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This office at 18 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, United States is where Hopper New York Office is located.

Partners can always contact the employees of the company with any questions of concern.

Hopper New York Office organization shows high quality services in the market, competent management.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -73.9933566, latitude - 40.7389797

Hopper New York Office
Rate: 1.1
Address: 18 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Website: hopper.com
Phone number: +1 617-276-0760

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7389797
Longitude: -73.9933566

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Joey Song
If I could give them a zero I would... there is no working phone number to contact them. There is no working email to contact them. I booked flights on January 16 of 2020 and had to cancel them due to the pandemic and I spent $740 on those flights and here I am almost a year later with no refund to be seen in sight. I am still trying to fight.... I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and hopefully there will be some resolution soon. Don’t book with this app.
11 months ago
krishna ambati
Paid for a price freeze and the app won’t let me book the trip I froze. I have been trying for days. Trying to book through Hopper cost me $400 for nothing! They have no customer support and an app that isn’t working properly. If they didn’t offer me price freeze, I would have just bought the tickets when they were at a low price. Now I’ll have to pay $250 more since the price went up, plus the $150 this app took from me by triple charging me for a $50 freeze. I Will be stopping by their office to work this out.
3 months ago
Kathleen Bien
Beware of Hopper App. I have booked two tickets for my parents from Air India. Due to covid19, the flight got canceled. Now I am in limbo. I keep sending Hopper email after email , there is no response. I contacted Air India, they are ready to reschedule my tickets but hopper made those ticket inactive. Now I am trying to reach hopper with emails (as they have no phone and customer services outlet) but no avail. At this point, I stand losing $2000+ money, because, I used hopper APP to book my ticket. I agree never used a APP, whos does not have a customer care Telephone number and hopper app is very misleading and how come this company get a licenses to operate? I would like to give hopper App Zero star.
6 months ago
Michael Leit
Absolute worst experience ever!!! They have you add on all these extra charges for “security” and “easy cancellations” which do not secure your flight AT ALL. I tried to make a simple change in my reservation which almost cost me my trip! They (without notifying me) cancelled my new flight instead of my existing flight.. good thing I was going to pick my seats and realized it was cancelled before it was too late to re book.. do yourself a favor and just book directly thru the airline!
8 months ago
Vicky Martin
You pay for refundable flight them when you request your money back they sent you an email telling you that they will contact you in 24 hours, they never do I'm been waiting for too month. I just want ALL MY MONEY BACK.
6 months ago
Andre Serralde
Have been waiting for over a week for someone to get back to me to use a credit I have from a flight cancelled due to COVID in the beginning of the pandemic. No one is contacting me. There is no number to call nor the possibility of speaking to a human. This is ridiculous. Never again. I am getting rid of this app.
8 months ago
Jane Sloboth
Severely misleading practices, overcharged me several hundred dollars for a flight that should have cost $317. Cant get in touch with support, shady practices. Will be contacting BBB, doing a charge back with my credit card company and seeking legal action for their super misleading and shady practices. How dare you! Working in healthcare the whole pandemic and finally decided to book a trip only to be bamboozled with their whole process. Messed up.
6 months ago
Zac Brewer
I’ve heard absolutely nothing back from Hopper about my refund in the 7 months since my flight was cancelled due to Covid-19. They have no customer service number, the chat option is useless, and no one has followed up with me about my request. Tried to go through the airline for a refund (where they confirmed I was eligible for a FULL REFUND) but since I booked through a 3rd party they would have to initiate the refund. They said they had no information showing that Hopper had even attempted to contact them. I loved Hopper prior to this experience but I’ll NEVER book with them again and urge people not to either.
11 months ago
Stephanie Patterson
