Jimmy Jazz

Find our Jimmy Jazz clothing store at the following address: 2040 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10303, United States.

Jimmy Jazz collections are comfortable, topical, quality and stylish clothes for both everyday wear and for special occasions, at good prices.

Models are presented in different sizes.

The combination of trendy colors, high quality fabrics and exclusive cut will make you feel high.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -74.1562011, latitude - 40.6248852

Jimmy Jazz
Rate: 3.2
Address: 2040 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10303, United States
Website: jimmyjazz.com
Phone number: +1 718-370-9600

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.6248852
Longitude: -74.1562011

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Jon Rector
I won the raffle and I came to the store to go pick it up. They tell me they sold out. They are supposed to reserve a pair worst experience I ever had with Jimmy jazz. They need to do better I'm probably not comming anymore
5 months ago
Joe Chase
Horrible experience I must say for a Jimmy Jazz store!!! Was never greeted! Was never asked if I needed help with ANYTHING! Held up a shoe I was interested in buying and had to look for a employee and after 15mins of waiting, I noticed if I was the type I could have just WALKED OUT wit anything I well pleased because not one employee was on the floor! NOT EVEN A MANAGER!!! Store is always a mess and never organized! Music had lots of profanity!!! I say, store definitely needs a make over, new team as well as a new manager! This store also has like a hand me down feel with their clothing selections! Take a visit to this store and then if you can take a trip to the Staten Island mall and walk into the Jimmy Jazz there and you will understand exactly what I mean! DO BETTER!!! THIS STORE NEEDS TO PICK A STRUGGLE!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
8 months ago
Ashton brunious
Store is pretty clean, but other than that I don’t have much good to say. The music was absolutely loaded with profanity at almost every other word. Customer service was non-existent. No one ever checked to see if we needed anything. Left without buying anything. Will not return. I hardly ever post any reviews, and I have never posted any negative review before. This is just not the place to go unless you prefer that type of atmosphere.
6 months ago
Grewe Family
Just rude people telling us we can’t try on the sneaker in the store but yet there was a person right next to me trying on the sneakers and other people trying on sneakers
3 months ago
Anny Perdomo
Why Jimmy Jazz never pick up their phone
4 months ago
David Kobey
Horrible experience I was threatened by a worker. This place should honestly be closed down. Everyone so unprofessional it’s like a war house.
5 months ago
Lorenz Mager
Has what I need most of the time.
2 months ago
Blind World
After waiting for someone to come to us to help us at the sneaker section. Which never came. We had to walk to the register to ask for a size where two young ladies was standing talking in the cell phone. So the sneakers was $140 her total came to $240. If my daughter wasn’t smart enough she would of got scammed out of $100. My daughter asked how much was tax? The manager said that was the total with tax. What kind of business is Jimmy Jazz doing on forest ave. After all said and done total was $140 why is this store trying to scam people. Beware and check your receipts and total on what it’s supposed to be
9 months ago
D BatAffirmed
Great people that work there they have some GREAT DEALS ALL TJE TIME FOR THE HOLD FAIMLY LOVE THE STORE
7 months ago
Stephanie Patterson
The employees are always helpful
11 months ago
Corey Mills
Great variety always got some great sale going in
5 months ago
Flaky LMD
Products are affordable but they never have the new sneakers
9 months ago
William Martin
Go to the mall much better selection this location has multiples of the same kicks on the wall
11 months ago
Cory Chromcak
They always have my favorite kicks!
1 month ago
Annette Reynolds
How old do u have to be to work at jimmy jazz??
3 months ago
Ellen Watson
Did have the sizes of many of the shoes i picked out... Service was eh ... I hate after trying to get help I felt like ibwas just annoying the workers rather then them wanting to help me get items I was looking for ...
10 months ago
Kathy Deng
store never has sizes, workers there has no customer service at all ; talk among each other than customers , facial expression always mean or angry no going ever again
2 months ago
andy olander
Always go there to see the new selection and clothes and sneakers and also do Raffles for upcoming releases
11 months ago
Joe Hebert
They are really nice
9 months ago
Yasmin Majeed
Awesome. ????????
5 months ago
Fox Luu
Great selection
10 months ago
Bob Davis
Great cast of worker
5 months ago
Anita Caine
Good service
11 months ago
David Hughes
No service at all, they rather talk to coworkers then taking care of customers,
3 months ago

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