Dave's New York

The Dave's New York clothing store can be found at 581 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States.

The Dave's New York assortment is frequently expanded and updated to meet the needs of customers.

Natural and eco-friendly materials, comfortable silhouettes, modern design, the possibility of easy combination of variants will help you always be in the center of attention.

Our consultants will help you select clothing for you to emphasize your unique and personal style and choose a suitable image for any occasion.

Our clothes are created with care for you.

GPS coordinates of the location: longitude - -73.9958399, latitude - 40.7390532

Dave's New York
Rate: 4.7
Address: 581 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States
Website: davesnewyork.com
Phone number: +1 212-989-6444

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7390532
Longitude: -73.9958399

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Anshuman Mehrotra
This Store carries an array of working clothes for Summer or Winter from head to toe, an the staff is always ready to assist you.
5 months ago
Annie Croft
This is a great store for work clothing (carhartt, dickies, etc). They don't have the full range of colors/fits/sizes but the pricing is on par with the online retailers and the staff is super knowledgeable and helpful. One of a kind store in manhattan!
5 months ago
Marisa Boatner
When I found this store I was super excited! I recommend it to my family and friends. The day I went with my family (they are not fluent in English) they treat them bad! They keep on having attitude when they ask questions(even tho I would translate) it got to the point that they felt uncomfortable. My brother in law was ready to buy some work boots but decided not to because he felt uncomfortable. After that I honestly don’t step back in that store! I hope they don’t do this to every customer that’s not fluent in English.
6 months ago
Mk Cz
Love this place, the staff is always super welcome and very attentive. It's also very easy to find what you need. I always recommend this place
6 months ago
Brent Wears
I'm just difficult. I usually only give 5 stars if something exceeded my expectations. The staff is always pleasant, ready willing & eager to help. Your prices are comparable and your stock usually has what I need. I've been working outdoors since 2009 & you're usually my first stop for work gear. So now that I think of it...5 stars it is Mr Dave! Thanks for serving the community and so glad the pandemic hasn't shuttered your doors. Hope to shop here for another decade!
8 months ago
First of all, John is amazing! The customer service he provided is top notch! I had issues with my local Redwing store, and John was able to work directly with corporate to get my order to me. I will most certainly be a returning customer! Thanks for all you did!
9 months ago
Kevin M
Shout out to the all the guys working the floor there. I've been going for years and they're always great. But during covid, above and beyond. Spacing the floor, making sure people were masked up. Love this place
10 months ago
Kyle Foster
Great online service, user friendly website. Great product selection, will continue to give them my business.
6 months ago
Debria Caldwell
8 months ago
Eddie Lukes
a place that is a tradition! good variety of jeans, jackets, shoes, shirts... work and casual garments from the best American brands. the employees are friendly and helpful and the prices probably the best in NYC
10 months ago
Siren Widowson
Great customer service and large selection of workwear. Also was able go choose from a small FR selection needed for work.
7 months ago
Gina J
Hello everybody! I sent to everyone from this special place all the best in 2021 and good health. From Romania same guy who like your unique store.
8 months ago
Tanya Fields
Cool staff.Great selection of clothes for working class men.Would recommend anyone to try the place out
6 months ago
Phil Lermuzeaux
Best place for all your work clothing and supplies employees have excellent excellent customer service great attitudes you'll love them you'll just love it ALL....
6 months ago
Jamey Hillyer
Staff was very willing to help but didn't hover over you. Will go back to pick up articles that caught my eyes
6 months ago
Brenda Ware
If you're looking for workwear, skatewear, or generally good casualwear, Dave's is a hit. Carrying Carhartt, Wrangler, Levi, and Dickies, you'll be hard pressed to not find what you need. The salespeople are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and can definitely recommend options for you to try on. Pricing is standard at worst and a good value otherwise.
6 months ago
Dj Field
Love the variety!! And great attention ????
6 months ago
Michael Tatum
Has everything for construction apparel and reasonable prices
5 months ago
Sherry McCulley
Staff is helpful and everyone is super chill , come here for hoodies and cargols
6 months ago
Alpha Bah
Everyone Loves Daves, Levi's jeans all Flavors and Boots for Days.
7 months ago
Yitty Witriol
Big open clean store wide aisles big selection friendly stafr
5 months ago
Lyradical Underscore
My new place to go now. Amazing staff very knowledgeable. Love it.
9 months ago
Matthew Knight
ALL the workers are nice but please try to keep up with the woman pants size 16 long, medium thanks but I love the store
9 months ago
Mitchell Ruilova
Have not been here in about 20 years Was surprised to find it open. Great place to go for work clothes without breaking the bank. All major brands. Large selection of Carhartt clothing and boots.
11 months ago
Amit Madhup
great place for blue collar worker's clothes
6 months ago
Michael Lyons
Great people, great customer service..
6 months ago
JM Budrow
Friendly environment, good customer service and a decent selection of name brand apparel. I've never left Dave's unsatisfied.
10 months ago
Carin Forero
I found them on Carhartt.com's preferred retailers list. Extremely helpful and friendly staff! You basically feel like family after you've left the store! Easy location to get to and unbelievable selection. I came in here after Carhartt canceled my account due to an out of stock item for my 4 year old son. I am glad that happened though, because if the order had gone through I would've received a bigger size than I wanted. They showed me different sizes and gave me advise in terms of size for my bigger/taller 4 year old. Definitely a go-to store from now on and about to order a new jacket after this review, lol.
9 months ago
Aadil Noor
Nicest employees!!! They will help you with anything. Will definitely be back!!
10 months ago
Michael Nelson
Best place to get real work clothes & trendy styles!
8 months ago
Elie Youssef
Dave's New York is one of the few businesses to survive the pandemic because of its reasonable prices and quality work and casual clothing. They have a wide variety of winter coats and brand name jeans! Highly recommend!
