west elm

If it's time for a change, the west elm furniture store, whose address is 119 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011, United States, can help you. Here you can make your dreams come true and buy what you've been planning for a long time.

A wide range of goods, promotional offers - this and much more is presented in our showroom. The variety of models will please fans of ultramodern style as well as classics. We will help you to harmoniously furnish the room in the spirit of loft or modern.

You can choose from a variety of materials, textures and shades. The experienced advisers of west elm store will be glad to answer all your questions and help you to make your purchase.

All products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. All furniture is made from safe materials and is certified.

Customers will be pleased with favorable prices, and regular sales, promotions and discounts will help to save money. You can arrange related services: delivery, installation, lifting to the floor, taking into the house.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -73.9964251, latitude - 40.7398822

west elm
Rate: 3.2
Address: 119 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Website: westelm.com
Phone number: +1 212-929-4464

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7398822
Longitude: -73.9964251

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Mary Wedlund
The staff have great style advice for your home and will take time with you if you need it
6 months ago
jordan wilson
I came in one cold February evening and was warmly welcomed. I had excellent customer service from Asake. I was looking to replace my old Lucent Grapefruit Rug which unfortunately West no longer makes. Asake was super helpful and showed me swatches of different rugs that are similar and explained the different pile ranges. Hands down the best customer service experience I have had in 10 years of living in NY. Will definitely return to this location.
7 months ago
anan jarrar
The staff in this store are helpful and kind. They enjoy their jobs and treat you with respect. I had a terrible experience with Pottery Barn and this store was a breath of fresh air. Will definitely be back.
8 months ago
Officer X
I made a return at this location and realized after I left that I didn’t get credited for all the items. I called and was told to email the receipt and details. They should have been able to check the stock and verify. But I never heard back. I’m still calling and emailing and no one ever calls back. They basically stole my money and the items and no one cares.
7 months ago
Oksana Yaremchuk
Great location. Good selection of products. Great customer service. Wheelchair accessible entrance and street parking is available. Conveniently located in the Chelsea area. This location is popular with locals for quick shopping visits.
8 months ago
Sam Riive
Wonderful products selection. Extremely helpful and friendly salespeople. Browsing was fun.
6 months ago
Ted Coladarci
West Elm is one of my favorite furniture stores. I usually shop online and get it delivered but recently I started ordering online and picking it up at the store using their contactless pickup. The entire process is very smooth. U call them and say ur outside, u confirm ur purchase, briefly describe ur vehicle and they bring it to your car and place it where you want it to go. I'm a forever customer.
6 months ago
Kaviya Raj
Very productive 1st visit.. if you do decide to visit make sure you have time to do so especially if your intention is to spend money, buy certain things that you need and, or like.
6 months ago
Joel Wasserman
Good place for household items if you want to feel them, better selections online. A little $$$.
6 months ago
John Bishop
Walk away ... just do it now -- your future self will thank me. I promise. OK, ok -- I get it. You're seeing pretty things, they're comfortable and at an accessible price point. You think it's a win. It's not. You think the staff in the showroom are professional & courteous; I did too!! *** Unfortunately, they won't be making your sofa and they aren't who you call when you have issues *** I could detail my experience at length but you're busy so I'm going to stick to the highlights. - 4 weeks delivery turned into nearly 4 months - I likely spent over 5 hours on the phone trying to get information, being lied to, bounced around etc. My My call was "dropped" several times (W.E. if you are reading this I can show you the phone records) - At one point a CS person, Gina, appeared to care ... she offered a substantial gift certificate for all I went though. HA! Fouled me, Gina. I reached out again after no follow through and she said she would send it and (wait for it) whamp-whamp it never came -- no gift certificate for me. - So now I have a sofa that I never would have ordered if I knew it would take this long and (it gets better) THE "PERFORMANCE" FABRIC IS PILING LIKE A CHEAP SWEATER AND THE CUSHIONS ARE SAGGING. Yep, the time this sofa spent looking good was less than the time it took them to make it. NEVER AGAIN. I WOULD PROBABLY VOTE FOR TRUMP BEFORE ORDERING FROM WEST ELM AGAIN. AND YES, IT IS THAT BAD ... at least we always knew what he was.
11 months ago
Barnaby Cruz
Customer service was horrible to say the least. Scott Charles was our first contact in the store and told us if we place the order in the store they could expedite delivery relative to the website. After making a trip to the store and placing the order with him, days later he would not acknowledge this was actually a fact and we could have just ordered online and expected same timing. Delivery timing update was not given until week before and Certificate of Insurance was not issued until about 15 minutes before the delivery despite many buildings having policies on this in NYC. Spent about 30 minutes per day leading up to the delivery trying to get the appropriate forms and being transferred to various departments. Product was nice but not worth the hassle of dealing with West Elm or Scott. Stay away!