Please do not use Hopper. As many people have stated before they have a very minimal customer service. You can only communicate via a “chat” which can take sometimes days to get a response or you may never get a response at all and this was before COVID. They have NO phone number. They have demonstrated to me an many other customers that they really don’t care about the customers AT ALL. They are solely in business for the profit. Let me tell you a little more about my struggle. I booked a flight back in January. Which was suppose to take place this past Aug. I cancelled the flight via their app in April. As of me writing this, it is now September and I have heard NOTHING in regards to a Refund or credit. Literally nothing. I have reached out to them multiple times coming up to and after scheduled trip and still nothing in regards. There has been no way for me to contact ANYONE who can help me. Just do yourself the favor and use a reputable company that actually values their customer base. This is truly the worst experience I have had with a company and I genuinely would not wish this on anyone else. So please please please do not use them.
1 month ago
Mirko Mayer
I've never seen a business with an average with 1.2 stars before but Hopper deserves 0 stars... There is no way to talk to anyone. I've been waiting for a refund to my tickets for over 4 months now (the airline canceled the flight) but when I called the airline directly they are stating that they don't even have a refund request from Hopper! What a scam these guys are. I wonder how they are still in business.
6 days ago
Dee Kepler
Pathetic is no where near appropriate to explain the complete absence of any customer service offered from this booking agency. I had to change my flight to a different date because of COVID restrictions in my intended destination, I used the app to change my flight and recieved an email telling me a representative would review the changes within 24 hours. I might assume by you reading other reviews that you understand I have not recieved any communication from the hopper team and likely flushed $600 down the drain. Merry Christmas to me lol. I would kindly suggest you do not consider this application for any purpose.
10 months ago
Clayton Sackett
Booked a flight with them in the beginning of the year for August and had to cancel due to covid. I used price freeze which was a waste of money as they don't actually hold the tickets. I ended up buying 2 tickets with them anyway. I have reached out to them multiple times regarding my refund/credit and all my emails have gone unanswered. The only way to access my credit with the airline would require me to pay an extra $50 per ticket. I have had zero communication from them in the 5 months since my flight was canceled.
11 months ago
mallory paiz
The Worst Part About This App/ Company is the fact that you can’t even get in contact with them. Pandemic or not, there is no reason why I can’t call you and resolve my issue. Some issues are very simple but for whatever reason you guys make it extremely difficult to contact you and it makes matters worst! There should be some sort of phone number to discuss our concerns in a more efficient way. I would have a lot more respect for you if you would at least provide communication outside of the internet or robots. I feel like my issue doesn’t matter and if that’s what you represent I will not support you any longer. I am VERY dissatisfied and disappointed with your line of communication!
4 months ago
Liv Blake
WORSTTTTTTTTTTTT TRAVEL COMPANY EVER!!!!! I have been trying to get in contact with them since JUNE!!!!! They canceled my trip and then decide to not answer any of my emails. I want my money back!!!
1 week ago
Ian Behrendt
Would give zero stars. Purchased flights to Rome, Italy from Phoenix Arizona on The Hopper app. COVID strikes and our flights were canceled and not rescheduled. Hopper customer service is completely obsolete. American and British Airways claim that Hopper still has our monies and a refund is impossible. No way to get in contact with Hopper to request a refund. HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEVER USING this app.
5 months ago
Kumar Waghani
If I could give zero stars I would. THE WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. There is no way to speak with anyone.
1 month ago
ariel bermudez
They are scammers and need to be shut down. Out here stealing people money with no contact information and phone number.
1 month ago
linda shreve
Customer service is horrible, there is no way to speak to an actual person, I been trying to get a refund since April because I had to cancel my flight due to COVID, I purchased 2 different insurances in case I had to cancel but I still haven’t received my money back. I tried to contact the airline and they told since I purchased through a third party, hopper is the only one that can help me . I tried several times to reach out through emails, and I just get automated emails. This was my first and last time using this app! UPDATE, after about 9 months I received my refund.
9 months ago
Douglas Trudell
A scam! Dont use price freeze!
1 month ago
Jaymik Patel
I have tried at least 15 times to get in touch with an actual person. You only get "ROBO Bear" automated service. My parent's 50th wedding anniversary trip is being cancelled and I cannot get anyone to help reschedule flights or get our money back. There is NO PHONE NUMBER for this company. I will never use this app again.
6 months ago
Tara McGeehan
I am trying to get in touch with hopper but as others have stated .. they do not respond and they do advertise that I can cancel for any reason if I pay insurance which I did. However after booking they claim that ONLY a PARTIAL refund is due!! NY State consumer affairs better respond to my complaint asap!! June 24 still reaching out to Hopper and NYS consumer protection. No help!!