1 week ago
Aravind Kumaran
Upon entering for the first time, I was taken with the utter professionalism and personable nature of the team. They are eager to help and seem pretty knowledgeable about what they sell. I usually hate clothes shopping, and if I were to judge this just based off the quality of interactions with and social intelligence of the team members, this was probably the best retail experience I’ve ever had. I really wanted to give this five stars and rave about it, but a couple of things threw me off. Covid-handling: despite the limiting of people In-store, it’s still pretty crowded in there and several people (employees and customers) either had their noses sticking out or had a flimsy piece of bandana cloth or balaclava pulled over their face, which doesn’t prevent the spread of the disease at all. It’s kind of sad that after all this time, people still think this is okay but I think this is a big factor in why USA numbers are the worst in the world and the nyc numbers keep going up. Having just any material kind of over your face isn’t enough, unfortunately. It also sucks that employees have to stay vigilant about this stuff but it is ultimately their responsibility to keep the environment safe. Reliability of recommendations: When you have a high-touch retail experience and run a place as clearly special as Dave’s, you emphasize the authority and knowledge of your employees above all else, in addition to the fact that you presumably only carry quality stuff. On my visit a few weeks ago, after telling a rep that I was going to Maine for a hiking trip, I got a pair of expensive (but competitively priced) Wigwam socks on the recommendation of a rep. Luckily it was creepy-warm on my trip so I didn’t even need to use them, but I just tried them out in on a chilly NYC day and my toes were freezing, even while wearing wool-lined Allen Edmonds boots. This didn’t happen with any of the other similar smartwool-style socks I have — Costco brand, or even carhartt and Merrill ones I got used (lol) from a thrift store ten years ago. Upon returning home and turning inside out to investigate, I found unlike the other socks, the seam connecting the toe was paper-thin and totally lacked the wool fibers present on the rest of the sock, so the cold air was just sneaking in through there — a pretty silly design choice if you ask me; imagine a wool sweater that inexplicably had a strip of t-shirt material across the nipples ????. I also spoke with a different rep about needing gloves for winter biking, and he suggested $30 deerskin ones lined with thinsulate. As it turned out, at about 45 degrees and below, the wind cut right through and I could barely feel my hands — pretty much felt the same as not wearing any gloves at all and underperformed the cheap thin cashmere-lined gloves I got at Nordstrom rack (even with their current holes in lining from wear). Even with no wind I still could barely feel my hands. So basically, I wanted to love this place, (and still recommend it to everyone I can, because it’s probably still the best in the city) but the off-point-ness of the advice paired with the return policy was pretty disappointing. When you have entire categories of products that cannot be properly evaluated until the packaging is removed, which then disqualifies one from returning said product, the customer is relying on you to really know what you’re selling (i.e. knowing roughly the temperature rating of each thing or whether it’s wind proof), and/or to not sell stuff that’s sub-par to begin with. If this were your average big box retailer I wouldn’t bother writing something like this, but they clearly strive for excellence so I know they can do better.
8 months ago
Crystal Madru
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Dave's is one of the very few stores in the city that offers construction clothing and footwear from reputable brands like Carhartt, Red Wing, Timberland and more. Prices are fair and rarely above online prices (I just purchased Timberland Pro Hypercharge work boots for $149 and that's the same price on Amazon).
2 months ago
Subbu Achar
One of the best stores in all 5 boroughs. Their customer service is fantastic. The store is family run and owned. Every time you get to the store you are always guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Amazing selection with everything always stocked in your size Buy a Daves T shirt. It will last for years and become one of your favorites 100% recommend. Thanks DAVES!
1 month ago
Josh Evoy
Excellent ☺️ Many hands on deck to help out ! If not on the shelf are willing to take a trip and look in their stock ... Very knowledgeable of stock and can tell your size by looking at you give or take . Which says a lot they pay attention to there customers. Will gladly recommend and come back again ???? . Thank you Dave's New York .
2 months ago
Glenn Barker
Best experience ever! I needed to order my husband some boots for his "fat feet"! I found Dave's website, called the number, ordered the boots and they were at my door the next day! Friendly gentleman I spoke with. Made sure I was ordering the correct boots gave me a price which was even better and now we already have them! Definitely my new go to store for boots! Thank you!
4 months ago
Espacio Puan
I called for information , the staff member was very helpful
8 months ago
Andrea Fisher
Your go-to store for all work gear, and the price is right????????????????????????
8 months ago
Marcin Staniszewski
Best spot for workwear in NYC
8 months ago
craig ulmer
Great place for Levi's, sweatshirts, best gear for construction worker or weekend works great prices.
1 week ago
Henry Rodriguez
It was a nice place.
6 months ago
A+,i have new place to get my work clothes from, i love their selection and there is always someone askin if u need help
1 month ago
David Edwards
Very helpful staff, got inventory from basement to fulfill my size request. Many name Brands: Carhartt, Cat, and Rothco. 4 fitting rooms.
3 weeks ago
Luke Geddie
Great staff always helpful. Quality clothing you won't be disappointed.
1 month ago
Great place to get tools for work.. good services
2 weeks ago
Sunshine Rochester
Dave's is a family owned business. They have amazing prices. Recommended
2 months ago
Delia Hernandez
Always the best. Best quality, best gear, best service, best value.
2 months ago
Great place to buy work clothes and friendly staff.
2 weeks ago
kese dcon
Best products and the best guys!
9 months ago
Rosmiza jaafar
One of the best places in Manhattan to get workwear or outerwear in general the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and their products are high quality and reasonably priced.
2 months ago

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