1 week ago
I ordered online and came to the Chelsea location to pick them up. I was helped right away and they gave my my order by just asking for my name. That's great but the order was incorrectly fulfilled and packed. No name or order receipt on the bag, items were not wrapped or packed, just thrown in. The worst part is, I got the wrong things. A beautiful ornament sets were missing, and the two little ratan animal ornaments were 4 instead of 2. They doubled one of the item and completely forgot about the other one. They had no idea what happened. It seemed super disorganized - perhaps they were all new employees. I felt bad so I just asked for the whole order canceled & refunded. Asked for a receipt they didn't seem happy about that. Walked away and saw that the receipt said reason for return: Customer Abandoned. Lol... this store is not doing good. So sad :((
9 months ago
Amy Gaubinger
I ❤❤❤❤ Melissa she's the best! She has great taste and will always stear you in the right direction ????
9 months ago
Rachael Grenz
Nice home goods if a bit confusingly arranged. Some items are a bit pricy for their quality but all in all I would recommend. Sadly lately the store has been so packed I can not comfortably go in given the current pandemic.
10 months ago
Cameron Honig
Overrated. rarely give negative reviews. Save your money. The bed I got is a horrible design. The headboard has holes where pillows would rest - pillows always fall through these holes to the floor. IKEA has much better design. The expensive dresser we bought handles are already falling off even after 1 year. The dresser drawers are very rough to open. I had to disassemble and sand them down and even then it’s not smooth. Not worth the money at all.
1 month ago
Scott Pelkey
Stopped by with an old lamp from West Elm which stopped working. The first person I spoke to was Mike, and he took the time to try to figure out how to help. Other stuff members the store joined him in trying to find a solution, which they finally were able to do. Great team, they really went out of their way to help.
6 months ago
Denice Blunt
Much larger store and selection than I originally anticipated. We've been back a few times picking up dishes that look good and are sturdy. Chenele was really helpful in hooking us with the couch we liked and even throwing on a discount that wasn't widely advertised. It get's pretty packed but you'll most likely always be able to find an associate or have a short check out line.
9 months ago
Thomas Larson
West Elm is a wonderful furniture store. If you are looking for fancy sofa, pillows or nice home decorations this is the place to go. Great location and customer service.
11 months ago
Dave Pettigrew
Nice stuff, but not in stock and the staff is too busy.
11 months ago
Young Auteur
Great spot to furnish your home with great quality products. The service was amazing and quick. Our sales rep Edwin, was a very attentive sales person.
5 months ago
Snappers Ferrara
Was surprised to see poor customer support. Had to come back to the store twice to deal with an exchange, dealt with rude staff on 2 occasions, was eventually overcharged for one item, and wasn’t offered any discounts for the inconvenience. Wasn’t worth it to fight over it but my perception of West Elm brand is very low now.
2 months ago
Mk Watson
Terrible online experience. Delivery dates will not be honored. One delayed piece will delay your entire order. Beware especially of "custom" pieces like couches that are contracted out to third parties and are especially likely to be delayed.
3 months ago
Tyler Craft
Every once in a while you run into an employee that is simply outstanding. I had scoured Manhattan for a few pieces of furniture I needed. CB2 told me they had absolutely nothing for sale in the store. Even another West Elm was unable to sell me anything. I needed 5 items and none were in stock. With time running out I walked into the West Elm at 112 West 18th. I was greated by Melissa Mosca. The first 5 or 6 items I picked weren't available. Melissa was so determined that she made multiple trips down to the stockroom. She even found an item the computer showed to be out of stock. In the end, I left with everything I needed. Melissa went so far as to help me get it delivered. West Elm is lucky I don't have a business in NY or I would hire Melissa away from them.
7 months ago
Crit Nub
Not good service to pay for that price.
10 months ago
tammy Stiltner
Niceeee Furniture!$!$!
6 months ago
Micheal Feldpausch
Best furniture store ever, very stylish, excellent quality. Good prices.
4 months ago
Aristotle Edmond
I think the customer service associate here is not kind and it feels like he is there not to help customers at all. No empathy what so ever. Plus there was a mouse in the store behind the counter. In short online customer service deserves 5, this West Elm store barely gets 2. Not a nice experience tonight.
1 week ago
Karl Hanson
Buyer beware. The good news is that west elm makes good looking furniture that is scaled to smaller nyc living spaces. The bad news is that after a few quick years it doesn’t wear well at all. Surfaces peel or buckle. “Leather” furniture here is a TOTAL disaster. Leather surface peels. If you are looking for short term furniture needs this place is not bad. Staff was nice and they made me a good deal with everything I bought. It just wasn’t worth that much is what I ultimately found out.
9 months ago
Candi Gibson
Friendly staff and plenty of furniture selections.
6 months ago
carissa smith
Great furniture even better service.
2 months ago
Michael Philipone
5 months ago
Mark is very good mechanic.
11 months ago
Great quality and wonderful selection.
5 days ago
kira walter
