Jimmy Jazz

The Jimmy Jazz clothing store can be found at this address: 520 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States.

The Jimmy Jazz assortment is frequently expanded and supplemented according to the wishes of customers.

Eco-friendly and natural materials, comfortable silhouettes, topical cuts, the possibility of easy combination of options will help you feel appropriate in any situation.

Our consultants will help you to keep your unique and personal style and pick up things for you.

The clothes are made with care for you and your soul.

GPS coordinates of the location on the map: longitude - -73.9820642, latitude - 40.6892114

Jimmy Jazz
Rate: 3.9
Address: 520 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
Website: jimmyjazz.com
Phone number: +1 718-243-9181

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.6892114
Longitude: -73.9820642

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I love Jimmy Jazz. Been a consumer since a kid when Fulton street was full of them. The store received a nice upgrade over the years and now carries some Polo Ralph Lauren items like they did in the past. Staff is pretty good at this particular store as well.
7 months ago
Casey Clarke
I have been on the Nike site constantly waiting for this to go on sale. I grew impatient and thought I should try my luck elsewhere. Jimmy Jazz it was...and the sales price just amazing.
6 days ago
John Keeler
They good/ Spent Some Money in There/ Great Service????????????
6 months ago
Chrissy Tanner
???? professional
10 months ago
Toni Six
My favorite sneaker store. Lots of variety. Second floor of bargains. Check it out!
10 months ago
Algyn Kerney
Never any good sales !! And your associates are unprofessional!! And rude!! Not a good store!!!!!!
10 months ago
Lori Taylor
Great shopping experience for my big brother.
11 months ago
RJBaNKS Instrumentals
I visited this location and was not greeted upon entering or ever asked if I needed help. It’s to bad, I probably would have bought something. Multiple workers saw me browsing the items and did not see to care that I was there.
7 months ago
Kate Crossgrove
Love this store friendly employees great prices will tell the world they are amazing.
2 months ago
karthik n
They have trash shoes. Nothing in your size.
10 months ago
Dave Alvarez
Great customer service but need more size 13 for men
2 months ago
Paul Greene
Not too fond of this place but it got its props for the lastest outwear n what not.. still expensive compared to others but convenient.. good for a last n first resort
6 months ago
veronica Arguijo
I got what I needed and others didn't have it
10 months ago
Chiquita Brown
They have nice shoes there. The only thing I don't like is how you have to go up the stairs and towards the back to go pay. Very inconvenient.
6 months ago
Jeff Rath
Great store for young adults and men clothes kind of pricey& they dont sell female clothes but they have a Good selection of boots and sneakers .
11 months ago
Maurice Shyrell
Average urban clothing at average prices.
3 months ago
Ethan Crocker
They have a wide variety of amazing clothes, and the staff is helpful, and friendly
8 months ago
Maria Witt
Need more variety of denim. As far as sizes
5 months ago
Adrienne Jurewicz
Great styles ????
1 week ago
Robert Gray
Huge collection of sneakers.. helpful sales person.. recomended for sneaker lovers.. you can upgrade your collection ..
11 months ago
Vytas Puidokas
They have everything
7 months ago
Mauro Smith
My brother and I stopped into this store in Brooklyn and had the best time with the staff there. Special shout out to Alex Lord who made our experience so memorable and rad. All staff in the store were super knowledgeable, didn't apply any pressure for sales and were genuinely interested in meeting us and chatting away. The clothes are so cool, well priced and there was a massive amount of options as well.
9 months ago
Sir Ravvy
Good service good prices
9 months ago
Sneaker selection out of this world
11 months ago
Salt Whisperer
Easy to move around in and definitely easy to find great clothes here
5 months ago
Vance Shutes
Always have the best price .
11 months ago
Mark Miller
I LOVE THEIR clothes 4 my GRANDKIDS! The quality is USUALLY VERY GOOD! A little pricey ????????!
10 months ago
Matt Anderson
Fast n friendly service Lots to select from
7 months ago
Lilla Szenasi
This was one of the best locations that I have been to, huge selection. I'm only knocking off a star because the store has a really weird smell but that seemed to be the case for most of the stores that I went to in that area today.
7 months ago
Jenna bae
I shop here for my son's they loved everything I purchased
5 months ago
Sipra Bandyopadhyay
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. They have terrible customer service. There's a lady over there she barely speak English she was being disrespectful asking me if I'm not buying I have to leave. I went to a business school and I'm pretty sure she suppose to treat the customers with respect and make them feel comfortable. She had no respect if it was up to me I would fire her because she's making the company loose money and not make money
5 months ago
Divya Rajpal
I went to the store on Fulton Street in New York. The sales was marvelous for Mother's Day.
6 months ago
Cathi Muller
Some of the stuff you find Jimmy jazz you're fine and other stores were cheaper
8 months ago
Caitlin Haltom
Great selection prices b right just didnt have my shoe size
7 months ago
Makayla Copeland
Nice offers there and good price ok
7 months ago
Dyneisha Blacher
I love shopping there n the sales person was awsome ...I recommended that place I was satisfied with my shopping experience there.
5 months ago
Susan Orenduff
Friendly fast pace staff. The experience with them was awesome. Shoutout to Alex for helping me a day before Easter!!!!
10 months ago
Raymond Gompers
Over priced clothes and sneakers not a real mens clothing store for kids
6 months ago
Angel Solis
Great ???? ???? stuff in their,✔ check ✔ it out
7 months ago
Jacqueline Weinzierl
The customer service was great and the selection of sneakers I strongly recommend this store for all your sneaker needs
1 month ago
Donnie Bartolata
People call and no one speaks or they don’t fix there phone
9 months ago
Iago Dias
Always a great experience friendly staff!
6 months ago
Kenneth Constante
Sneaker sale cute grabs
6 months ago
Roberto Guzman
One of the worlds best sneaker stores. Expect rare finds.
1 month ago
6 months ago
Neha Singh
Fulton location: although my name is not Karen. I will be emailing management about the very very poor service. Someone is totally out of control...and should not be allowed near costumers
6 months ago
Pamela Rutherford
Great store to buy sporting goods
9 months ago
Iris Renselaar
Its ok kinda expensive
8 months ago
Scott Berson
Nice selection great price
6 months ago
david cerda
Store opens at 930 on Saturday not 9am
7 months ago

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