1 month ago
Allen Kennard
Complete frauds. They do not want to refund anyone's canceled flight money during covid crisis. There is no telephone number to call. There is no customer service, only auto bots that don't address any issues. They blocked tweets on their twitter page from being displayed because they are getting so many complaints. I do not see them staying in business for much longer after all is said and done. Good Job on completely ruining your reputation Hopper with your disgusting "business" practices. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM HOPPER FOR ANY FUTURE TRAVEL PLANS. Wish I could give zero stars.
6 months ago
Woody Woodworth
Horrible customer service. Don’t have a working number. They do their communication only through a chat and they take forever to answer on important issues. Not worth it at all. They are not available to answer in a timely manner. I would not be booking with them again.
7 months ago
Tapio matero
You can not get in touch with them! Had to cancel my trip. They gave me a so called credit code to put towards my new trip- only problem is that there is NO WHERE to put the credit code in for the new trip!!!! Their telephone number is a non working number!!! Beware
2 months ago
Versha Shrivas
HOPPER IS THE WORST!!! You will have better luck booking your travels plan through Air Lines directly.
4 months ago
Madeline Murphree
Horrible customer service. Called American Airlines for information. A polite women answered the phone immediately to assist. Unfortunately I needed to reschedule my flight thru hopper. No response offered. We are only allowed a chat site. I will never use them again.
7 months ago
Aaron Desjardins
Complete trash as a broker. They have virtually no customer support and are NO HELP whatsoever with flights booked through their platform
2 months ago
Tony Figueroa
Call cannot be completed as dialed. Super poor customer service.
2 months ago
Maxim Shomov
The phone number doesn’t work and the only “contact” you get is with a bot. Horribly customer service, this company is a fraud and should have went under like the many companies that did during the pandemic. Absolute scam.
4 months ago
Luke Leonard
TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service. I never thought it could be this bad. I've been using hopper for a few years now, never having to actually deal with their customer service until now. I purchased the CFAR for a $1,031 flight to S. Africa. Plans changed as I anticipated so I needed to cancel. Their fake chat bot does NOTHING for you except ignore your messages and reply with some automated message that volume is super high. I have reached out 3-4 more times over the span of two weeks and FINALLY someone responds - and they tell me I'm only getting 80% back!!!!! I bought CFAR for $103, now I have an additional penalty and only getting back $825! And not even to my original payment method! NO WHERE do they make it clear before purchasing CFAR that you would only get 80% back. On top of keeping me anxious for two weeks for a $1000+ refund I needed, they didn't give me back my entire flight. What kind of insurance is this?! I lost an extra $200 I was not anticipating. DO NOT USE HOPPER THEY WILL SCAM YOU THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.
5 months ago
Szczepan Piechota
I tried booking the hotel and twice they said there was an error so I stopped. Didn’t find out until the next day that they actually took my money twice! And now I’m trying to get a hold of someone and it’s impossible. Never using them again
7 months ago
Gace Mendoza
Terrible company. No customer service
2 months ago
Alex Farioletti
Nightmare trying to reach the customer service! We booked a trip to Rio de Janeiro (from Montreal) and we are unable to confirm our first flight with AA. Trying to get in touch in the app since 3 days!! We need to know if this flight is cancelled and what are our options!
8 months ago
celia staffa
Very bad attention. I claim a refund and i didnt receive any answer. The worst Company.
7 months ago
Jeff Anthony
Hopper is a scam. They have not paid the refund for the flights that airlines canceled. Several weeks already.
7 months ago
Lauren Ramey
I got no pick up or concern about why I was leaving out of EWK....
7 months ago
Shelby Ophelia
Ambience is lovely and food is great very friendly staff.
7 months ago
Betsy Lundy
Fraud, how we can get our money back
5 months ago
Lacey Lane
Very bad, when you buy, it does not give you the option to buy insurance, I take a chance and today I lost money, I have 4 days asking to change my flight and nobody solves me, it has a bad customer service. please do not buy your tickets with this company
7 months ago
James Scovel
Hopper will not refund my cancelled flight that I booked through them. They are literally stealing my money
6 months ago
Lauren J
3 months ago
James Bentley
Garbage company
8 months ago
Allison Scamehorn
7 months ago
David Vickers
7 months ago
Rob Moore
5 months ago
Abigail Sullivan
Me cargaron a la cuenta por unos tiquetes que los cancele ahi mismo y ellos dan garantia de devolucion de 24 horas, se hicieron los locos...
7 months ago

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