Had to order a new sofa since we're staying indoors. Need something cozy to lay up in all day long. The price was kinda up there, but so worth it though.
11 months ago
Lawrence Poulakos
Went to 6 furniture stores today, including abc home, Joy bird, pottery barn while looking to buy a couch this week and this was the worst customer service. In that I had to chase down the sales associate more than twice and was made to feel like he had no time to sell me a couch. Also he told me he wouldn’t give me more than 3 color swatches, when I told him that’s ironic because the couch costs $3000+, he begrudgingly gave me 2 more. No cool. Loved the product but this experience makes it unlikely that I will buy here.
7 months ago
Cassidy Baker
My wife and I purchased a made-to-order chair back in August which was supposed to be delivered in October. When the chair showed up, it was missing the seat cushion. I've sent their customer service team multiple emails to file a complaint and no one has responded. It's been weeks now and no one has been able to help me. Worst customer service experience ever.
6 months ago
Simon Briggs
Don’t trust them ever to hold an item for you. They said they would hold a pillow for me until Monday and when I just showed up on Sunday it was nowhere to be found. The customer service was terrible. They didn’t offer an apology or a discount when the item would be back in stock in two months. I knew it was out of stock which is why I emphasized for them to please hold it. I will never trust them again to hold an item.
9 months ago
Shauna Costello
****STAY AWAY FROM WEST ELM UNLESS YOU WANT BED BUGS!!***** HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE. I purchased the pinstripe flannel sheet sets from the Chelsea store. When I cut the tag off, I noticed there was a bed bug crawling on these brand new sheets! I had to get the exterminator to come clean up my apartment. What a nightmare. The store rep wasn't even apologetic about it. I have always been a loyal customer of west elm. This is so disappointing.
3 weeks ago
Jeffery Costigan
Great place
8 months ago
Ben Whatley
1 month ago
Lydda Enterprises
I have been buying furniture and other items from west elm for years, and I mistakenly bought a wrong size rug last time. I called the customer service 3 hours after my purchase they said the order couldn’t be canceled, so I told her I was not going to accept the item. Well, the rug gets to my place, which is a walk-up in NYC, and the delivery guys left the rug outside because no one answered the door. One week after I created the UPS label and walked to the UPS location to drop off. Today, I went to check my credit and learned the credit was short $35.11. I called the customer service and was told they charge me for the rug transportation to the warehouse both ways because the only way they would charge the fee would be if the item has defected, which was not my case. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT with West Elm after so many years. Will probably stick with Create and Barrel, Pottery Barn moving forward.
11 months ago
Sean Taschner
Big store for downtown, with ability to walk from 18th through to 17th
5 months ago
Mohamad Nasr
Great prices on sale items, expensive in general but have nice collections. 4 stars because if you have a bag or a backpack you have to be extremely careful not to break anything
11 months ago
Kristie Mero
Excellent classic and modern home accessories. Love this store!
7 months ago
jules savo
Awesome staff and great stuff at middle of the road prices.
2 months ago
THomas Beam
Do NOT buy anything that is on back order. Their estimates are lies; their supply chain and delivery system is a total mess, and the mistakes are endless. This is coming from somebody who has never left a review and always tries to give companies a reasonable benefit of the couch. I ordered a Harmony couch in May with an original estimated delivery date of June along with other items. When it didn't show up with the others, I called and they said it was a mistake and moved it back to early August. I fought successfully for an additional discount, but sure enough, they moved it back to late August, and sent me a $100 gift card as an apology. At each step I've had to counter their claims/excuses with the hard evidence, as if the estimates I've been given don't match their records (I had to forward my own receipt to them to prove the facts). Then they created a new order number (for a reason nobody has explained, perhaps to appear like it's not that late), but didn't add my email address so I wasn't notified when it was available. I call today on Sept 1 and it's now at the warehouse nearby but nobody can deliver it for another ELEVEN days. Would you be okay with 2 1/2 months late from their estimate? The incompetency and apathy is STAGGERING for a top-tier furniture store. There are good, nice people working at West Elm; this is a failure of leadership. The training and supply chain operations needs a total management overhaul, and my experience should be the case study for everything that needs improvement.
2 months ago
Stephanie Streets
They made our shopping experience quick and easy. To preface, I detest home goods shopping. How ever the staff at West Elm quickly helped us by getting our purchases from stock and as an extra bonus they gave us an extra 15% off. This type of service creates customers for life.
10 months ago
Loretta Lonigan
Excellent service.
4 months ago
Agustin Gomez
I really enjoy this store. Lots of great design with a modern and mid century look. Reasonable prices and some real bargains. Stylish and fun accessories. Nice furniture. Lots of great gift choices. Very friendly staff. Very good choices for well-priced, well-designed lighting. A fun place to browse or to shop.
10 months ago
Jean Carr
Good stuff $$$$ Staff think they are Movie Stars.. Need a Slap. !
8 months ago

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