown!
10 months ago
Seth Johnson
Kum's is the best place for secret footwear. They have vans you've never seen and converses from 15 years ago never worn. This is the best secret shop for footwear and sunglasses and funky suits.
1 week ago
Monica Garcia
The store is pretty full of stuff which was initially shocking, but it’s all real and quality. Owner knows his glasses and is honest and fair. I need wider sunglasses and he helped walk me through my options and had a decent selection. Worth going to.
2 months ago
Steven Reed
Great variety of sunglasses here. Peter literally knows everything! Helped me pick out the perfect pair
1 month ago
Krishna Valluru
The owner and employees are always very friendly. My husband goes to Kum's to find unique chucks and I go for Vans. The prices are good and you can find some neat stuff.
10 months ago
brian tom
Sunglasses broke within 24 hours. Getting a refund has been a nightmare.
4 days ago
Sean Meyer
Great place to find new old stock vintage shoes as well as a nice selection of newer pairs as well. Great historic location and nice people.
10 months ago
willsketches music
I went to this place to “just” get a pair of new sunglasses. I was totally overwhelmed by the selection, but the owner is by far the most knowledgable sunglass-salesman I have ever met. He knows everything about different styles, brands, materials, types of lenses, pros and cons of different brands, etc. He is superfriendly and takes the time to show you different options from different brands - I had no idea what I wanted - he was very patient and really extremely helpful! Bring some time when you go there - it is absolutely worth it! I will go back to get more sunglasses - I am hooked...
2 months ago
Vanessa MacMillan
Amazing service and great selection! Look no further!
1 month ago
kimberly floyd
So helpful and skilled at glasses repair!!
4 weeks ago
Varnith Nookala
Awesome selection of Converse shoes
4 months ago
samardhreddy kadiri
Alot of shoes, glasses and church attire at pretty good prices. Very cramped and only one worker,
4 months ago
Barry Merz
this shop is my favorite sneaker store in the world
4 days ago
Hanks Wang
Great store and even better owner. He's had the same location in downtown Athens since the 70s and has a wealth of knowledge about clothing/sunglasses.
5 months ago
ThinThuThu Aung
Great selection and reasonable priced sunglasses. Owner is very knowledgeable of the selection as well.
4 months ago
impressive shoe selection
1 month ago
Ronald Mock
Great place to shop largest selection of sunglasses in town .
3 months ago
Olga Kalnickaya
What's not to love about kum's? New York styles in clothing and footwear and the owner will fit you with sunglasses in no time.
6 months ago
Rupinder Bharj
This place is a hidden gem. The store is full of styles. The owner is honest and fair.
3 months ago
Ya Nis
Dopest of the dope
1 month ago
Tamas Borsai
The only place in Athens for sunglasses. A must see!!!
1 month ago

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