Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices clothing store is located at 251 Centre St, New York, NY 10013, United States.

The Outdoor Voices assortment is regularly expanded and supplemented in consideration of customers' wishes.

Eco-friendly and natural materials, comfortable silhouettes, modern design, the possibility of easy combination of variants will help you always be in the center of attention.

Our consultants will help you select the right image for any occasion.

The clothes are made with soul, love and care.

Location coordinates on the map: longitude - -73.9981101, latitude - 40.7205815

Outdoor Voices
Rate: 4.4
Address: 251 Centre St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Phone number: +1 212-226-1247

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7205815
Longitude: -73.9981101

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Charlotte Guldin
Bought a pair of sweatpants and a shirt—they’re really, really comfortable. After a week I had a small issue with the pants and customer support sent me a new pair no questions asked. Highly recommend.
7 months ago
Brajune Marshall
Bought my first pair today! And love them
9 months ago
Georgia Sitwell
Their online shop is great, but if you have the chance to drop by their Soho store, please do! Their team is extremely nice, well trained and super knowledgeble about their products. They give great advice and make the decision process easy. Outdoor Voices' products are not cheap, so feeling like you're making the right decision is important! The shop is beautiful too, and the products are gorgeous in person.
10 months ago
Jared Martin
I love OV! Great selection great price. Store is pretty big, has both men and women apparel. Nicely organized, plenty of fitting rooms. Staff is friendly but I did want an opinion on sizing and was told to just try it on when I was asking if it looked okay... anyways besides the point, they do offer student discount so don’t forget your student ID !
7 months ago
Dmitry Kadett
#doingthings wasn’t one of the values of the staff. Unless not caring about your customers can be seen as doing something. I was there with my girl, who wanted to try some of the pants and buy a pair. Two or three other clients in the store too doing the same thing as her, but nobody of the staff really cared or bothered to help or sell something.
10 months ago
Sylvain Henaff
I like this store they sale very good sport and comfy cloth.
7 months ago
MaroLee Miller
Happy to finally be able to try on their cloths after window shopping online for the longest time. Some staff didn't really know how to answer my questions about the sport bras which was odd since it's such a small store, and they didn't help me ask an other employee. As expected just like on the online store, they were sold out of the size that I needed. I'm a brand advocate in any case.
8 months ago
Miftah Lawal
I love this shop, great clothes, very helpful staff, only been in twice but I will certainly be going in again.
7 months ago
sarah brown
The changing rooms were gross.
7 months ago
Prince skb
Cool, stylish store for comfy athletic wear. The customer service here was great the design of the store is cool and inviting. A cool perk is that they also hold free public events like running clubs and supply fun after run snacks in store. Definitely a plus in my book at it brings the community together!
10 months ago
Lou J
Always come here when I'm in town and take a selfie in the doing things mirror. Great collection
7 months ago
Maribel Garcia
WOW. I went in to this lovely and well stocked shop with a return from the website. I wasn't happy with the fit of my sweats for an upcoming trip. The sales staff were very attentive and helpful, they helped me find an alternative and resolved the issue with no problems. They also offer a discount on "kits" - when you buy an outfit at the same time. I tried on a few additional things and I can't get over the incredible fit. I feel like I was just let on to a big secret. The OV leggings are incredibly flattering and apparently don't show sweat (!?!??) I am apprehensive but the sales girl assured me she wore hers to soul cycle and didn't show at all. It also explains all the women in my yoga studio rocking colors like dove and oatmeal. Some day I will be brave enough to try, but for now I got perfect fitting, chic and comfortable sweats for my flight. Will definitely be back thanks to the inviting space, excellent product and stellar customer service.
2 months ago
Tyrone Hunt
Nice story, friendly staff, amazing location. Selection is very small. That's more of an issue with the brand than the store itself, but the fact remains that there just isn't much here. Staff is great with fit, sizing, returns, and all that other stuff.
3 weeks ago
Ixora T
Great customer service! Everyone is really friendly and goes out of their way to help you find what you're looking for. Pricy but quality and stylish exercise clothes. I left happy with my purchase and shopping experience. -1 star for the long wait for 1 of the 3 fitting rooms (it was a Saturday afternoon), the lack of floor length mirrors in the fitting rooms, and being out of stock in popular sizes and colors.
11 months ago
Ann Wong
Cute shop! Friendly staff! Got some shorts, they are adorbs.
7 months ago
Charles Ratcliff
Cute store and clothes, great customer service! They had most of the sizes stocked but some didn’t have my size. They give a student discount!
1 month ago
Amrit Sinha
Just came here for a girl run event. Really sweet staff.
6 months ago
Shabnam Khan
The staffs are friendly the second time I visited. The first time wasn’t a great experience! I asked for size XS, and the lady told me ok without acknowledging what I’m looking for. I went up to her after 5-10 minutes asking if she found my size. She was like oh what size are you looking for? Anyways, second time is way better!
3 weeks ago
Kyle Nystrom
Great staff and amazing product. They also host in-store recreational activities like yoga and Barre. Absolutely worth a visit.
1 month ago
Paul Wilson
I was looking forward to visiting the new store and picking up some new workout pieces. The shop was empty and I was assisted by a knowledgeable staff member and was immediately set me in a fitting room. Then a flood of people roamed in and the staff who helped me disappeared. I went to the counter to drop off the rejected items and asked to put aside the 7 pieces I was considering to look at other colors. Moments later I returned to find another staff member putting away the pieces I had asked to put aside...this was mildly annoying. I ended up buying less than I had planned due to the inconvenience. Having worked in retail for many years ago, I would never abandon a client in the fitting room! Apart for this customer service hiccup, I look forward to wearing my new pieces.
5 months ago
karishma priyadarshi
Nice products but small selection at the store.
8 months ago
Stacey W
Staff was so kind and helpful, dressing rooms were clean, tote bags are ????
5 months ago
Thomas Lovelace
the clothing is FANTASTIC! I love the benchwarmers! I have worn the to OTF and they don't budge, but are extremely soft! I can't wait for my next order!
5 months ago
Vilma Daugeliene
Great workout and lounge gear in cool colors. A very special product that you won't find anywhere else.
10 months ago
Angela Hauser
Isabel was incredibly knowledgeable of the products and found me exactly what I was looking for! I usually shop online, but I'm really glad I stopped in. Customer service was A+.
1 month ago
Sally Greenhouse
I love the crop bras and leggings. Customer service is good too.
9 months ago
Joshua Turner
Great space, nicely merchandised! The clothes aren't for me, but the staff was very helpful.
2 months ago
Eugene Young
Service here was amazing - I popped in to buy something for a friend and they went to a lot of trouble to double check that the size would be okay for her and to give me an email address in case we needed to send it back. Very impressed!
1 month ago
Maurice Young
Love OV
8 months ago
Alen Huang
Premium workout clothes with a very stylish, contemporary aesthetic.
3 weeks ago
Jax D
Great activewear and athleisure! Worth the price.
9 months ago
Kenya Smith
Good variety and selection
10 months ago
Jessica Johnson
Friendly staff and great clothes
1 month ago
George Short
Staff friendly!
9 months ago

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